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Because that’s not at all worrying…

think twice before you decide to take or copy something from another person’s blog, and make it seem like your own original work. if you think the original creator/person who came up with whatever it is that you took/copied won’t notice, YOU ARE WRONG. the least you could do is credit the original person, and/or ASK. do not expect to be treated kindly if you take/copy something from somebody else. because trust me, THEY WILL NOTICE.

Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!!

I’ve been meaning to make a list like this for a long time and then I saw that some people were using this day to show appreciation to fanfic writers so I thought I’d join in and finally post this!

So without further ado here are some amazingly talented fanfic writers that I’d like to show my appreciation to:

kuni-masks - AO3
My fave: He Chose Titans

levierwins - AO3 / Writing Tag 
My faves: Hold Me Down & Hearts And Minds

iohannafactotum - AO3 / Writing Tag / Fic Blog
My faves: Living Things (with paper-kingyo) & Kiss It Better

2dsheep - Writing Tag 
My faves: Exhibition & Graded Performance & Lullaby

birbwin - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Chapter 37Chapter 36 & Chapter 49 

sexycanofsoup - AO3
My fave: Dirty Kisses

what-would-freckled-jesus-do - AO3 / Writing Tag
My fave: The Taste of Your Lips

misayawriting - AO3
My faves: Glass Houses & Spark

goddamnchou - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Sugar Magic, Monsters, & Mayhem & Sacrifice and Selflessness

erwins-bara-tiddies - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Slave For a Day & Untitled

twistedkit - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: You’re All I Need to Know Levi After Dark

ras-elased - AO3
My fave: After School Special 

ephieshine - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Loose Ends & Strike (and shatter)

jaegerlevi - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Tentative Itch & Untitled-4

moami - AO3 / Writing Tag
My fave: Whitedream

snk-sexual - AO3 / Writing Tag
My fave: Daddy Dearest

stillmadaboutpetra - AO3 / Writing Tag
My fave: Toeing the Line  

districtsandwizards - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Eruri Camping AU ‘Jean walking in on Eruri’

eruriv - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: a lovely way to burn & eruri/22 (This one still haunts me tbh)

levismushroomcut - AO3
My faves: Four Years LaterThe CompanionCommunication

commandertitty - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: now i lay me down to sleep & Blind

peach-oniisan / hisunfalteringloyalty - AO3 / Writing Tag
My fave: Before Dawn

[EDIT] I’m also going to include: 

erwinthirst - AO3 Writing Tag
My faves: Confession: Volcanic & Ignite

stereobone - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Black Dog & Home Is Wherever I’m With You 

sennfan - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Before It’s Too Late & Dominance

pinkjasmink - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: satin & company

arcadiamahler - AO3
My fave: The Neighbors 

[EDIT pt.2] I keep on forgetting people gdi so here’s a couple more:

thefangirlingdead - AO3 / Writing Tag
My faves: Crave It, Chase It & Impact & Free (Like You Make Me)

fractalbright - AO3 / Writing Tag
My fave: between rays of light 

If anyone is interested in reading any more eruri fics you can check out my fic rec page here or my fic rec list from earlier on in the year here

There’s a weight in my heart, it has been there since the day I had to be the stronger one. Is it selfish of me to wish for a text or even a sign, even though I know I shouldn’t respond, but just something to show me I’m still in his heart? When I think about the woman he’s going to spend his life with, do I shed a tear because I know it’s not me, or do I smile because we had our time? I think about him more than I should. I think about mostly, the random moments we shared. And I know it was me who let him go, it was me who walked away when he told me to stay. The silence stays wherever I go. I could be in the busiest place, but there’s no running from something that doesn’t want to go. Or maybe it’s me, maybe I’ve held onto him for so long, maybe I do not know how to move on. You cannot help what you think, and when I think about him, I am at peace. Have you for whatever reason parted with the one you love, but still inside your heart, they are still yours? That’s how it was, that’s how it still is. I wonder where he is, I wonder who makes him smile. And as the day falls to night, I ask myself this, do I miss him or do I miss the memory of what could have been?
—  silent perception 💕

As a commander in the United States Navy, I’m not authorized to sentence you for your crimes at sea. But if we ever find a safe place to make port, I will turn you over to civilian authorities, and you will answer for your crime.

