You are an inspiration

I wish to spend the rest of my life subtly admiring your existence.

you are the world in a person; so full of life. you are filled to the brim with flowers, trees that sway in the wind, storms, oceans that never stop kissing the shore, sunsets, and tiny humans that make you fall in love with being alive again. you are all of these things and more. you are the world to yourself, and to so many other people because you bring life and love and decorate people’s souls with twinkle lights. people need you here to thrive.

i will always despise the way tumblr glorifies staying “kind” and “gentle” after being abused and the way people push this on female characters and hate the ones that react differently.

from experience, this so called softness often stems from fear and trying your absolute hardest not to provoke any further abuse or conflict from anyone. it’s the complete opposite of empowering.

there’s a difference between being a nice person and being compliant because of abuse or trauma. let survivors be angry. let survivors be loud. let survivors heal without judgement. 

Friends and Tumblr Family! Please, lend a Smol Panda your Big Hearts!

I would like to make a request, a very important one!

Many of you know @wolfoftonight Right? An awesome artist with a huge roster of OC’s and an even bigger heart?

Well, Wolf is a dear friend of mine, and I have a request for you if you do not mind…Let’s Give them an awesome gift to come back to!

Currently, Wolf is on a small break, for reasons unknown, maybe it is serious, maybe it is not too bad… But whatever it is, Wolf stated that their inspiration might be affected by this…

Please hear me out: I know what it is like to lose your inspiration, I know what it is like to lose something you care about, I know what it is like to lose SomeOne you truly care about… And whatever is happening, I want the best for my dear friend.

So! I have an Idea!   vvv Look Below vvv

Let’s inspire Wolf! 

My request is this: If you are an artist, show Wolf some love, They have many, many awesome characters, I suggest SUBMIT a piece of fanart, or even, like above, some cosplay!!! 

Wolf has: A soulkey necklace, dark wings, and is mostly Cyan, for ideas.

Maybe along with a short message: “You inspire us, so let us inspire you!”

If not art, maybe a message from the heart, Just to remind wolf that they really do inspire us, as friends, and Tumblr Family. Art Family.

PLEASE: If you are not comfortable doing these things, or don’t know what to do, ~~~Please REBLOG~~~ Or maybe even, draw and reblog! We don’t always see what’s going on, we don’t know if things will be okay… but that shouldn’t stop us from caring about those who are special to us ^w^

Thank you!!!

(p.s. It doesn’t have to be great, or amazing, it could even be a sketch, I know that they will love whatever you make!)


Hello everyone! I’m am pleased to announce that I have hit 150 followers!! I would like to thank everyone who inspired me to be in this fandom, and to those who inspired me to draw fan art, and keep practicing.

Thank you especially to @mushi0131 @nalu-natic @proudtobeaginger , you guys have helped me so much without even knowing it. Your writing and art has moved me so much so that I wanted to create my own to be like you.

I cannot wait to continue enjoying anime with everyone, and share all the beautiful art and writings. Thank you! ✿♥‿♥✿

important! if someones work has inspired you to create something or model something after that creation, credit! they probably worked very hard on it and it doesn’t take too long to put a little (x) or (insp) and link the work. been seeing this happening around lately so just a friendly reminder to make this a safe and creative space where we can all inspire each other without possibly offending anyone. love u all

remember the little girl who was devastated and crying so hard when Iris “died” ? I watched the reaction of the latest episode, and as expected when Iris is revealed to be alive she was so happy ! She screamed “YEAH !!” and had the biggest smile on her face.

But some people in the comments were like “Don’t laugh because HR died” and ???? lmao stfu ???? Iris is clearly this little girl’s hero, can you blame her for being so happy and relieved to see her alive again, why would she care about HR lol. also she’s a kid who’s like 8 or 10 y/o she can react however she wants lol don’t be unnecessary annoying

‘What is it like to be in love?’

'It’s like being lost at sea for decades, when no one has come out looking for you, but suddenly someone showed up in the similar life raft as you.

And even though, you still may be lost at sea. You feel like you’ve finally come home.“

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #30 // @loveactivist

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Happy Birthday to my sweet cupcake Seda!! ( @rinsuokah​ ) ♥ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )