You do not know how much I went through to get this screenshot geez

a 21st anniversary, a 1st anniversary, and the state of the translation

Well, here we are. It’s the 14th of May, 2017. It’s the 21st anniversary of Genealogy of the Holy War’s original release, and the first anniversary of the release of its first complete translation.

God, it still feels so weird saying that. Complete. Not only did i actually do it, but it’s actually in the game and people are actually playing it now. i swear, it was only days ago that i was still puttering away at the earliest drafts in some dim corner of tumblr, just as a lark. There’s something surreal and heartwarming about seeing people play my work en masse. Thanks, people.

After the first release, we published five updates in relatively quick succession up until July, at which point we just…. stopped. And stopped. So what happened?

Full disclosure: it’s squarely my fault. Honestly, it’s getting kind of embarrassing. DDS has put in plenty of work since then and has a nice fat stack of bug fixes and assorted technical cleanups ready to roll out, and at this point i’m literally the only thing holding back the stack. i’ve still got a lot of work that i want to do on the script for the next iteration and i’m still chipping away at it at a very slow rate. i keep setting targets for finishing up, then promptly letting those targets whizz by. Hell, about a month ago i genuinely planned to have everything done in time for another anniversary release to be plausible, and as you can plainly see that did not pan out at all. It made sense up until February, being that university was still a thing i had to contend with, but now? Yikes.

What needs fixing, then? As far as i’m concerned, a hell of a lot. my first pass over the game was, in hindsight, not particularly careful. Working on Genealogy was very much a learning process - i’d certainly never done anything like it before - and it’s as much of a mishmash as you’d expect of a product of somebody whose expertise and translation philosophy slowly evolved throughout it. Before we launched i certainly made efforts to straighten things out and retranslate, relatively speaking, the worst parts at that point (hello, chapter 1) from scratch, but it really came down to the wire so a lot was missed. The current product certainly gets the job done, but i can’t help but wince at screenshots: all the flaws of my work are suddenly blaringly obvious to me much too late.

And you know what? Genealogy deserves better, and not by virtue of being a particularly special game or anything, but because anything i work on deserves better. If there’s only one thing i’m good at, it’s holding my own feet to the fire and demanding stupidly high standards of my work. At the risk of sounding like a pretentious wanker, i can’t say i fancy the idea of settling for anything short of clear, tonally and conceptually accurate encapsulations of the text and narrative, expressed in as natural and readable a manner as i can muster. i’d like to think i accomplished that with the majority of the game, but i can’t sit back until everything is up to scratch.

So, what’s coming up, then?

Tweaks to Genealogy

Fun fact: i am really, really not good at keeping notes on what needs changing and what has changed. It’s kind of hilarious in the saddest possible way. Every time i keep meaning to but then something catches my eye, then something else, and it’s all so fast that i don’t even think to record it and before long i’ve forgotten what i’ve just tweaked. Either way, some of the most prominent incoming changes (that i can actually recall) include:

  • Lex, i’m sorry to say, did not fare particularly well in my first pass; i did a pretty bad job with portraying his tone and nuances, including literally his first block of dialogue in the entire damn game. Thankfully he’s the only character who got substantially distorted like this, but fixing him up was a top priority. Just about every speaking role he has has been redone from scratch.
  • The majority of reworking is proving to be in the first generation chapters. Honestly, i’m not surprised; being the first part of the game i did left them much more prone to error than the rest of the game. There’s still a fair few second generation corrections, but still.
  • boy shitting howdy i used the word “geez” a lot and in hindsight it drives me up the wall. at the absolute minimum that’s been reduced heavily
  • Probably the biggest amount of legwork involved is tidying up the epilogue’s map narration grand finale, specifically ensuring that the individual parts actually cohere properly when the game combines them in any outcome. The way English grammar is structured makes this somewhat more difficult than it was in Japanese, and it’s probably the biggest reason why i’ve been slacking off. While we didn’t do the worst job in the world as things stand there are plenty of rough spots which i need to sand out. Thankfully the script itself is still sound for the most part, so it’s just a matter of presentation.

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we absolutely plan on doing Thracia 776 next. I’ve been planning on translating it for several years now, DDS has already done some preliminary hacking work on it (pictured above), and these days i have the fortune of having a lot of friends on hand with a vested interest in seeing Thracia done properly. It just makes sense, y’know?