He sits next to her. The silence between them is tearing him apart. It’s been months since their break up. Five months, two weeks and three days to be precise but hey, who’s counting?

“I messed up.” He tells her, still not daring to look at her, he doesn’t feel as if he deserves to. “I really messed up and I know you can’t understand why I did what I did but I just need you to know that I love you. I never… I never meant to hurt you.”

“I still do,” she says quietly. “I always will.”

If he wasn’t sitting right beside her he might not have heard her but luckily for him he is sitting right beside her and he did hear her. He heard every word. Now he knows he has to look at her. “What?”

She takes his hand in hers and can’t stop looking at how perfectly they fit together. “Five months, two weeks and three days. That’s how long its been since you left, that’s how long I’ve had to get over you. I’m not. Over you, that is. I’m not over you, I don’t think I ever will be, I don’t think I ever want to be.”

He doesn’t let go of her hand. She is everything. He is getting a second chance and he’s determined to never lose her again.

—  Second chances do happen and sometimes you do get to make things right
This hourglass has lost more sand than we have time for filling.

        Walking back to my car under 

     the silence of afternoon rain and the 

                   color red reaching 

             beyond our structure, we 

         found no shelter behind jeep doors.

  Goodbye is a long and quiet series of events

that were written in the rocks above our heads

before we had a chance to carve our initials


                      an hourglass.

                When we kiss, I find

     grains of sand between your teeth

                  and swallow them.

       How much time do we have left?

      You wipe the mud from my face,

             but it is still on your fingers. 

      We know this is not quicksand, but

                      we are sinking.       

Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!

I’ve been debating on how to go about this. Y’all deserve so much praise and appreciation. Really, every single one of you rock.

I have been in fandoms (quietly) for…a long time. At least 16 years, probably longer. (Which is nothing compared to some folks.) Reading fic for just as long. Fanfic is such a comfort to me. It lets me be connected to the stories and characters and places that I love. It helps make bad days better.

This is my little way of saying thanks to you all! So, in no apparent order (except alphabetical because yeah)  (and if anyone wants to be removed, please let me know!) THANK YOU!!!!

akaiba, asparklethatisblue, bead-bead,​ bofurlove, ceealaina, cellostargalactica, devbasaa, dianalunae, displacedhobbit, elsian, ferretbaby86, furynz, thegreensorceress, goldenlionprince, jynxwrites, letterstoshakespear, littleravenkili, littlestsecret, mytrexhasfleas, petticoatpope, pibroch, sapphireshelle91, saucywenchwritingblog, shinigami714, snarkasaurus, thecopperriver, willaswillow

Really and truly thank you all for bringing me so much happiness and making me feel all the feels.

So apparently its Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day and this happens to be something I do quite often but I feel obligated to mention some fic recs on the day that a random person on the internet decided to make the 21st of August a fanfic holiday. So lets play along.

You know when you read a fic so good you just 

and then you read it over and over again but you know you won’t ever be fully satisfied until everyone in the fandom has read this piece of art so you go around like

and then people come back to you saying they loved it and you get this indescribable proud feeling inside as if you wrote the damn thing yourself 

its an amazing feeling tbh. I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for every fic writer out there. Whether it be a popular multi chapter fic or a mini one shot you scribbled in the middle of the night, we appreciate it all. Every chapter, every word. Thank you. Ok enough of that sweet talk, now for some awesome recs! 

(I’ve read many fics but these are the ones that had me needing medical assistance. They’re my favorite multi-chapters of all time so you’ve probably seen them being rec’ed numerous times on this blog) SO! 

The Wedding Planner Rookie Mistakes

Teenagers scare the living (my god this is a long ass title) crap out of me

Lost in translation Sexual Harassment in the workplace 

Covert Affairs , The Luck you got Came to beRansom

The dirtiest thing you know, Over my dead body

 and a few fics from my to-read list

This boy is my destiny, Noisy Neighbors, The increasingly (here we go again) poor decisions (omg) of Ian Gallagher , Please fuck my dad, Straight guys don’t do ballet 

Ok thats all for now

Happy fanfic writers day! you talented creatures you

“Me too,” Dean says as he drops eggs and bacon from the frying pan and onto Cas’ plate, not even looking up at him, as if delivering breakfast at a diner, not in his own kitchen.

