You just have to work on not looking like a hobo okay baby

Perfect-A Josh Dun Imagine

Based off of Ed Sheeran’s song Perfect. Check it out my frens it’s pretty sick. I’ll get on with it. Hope you enjoy.

TW: slight cursing?


You and Josh had been best friends since you were little. You’ve been attached at the hip ever since he punched the kid that pushed you over and yanked your pigtails in first grade. You went to the same junior high and high school as well, and everywhere you guys went you always got the same question, “Why aren’t you two dating yet?”

At first it always bothered you because you and Josh were best friends and nothing more, and you couldn’t understand why society couldn’t just accept that guys and girls could be friends and nothing more. You were his wingwoman. always helping score dates or kisses with his crushes by talking him up to all the girls or distracting other boys. seduction seemed to be one of your greatest skills, as Josh once mentioned after you would willingly stick your tongue down a guys throat as a distraction. Over time, though, the question bothered you less and less.

Things got harder during college when you went to Ohio State and Josh stayed at home, but you always met up on weekends and days you weren’t stuck with shittons of homework. You were both in the same city, but heading on different paths, but despite that you two were still as close as ever. Soon, however, he got into twenty one pilots, and the friendship went worldwide. It hurt that your best friend was so far away, but whenever he got back in town, you were always the first on his list.

That brings you to now, sitting on Jenna’s couch waiting for the boys to come home while reminiscing about your elementary escapades with Josh while Jenna laughs out of pure entertainment while you retold the story of the previously mentioned make-out distraction which Josh calls ‘the seduction expedition.’ His words not yours.

“So you actually made out with this random dude from your class just so Josh could get some action, really Y/N?”

“We were freshmen, Jen. Would you have rather I strip tease as a distraction?” you laughed at Jenna’s reaction.

“OH gosh no!” She yelled while gasping for breath.

“Could you imagine, Jenna?” you began “little 14 year old me with no tits stripping to help my best friend score?” You both broke into hysterics again only to be interrupted by the doorbell.

“Y/n could you get that I have to grab something to show you.”

“Sure Jen.” You drag yourself off the couch and to the door. Opening the door while shout back at Jenna “Just wait ‘til you hear about Josh falling out of a tree to get a girl’s attention.” You chuckle to yourself turning back to the door. “Oh Tyler. Sorry I was just telling your wife embarrassing stories about our best friend.”

“It’s alright” he chuckles as he pulls you in for a hug. “It’s good to see you again.” You step aside and allow him in.

“Jen it’s for you” you call for Jenna, and she comes bolting down the stairs, and flings herself into her husbands arms. They hug for nearly a minute before they let go, and even then they just stare at each other. Feeling awkward for interrupting you decide to take your leave. “uh, sorry to interrupt this beautifully tearful reunion, but I’ll head out so you two have some alone time.”

“No please, y/n” Tyler begins “I would love to hear all the embarrassing things Josh did before I knew him.”


“He didn’t?” Tyler giggled at the latest story about yours and Josh’s escapades. 

“He did! He jumped in the 5 degree water because he was trying to impress his crush.” You wheezed while you thought about the look on his face when he jumped in. You smiled to yourself.

“Did it work?” Jenna asked from her spot on Tyler’s lap.

“No that’s the best part. She was so unimpressed.” 

“Did it impress you?” Tyler asked, smirking for a reason unknown to you. 

“A little. I never would’ve done it.” You clutched your stomach, the three of you flailing around with laughter. You were happy with Tyler and Jenna, but you felt a hole because your best friend was missing. 

“You okay y/n?”

“Yeah, Ty. Just missing Josh s’all.” You shrug. “Where is he anyway?” 

“He had a rough couple of nights the past couple of weeks.” Tyler replied. “I’m sure he’s just catching up on sleep. He’ll visit soon.” 

“Is he okay? What happened?” 

“His anxiety spiked, but he’s okay. Calm down y/n”

“I know I’m sorry. I’m just worried about him ‘cause–”

“Cause you’re in love with him.” Tyler finished for you. 

“I-I’m” you stuttered shocked at the accusation. “I’m not in love with Josh. Are you insane?”

“Think about it y/n.” There you sat, thinking about Josh and how he is the only source of light in your life. You think about his smile and his crinkly eyes and his laugh. You think about the times when you hang out together, and how at those times it’s like nothing else matters. You think about all your romantic relationships and how none of them have worked, and you think about the cause and how none of them have made you feel like the way that Josh made you feel.

“Oh my God I’m in love with Josh.”

“Ding ding ding. We have a winner. Tyler you owe me five bucks.” 

“Guys this isn’t a joke! What do I do?” 

“You love him.”


You go home after a couple of hours with Tyler and Jenna. The revelations taking their toll on you, and as soon as you get home you fall on your couch and fall asleep. 

You wake again, a couple hours later to an incessant and annoying pounding. You check your phone, noting the 3:00 shining back at you. The knocking continues, realizing its the door, you stand, fix your hair, straighten the dress you fell asleep in, and head to the door. “Who the fuck is at my door at 3 in the fucking morning?” you mumble on your way to the door. “What the fuck-Oh Josh?” 

“Y/n!” He grabs you by the waist and pulls you into a hug. Oh how you missed his hugs. “I’ve missed you so much.” 

“I missed you too, Jishy.” You pull back. “What brings you here at this ungodly hour where no one should be standing let alone awake.” You giggle.

“Sorry,y/n. I know its late, or early, or…whatever, but I’m awake and jet-lagged as hell, but most importantly I missed my best friend. Come on, let’s go.” 

“Jish, it’s 3 am. Where could we possibly go? Nothing’s open.”

“I planned a picnic come on.” He smiles that crinkly smile, and your resolve disappears. 

“Alright, Jishy. Let me get my shoes.” You run upstairs to your bathroom to fix your makeup and hair. Grabbing your shoes, you rush downstairs and out the door, locking it behind you, and to Josh’s car. 

“Buckle up, buttercup.”


You and Josh drive outside of town to a field on the edge of a forest. He pulls out a couple of blankets, a picnic basket, and a small speaker. “Josh this place is beautiful how’d you find it?” He sets a blanket down, and places the basket and speaker down on top of it. Plugging in his phone, he turns on his music turns toward you. 

“I found it a while ago when I needed to sort through some things in my head. I thought it was pretty refreshing.” 

“It wonderful” you said as you stared at the stars. There was little light pollution over the field so you could multitudes of stars, something you always loved to see. 

Josh stared right at you, “It sure is.” 

Unaware of his gaze you turn to the picnic. Slipping off your shoes and taking a seat, you begin to pull out the contents of the basket. “Hey drummer boy, are you gonna join me, or am I going to have to eat this dessert feast by myself?” 

“I’m coming, princess, calm down.” You laugh.


Josh’s POV

Y/n and I spend the next hour and a half laughing, talking, reminiscing all while stuffing our faces with all different kinds of desserts. Y/n was in the middle of retelling a story about a hobo who she found chasing a rat when the song playing through the speaker caught her attention.

“I found a love for me. 
Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead.
Well I found a girl, beautiful and sweet.
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.”

“Oh my gosh I love this song.” She stood and began to twirl and sway to the music. 

