You can hurt yourself

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I started my recovery today, i really try not to trigger myself, but everything reminds me of cutting:| and i barely started again like 4 or 5 months ago. Its almost every day, it was first small cuts but then they got deeper, anything that can help me stay clean for a while?

Try painting on yourself in front of cutting as you won’t be hurting yourself. You can also try intense exercise to tire yourself out and let out any aggression or negative feelings. Good luck sweetie and stay strong. ❤

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"Put that down. This isn’t you. Don’t hurt me, dammit, can’t you tell you’re not yourself?”

Bucky’s heart beat rapidly in his chest. He needed to get away, but from what? Who was after him? It was them, it had to be. He had his gun in hand, and pointed it at the first person he came across, he couldn’t trust anyone. But that voice, it sounded so familiar. He hesitated, stepping back he loses his gun a little. He wasn’t completely sure.

This is what the lonely gets you:
nights spent trying to look anywhere
but at yourself, because then
you’ll have to admit that it isn’t
the mirror
that’s broken.
All this crying alone in an empty apartment
won’t teach you how to say the word “love”
when you feel it, just like it won’t
help you let go of the ones
who make your skin crawl just to talk to
except you don’t want to hurt them.
(You can never bring yourself to hurt anybody.
It is your best and worst quality.
You keep on hurting yourself.)
This is what the lonely gives you:
shaky hands and a shakier heart,
second guessing every good thing
you ever got.
Angst Starters:
  • “I have something to tell you.”
  • “Oh my god, what did they do to you?”
  • “Please don’t die. You can’t die.”
  • “Don’t be dead.”
  • “I miss you so much.”
  • “No…come back! Come back!"
  • “What happened? Why did I hear gunshots?”
  • “So much blood. So much…”
  • “Where’d this scar come from?”
  • “Just shoot, okay?”
  • “Just leave then! Get out!"
  • “Don’t jump!”
  • “You don’t have to do this.”
  • “Put that down. This isn’t you. Don’t hurt me, dammit, can’t you tell you’re not yourself?”
  • “I never want to see you again.”
  • “Don’t you remember me?”
  • “Just breathe.”
  • “I have to do this, there’s no other way!”
  • “_____ didn’t make it out alive.”
  • “I’m so sorry.”

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Can you tell me something to do to feel happy and smile when I feel sad please?

You have to look deep down inside yourself to find the hope and strength to move on. To understand that things will get better with time. Friends and family can help, but in the end it will be up to you.  But if you are sad, don’t hide it. You need to show your pain in order to get over it. Pushing it down, in my experience, will only make it hurt worse. You can start over. Give yourself a fresh start just by telling yourself you can. Allowing yourself to start over. Try to wake up tomorrow morning and make the decision that today will be different, forget the past and start fresh. If you truly want to be happy you can be!

Even the most innocent topics can become loaded when you’re talking to an abuser.

If you tell then what you like and dislike or anything about yourself, they can use it to hurt you. They can take it away. They can make fun of it. They can use it to control you. They can poke at your weak spots. They can use the most harmless thing you could say as proof of how awful you are.

Anything you say can be used against you, and then they get at mad at you for not speaking.

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what advice do you give former self harmers that are going through a rough patch???? because im really considering it.

(self harm tw)

i understand pls just know that you can and will get through this i promise there are so many other ways to positively deal with your feelings please dont resort to that i love you and so many other people do pls pls pls dont hurt yourself you can do this i believe in you

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What in Hyrule did Ganondorf's men DO to Link? I'm a bit scared to find out, tbh. Ganon, why did you let them hurt him? Why can't you just keep him for yourself and piss off Zelda that way?

Okay so! In the 1920′s au Ganon’s not all that bad, only because I didn’t really see Ganon as some super mustache twisting cackling baddie in OOT. I like to think of Ganon in this au as being more politically evil, and an evil in the shadows. He’s very jaded thanks to having grown up in a pretty prejudiced time and area, he doesn’t trust easy either! So when he went to beat on link it was just to see how badly Link wanted to join his gang ( link didn’t really want to join for real of course, just join to spy on them for zelda*). Ganon’s hench men just got a little carried away~ 

Ganon has a little bit of a heart, and he feels bad that Link got so messed up so he’s sort of taking a liking to Link. I guess he’s like a little stray animal to Ganon, even though Link’s got a home with Zelda at the Mayor’s Manor. (and lol yes at keeping him to make zelda mad, which Ganon does~)

Hope that answers your question~ Sorry I tend to ramble! 

Guys I am just as excited about the new OUAT snippet as you are because Regina showing concern for Emma but can we stop and just admire the beauty that is “Put that thing down before you hurt yourself, guyliner”

can we just stop for a minute and marvel at the absolute gem that is this line uttered by the greatest sassmaster in all of Storybrooke

can we please shed a single tear as we consider the fact that Regina once more says what we’re all thinking

“Music is always a healer. Music has never let me down. I know it’s my religion. There’s the idea that you can’t truly know happiness until you know sadness, so how can you heal yourself unless you’ve hurt yourself? I’m still figuring out who I am, but I know that I’m not who I was.” Brendon Urie

sigh sigh =w= 

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Can you do something with Kyoya where you accidentally hurt yourself pretty badly earlier in the day but brush it off but as the day goes on it hurts more? Thanks!

This sounds practically like my daily clumsy life XD. Please enjoy!

The first thing you noticed upon stepping outside was the warm breeze that blew through the air, announcing the arrival of spring to clear away the chill that winter had left. Smiling to yourself at this thought, you tilt your face up to the sun, letting the morning light seep into you, warming you down to your bones. Quickly you turned to lock your door behind you, tucking you key away once turning the knob to make sure that it was indeed locked. 

You noticed how the grass had started to turn back to its vibrant  green color after being covered with snow for the past 5 months. The small blades shifted in the breeze, and the budding branches did the same. What you failed to notice was how close your front step had become. One step was all it took for you to go down, landing firmly on your ankle as you just barely grazed the step with your heel. 

Groaning, you pushed yourself up. Wincing as pain shot up from your ankle. Twisting it about to test it, you were pleased to see that it didn’t hurt so much anymore and that it could hold your weight. Your first few steps were tentative, but once the pain didn’t return you were quick to forget it, moving on with your day.

As the day wore on however, the sharp pain in your ankle only grew. It started as a slight ache, but now at the end of the day it was giving out the second you put your weight on it. Leaning against a wall, you took a break from your hobble to the third music room. Placing your hands on your ankle, you flinch at the pressure. Looking down you bite your lip to find that it was swollen to more than twice the size of the other one.  Slowly, you try to rub it, hoping to abate the pain at least enough to make it to the Host Club. Easing your way down the wall so you were sitting, you continued your ministrations, praying that your ankle would feel better soon.

“What happened?” Kyoya’s cold voice echoes off the empty halls, his shadow falling across your face. Looking up hurriedly, your pain filled eyes meet his, and instantly his expression turns to one of concern.

Kneeling beside you, he eases your hands from around your ankle. Pushing up his glasses, he presses his cool fingers onto your skin, and you hiss. The pain only become sharper with pressure, and neither your massaging or his prodding was helping. 

“How did this happen?!” He asks, looking straight into your eyes.

‘I…tripped this morning.” You tell him, blushing at the lame story behind your injury. He nods, dropping his gaze to the floor, before hunting his cellphone out of his front pocket. ‘What are you…?” You question as he dials a number, pressing the phone to his ear. Giving you a sign to be quiet and wait one minute, you listen to the one sided conversation.

“Hi.” He greets the other person, quick to move on from greetings. “Yeah I found them…No, I’m not coming back I have to get them home… Their ankle is twisted pretty bad. Don’t destroying anything while I’m gone… Sure, I’ll tell them Tamaki.” Snapping the phone shut he tucks it away again, grabbing your hand in his. “Tamaki says that he hopes your ankle gets better soon because he can’t wait to see you back in the Host Club.” Kyoya smiles.

You lean onto his shoulder as you stand tenderly, letting your boyfriend guide you to the front of the school. As you hobbled slowly, your face began to turn red. “I’m sorry. This is pathetic.” You say, shaking your head with a smirk at yourself. 

“Not at all.” Kyoya says. “I’m just glad I found you so that I can help.” He smiles down at you. Suddenly his smile turns into a frown, his previously bright brown eyes turning dark. “Though, I am disappointed that you let it get to this point.” He scolds, gripping your hand just a bit tighter. 

“I’m sorry.” You apologize, letting your gaze drop to the tiled floor, “But it didn’t hurt earlier, and then suddenly it was like this…” You mumble, defending yourself. Kyoya sighs, pressing a peck to the top of your head. 

You sat your couch, foot propped on multiple pillows, waiting for Kyoya to come back wit your ice pack minutes later. He entered the room, ice pack in one hand and a water bottle and some pills in the other. 

“Here, take these.” He tells you, placing the ice pack on your ankle so that it is completely covered. Shivering at he cold, you take the water bottle, opening it and taking the two small pills he gave you. 

“Sorry that you have to sit here and take care of me instead of being with your friends.” You apologize again, twiddling your thumbs so you wouldn’t have to look Kyoya in the eye, afraid of what you’d see. 

You jump when a soft chuckle rumbles from his chest. “Stop apologizing.” He tells you, sitting beside you on the couch and taking your hand in his. “Judging by the cosplay that we were supposed to wear today, I can guarantee that being anywhere wit you will be better.” He says showing you a picture on is phone of the costume. You can’t help but laugh when you finally recognize what it was. 

“Seriously!?” You ask, between gasps, holding your sides from how hard you were laughing. Kyoya’s grim expression tells you everything. You pat his hand with your free one  with a smug grin. “Then you are very welcome.” 

Kyoya chuckles and shakes his head, glancing once more with an eye roll at the picture of the neko costumes he had been made to buy. Fuzzy fake ears, tail and all.

I know what it’s like to want to die. How it hurts to smile. How you try to fit in but you can’t. How you hurt yourself on the outside to try to kill the thing on the inside.
—  Girl, Interrupted
Disney World♢

Ok but imagine unleashing the twins on DISNEY and all the havoc that would ensue

Jacob : i’m gonna scale Cindy’s castle! Fuck yeah!

Evie : * facepalms *


Jacob : can we NOT ride ‘it’s a small world ’ again?
Evie : what, why not? It’s a practically a piece of history! ! !
Jacob : ughhhhh

They would probably buy all the shit, like I could just imagine Jacob with fifty freakin ’ plushies in his arms as he runs around disney with pixie dust falling off his shoulders and mouse ears on his head while Evie has a crown, cuz she’s a queen♡, and she would yell at Jacob to “slow the fuck down you’re going to hurt yourself! You can’t just be racing about! ” while Jacob would just ignore her saying “well, where’s the fun in that?”

And Jacob would be SO restless waiting in lines while Evie would stand patiently and apologize to those unfortunate enough to be in front of them as Jacob attempts to con them out of giving him their spot.

“Please ma'am, my sister is terminally ill and she does not know which moment will be her last, so would you kindly–”

“Stop it Jacob or I swear we will go home RIGHT this instant.”

“….*pouts* you’re no fun at all, you probably don’t even know what fun is!”

And Evie would see this as a challenge and then SHE would drag Jacob’s arse all over the park at twice the speed till he is literally out of breath and out of money.


Jacob screaming like a little girl on space mountain or thunder mountain (i think that’s the train one)

They eat at one of the palaces and Evie has the urge to point out all the historical inaccuracies while Jacob is just like “shut up and eat your food.”

ONE OF THEM GETS LOST SO THEY HAVE TO GO TO THE CENTER OF THE PARK WITH A BUNCH OF CRYING FIVE YEAR OLDS (insert meme here about grabbing a mic and yelling something )i bet Jacob gets lost

At the end of the night they watch the firrworks side by side, so amazed by all the colours and explosions, like they are two little kids again and not born - and-raised assassins.