This is not an ongoing conversation. So far, they’ve only said good morning to each other, so no one can blame Cas for being, well, rightfully surprised. He looks down at the food on his plate, wondering if Dean’s commenting on that, but he doubts it. The breakfast smells wonderful, though, and his fingers are itchy to grab a fork and wolf it down. He’s hungry after last night.

“Huh?” he asks, finally looking up when Dean just keeps standing there, near the kitchen table, towering over Cas. It’s kind of threatening; he’s still clutching that frying pan, after all.

Dean clears his throat. “Well. Last night. You said the –“ he trails off, raising his eyebrow at Cas and nodding his head when they finally establish eye contact. Oh, this is about the thing. The thing Cas said last night when he thought Dean was asleep; otherwise he wouldn’t have squeezed it out. His breathing seemed so even, his back pressed against Cas’ chest, he was certain that Dean had dozed off minutes before he even opened his mouth, he – oh, well.

It’s out now, so there’s no going back. He doesn’t want to go back, really.

(The thing are, of course, those three words you probably shouldn’t ever say to your one night stand, even if they’ve been your one night stand for a few weeks now.)

Keep reading

She watched him talk at her. Not to her like any other couple, but at her. Like she was beneath him in some mortifying, humiliating way. The feeling that arose in her knowing everyone else had seen her like that with him for all these years without her realizing made her sick. Her stomach churned and clenched with disgust. How had she let him treat her so less than what she was worth for ten years? It really was crazy what love did sometimes, she thought with a bittersweetness.

Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #12


“Looks cool, huh?" 

Tumblr spun around - lifting each limb one by one. He tried to refrain from laughing at the artist who was grinning wide with his eyes bouncing from one tentacle to the next.

"Cool? It looks awesome!”

The website managed a smile. “Oh? Really?” He drawled absentmindedly - his thoughts winding down the darker paths and corners of his mind.

I know what you’re going to say a-slytherin-writer; I failed at drawing hashtags. eAe’ And at curly fluffy hair. And at buzz cuts. And at earrings. And at tattoos. But I’m quite happy with how the tentacles came out :3 

A Light in the Darkness

shh, c’mere solangelo au

I HAVE FINALLY POSTED THIS it was requested so long ago by thesongofsolangelo (i don’t remember your other url, sorry!) and i am eternally at your debt because of how long this took, but i hope you like my shitty writing n.n

A snoozing Will Solace shifted in his sleep, he could feel something damp beside him and he slowly opened his eyes to find Nico sweating and panting, but he didn’t seem to be awake. Will sat up and pulled the fluffy bed covers off of him and his boyfriend.

“Nico?” On cue, Nico’s torso shot up with an ear-splitting cry. “Nico!” Will yelled with shock in reply.

The boy’s eyes burst open, “It burns!” he turned to Will, “Will, run!” Will watched in fear as Nico’s eyes welled up and his mouth went agape with pure, unadulterated terror.

After looking into the son of Apollo’s piercing yet calming baby blue eyes, he seemed to finally be dragged back into consciousness and reality and he immediately broke down in a cry that shattered Will’s heart.

“Oh Nico,” he said in barely a whisper. “Shh, c’mere.” He took a blanket, bundled his boyfriend up inside of it, and took him into his arms to cradle him.

Will began humming a song that Nico couldn’t recognize but the tips of his fingers glowed the golden color of a setting sun and he suddenly felt warm all over, although he couldn’t tell if it was his own flustered state or Will’s powers. “I– I,” he stammered and Will flinched at the thickness of his voice. “I was feeling everything, Will. Drinking from the lake of fire, slipping into the lake of misery, the fallen one’s clamors of reven–”

“Shh, stop. That’s all gone now Nico. You’re right here,” Will dabbed a spot of sunshine on Nico with every word he pronounced. “With me. And you were so brave down there.” The spots formed the faint shape of a heart on Nico’s chest and Will nuzzled his neck. The son of darkness and the son of light lay there, holding each other until they dozed off, and woke to a very flustered Hazel who decided to visit Camp Half-Blood at ten in the morning, to Will’s discontent.
i wrote u a thing

i havent written in 20 yrs but ur blog inspired this enjoy <333

!!!!!!!!!! how great is this??? god my heart hurts and it’s fahc and it’s raychael it’s like you know how to hit all my buttons

okay korrasami writers listen up: y’all need to stop writing kya as just the healer because she’s so much more and almost every fic i’ve read has had the most boring characterization for such a multi-layered, complicated, and interesting character.


