You're hurting me

1. “I don’t understand what it is. I know I’m not the prettiest, but I love you with all my heart. Why isn’t that enough?”
2. “I thought about you a lot tonight, I think about you a lot every night. What is so great about her?”
3. “I would’ve given everything to you, I think in a way, I did.”
4. “I would’ve loved you forever, don’t you know that?”
5. “I miss you so much, but I’m tired of chasing after this dream I have of the two of us, of what we could have been if you had just given me the chance to take care of you. I don’t know what makes her so much better, she doesn’t look at you the way I did, the way I still do. The only peace of mind I’ll have is knowing that one day you’ll be ready for a love like me, and I won’t be there anymore. I’m really looking forward to that day.”
—  5 Texts I Never Sent You

llisten.,,, Listen::; I know everyone is dying andor freaking the fuck out and SAME but yuri on ice is my ride or die anime.? Whatever content we get after ep 12 (and like before episode 12 I’m gonna be re watching until the end of time lbr) I’m going to consume the fuck out of and continue to keep supporting Kubo and MPPA until forever. They’ve given me so much hope and life and love ;;


“I think my favorite is keith being a silent broody mess and someone trying to figure out his deal. lol someone annoying keith when he wants to be alone until he suddenly has to puke is one of my favorite things….I think [caretaker pidge is] fucking sweet and cute as hell usually. Especially if she’s super snarky but gets softer when she knows he’s really not feeling good.”

A/N: This is a thank you piece for @doublecheckyoself for the gorgeous art and the minific they did based on Sparring Match. No amount of words can express my thanks to you!

Set relatively close after The Blade of Marmora.

Nope. Absolutely not. Not tonight.

That’s what Keith’s stomach told him as he stared down the food goo in front of him, when only hours ago during training, it begged for sustenance. But now that the meal was here, there was no way in hell he was eating it.

Maybe it’s cause Galra don’t eat food goo… the paladin thought, They probably eat…I dunno, weird space mice. Am I going to have to start eating space mice? Do Allura’s mice count?

Keith’s stomach protested again, doing a somersault at the thought of eating mice. He pushed himself back from the table and scooped up the plate.

“I’m going to eat in my room.”

None of the others at the dinner table dared to stop him.

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