I watched her dance lightly, unable to keep my love for her from showing on my face. Luckily, she didn’t notice. She just danced and danced to the music playing from my phone. “I know. You wouldn’t shut up about it. It’s all you talked about.” I replied. She stopped and stared at me. Her y/e/c eyes met mine, and I felt my heart speed up a little. God, she was beautiful. 

“Dance with me” was all she said. Pulling me to my feet and bringing my hands to her waist, we slowly rocked to the music playing softly from my speaker. 

“’Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
But darling just kiss me slow
Your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you’re holding mine”

“Can I tell you something?” she whispered looking up at me through her eyelashes. She took my breath away. God, why couldn’t I just tell her how in love with her I am. 

“Yeah.” I whispered back. I don’t know why we were whispering, it just felt right, like we didn’t want to ruin whatever moment we were trapped in

“I was with Ty and Jenna earlier, and I realized something” she began  “something that could change everything.” She glanced to our feet, blushing. 

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
with you between my arms
barefoot on the grass
listening to our favorite song”

“Give me a second this is hard for me.” She let out a breath. “This thing has always been there, you know, and it really didn’t hit me til today…god, I’m a mess.” She let out a breathy laugh, playing with her fingers that were linked on the back of my neck. Why was she nervous. 

“When you said you looked a mess
I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it
Darling, you look perfect tonight”

“Why are you so nervous y/n? It’s just me.” 

“I’m nervous because this could ruin everything!” She stilled,but her hands remained wrapped around my neck. “I’m nervous because this realization changed everything and if I don’t say anything it’ll eat me up inside.” She sighed.  “I’m nervous because we promised that we will always be honest with each other, but this is the only thing that I have ever doubted telling you.” Then quietly, like I wasn’t supposed to hear, “I’m nervous ‘cause I could lose you.”

“Well I found a woman
Stronger than anyone I know
She shares my dreams 
I hope that someday I’ll share her home” 

“You won’t lose me, y/n.” She looked up, surprised that I had heard her. “Whatever it is it won’t scare me away.” I smiled. “I’m here to stay.” 

“I found a love
to carry more than just my secrets
to carry love, to carry children of our own”

“Okay here it goes.” Her eyes met mine, once again taking my breath, and all my coherent thoughts, away. “I’m in love with you, Josh Dun. I’ve been in love with you for years. I’ve been in love with you for so long that I can’t even remember when it began, and I know you don’t feel the same, and I’m sorry if this makes our friendship weird, but I’m so in love with you it takes my breath away, and I don’t want to be anywhere else when I’m with you.” 


Your POV

There was a pause. You held your breath waiting for any reaction from Josh. Still there was silence, so you unlatched your finger from Josh’s neck. “I’i m sorry I-I” You pulled away, readying yourself to run. This was a huge mistake. But you suddenly find yourself pulled against Josh’s chest with strong hands holding you still and Josh’s lips moving against yours. Bliss.

“We are still kids, but we’re so in love
fighting against all odds 
I know that we’ll be alright this time
Darling just hold my hand 
Be my girl, I’ll be your man
I see my future in your eyes”

Josh smiled that Cheshire cat-like grin. “I’ve been wanting to do that for years.” Relief flooded your face and you laughed. 

“Me too, Jishy. Me too.” You pulled him against you again. Chests meeting chests, lips meeting lips. Hearts meeting hearts. 

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
with you between my arms
barefoot on the grass
Listening to our favorite song
When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful
I don’t deserve this 
Darling, you look perfect tonight”

“Why didn’t we do this sooner?” Josh laughed looking at you like you tend to look at the stars. 

“Because we’re idiots.” You leaned against Josh, burying your face in his neck. He kissed your hair. 

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot.” 

“And I’m yours.” You smiled. Your lips meet Josh’s once again.

“Now that I’m allowed to do that I don’t want to stop.” Josh kissed all over your face.

“Me either.” 

“I love you so much, y/n.”

“I love you too, Jishy.”

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
With you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass
Listening to our favorite song
I have faith in what I see
Now I know I have met an angel in person
And she looks perfect
No, I don’t deserve this
You look perfect tonight”


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Puppy Love (Part two)- Dean Ambrose x reader

|Smut warning!|

It was 7AM. You weren’t awake yet because you liked sleeping in late. But Dean awoke with your messy hair covering your face. He smiled at the sight.

Mate’s fur is beautiful.

Dean agreed with the wolf this time. He slowly rose from the nest and stretched his arms up. He stood from the bed and grabbed a change of clothes from his suitcase. The little morning light that came through the hotel window shown on his naked body. You awoke due to the sound of the zipper noise. You brushed your hair from your face, rose up, and decided to comment, “you know, I never took the time to look at your body last night. We were just- caught up in the moment. But, I do like what I see,” you winked.

He came over, “you like it all doll?” His hand moved to your breasts, “and these are perfect. God I hardly remember anything from last night. The wolf took over. You didn’t get much of me, you got most of him.” You moved his hand from your boobs, “I hope you’re just as wild.”

He smirked and pressed a kiss against your neck, “I am baby. But you’ll have to wait till the moon passes.” You innocently grunted, “Why?” “Well, the wolf is less likely to dominate. The week before the moon we all get a little antsy.”

“Oh, do you have to turn on the moon?” You asked. “No, but let’s say the wolf is extremely aggressive in trying to push through. I can turn right here, right now. But you on the other hand will have a lot of trouble tonight,” Dean said pulling you up to your feet. You walked over to your suitcase and slid a gray shirt and sweats on.

“Why me?” You asked, you felt dumb, but this was a new world for you. “Because you’re freshly bitten. New shifters have a painful time. I’ll help you as much as I can. Lead you through the stages. We’re going to have to take A LOT of water.”

You whined, “I’m scared make it sound horrible.” He quickly chimed, “well it is, but you’ll feel so fucking free running with the pack.” You sighed and went to the large bathroom mirror to comb your hair. Dean finished dressing and put his leather jacket on. He came up behind you and spanked your ass. He nuzzled his nose into your hair.

Lilacs and Honeysuckles. Ours. Dean’s.

He moaned lowly. You nudged him away, “hey big boy, don’t get too excited. Remember you have to WAIT.”

He growled, “fuck.” He checked the time and cleared his throat, “well I’m going down to the lobby to see if anyone is chilling there.” You nodded and continued to brush your hair.

Dean took the elevator down to the lobby, Roman and AJ were sitting on the couch together. Dean sat on the couch opposite of them. AJ smirked, “so what’s the plan tonight Dean? Make us watch your little bitch turn and probably die?” Roman gave AJ a hard nudge, “Dude!”

Dean chuckled, “you think you’re such a bad wolf, huh? I wouldn’t mess with an alpha right now.” AJ laughed, “oh my god. Listen to yourself talk! Yea we get your alpha but you’re a fucking stupid one at best.” Roman jerked up and grabbed AJ, “Get the fuck out now.” AJ rolled his eyes and walked back to his room.

Need mate. Now.

Dean got up from his seat and hurried back to his room. At this fragile state he just needed your scent and touch on his body. “Dean WAIT. I thought we were gonna talk!” Roman yelled.

You decided to not look like a hobo and put some decent clothes on. You were finished and perfect. You looked in the mirror to see if your eyes had the yellow rings. Not yet. The room door clicked open and there was Dean. “No one in the lobby?” You asked taking Dean into a big hug.

