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Hey^^ I hope you’ll have a better day today! If you still need some cute thing to chuckle about, how about this: I always had the headcanon that the wing’s shadows show the true measure of the angles wings. Which means, if Cas’ true form has the size of the Chrysler Building, his wings will be tiny compared to that :D Just imagine this when you’re feeling grumpy today^^

casie-mod replied to your postWhy do people feel the need to force a compromise…

it’s because they don’t have experience with any other way of being and the typical way has ‘generally’ worked out for them. So they have a really hard time understanding another perspective when they have no experience with it, especially if they think the typical way is the only way to be.

I guess spending all this time on the internet, being open minded and surrounded by open minded people makes you forget that lot of people are not like that. :P I should have known better… :/

“I want to thank her for making me see love when I thought I wasn’t meant for it all.” // r.i.d

After some research between all my folders found some pics i never posted before so…….meet another OC, Rak, the cinnamon roll. Part of Eidren’s story, tell you guys WHAT is Rak is too complicate cuz i’ve to explain everything so i’m gonna ignore the bio and talk about his halo.

Rak always admired the elegance and majesty of Devas (sort of gods, who at some point in their lives take on a bright halo behind their heads) he as a Rakshasa (part of the Asuras, another type of gods who don’t get halos) one day decided to create a halo for himself, forged with rusty metal and other things his creation ended screwed to his head, auch. 

Hespite his bizarre appearance (lol you must see a full body) Rak is inoffensive rather a child.

“You ain’t going nowhere, buddy,” drawled Colonel Moran in German from somewhere behind. The man spun around and saw Moran standing at the entrance to the alleyway, leaning against the building, looking dapper and dangerous.

Michael Kurland, The Empress of India

Before there was James Bond, there was Sebastian Moran…