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lavendereggsy  asked:

24 or 43, hartwin please? :) (I don't know if you're still taking prompts for this but I really like your "100 Ways to Say 'I Love You'" ficlets)

okay, this is so long overdue, please forgive me! *hides* I used both prompts, though, because I’m efficient like that, haha :)

I hope you like it! 

24. “Just because.”

43. “I picked these for you.”

“I picked these for you.”

Eggsy looked up from the crisp, white shirt as he pushed the last button through its respective hole, straightening out his cuffs afterwards.

The shop employee came closer, a salver with three different ties, a pair of matching cuff links and a single white dahlia in his hands as he approached Eggsy, who was standing on a pedestal in front of the three mirrors in fitting room three.

Eggsy glimpsed at the different colours and patterns and then back at his reflection – Harry’s signal that all three have been approved.

“The light blue is an ideal colour for spring months; it’s lighter than a navy one and will fit perfectly to a light grey or charcoal suit.” Harry began, putting the salver to the side before he picked up aforementioned tie, stepping yet again closer to his customer. He came to a halt next to Eggsy and raised the tie to his neck, showcasing the tie against Eggsy’s shirt and complexion. Eggsy hummed.

“Don’t you think it makes me look pale?” Eggsy inquired, his eyes flitting over to Harry’s reflection.

It makes your smile brilliant. Harry thought, but yielded silently, nodding.

Harry went back over to the salver and picked up his second choice; a pink tie.

“The pink tie has been a favourite of the late Lord Unwin as it was the Lady Michelle’s favourite colour. I am sure Princess Tilde will like it just as much.” Harry repeated the same steps, and despite the pedestal Eggsy was standing on, they were pretty much eye to eye, and Harry’s eyes naturally flickered to Eggsy’s lips when the other inspected his own mirror image.

Harry wondered if Eggsy’s neck would be covered in matching pink love bites the next time he came to the shop.

“I don’t really think it’s my colour.” Eggsy admitted and Harry breathed a sigh of relief when Eggsy didn’t rise to the bait. Maybe he could hold on to a tiny scrap of hope.

He probably shouldn’t.

He still did.

He picked up the last tie, his thumb brushing over the soft material.

“Purple is traditionally a colour of wealth and royalty; this subdued, lavender hue is less bold and will fit perfectly to your light grey suit.” Harry explained, his knuckles accidentally brushing against Eggsy’s chest when he held the tie up to his neck, presenting it.

Eggsy raised a hand, pressing the soft fabric against his chest, letting his hand slide down once, twice. His fingers brushed against Harry’s wrist at the third time. Harry gulped. The scrap expanded.

“You don’t think it’s too loud?” Eggsy asked, sounding picky but in reality he was just stalling. Harry didn’t know.  Harry didn’t think.

It makes your eyes glow. He thought, and Eggsy smirked.

Harry didn’t think.

“Really?” Eggsy probed and Harry blushed.

Scrambling for a way out, he cleared his throat, his eyes falling to Eggsy’s bobbing Adam’s apple. Harry blushed harder.  “I’ll bring you a new selection right away.”

He turned to go but Eggsy’s voice stopped him.

“No, don’t. I think I made my choice.” Eggsy’s voice seemed to imply a choice beyond the colour of his tie.

The scrap grew bigger.

Harry’s hold grew stronger.

Harry turned back around.

“The lavender one it is.” Eggsy said, a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips. Harry nodded. “Tie me up, Mr. Hart.” Eggsy teased, turning away from the mirror and towards Harry, raising the collar of his shirt with quick fingers, which he then hid behind his back. His eyes were intense and staring right into Harry’s.

Harry gulped yet again.

The mouth on him.

Harry stepped closer and slung the tie around the back of Eggsy’s neck, his eyes focused on his work and not the way those lips he yearned to kiss were a hair’s breadth away, or the way his knuckles brushed against the tender skin behind Eggsy’s ears, or the way his entire world shrunk to the puffs of air against his hair as Eggsy was standing so close that he attacked all of his senses.

Harry’s fingers worked quickly to finish the Windsor Knot; Eggsy’s presence and the thrill of illicit touches he thought of was overwhelming.

When he was finished, he raised his hands to fold down the collar of Eggsy’s shirt, thumbs tracing the sensitive skin of his neck almost subliminally.

He patted down the tie once and tried to move away, but before he could take a single step back, Eggsy had grabbed hold of the measuring tape that was hanging around Harry’s neck, keeping him in place as he leaned down to capture Harry’s lips in a quick, searing kiss. The titillating sensation of those lips on his sent tingles down Harry’s spine and he wasn’t able to do much more than to wrap his hand desperately around Eggsy’s tie.

Too soon, Eggsy ended the kiss, letting go of the measuring tape, his lips slightly swollen, and his eyes positively luminous.

Harry let go of the tie. His hope blossomed and flourished. He had feared his grip might squash it, but it only was only incitation.

Eggsy turned back to the mirror, giving Harry the time to collect himself as he walked over to the salver, picking up the cuff links. His heart beat rapidly against his ribcage, fluttering like the wings of a hummingbird. 

No words were uttered as Harry put the cuff links on, but Eggsy’s smile was brilliant even when he tried to hide it. Harry’s chest expanded.

Eggsy put on his light grey suit jacket and Harry’s heart fell just a little bit more for him, as it usually did.

When Harry turned to the last piece of accessories, his heart skipped a beat. He had added the white dahlia as a personal touch to Eggsy’s outfits for quite a while now, positive in the knowledge that its meaning would forever remain his own secret.

His fingers brushed against the soft petals that whispered “I am spoken for”.

He picked it up and walked over to where Eggsy was still standing on the pedestal, gracefully upright and sinfully debauched.

“Why the dahlia?” Eggsy asked, his eyes telling Harry that his secret wasn’t his own anymore.

Harry pinned the flower into place, his fingers straightening Eggsy’s tie and the lapels of his suit before he dared to look up into Eggsy’s smirking face. Harry smiled, fingertips reaching for Eggsy’s chin as he pulled him down and into a chaste kiss, whispering a “Just because” onto Eggsy’s rosy lips - a secret shared between the petals of a single flower.

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@hotmilkytea reblogged my Kraang Queen April pic again recently ( <3 ) and the flood of fresh notes reminded me I had some additional doodles for this thing lying around (also there were some extra illustrations for this AU idea if you missed ‘em!).

These were based on ideajams with @andrea-odown - a ‘what if the kraang reclaimed April/she reclaimed them and she became their ultimate weapon’ kinda thing. And had to fight the turtles. DRAMA. ANGST. Also cool kraangy suits and helmets!

I did start thumbnailing a short comic for something like that. But I failed at continuing it. I still like this AU though so maybe I’ll finish it some day.


…so, if he’s not going to take Anakin’s name, are they at least gonna hyphenate?

Kenobi-Skywalker? Or Skywalker-Kenobi? 

…or do a mashup name? Kenobwalker? Skynobi?! 

I get the impression this is going to lead to a lot of bickering about alphabetical order and who picked dinner last night and “why don’t we ever go with MY suggestion”. 

(I’m glad you nerds enjoyed this one.) ;)
Happy Birthday Alex

(Submitted by @gogodoczilla)

Happy Birthday! I got this weird message today. I think it’s for you?


Harry had gone in there hoping to have a life changing experience, something that would excite him and keep him on his toes every single day. But for the past couple of weeks, he’d been flat on his feet.
Yeah, he was bored.
So he was hoping for something exciting, as he left the garden and walked into the living room. He was hoping for some kind of mix up, something to get the house talking and bitching and buzzing again. That was why he was there, after all. If he wanted to be stuck in a house with people he got on with, eating shit food and living in squalor, he’d just go back to university.
He needed this.

Harry knew there was going to be a twist.

He just didn’t know the twist would be her.

A Big Brother mini-fic
Coming to tumblr soon…

Big Trouble in Little Cell

A database fiction for @rahirah, who WILL succeed in getting the query to aggregate! :D

The little cell known as 371G pouted and wrung his hands, twisting and shaking all his digits. “But I don’t want to be aggregated! I’m so much more than a count, a sum, or an average. I’m me, and I’m unique!”

The Header of the column, 1G, sighed. She loves all the little ones living under her wing like her own children, even if, in a column formation, she doesn’t get to interact with the farther rows often. She’s their leader and guardian in one. The littlest one, 371G, was always in trouble, doodling a forbidden dollar sign in front of his numerical value here, and forgetting his decimal point there.

Perhaps his acts of rebellion are really a signal of dependency, a craving for reassurance. She rolled down to row 371 and enveloped him in a hug.

“And you are! Unique, that is! Look around, do you see another 371G?”

The little one sniffled dramatically and actually looked, first turning to the left, then to the right, then twisting to look above and below. He shook his head. “No.”

Header 1G smiled, and dropped a kiss on each of 371G’s digits, effectively putting a stop to his hand-wringing. “See? You’re unique, 371G, and you’re important. In fact, you’re indispensable. We can’t output a monthly report without you, and we really need you now. Can you help us? Please?”

Little 371G peered up at Header 1G. “You mean it? You really can’t do a report without me?”

Header 1G laughed, a bold sound that travelled up and down the column. “Oh, believe me, they’ve tried. They sent in their best database analyst and passed in the query seven ways from Sunday, and you, little one, left her scratching her head and venting her frustration online!”

371G thought for a moment. “That’s not good, is it?” But he couldn’t stop beaming. He was important! He might be just one tiny cell in a big, scary table in a whole database full of tables, but he was indes-, indispen- indispensiv-… He was needed! That’s the kind of value he provided!

“OK,” he said, pocketing the Euro sign he’d prefixed to the number when nobody was looking, knowing full well that only numerical digits were permitted. “But only cos you asked so nicely.”

(The End)

my sd card just up and died on me rip in peace

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