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I bring this up every once and a while because i feel like I have to remind everyone. I can bring back the dead. Here I am. Right here. Everyone is dying and freaking out about it. I just sit here like “lol look at them panic.” No but really once you get the whole death thing out of your system I got you. Don’t worry. Get out of jail free card. No demons.

sweariwouldnt  asked:

Hey love! I'm always up for trying to stop people from doing what they should be doing, not least because it stops me from doing what I should be doing. Now, this might be a negative and taxing thing so let me know if you'd rather not discuss about it, but I've been trying to wrap my head around the French presidential elections - the articles here are minimal and also, not being familiar with the political scene, it's hard to try to get to the core. It seems to be that no one will be a good/

option right now? Obviously Le Pen seems like a European Trump except potentially worse as she has experience and actually knows stuff, but the other main(?) candidate seems like a bad option as well, being so conservative and anti-LGBTQ+ and very strict in his views. It seems like regardless of who wins, very tough times would be ahead?


Eh, as for the rest of the worl, elections in France next year are going to be tough. I’m sweating already.

Madame Le Pen has a very long experience, a life in politics following her father, long time FN leader. She’s no Trump, she’s got a tradition of years and years of political work, but her party is absolutely awful, far right party full of haters and fear, typical expression of the current international situation. They weren’t as strong as they are now when I was younger and seeing their numbers grow this way is nothing short of terrifying. 

F. Fillon has just been chosen to run for the UMP (centre-right main party) in next year’s elections. He’s no Sarkozy, which, for the love of god, I can’t even bring myself to remember those years with him, but he’s a giant asshole, conservative in the most closed minded way possible. 

BUT, his main opponent won’t be M.Le Pen (unless things go really really bad, but, no…they’re both right parties exponents), it’ll be whoever is chosen in the Socialist party, the one currently running France. It should be our President, monsieur Hollande, but internal fights have already started and they’re discussing the possibilities of going through primaries first (the main contender being in my opinion Manuel Valls, current Prime Minister and former Minister of the Interior, to whom I personally prefer the Preseident).

It’s going to be long and hard and god knows what will come out of this. Considering this year’s events and France’s recent huge problems, I’m not particularly optimistic, but, oh well.


I got the fic you sent me! And I can tell you im really liking it so far! <3 i’m just not posting the submission bc i wasnt sure if u were okay with it or not but you’re doing well!! As a nonbinary person myself i can confirm most of the questions agender/nb people get is “are you a boy or a girl”, “whats in your pants”, “but what gender were you born as” “but whats your real name/gender” sort of thing, it’s a very rude thing to ask honestly but i like that you’re bringing light upon this situation!!! i hope you have a great time writing that piece <3

Do you ever just feel SUPER GAY?

Like you don’t feel gay all the time but sometimes you’re just like “wow I’m really fuxking gay ”

Reasons why DaeJae is Perfect for each other
  • The way Daehyun stares at Youngjae x x x x x x x x
  • Daehyun’s reaction when Youngjae kisses someone else other then him (possessive enough huh?) x
  • When Daehyun teases/tricks innocent Youngjae x x x x
  • When Daehyun /coughs/ touches /coughs/ Youngjae’s cute butt /pukes blood/ x
  • Daehyun comforting his precious princess x
  • When Daehyun eats Youngjae alive x x x
  • Daehyun claiming Youngjae his x x x x x
  • Touchy Daehyun x
  • Daehyun being the caring boyfriend x
  • Daehyun’s beautiful artwork of his other half x x

  • The way Youngjae stares at Daehyun x x x x x
  • The way Youngjae touches Daehyun and how it brings both of them pleasure x
  • Who is Youngjae’s White Day message for is kinda too obvious like can you not x
  • The way Youngjae punches Daehyun x
  • When Youngjae teases Daehyun x
  • When Youngjae is pleasing his master x
  • The way they stare at each other x
  • When they sing together x x x
  • They are best friends x 
  • Do you feel the sexual frustrations #please x x x x
  • Their breath taking selcas x x uh too many not even gonna try
  • Do I even need an explanation x x
  • DaeJae’s plans for their future babies x
  • Do you feel the sexual tension because I- x
  • When they sex dance on the floor x
  • They’re constantly watching each other, at the back, forever, staring x
  • Because so realz x
  • I’m gonna cry x
  • When they have a couple fight x
  • When they act all lovey dovey like can you just kiss already god damn it x x x x
  • I just- x
  • The fact that they’re always so close to each other x x
  • Their adorable silly moments x x x x x x x x x x x x 
  • When they play together x x
  • Wanting to kiss but suddenly realized they’re on camera #toughlife x
  • When they’re in bed x
  • How they’re always in sync with each other x x x x x
  • They even have their own family x
  • My kokoro is hurting x
  • Even their Matoki is shippable I mean come on x
  • Why x x
  • DaeJae getting aggressive yum x x
  • When they hold hands x x
  • DaeJae getting wet x

There’re more but we all get the point.

“I want to thank her for making me see love when I thought I wasn’t meant for it all.” // r.i.d