About writing

I love stories. I love poems. 
Not only because they’re art and they make me squeal. Not only because I like the plot or the characters. 
The most beautiful thing about writing is, that in every piece of art you can find parts of the creator. 
That chocolate flavor the character loves? Probably one of the author’s favorites. 
Those beautiful bright blue eyes? Maybe the eye’s of the author’s significant other. 

Writing isn’t creating characters from scratch. It’s taking pieces of you and your surroundings, making them authentic and realistic and I just absolutely love thinking about what small details, secrets, wishes and dreams the author shared with the world in an attempt of anonymity.
It’s not a piece of paper. It’s a piece of someone’s heart and mind. And that’s so much more precious than any story could ever be. 

&& OUT OF IRON: So I took a small hiatus because I had writer’s block and I have come to the conclusion it may have been partially because I had so many drafts piled up and I had started to become super stressed out. There were so many I wanted to continue and I loved where they were going and I have tried and tried to get to them all, but it isn’t happening. So I need a fresh start and to clear most of my drafts because there are too many for me to get to and I need to finally accept I won’t get to them.

&& So I am officially dropping all threads besides some threads with the following:
 cirqueduitori eightspxdes​ ofbeingsecondbest poiised quinquexhunter quinquified​ shinxhara s-rated-nxtcrackersssoneeyedowlwhxterabbxt

&& I’m sorry to everyone who had threads with me. I hope we can roleplay again sometime in the future. Thank you ! <3

Sam dug his teeth into his lower lip, silently cursing himself as his hands sat uselessly on the keys. His eyes were burning from staring at the screen for the past hour - and for nothing. The same blank-white screen that had faced him earlier faced him now, the little blinking black line seeming to taunt him as he racked his head for a word - any word - to start the story off with.

“Hi, honey,” Cas sang, shuffling into Sam’s office in his robe and slippers and setting a mug of steaming hot coffee down on his husband’s desk. However, Cas’ demeanor changed as he noticed the lack of typing and that all-too-familiar look on Sam’s face.

“Come on, here we go,” Cas said, maneuvering Sam out of his chair and closing the laptop before he could protest. Cas then took Sam’s hand in his own and lead him to the living room, where he made Sam sit down next to him.

“Sam, just because nothing’s coming today doesn’t mean it’ll never come,” Cas said, placing a hand on Sam’s knee and waiting for Sam’s reaction. 

Sam sighed - that was good, it meant that Cas could probably get through to him with words alone - and leaned back into the couch. Cas leaned back as well and rested his head on Sam’s shoulder. 

“I just - I know what I want to say. I’ve planned out every character, every detail - who will die, who will live, who will love who, who will go where - who’s good, who’s evil, and who’s so messed up you can’t even tell - but I can’t get that first word down.”

“I know, baby, I know,” Cas said sympathetically, sighing in unison with Sam this time. “But you’ll get over it. You don’t become a published novelist with three amazing books that’ve been read by millions of people unless you’ve got at least a little bit of undeniable and immortal creativity in that head of yours.”

“I thought I was the one who was supposed to be good with words here,” Sam laughed, smiling down at Cas warmly as he did so. Sam then bent down to kiss Cas’ forehead and Cas began to smile as well, giggling as Sam started kissing his cheeks and eventually his mouth.

They just sat there after that, too content and happy to worry about whether they would ever get up or not. But eventually Sam did. 

Cas looked at him expectantly.

“I have an idea,” Sam said, the clever gleam that Cas had memorized many years ago back in his eyes as he almost ran back to his office, closing the door behind himself a bit too loudly in his excitement.

Cas shook his head and continued to drink his coffee. He probably wouldn’t see Sam again until late that night, when Sam’d crawl into bed, wrap long arms around him, and murmur in his ear just one of the countless stories that, even though it was as good as anything that’d ever get published, had been composed for Cas’ ears only. Somehow there was a new story every night - and somehow Cas never feel asleep until he’d heard the happy ending.