“No,” he lied. His tense muscles relaxed.

Nice. Mine.

He held the hug for a long while before letting you go to look at your outfit, “gorgeous. I just wanna go out to breakfast now.” “Okay we can! I’m starving,” you blurted.


The sun was setting by the time you and Dean came back to the hotel from an adventurous day. You walked into the lobby and everyone was lounging. It was time to head back out. Dolph had a grocery bag full of waters. Dean stood in front of the group, “I know a secluded place here, just follow us in your cars.”


Everyone arrived at the forest at the end of town. The cars were all well hidden from plain sight. You got out shaking, “Dean I don’t feel the wolf, I don’t have any symptoms like the eyes or anything!” He led you into the thick forest, “usually you don’t know you’re a wolf until the moon strikes. I was born a pup so I can’t tell you when I started hearing the wolf’s thoughts.”

You could hardly see through the dark forest but you trusted Dean’s lead. You two stopped at a clearing and sat on a log. “This is a perfect place to change,” he said rubbing your back. Sasha ran over with the bag of waters, “here Y/N, drink a lot,” she smiled at Dean, “Dean you better help my girl out,” she looked back at you, “it’s going to be okay, no one is going to hurt you. We’re only an ear shot away if you need anyone.” You smiled back, “thanks Sasha. I’ll try to stay calm.” Sasha ran back.

“Dean..” you whimpered with tears.

Scared. Comfort.

“Baby girl, it’s going to be okay. Just take your clothes off,” he said as he took his jacket off. You started to take your shirt off before you felt him grabbing it to pull it over your head. “Let me help,” he said as he threw your shirt aside. He unhooked your bra and put one end in his mouth. You giggled and jerked it from him, “bad doggy!”

He pulled you up and pulled your pants off quickly. He pulled his own clothes off. He slid your panties off, “don’t you wish we could hardcore fuck right now?” You nodded as you were pulled against his body. His warmth aroused you.

“Let’s lay on the grass, I know how to relax you for the turn,” he said as you both fell into the grass. Dean topped you. “Dean not right now,” you gasped out. “Oh, I’m not trying to fuck, I just wanted to get you worked up. Arousal helps the pain,” he stated. Before he could do anything you sat up and screamed. The moon was over head and you could hear wolves howling from a far.

Dean massaged your shoulders, “you can’t fight the pain Y/N, it’ll kill you. Just let the pain flow.”

“WATER!” You yelled. Dean grabbed a bottle and opened it. “Here drink as much as you can. Dehydration happens fast.” You shakily drunk the whole bottle. Your hands planted themselves to the ground. Your bones cracked. You jerked up as your spine gave a long howling crack.

“D-“ you were going to speak but your vocal cords shifted and all that came out was a whimper.

Perfect mate. Find den. Lick.

Dean shook his head from the thoughts. Your head jerked downwards to the ground, as your jaw bone cracked and grew; stretching the skin into a snout. Your fur sprouted, it was the color of your hair.


Your tailbone grew out into your long fluffy tail. Your hands turned into paws. Your legs cracked into hind legs.


Dean started to shift, much calmer and quieter. You didn’t notice his shift. You were finally done. You laid whimpering on the grass. A light brown wolf nuzzled you. You looked up, Dean. You weakly got up and sniffed him. He had a musky scent, unlike your own.

“You can hear me right Y/N?” Dean asked. Werewolves spoke mentally to each other. “Yea, holy fuck. Look at me! I feel so..normal.” Dean barked, “I told you! Now try howling to signal you made it.” You looked up and let out a long mournful howl. In response the pack howled with you.

You ran off leaving your mate behind, you wanted to test your new legs. You jumped over logs and panted. You slowed your pace and listened to the forest’s noises. You felt mother Earth’s heartbeat. You stopped and dug your claws into the dirt, feeling one with nature. It was all like a surreal hippie moment.

Dean bounded over and licked your fur. “I wanna get down and doggy, but you’d become pregnant.” You looked at him, “how? You could just pull out.” Dean huffed, “no I can’t, as soon as I mount you I knot inside of you, and we can’t unhook.” You licked his fur, “well there’s always morning sex.” He was surprised by your bluntness. The pack howled to hunt. You two ran off deeper into the thriving forest.


You woke up to the sun hitting your face, “ugh.” You sat up, blood covering you in patches, “oh my god,” you whispered. Dean walked up to you fully clothed and clean. He had your clothes in his hands, he threw them to you, “get up girl! We sure had a night.” You smiled and took the clothes.

“Is there something I cou-“ you were going to ask but Dean threw you a box of baby wipes, “thanks sweetie.” You quickly cleaned and clothed yourself. “We NEED to get back to the hotel,” Dean said in an urgent tone. “O-okay,” you walked with him to the car. “What’s wrong?”

“I need you, I’m pretty sure I’m on the edge of climaxing,” Dean choked out, desperation in his voice, “you said we could.” You giggled, “I did!” You slid into the car.

Make a better nest. Pups. Protect.

Dean jerked his door open almost breaking it. He started the car and drove back.

You got back to the hotel and Dean opened your side like a gentleman and grabbed you up in his arms. “Don’t be afraid, but I went into a cycle of rutting this morning. I need your body, it’s relief.” You stared up to him, you had thought the wolf wouldn’t break through anymore after the moon. He got you to the room and let you down.

“I have to make a new nesting arrangement,” Dean said throwing the pillows around on the bed, this nest wasn’t going to have a pattern like last time. “Strip!” He angrily growled at you. You did as commanded.

Dean ripped his black tank off and threw it down. Your eyes widened, that action sent a shiver through your body. You both were now naked standing in front of each other.

He rammed you against the wall. “You’re mine, remember,” he snarled. His teeth grazed the sensitive bite mark on your shoulder. “Yes I am-“ “call me alpha!” “I’m yours alpha!” You pronounced loudly.

He grabbed your legs and hoisted you up, your ass flat against the wall. He inserted without warning you. You gasped in pain, “Dean?” He kept a steady pounding pace, “I. Love. You,” he said with every thrust. “Can we go-“ He already knew what you meant and placed you perfectly in the nest.

He reached to your breasts and fondled your right boob. You couldn’t control your moans, you prayed no one outside could hear them. Dean stopped and rested in you, “damn, you’re still so tight.” You ran your hand through his hair, “is that a bad thing?” You teased. “Hell no.”

He picked his pace back up and this time you felt an uncomfortable pressure inside. You connected the dots, he just knotted. “Dean! Pull out!”

Pups. Pups.

His eyes were a feral yellow. You felt a warm release inside. He came. You had no choice but to lay there being knotted. His eyes reverted back to sky blue, he tried pulling out, “fuck..fuck..FUCK.” You growled at him.

After five minutes of being tied together the knot released. He pulled out. “I’m so sorry baby doll!”

You bounced to the bathroom and cleaned yourself. You just hoped you weren’t pregnant now but in the back of your mind you knew something had to have happened. You slowly walked back into the room feeling defeated. Dean was dressed with a new shirt.

“C-can you tell me at least if I’m-“ Dean nodded and motion for you to come over. He placed a hand over your pelvic area. He smiled.

Pups! We have pups!