As some people might know i started work on the script of Thracia a few years ago, but i’ve sort of let it slide for a while because of other commitments. Once i’m done sorting out Genealogy, i’m absolutely climbing back on that particular horse. i’d rather not make any hard time commitments for myself or anyone else since that would be a great way for things to end horribly, but considering i’m now much more experienced at this and have much more in the way of assistance and support in my favour, i get the feeling it’ll be a smoother project than Genealogy. At the very least, whenever we launch, the script will certainly be less bumpy than Genealogy’s was on this day a year ago.

Other stuff?

iunno. probably not, idk. we’ll see what happens

In conclusion

Really, in hindsight, i can’t believe how stupidly lucky i’ve been to have had the chance to work with such talented people on this. First, to have friends like amielleon and gringe who were willing to advise me on the translation and writing processes and, once or twice, step in to compensate for my shortcomings; then to work with hackers as talented as DDS and Azimuth, who as far as i’m concerned went through absolute hell to make my vision for the finished product a reality. Did i deserve all this? Probably not, but holy hell am i glad it all happened anyway.

okay maybe i should dial this back a bit

And if you’ve played it, thanks to you too! There’s still nothing quite like seeing my work being played by other people out in the wild (specifically, by people i don’t know who most likely weren’t coerced into playing it by my self-aggrandising shenanigans). If you haven’t played it, well, why not give it a try sometime? At the risk of overselling myself here, it’s a good translation for a good game.

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What if yurio , phitchit and victor were texting there crush and there crush said something really cute or a really cute selfie and they just got completely flustered and just mt and don't respond so someone replys to there crush for them because they haven't sent anything back in like ten minutes and the person who responds basically just embarrasses them more by saying that they got really flustered (sorry if this doesn't make sense

Ah, it’s been such a hectic week what with it being the beginning of a new semester, but I’ve been feeling so down, and this is so cute, I really just have to do this. I’ll do my best, darling, I think I get the gist of it!

-’yuri!!! yuri, im @ the pet shelter atm and there’s this wonderful grouchy kitty that reminds me of u look look look’
-You ruthless cutie you
-Yurio already can’t handle you
-He was just texting you during his break, with a small serene smile on his face
-Just leanin against the railing of the rink, doing some leg exercises
-The creases between his eyebrows are practically non-existent, you make him so happy
-It’s the sweetest thing
-But the minute you send that text, he stands up straight as if he’s been whipped across the back
-Oh no
-Yuri looks over his phone to see Mila, smiling sllyly down at him
-”Who are you texting, Yuriii?” she croons
-he tries to ignore her, hunches his shoulders and is just about to message you back when you send a selfie
-holy shit if you didn’t kill him before, then you damn well did now
-There you were, a big delighted smile on your face, with the most crotchety looking cat on your lap, leaning against your hand that was petting it’s head
-Yuri wheezes, this boi literally fuckin WHEEZES, and leans over, clutching his chest
-he’s like the old man meme

-that one
-Mila blinks, chuckling, before taking his phone in his weakened state to see what’s gotten him in such a ti-
-oh my god
-Even she’s enraptured in the fucking ADORABLENESS that your selfie is
-meanwhile you’re waiting eagerly for your boyfriend’s reply, which… is taking a while….
-A half hour damn near passes before you get a text
-”Hi, Y/N, this is Georgi. I must say your selfie is very sweet and cute. I can’t handle it, but you know, Yuri is the one who can’t handle it the most. He’s currently wailing with Mila over how adorable you are! Haha.”
-fucker is the only one trying to keep his cool, bc honestly, he’s crying too
-you lethal weapon
-yuri later tells you he killed georgi for embarrassing him he didnt he just poured his coffee on his new scarf

-You’re always snapchatting Phichit about one thing or another
-You don’t usually use your face, rather, you just take photos of the thing you’re doing at the time
-But Phichit loves you and your cute face!!! He could kiss it all day!!!
-Anywho, he’s out with Yuuri, and while his friend is looking through ice skating magazines, Phichit’s checking through his notifs
-And he sees you’ve replied to his snap!!
-He asks Yuuri if he wants to be in a selfie with him and of course Yuuri knowing Phichit, he didn’t have much a choice
-So Phichit taps the notif, and goes to your chat
-Opens your snap, la dee d-
-Ooooooooooohhhhhh myyyyy gooooo-
-He blinks, and screams when the counter goes out, this boy literally fucking SCREAMS, HE SCREECHES
-It’s you, holding up a hamster cookie, with the biggest smile on your face, looking so proud
-The caption read ‘Just cooked up a batch for u, look how good it looks?!’
-Phichit is leaning against Yuuri, who’s also seen the snap
-”Aaaw, how cute!” He says
-Phichit grabs his friend by the shoulders
-”Yuuri.” He says in the most grave tone Yuuri’s ever heard, “That wasn’t just “cute.” Let me tell you a thing or two over just how precious my s/o is.”
-He literally goes on a goddamn tangent
-And Yuuri thought HE was obsessed with Viktor, CHRIST, PHICHIT
-It’s like he was saving this speech over how adorable you are for this specific moment
-Yuuri’s listening to him, smiling and humoring him
-Phichit replays the snap, screenshotting it before just waving it in front of Yuuri, looking so happy
-But Yuuri’s tired now, a fucking HOUR passed, and you only have a notif that Phichit screenshot your pic
-This boi fuckin snatches the phone from your boyfriend, and before he can react, texts
-”Y/N, your cookies look gr8! This is Yuuri btw, sorry for the delay in reply, but Phichit went on a speech over how cute u are! Lol pls tell him to stop, ppl are staring.”

-Viktor’s always been passionate about how cute you are
-He squishes your cheeks, kisses your nose, gives you eskimo-kisses, blows raspberries on your tummy, nuzzles you CONSTANTLY when he gets overwhelmed, he just adores you
-Viktor Nikiforov is entirey infatuated you, it’s adorable in itself
-So he’s just texting you, when he SHOULD be practicing with Yuri, because… th… that’s his goddamn job…. Viktor,…. you fuck…..
-Yuri’s shouting at him and of course, this guy is clearly ignoring him, giggling to himself as he chats with you
-’lolololol Y/N, when will u get here???? it’s nearly lunch time!!! i miss uuuu~’
-’im on my way!!!! u should be practicing, geez’
-Fuckin Viktor chuckles, and does a little footwork,then checks his phone OOOOH GREAT JOB HOTSHOT
-He skids to a halt after that
-Viktor speeds his way towards Yuri which autmoatically makes him regret speaking because now he’s gonna go off about you
-Instead, much to Yuri’s surprise, he’s… actually kinda quiet
-It’s weird
-His eyes are wide, and practically glimmering
-Viktor’s cheeks are normally at least a little rosy due to the chilly temperature, but now, they’re a bright jolly red color
-One hand is covering his mouth, as if in shock, and now Yuri’s a little unnerved
-”What the fuck do you want.” He grumbled, a little off-put
-Viktor slowly holds up his phone to show Yuri a photo of you, posing in front of a poster of Viktor that was apparantly up nearby the ice rink
-You have the back of your hand on your forehead dramatically, but you’ve got a clear mixture of pride, love and amusement on your face as you grin
-Beneath that was a text, saying “Can’t believe my beautiful boyfriend is actually made out of paper…….”
-Yuri blinks, and grunts
-He’ll admit, it was pretty cute, but he didn’t really…. give a shit…..
-He looks up and sees Viktor’s cheeks pulled up in a smile behind his hand
-It takes at least an hour and a half when you get a response and it’s from Yuri
-’hey this is yuri can u maybe pls take ur shitty boyfriend away so i can be at peace’
-Thanks yuri

Hello hello again everyone! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Over the weekend I managed to finish chapter 03, which means it’s time for another summary/ reactions post! ( ᐛ )و

And WHOO BOY…do I have some thoughts to share because let me just say, chapter 03 can basically be summarized as follows:


As always, this post assumes you know what happens in the game “Dance With Devils” up until Chapter 03 of the Left Door common route. If this is your first time stopping by, then please consider heading on over to the translation master list or checking out my last let’s play reactions here.

Massive Spoilers, some crude language, screenshots, and CGs for the vita game “Dance With Devils” beneath the read more cut. If you do not wish to be spoiled then please do not click the read more link! <3 Enjoy!

Todays highlights: Not a single damn one of these boys wears swim trunks properly, Urie tries to drown everyone in the name of Rem getting laid, and DwD becomes an episode of LOST.

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The Bias Wrecker - Part One (Jimin x Reader)

Kelsey has been begging me to write her a Jimin biased story and because it is my BEST FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY NEXT SATURDAY, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to writing this short story just for her. And I guess you guys can read it too. Hopefully it doesn’t suck, kelsey didn’t have any requests just that it was Jimin so here we go! Let me know what you think!

Originally posted by whyparkjimin

The Bias Wrecker - Part One

“Yes I’ve been eating enough.” You rolled your eyes as the words left your mouth. Adjusting your jacket closer as you walked, you tried not to let your teeth chatter too much for fear of your mother hearing.

“I’m still not so sure this is a good idea, Y/N…It’s not too late to come home.” Her voice was joking but there was an underlying tone of seriousness that hadn’t escaped your attention.

“Mom I’ve been studying for years for this. I literally just got here, I’m not leaving Seoul yet.” Your voice stood firm and there was an audible sigh on the other end of the phone. “Besides it’s not like I’m alone—Hana and Yuri and I are doing just fine.”

“I guess you are an adult…”

“Have been for a while.” You laughed to try and ease the tension. “Get some rest okay? I’ll call you soon.”

“Stay safe, Y/N. I love you.”

You smiled at the words. “I love you too, Mom.”

The streets of Seoul were somewhat quiet, the seeping cold of winter creating a protective blanket over the city. It had been two weeks since you had moved here with your two best friends. An internship opportunity had popped up at one of Seoul’s leading entertainment companies. You had applied with Hana on a whim and had been selected among thousands of applicants as two of twenty interns. You had come to Korea looking to expand your horizons not only in your field but also as a person. This had been a dream you had shared with Hana and Yuri for a long time, and now it was finally happening.

Two weeks interning for SM and your still hadn’t met anyone from Exo or Red Velvet or SNSD or f(x) or anything.

Huffing in annoyance you tried not to start screaming in frustration. Okay, obviously that wasn’t why you had taken the job, but you’ d be lying if you said you and Hana hadn’t both been hoping beyond hope that moving to Korea would allow you to finally encounter the idols you pined after.

The proof of that came from the fact that you were currently standing outside of the stadium where BTS was holding their fan meeting today. You and Hana and Yuri had tried so hard to get tickets but luck hadn’t been on your side. Everyone was inside already and BTS was probably getting ready to come out. Sighing audibly, you were about to turn away and head home when your phone buzzed.

Hana had sent you a text with a screenshot of BTS’ most recent tweet that displayed a picture of them getting ready.

Seeing the picture made something in you snap. They were in there somewhere and you were right out here, how hard could it be to see them?

Without thinking, you began to walk around the perimeter of the building. In the back, several trucks and the infamous van were parked and your heart skipped a beat for a second. There were several high fences separating you and the back of the building, but it didn’t deter you in the slightest.

Let’s get this straight: you are not some crazed saesang or anything like that. You had no intention of stalking them or anything crazy like that. You just wanted to slip into the crowd unnoticed and meet them like everyone else. At least, that’s what you kept telling yourself to make yourself feel a little bit better about hopping the fence and approaching the backdoors like a shadow. If Hana could see you now she would surely knock you upside the head.

The doors were clearly marked ‘STAFF ONLY’ and that was the first thing that made you stop in your tracks. What would be on the other side of those doors? Breathing heavily from climbing you considered your options. One: scream and run away before someone finds you. Two: Knock politely and ask whoever answers if they could kindly let you in. Three: Open the door while simultaneously becoming a snake that could weave in and out unnoticed before turning back into yourself and assuming your spot at the front of the line.

You chuckled a little bit to yourself, “Oh geeze I’m losing it.”

Deciding you should really snap out of it and just go back to the apartment you were about to turn around and hop the fence again when the door suddenly opened. Your eyes widened in surprise as you froze, unable to move any part of your body.

A woman with a headset noticed you and immediately sighed with relief, her body visually slumping and a huge smile settling on her face. “Thank god your here. The agency said they would try their best to get a replacement out here and they came through, thank you so much for coming so quickly!”

You forgot how to speak, your eyes huge saucers as you remembered the proper etiquette and bowed immediately. “S-Sorry I didn’t get here sooner…” You trailed off, wondering if you should really keep going with this.

“Please, I’m just glad you’re here! The boys keep posting pictures of themselves getting ready to stall but we’re really at a loss here.” She spoke quickly as she pulled you into the building and down a narrow hallway. Your heartbeat was in your throat and you could hear its resounding pounding throughout your head. This was wrong. So, so, so wrong. But you didn’t stop her, or correct her, you just let her lead you wherever she was leading you and kept your mouth shut. “Only one stylist showed up, the rest of us are totally inept when it comes to fashion. We thought it’d be fine if the boys dressed themselves but it turns out that was the worst idea.”

And then without another word, she thrust open a dressing room and you nearly passed out right then and there.

There they were, dressed in mismatched clothes besides Suga who was lying down wearing his own white t-shirt and basketball shorts. You forgot how to breathe and your mind went completely blank.

At the sound of the door opening, everyone but Suga’s head’s snapped up. All six pairs of eyes were on you and you felt like you were made of jelly. “Is this our replacement Noona?” One of them asked, but your mind couldn’t comprehend who. There was just internal screaming over and over again on a loop.

“Yes.” The woman sighed and then spoke to you, gesturing wildly. “The clothes are on a rack over there, just do your best and try to have them ready in fifteen minutes!” And then she was running out again and the sound of the door slamming echoed all around you.

You gulped and looked anywhere but at them, knowing you might pass out if you did.

“Uh…What’s your name Noona?”

Finally, your brain started working again and you immediately recognized Kookie’s voice. It sounded deeper in person and made your breath catch a little bit. You looked up then, and they all were offering you warm smiles. Bowing you mumbled out, “Uhh…It’s Y/N, nice to meet you. I’m only 19 so you don’t have to call me Noona.”

“Woah you’re so young! That means you have to call me Oppa…You must be very skilled at your job!” J-Hope looked at you with incredulous eyes and your blush deepened. Before they could ask you anymore questions you walked over to the rack and started looking through what was given. How convenient that they would need a fashion coordinator. It was almost like this was meant to be.

You silently went to work, pulling out outfits and checking sizes. Holding up a pile of clothes, you gestured toward the leader. “Namjoon-ah…”

Two minutes went by and you kept calling out for them and they would go and change into the clothes you had picked out. You kept telling yourself to breathe and act professional. The last thing you needed was for them to find out that you weren’t who they thought you were. You looked around at who was left and your breath caught. Leaning casually against a chair, scrolling through his phone was none other than your ultimate bias, Kim Taehyung. Your heart sped up and you had to look away as you picked out his clothes.

“VV-V.” You stuttered, trying to hide your blush. He bounded up to you, every bit the excited kid he always acted like when the cameras were rolling. Your heart swelled and you smiled shyly at him.

“Thank you Y/N!” He flashed his famous grin and you nearly dissolved into thin air. Please, please, Kim Taehyung, stay in your lane, you thought, at least while he was in your presence. It was too hard to hide how you truly felt if he didn’t.

You placed a shaky hand on your chest to try and calm yourself but it wasn’t working. Closing your eyes for a brief second you counted slowly and then resumed your work. This wasn’t the time for your absurd fantasies, no matter how crazy this situation was.


He cut you off, appearing immediately by your side, a small smirk on his face. “You’re really good at this Y/N.”

You bit your lip to hide the smile that threatened to crawl up your face. “Ah you’re too nice…”

“No I mean it. You really saved us.” He insisted, tilting his head and leaning closer. You had seen him act this way more than once on camera and you knew it was attempt at flirting. The thought seized you. Was he just doing it because that was Park Jimin or…? You didn’t let the thought enter your mind. Jimin was known for never staying in his lane when it came to you and you wouldn’t let him try and wreck his way to the top of your list.

Offering him a reserved smile you went back to work, needing to pick out one last outfit for the sleeping old man in the corner. “Thank you.”

“How come I’ve never seen you around the agency before? Are you new?”

Your blood ran cold at his question and when you looked at him he was smiling faintly at the clothes in his hands. His tank top, despite the cold, displayed close up images of his muscular arms and you had to force yourself to look away. “Yeah…” You breathed almost inaudibly.

“So I’ll see you from now on, then?” He persisted and you couldn’t understand why.

“Uh…” Before you could say anything else, V burst back into the room in his outfit. “I look so good.” He smirked and Jin chuckled and pushed him a little bit as he followed. Bounding up to you he scooped you up in a big hug and everything went blank. “You’re amazing, Y/N!”

Your breathing went uneven and ragged, but V didn’t seem to notice as he set you down and then did a few laps around the room, obviously really excited for the fan meeting. But Jimin did. He watched you as you laid your shaking hand on your heart again and as you let your eyes clothes as you counted slowly once more before going back to work. Were you V biased?

You really hadn’t caught onto his attempts at flirting and maybe that was why.

Without giving it a second thought he reached out and snatched your hand, keeping his flirty smirk as you looked at him in surprise. “Yeah, you’re pretty amazing, Y/N.”

And then without a second thought, his lips gently grazed against the soft skin of your hand and every nerve caught on fire. You had tried so hard up to that point, if it weren’t for Park fucking Jimin you would have made it. But the second his lips made contact with your skin it was like all of the lights in the room shut off and the ground was rushing forward to meet you.