“Well?” You asked. “We have pups in there,” he announced with a glad tone. You were emotionally confused, violated, scared, and happy. “Hold me,” you whispered. You fell on the bed and cuddled into his warmth. “Thank you,” he whispered.

|Yes, there will be a part three. Thank you for your continued support, cause it gives me the motivation to write!|

Sweet Sugar Terms

Prequel to Sweet Sugar Baby and Sweet Sugar Daddy.

Summary: Phil explains to Dan what sort of things he expects from him when they start their sugardaddy/sugarbaby relationship.

Warnings: agegap, sugardaddy relationship, fingering, daddy kink.

“Well, let’s start discussing this straight away. I’ll be honest Daniel, I’m a full grown man with a full grown sex drive. Since I’m giving you so much, I’ll expect some things in return. You fully understand that, right?”

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You want me to do what?

I know, I know, there hasn´t been a oneshot all week, but I´m feeling really down and I just couldn´t bring myself to upload something.
I hope that you guys will enjoy it anyways.
There also will be a new Part of roommates tomorrow and hopefully also on Sunday.

Thanks for sticking with me and send me Imagine Requests, please!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 1943 Words

Warnings: none, major fluff, family reunion

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“You want me to do what?”, Dean asked in absolute astonishment.  It was a little funny, but given the background of your question, also rather sad.
“I want you to go to prom with me”, you repeated yourself.
He raised his eyebrows: “(Y/N), no offense, but you´re 28 years old, and as far as I remember you never even graduated from high school because you decided to fall hopelessly in love with a certain good looking hunter and became one yourself.”
This time you really laughed, but then slapped his arm: “This isn´t funny Dean.”
Your voice must have hinted that there was really something more to this rather silly request and so your boyfriend changed his attitude from cocky to concerned:
“Hey, is everything okay?”
You nodded slowly: “Everything´s fine.”
“Then what is this all about?”, he asked and pulled you down so you were sitting in his lap, and you immediately started playing with the hem of his shirt while telling the story.
“As you know, I didn´t leave on best terms with my family when I came to live with you ten years ago and haven´t spoken to them since.
I figured that that was it, that I simply had no family anymore and that was fine, because I had you and Sam now, but a week ago, I got an email on my old account that I somehow never deleted.
My sister, Karen, she´s about eighteen by now, sent it to me and in it she told me about her graduation and that she´d love for me to come to her prom and that she wanted to see me again.
I´m not sure my parents know about this and at first I decided that it wasn´t worth all the pain and that I would never go, but then it somehow hit me that I could be dead by tomorrow and that I would never get to say I´m sorry, so I kinda changed my mind and now I really want to go.”
Your childhood hadn´t been exactly easy, you never fitted into the perfect suburban family picture your parents always wanted you to portray.
You had played guitar, wanted to go to art school and to become a famous guitarist.
Of course that would have never worked out, you knew that yourself by now, but somehow you always wished your parents would have supported you more in your crazy dreams.
But they were different, you were different, and so it started that you searched for something else and one day, when you were sitting in the parking lot of a local motel where you often stayed over night when your parents were too much to bear, you had met him, Dean Winchester.
You had been playing your guitar, a slow soft melody you had just made up, and he had come over to you and told you that it sounded great, that he liked your guitar and your music.
And that started the story of how you became a hunter, and now ten years later, you were deep down into problems you didn´t even know existed back then.
But still this was different, this was living, this was what you wanted.
Yet you sometimes missed your family, especially your little ten year old sister. She had always worshipped you.
Right now Dean was looking down on you, stroking over your hair: “I totally support you going there, you know I think family is super important, but…”
He stopped and you frowned, letting go of his shirt: “What?”
He sighed: “But I really don´t know if it´s a good idea for you to bring me. I mean I´m basically the reason you left your parents and for all they know I´m a drug dealing hobo who kidnapped their daughter.”
You shook your head: “Why are you saying this?”
“Because it´s the truth. You obviously can´t tell them what we really do because they would probably try to send you into the nuthouse and then what?”
You kind of knew that he was probably right, but this wasn´t an option for you:
“No Dean, you don´t get it. I want to see my family again, tell them I´m sorry that I left without saying goodbye, but you always are and always will be the most important thing in my life. And if they can´t deal with you or if they don´t like you, I don´t care at all, it´ll just show me how I right I was to leave them.
I know they are judgmental that they are difficult, but I don´t have to prove anything to them anymore.
I´m with you now, hell we stopped the apocalypse once so I guess we can do that too.”
His green eyes focused on you and after a while a smile spread across his face:
“I love you so much”, he whispered into your ear and you smiled before you kissed him.

Two months later, you were getting out of the Impala in front of your high school. It was the weirdest thing ever to be here again, see the walls you hated so much.
But before you could change your mind, get back into the car and drive to the bunker to sit in the library with a beer and think about something normal like angels, demons and vampires, Dean came up beside you, looking absolutely gorgeous in his suit, and took your arm:
“It´s going to be fine baby girl.”
You nodded but grabbed his arm really tight before moving towards the entry of the hall.
You had answered your sister, telling her that you would be there and that you would bring someone and if everything was okay.
She wrote you back immediately, telling you that it was fine if you brought someone and that she was great.
After that you stopped writing because it simply felt to awkward to talk to her after ten years, you barely even knew her anymore, she had been a kid when you left.
Right now you entered the hallway of the gym that was obviously used for the graduation ceremony and the desk guy asked you for your name.
Awkwardly you said your last name, which you barely used anymore. You were (Y/N), no affiliation to anyone besides the Winchesters.
The guy, obviously a junior who had volunteered and now regretted the decision, nodded and pointed towards another girl, who would apparently lead you to your table.
Your heart started beating like crazy and if hadn´t been for Dean, you would have probably fainted.
And then you suddenly saw a girl, blonde, with a nice blue dress and pretty much a shorter version of you, who was looking around.
“That´s her”, you said totally stunned.
Dean looked over to her to and nodded: “It´s pretty obvious.”
That was the moment she saw you and her face lit up, making you smile too while she made her way over to you.
“(Y/N)”, Karen whispered when she stood right in front of you and then you were hugging, crying and telling each other how much you missed each other.
When you were done with that, you just stood there in front of each other, wiping away tears and probably causing a dumb scene, but you didn´t care, this was just too important.
“Hi, I´m Dean Winchester”, your boyfriend suddenly said and you realized that you had totally forgotten about his presence.
He shook your sister´s hand and she smiled: “Hey Dean, I´m Karen, it´s really nice to meet you.”
Then she focused on you again: “Mom and Dad are sitting over there, they are thrilled to see you again, even if it doesn´t seem like it at first.”
The way she said this made it sound exactly like you had imagined it and you already braced yourself when Dean took your hand once again and said: “It´s going to be okay, I promise.”
While you walked over to the table, a thousand thoughts ran through your head, making you wonder what it would feel like to see them again, what they would say.
“You became so pretty, what happened?”, you teased your sister in order to calm yourself down.
Karen laughed: “Well, I finally took after you.”
That was such a nice compliment, that you didn´t know what to say and then you suddenly were standing in front of your parents, both of them facing towards you with their backs.
“Mom, Dad”, Karen said and they turned around at once, their faces in a total shock when they saw you.
“(Y/N)?”, your mother said as if she couldn’t quite believe that she saw you, “What are you doing here?”
That was when you knew that Karen hadn´t told them that you were coming, but maybe it was for the best, now you had the element of surprise on your side.
“Well, thought I can´t miss my sister´s graduation, can I?”, you said happier than you felt and then your mother hugged you, something she hadn´t done in twenty years.
“I can´t believe I get to see you again”, she whispered into your ear and suddenly you felt how fragile she was and really thin.
“I´m so sorry Mom”, was all you managed to say but she shook your head: “No, don´t say that, don´t be sorry, I´m sorry for what we did, I thought I´d never get to say that, but I´m sorry.”
Saying that out loud was like pushing a rock off your heart.
You started crying and you knew that you were ruining your make up, but what the hell?
When you parted from your mother again, your arms still touching, you saw that she was crying too, equally as upset about this.
“I´m glad you´re back”, she whispered and then you looked at your Dad, the one with whom you had gotten into most of the fights.
He didn´t look very emotional, but he never did, so he could possibly be thinking anything.
“Mom, Dad, this is Dean, my boyfriend.”
You had almost forgotten about Dean for the second time now, but when you shortly glance at him, you saw that he was smiling, obviously happy for you.
Suddenly your Dad stood up and stared at Dean: “Are you the guy who took her away?”
All of a sudden your heart started hurting again, maybe this was going to be a disaster after all.
“I am”, Dean just said, and it amazed you how calm and unaffected he looked.
For a second there was silence, everyone just waiting for your Dad´s reaction.
You had pretty much expected anything, from shouting to a punch in the face, but all he did was stretching out his hand and shaking Dean´s: “Thanks for taking care of my little girl when I couldn´t.”

The evening was fun and you even talked to your parents a bit. They asked a bit about what you were doing and where you were living now, but you kept it simple, told them that you were still playing guitar and lived with Dean and his brother in Kansas.
When the night was almost over, you slow-danced with Dean, your head on his chest.
“You only know that something has been wrong when it´s suddenly right”, you said and meant it. It had always felt like everything was fine, that you didn´t need to know what happened to your family.
But now you knew that you had been wrong.
“I´m so happy for you, sweetheart”, he said and kissed the top of your head.
“Thanks for coming with me”, you said and raised your head to kiss him.
“I love you too.”

Don’t date a law student.

I have been there from the start. From the moment he had his doubts about pushing through with it, to getting accepted, to his first day – I was there. Entering a relationship with a man knowing that the next 5 years of his life will be dedicated to sleepless nights with his codal, writing hundreds of cases, time and stress management, and preparing for legal war in class was and still is hard. It gets harder everyday. 

So, here’s why you should not date a law student.

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Innocent-One Shot #196


He still got nervous before interviews. You could see him pacing back and forth on a small section of carpeted hallway. Wringing his fingers together and curling his lips in against his teeth. He was just starting to pull his eyebrows downward, creating that tiny pucker between them, a sure sign that the nerves were building. From where you sat off to the side of the set for the interview, with a dozing and vaguely jet-lagged Darcy on your lap, you could now see him alternating between dragging his fingers along the chain of his necklace and twisting his rings around the base of his fingers. The room hummed with activity as the crew set up chairs and adjusted lights, testing camera angles to make sure everything would be captured correctly.

This trip to Los Angeles was set so some press could be done for the small grouping of small-venue shows the band was set to do here in America in the coming months. You’d decided to make a little of a vacation out of the week they’d have to spend here. Deciding that you should probably get in as much travel and time together before Darcy started Nursery in a few months and you couldn’t as easily pack up and hop a plane when Harry and the rest of the boys had to travel. To see some friends and get a little time away from the London bustle, in exchange for the Los Angeles bustle. You loved the city, it was warm and bright, brimming with culture, and while busy, there was also a languid feel to atmosphere. Residents and tourists alike, always found a reason to slow down and take things with tranquil approach. There was much to explore. All the little pockets where you could get lost, away from prying eyes and the flash and rapid shutter click of a camera, while being contained in your own piece of sun-soaked city. And you got to break out your sundresses, taking refuge in the back of your closet, a rarity back in London.

You readjusted the heavy-limbed, and drowsily little girl on your lap, tucking the blanket you’d remembered to bring along, around her. The E! studio air was chilled to accommodate the heat pulsing from the studio lights, and if it wasn’t for Darcy curled against you, would’ve have to steal Harry’s blazer to soothe your goose bump speckled skin. Silently willing her to stay asleep until this interview was finished, the only thing on the boys’ agenda for today. You glanced around the large, mostly empty studio, apart from where the interview was being staged. All five boys scattered throughout. Louis, in one corner with his phone cradled between his cheek and shoulder, checking up on Eleanor, who was only a handful of weeks away from delivering their first baby. Having to be away had him in a near constant state of mild panic over having to be away. Zayn, similarly, was making a call to Perrie who was starting her own set of interviews in Tokyo leading up to some touring she and the girls were doing at the same time that the boys were.

You’d always admired how Zayn and Perrie had managed to always make things work and keep themselves going through it all. It seemed that everyone neglected to acknowledge that were constantly away from each other, and had been doing this balancing of work and being a couple, as had Louis and Eleanor, much before you and Harry had. And while you and Harry had been together and now married for years now, Zayn and Perrie had gotten engaged right in the middle of it all, for both of them. Right as everything, all the success, the demand, was at an all time high, an apex. And although you and Harry had gotten engaged while things were still moving at an unthinkable pace, you had held off a little, until things had somewhat quieted, before deciding to get married. But you admired that despite many telling them that maybe it wasn’t the proper timing, with the height of their careers and that they were young, they’d done it anyway. Because it was right for them.

Liam and Niall, on the other hand, were pawing through a rack of jackets, Niall holding up a navy blazer against his chest, over his white t-shirt and quirking an eyebrow to silently ask for Liam’s opinion on the garment.

You smiled, feeling your own jet-lagged brain slowing and your eyes getting heavier as you slid down the chair, pulling Darcy’s blanket out to spread it over your torso too. Reaching down to your slouchy hobo bag on the floor next to your feet, you dug through Darcy’s books and toys you’d thrown in there in case a distraction became needed, to find your phone. Clicking it on, you smiled momentarily at the photo of both Harry and Darcy on your screen before sliding your fingers typing out a message for him, hitting send without thinking twice, and dropping the phone into your bag. Your eyes lock on him, and even across the wide expanse of the room, you can hear his phone alert sound.

He broke out of the anxiety-induced trance that he seemed to be stuck in, and pulled the phone from his front pocket, tipping his head down so he could read what had come up on the screen. You watched him, seeing the corner of his lips pull up in a smirk, before he looked up, his eyes squinting slightly as you could see him relax.

He sauntered over, his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his jeans, and you thought it was to hide his trembling fingers.

“Hey,” you whispered, trying to keep your voice low, and away from Darcy’s ears, as he got closer, you brushed the tip of your foot on his shin.

“Hey,” he replied, and you could just faintly pick up the nervousness making his voice shake.

“You okay?” You cocked your head to one side, continuing to drag your foot slowly up and down his calf, to calm him.

He swallowed thickly and then nodded, pulling at his t-shirt and looking around with glimmering, eyes that were a touch too wide, and you could see that he was trying to swallow back the fiery feeling climbing up from the pit of his stomach to his throat to make it tight.

“Hey,” you whispered again, being careful of Darcy, who was starting to stir and snuggling deeper into your chest, as you held out your hands to beckon him forward. “Come here.”

He smiled softly and stepped forward, reaching out to twine his fingers with yours. You gave his hands a gentle squeeze, rubbing your thumbs over the backs of his hands, as you could feel the muscles vibrating underneath your touch.

“Don’t be nervous, honey, you’re fine. You can do this, I promise. You’re just getting yourself all worked up, but you’ve got this.”

Harry nodded, exhaling from between his clenched teeth, rocking back on his heels and tucking his chin down towards his chest.

“Yeah,” he whispered, pushing his body forward again. “I know. I can’t believe that I still get this way.” His eyes flicked downward.

“I think it’s sweet,” you admitted. “It means you really, really care about it, and want it to go well. If you didn’t get nervous, even now, I’d worry.”

Harry chuckled, the sound making his tight chest rise quickly and then fall.

“Let me take her for a minute, before we’re on,” he murmured, releasing your hands to lean down and scoop up his little daughter and hold her against his chest, one hand coming up to cup her back, his free arm hooking under her knees. Darcy squeaked in her sleep as she was shifted from one set of arms to another, but she must have recognized the smell of his skin, and quickly nestled against him, arms wrapping around his neck before she settled again. Her full lips, slightly smushed to one side with her cheek on his chest, and puckered. He rubbed his fingers around her back and pressed his dry lips into her forehead for a series of quick, successive kisses. “My sleepy little bird.”

You leaned back in the chair, radiating a smile at them. You loved his couple pet names for her. The way his lips moved over his teeth when he said them. 

“Hopefully she’ll stay asleep through all of this,” he muttered, his eyes never moving from her still face.

He rocked side to side, to help lull her even deeper into sleep, worried about all the unfamiliar noise making her anxious.

“I think she’ll be okay,” you promised, stifling a huge yawn with the back of your hand. “We both might fall asleep at this rate.”


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life of the party {preference: magcon}

{includes: Cameron, Nash, Aaron, Shawn, Hayes, Gilinsky, Johnson, and Taylor}
•Cameron: “I love it when you just don’t care” You were having one of those days, “YN, Cam has an interview in 20 minutes and you look like a hobo!” Nash yelled. “Fuck off, Nash! I don’t care what you think, I feel awful and I really don’t care.” You rolled your eyes and Cam smiled. “I love it when you just don’t care, baby.” He came over and kissed your forehead. “And I love you, Cameron Alexander.” You smiled, blushing.

•Nash: “I love it when you dance like there’s nobody there” It was 5:45 in the morning and you were having a crazy dance party, you’ve eaten a thing of icing and you’re having a celebration of your favourite ship slowly become more and more canon. You were off in your own little party and you didn’t even notice Nash come in until you heard his laughing. You turned around and smiled “Hey baby,” you said putting a spoon of Nutella in your mouth. “Whatcha doing, there YN?” He said smiling. “Having a dance party in celebration of my OTP. You?” Nash bursted with laughter and got up to join you, but not before kissing you. “I fucking love you, YN." 

•Shawn: "So when it gets hard, don’t be afraid we don’t care what them people say” You scrolled through the endless twitter/tumblr/Instagram hate that you got, all saying the same thing “you’re not good enough for our little Shawn.” “You’ll never be good enough” “fucking whore I know you’re fucking Matt” the hate was just endless and it was making you cry. Tears streamed down your face, Shawn walked in, “Hey beautiful, I wa–” he stopped once he saw your tears, “What’s wrong, baby? Are you okay?” He rushed over to you. “I-i.. Nothing, I’m sorry, I’m so weak and and not good enough for you.” You sobbed. He frowned and scooted the laptop away from you, “You’re my whole world, I love you. You’re more than enough for me. Don’t let them to get to you, you’re beautiful.” You nodded as more tears fell. “I-i love you, S-Shawn..” You sniffled, “I love you too, princess.” He hugged you.

•Aaron: “I love it when you don’t take no I love it when you do what you want cause you just said so” You were dressed in your favorite outfit and feeling great, this is what dreams are made of tbh. “YN, why are you all dressed up?” Aaron asked confused, “Because! Todays a good day and we’re going out!” You said happily. “We can’t babe, they told us we needed to stay in more, that clubbing isn’t good for my image.” Aaron said laughing at your happiness, “Fuck what they say! It’s your life, Aaron. And we’re going to have a little bit of fun tonight, and they can’t tell us we can’t.” You smirked walking over to him then kissed him slowly full of lust, “But you aren’t getting any unless we go out.” You whispered seductively, walking away. “Where’s the keys at, babe?” Aaron shouted making you laugh.

•Hayes: “So baby be the life of the party I’m telling you, take your shot it might be scary” You guys could call Hayes anything you wanted, but don call him innocent. Hayes was quite the party animal and something about that got you so worked up. “Come YN! It’ll be fun!” He pleaded, he wanted you to go to this party more than anything. You sighed, “I don’t know, Hayes.. Partying isn’t really my thing..” He rolled his eyes, “Don’t you lie to me, YN. You love to go out there and shake your ass, grinding on me until day break.” He said playfully smirking. A blush grew on your face, “Okay, I’ll go.” You blushed and got ready. When you got there you started dancing with Hayes but then he drug you to the shots table. “No, Hayes, I don’t drink and you shouldn’t either..” You said nervously, Hayes laughed and took a shot. Goddamn, it was hot. “C'mon, YN. Take a shot, you might be scared but I promise, it’ll be fun.” He said smiling and handing you your shot. You sighed and shrugged as you took the shot. Your throat burned but so did your adrenaline. This was gonna be a great party.

•Jack Gilinsky: “Together we can just let go” You couldn’t put into words how stressed an overwhelmed you were. Jack would watch you stress out and down cup after cup of coffee.“Baby, you need to calm down. Quit stressing; just breath.” He pulled you to him in a warm embrace. You wanted to fight back an do the stacks of work you had. But you couldn’t pull away from him. “C'mon, I’ll help you let go.” He said biting his lip. With Jack this could mean two things, either he was about to give you oral or you were about to get high. You pulled away and looked in his eyes, “Which way?” You asked. His smirk grew, “Both.” He sat back on the bed pulling you onto his lap, kissing you intensely. Needless to say, you let go in more ways than one ;)

•Jack Johnson: “We don’t have to be ordinary” Your relationship with Johnson was anything but ordinary. He was either touring or at the studio. You guys had quickies almost every place you went, because he was hardly ever home. But you wouldn’t have it any other way, there’s something about Johnson and hooking up in a studio bathroom that you fucking loved. Johnson made you so happy, with everything he did. He sent you letters and presents from every city he toured to while he was gone and he made love to you when he came back. Nothing was ordinary but everything was perfect.

•Taylor: “So don’t let them keep you down” Taylor’s fan were always dragging you about one thing or anything and you had enough of it. You told them exactly what you thought and you held nothing back because the way they treated you was fucking shit. You didn’t realize what you had done until it was already done. So many more people hated you for this and now they were bashing Taylor. Taylor looked through his twitter and looked to you confused, “What’d you do, babe?” He questioned. “I let my anger get the best of me and.. I’m sorry, Tay..” You sighed sadly. He wrapped his arms around you, “No, I love you babe. I’m so happy you’re not letting them keep you down. I didn’t and I still don’t let them keep me down. Who cares if they get pissed off? Literally, no one. It’s alright, baby girl.” He smiled and kissed you. You smiled, “I love you, Taylor Michael.” He smiled and bit his lip, “Show me how much you love me, baby.” You smirked and grabbed his hand leading him upstairs.


i wrote this on mobile, sorry if it’s awful and unorganized. this is only my 3rd preference so feedback is greatly appreciated. thank you, i love you ❤️

charm-ander  asked:

Okay so I was in the shower listening to Safety Dance by Men Without Hats (like you do) and just in all silly-ness dancing around the tiles, when my neighbor violently pounded on the wall and told me to shut up. Anyway now I'm sure to caterwaul some of my favs when I shower. I also now have a playlist called "Most Annoying Hits". So I was wondering if you knew any fic of Stiles annoying the crap out of his neighbor Derek? :D

“Annoy” as in fall in love with, yeah…

  • This Might Be Irony by thepsychicclam (M, 38k) Stiles and Derek have been close friends since the Hale siblings moved in next door after their parents’ death. But Derek’s in the popular group, he’s a star baseball player, and he dates popular Pep Squad captain Jennifer Blake. Stiles doesn’t have any of that, just his skateboard and a hopeless crush on Derek (oh yeah, and his Vote Lydia Martin Prom Queen button). As prom and the baseball state championship grow closer, Stiles and Derek start rekindling their friendship. And it all begins with two white boards.
  • A Blossoming Romance by Trelkez (T, 10k) Stiles will just have to try harder next time. No one can ignore him forever.
  • Knot the Average Alpha by blacktofade (E, 20k) Stiles’ favourite porn star, Derek Hale, moves into his apartment block and there are inappropriate facial jokes, broken bones, and a staggering amount of threats in a tiny elevator.
  • pie x s^2 by rlnerdgirl (G, 3k) Former CIA spook Stiles Stilinski is weathering early retirement in the familiar rustic backdrop of the Sierra Nevadas. What he’s not expecting is for his lakeside neighbor to be renown Special Agent Derek Hale. The one in which Stiles’ dog likes to run away and wander around Derek’s property, and Stiles has to go fetch him… again.
  • untitled by howlnatural (Not Rated, 3k) “He’s fucking cute Der? Who is he?” “N’body,” Derek says, lips pressed against the upholstery. Laura pulls him upright by his hair to give him a suspicious look, and Cora just snorts. “You don’t even know, do you?” The hot guy from next door. Newest addition to the street. Lives alone, sunburns easily, only seems to wear plaid. He drinks water like he’s in a Diet Coke commercial and has no spacial awareness. When he laughs, he looks like he’s about to fall over. Derek wants to ruin him.
  • To Navigate Your Seas by alisvolitpropiss (E, 26k) Derek is a beach bum/surfer; Stiles is his new neighbor. Feels ensue.
  • Handsome Hobo by relenafanel and swingsetindecember (T, 9k) Derek should probably stop rummaging through garbage if he doesn’t want people to assume he’s homeless.
  • Fallen For You by mynuet (G, 2k) Stiles is not swooning when his hot next door neighbor comes to his rescue. He’s not! Maybe a little.
  • You Left Your Window Open and I Crawled Inside by Madalynn_Bohemia (E, 14k) In which Derek and Stiles are neighbors, and Stiles somehow gets the fantastic idea to hack Derek’s computer to allow him an all access pass to spy through his webcam. It’s not like he’ll see something he shouldn’t, right?
  • Talk To Me, Baby by SaraGeek16 (T, 2k) Derek delivers a basket to a neighbor he didn’t realize he had, Stiles speaks Polish, and Laura cackles in the background. Also, a drag queen.
  • Chasing the Sun by starfleet (T, 2k) Stiles has just gotten a new neighbor again. Obviously this means he has to whip out his old mixing bowl and start to charm the shit out of whoever they are. ‘They’ happen to be Derek.
  • Say Uncle by MsCee (T, 6k) Derek Hale does not babysit. He just doesn’t. That is, until he finds out that his cute new neighbor wants them to bond as single fathers while their daughters play. Not that Ellie is his daughter, but Stiles doesn’t need to know that, right?Or, wherein Derek does not bother correcting an assumption and probably even encourages it in the name of lurve, but it all works out because Stiles is not exactly being the poster boy of honesty either.
  • untitled by wearethecyclones (G, 1k) “When are you going to just talk to him? He lives in your building. It’ll take a really simple comment on the weather or “good morning” or “how’s it going?” or “happy Friday.” Just man up.” “I don’t see why I have to talk to him,” Derek answers, obstinate.
  • Home Is Where Your Couch Is by notmissmarple (T, 2k) ”I’m Stiles. Your neighbor right next door, like literally one window over, is my best friend, and when I’m stressed—which I am A LOT right now—he lets me crash and I’m really sorry I keep fucking up the windows but, jesus, now I’m embarrassed and I don’t even know why I said all that except thanks to your brilliant alarm clock I am now very, very awake and also I think my shirt is starting to chafe my nipples.”
  • untitled by matildajones (Not Rated, 1k) The first time Derek sees his new neighbour, Derek almost trips over the many boxes in the hallway, and there’s a scowl on his face when the man calls out across the corridor. “Sorry! Sorry!” he says, before grinning lopsidedly. “Hi, I’m Stiles. I’m, uh, new. Yeah, I’m new here. I’m moving in with my daughter! Her name is Amy.”
  • All You Ever Needed To Know About Knotting by KuriKuri (E, 5k) Derek had started reading the column by accident. Really, reading strangers’ questions about knotting and heat had never really appealed to him. However, at that point in time, he was a little desperate.And he was right: most of the questions submitted by anonymous readers didn’t appeal to him. The answers, though, did. (Or: In which Stiles writes an advice column about knotting and Derek is smitten. Also they’re neighbors.)
  • Listen To The Beat by amazingpages (M, 6k)  Of all the things Derek thought he’d have to deal with upon moving into his new apartment, a loudly masturbating neighbor wasn’t one of them.
  • intended recipient by bibliosexualll (T, 2k) In the short time since Derek Hale moved in next door, Stiles has learned some valuable life lessons. For example: Do not open mysterious packages left on your doorstep without first checking that they’re really addressed to you. There are some things in life that Stiles will never unsee, and a 10-inch glittery blue dildo with a knot at the base is one of them.
  • untitled by felicitysmock (Not Rated, 3k) “Your foot just interrupted my breakfast,” Derek smirks, “I’m pretty sure we’re past that, already.” “Hey! These are my good socks, man!” Stiles wiggles his toes back through the hole, curses when he notices a tear in said sock. “Dude, no! My only good pair of socks!” Derek snorts, jumps off the table, “Try not to fall through any more floorboards until I’m at least there to catch you.”“ My hero!” Stiles crows loudly as Derek heads for the pantry to get his toolbox.
  • Garden Variety by lissadiane (G, 11k) In which Stiles Stilinski attempts to finish his first draft of his new novel while being utterly distracted by the shenanigans happening next door - which generally involve his hot new neighbour engaging in physical labour. Whether it’s a hoe, a trowel, a hammer or a nail gun, watching Derek get dirty and sweaty is a thousand times more interesting than meeting a deadline.Stiles has a crush and a dog, Derek has baggage and a little girl, and together, they just might make it work.
  • the most handsome man in the world by mad-madam-m (Not Rated, 1k) “Hold the door!” someone yells, and oh God, Stiles knows that voice. He knows what’s going to happen, and he’s powerless to stop it.
    Sure enough, The Most Handsome Man in the World jogs into the elevator before the doors close. He straightens his tie and nods at Stiles. “Thanks for holding it.” 
fandoms and addiction

this post is specifically about the graceland fandom but just to be clear all fandoms are shit and this can apply to any show/movie/etc where a character struggles with addiction, so listen up please

how the graceland fandom treated mike warren’s drug addiction will never cease to downright baffle me. everyday i see people reblog my gifsets with tags such as:

and i really have to say, as a former “scruffy druggie”/”pill head”/”junkie,” all this is getting pretty old for me. when mike’s storyline first started, i was excited because i love mike and i was finally going to see a great character that i relate to a lot go through the exact same thing i had and i knew the show would handle it well (and it did; in fact, mike’s addiction is the best handled addiction storyline i’ve ever seen in anything), but how the fandom treated mike during and after this storyline really shocked me. i can not tell you how annoying (and frankly, sometimes triggering) it is for me to constantly see stuff like “lmao whose fault is this mike” and “see what happens when you do drugs?” and “mike warren: the ultimate bad boy doing drugs” (as if he wanted to be like this??) and even just dealing with urls like @savemikewarrennfromhimself2k15​ and @mikewarrensjunkieeyes reblogging and liking my stuff. here i thought we were past the basics of blatant violent ableism (such as victim blaming, slurs, and mocking), and then there’s the entire aspect of how sexualized mike’s addiction is (more on that later)

so i guess what i need to do for this fandom (and anyone who happens to be reading this) is to set up some guidelines/basic manners on how to talk about a character struggling with addiction, since nobody seems to know that yet:

  1. don’t call him a junkie/addict/pill head/etc. if you have never struggled with addiction, you don’t get to use those words. people who have struggled with addiction can use that if they want to as a way of reclaiming the word, but not you; they are not your words to use. you say “a person with a substance abuse problem” or “a person struggling with addiction” if you need to refer to them in that context. read up more on how not to dehumanize people 101 if that’s a concept you struggle with
  2. it is not his fault. none of it. addiction is a mental illness, and mike was already canonically neurodivergent before s3. nobody sets out like “you know what i really want to do? I think i’ll become addicted to painkillers. that sounds like a fun thing to do. i don’t know why more people don’t go get addicted to drugs.” mike literally says that he only kept taking the pills because he wanted to get back in the field but he was still in a lot of pain after his near death experience and then he felt so ashamed of himself later on when he knew he had a problem but couldn’t stop himself, because without the pills he couldn’t function. and yet, for weeks i had to watch the fandom making fun of him, because something about that is hilarious
  3. here’s a post where tumblr user @mcreary tags a gifset of mike during the scene where his coworkers hold an intervention: “#mike was so shitty this entire ep” while the only things he did in the episode were: crushing and smoking oxy and blacking out for two days, going through withdraw and being humiliated in a big intervention in front of all his coworkers (including the person that tried to have him killed), and then sobbingly apologizing to his friend when she calls him out for using and says “this isn’t what you want with your life. you never let anything beat you. what are you doing?” if you want to know why i especially have a problem with that tag, refer back to #2 and consider the fact that withdraw feels like your skin is peeling from the inside out and makes you say stuff you don’t mean because you’re simultaneously dealing with the shame and self-hatred of knowing you’re addicted (similar to the shame and self-hatred involved with an intervention), the physical agony of it, and an actual mental illness that affects the chemistry of your brain in addition to the pills that affect the chemistry of your brain
  4. we know that mike is a child abuse survivor, that his father was an alcoholic, and that he has ADHD. all three (abuse, family history of addiction, and neurodivergence) are known to make people more susceptible to drug addiction, plus after everything mike goes through he keeps taking the medication (and then self-medicates) because “i just needed to get back to work. i needed to stay upright.” and yet. for weeks people just made fun of him, because it’s just a common, okay thing to hate people that vulnerable
  5. now: the sexualization of mike’s addiction. i get it, everybody thinks aaron tveit is hot with a beard. i understand, i really do. however, there are other ways of expressing that than calling mike ableist slurs or referring to his “hobo junkie trash aesthetic.” and as far as the simultaneous infantilization and sexualization of mike (“oh my poor baby” and “junkie mike is so hot” coinciding so often), mike is a grown (neurodivergent) man. neurodivergent people already deal with being treated like children and like we can’t take care of ourselves without you jumping in wanting to baby him and “save him from himself.” also please stop referring to aaron tveit with a beard his “hobo look.” homelessness and drug addiction are not aesthetics for you to exploit
  6. i’m not even going to get into the fact that half this fandom still ships mike with paige, the person who: psychologically and physically abuses him, threatens and manipulates him, tries to make him have sex with their superior so he can get that superior to give paige something she wants, is directly responsible for his almost-death, shoves him to the ground a few days after that murder attempt doesn’t quite work but he’s still in pain and in recovery, and repeatedly makes fun of him for “going crazy” during his addiction/when he’s desperately trying to understand why he’s still alive when he thinks he doesn’t deserve it

in conclusion: please stop infantilizing, objectifying, blaming, and making fun of mike for his addiction. i know that nobody, especially fandom, cares about addicts (or male abuse victims…), but please try not to make your hatred so blatant

Fix my heart

Paring: Baekyeol
Rating: PG
Word count: 3.7k
Genre: fluff with a sprinkle of cheese 
Summary: Baekhyun goes to the Apple Store to get his Mac fixed and gets his heart fixed along with it.

For Hingis, who inspired me to make a kpop blog ;;; im sorry if its shit

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Thursday Night Escape

((someone requested some more minions.  Sorry it took me so long to produce something. Slight warning for Drew and Darcy for making fun of each other in the way only truly good friends can, but a little bit of teasing about bisexuals on Drew’s part, and he gets slapped down, as rightly he should. 8) ))


Darcy took a deep breath. “Dreeeeeeeeeeeew,” she whined.

Drew gave her a look. “That is not working to your advantage. You understand that, don’t you?”

“Don’t care.” She leaned forward, bracing her folded arms on the table. “You don’t understand. I am losing my mind. I cannot take another night of sitting around with those people.”

Everyone stared at her. Harris cleared his throat. “By, ‘those people’ you are referring to, you know, the Avengers?”

“You know what?” Darcy told him. “You know what? The mystique of super heroes? It kinda wears off once you see them wandering around in their underwear.”

Shawn cleared his throat. “Uh, which ones? In particular?” Drew choked on a snicker, and Shawn flushed. “What? It’s a legit question!”

“Was it Tony?” Drew asked. Darcy gave him a look. “I wanna know!”

“Drew, anyone with an internet connection and the ability to turn off Google Safe Search can see Tony Stark in his underwear,” Harris said.

“Have you checked this out for yourself?” Darcy asked him. “Do you know this from personal experience?”

“No.” Harris sipped his milk. “Not at all.”

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