You also get to hear what was happening down South this whole time

The Front Bottoms song meanings
  • Flashlight: it’s about someone having a hold over you. this is a recurring theme throughout a number of songs on our album. Our favorite line from the song is “I can hear your dog whistle from my bedroom”
  • Maps: This song is pretty self-explanatory. It’s about the idea of not knowing what’s next. Accepting the fact that your life won’t be as comfortable as everyone makes it out to be when you’re younger. It’s about finding out life is a longer road than you had expected. Favorite line: “Let me be a raft on a blue sea I’ll blend right in”
  • Looking Like You Just Woke Up: This was the quickest song we wrote. It happens to also be the shortest on the record. Same idea as from Flashlight - just someone having a hold on you. (One of our good friends fell in love with this girl that still had a boyfriend and so in order to make time with the girl, he hung out a lot with the boyfriend and her. He slowly found out that the girl he thought he loved was kind of a bitch and he found that maybe the one he really loved was her boyfriend. They have somewhat of a romantic relationship now. And they are living together.) The vibe of this song comes from that situation. Favorite Line: “It probably won’t get easier, just easier to hide”
  • Mountain: This song is actually about buying drugs in Pennsylvania. The line was originally “I bought weed. A big bag in Pennsylvania. I’m gonna light it up when I get home to Jersey” We changed it because none of us have bought drugs or smoked ganja. ever. Favorite Line: “They’re gonna ruin my whole summer. Stop taking pictures with your phone. Stop taking pictures with your phone.”
  • Rhode Island: we met a kid at a punk rock festival we played in Rhode Island. He didn’t do much talking and we called him the Zombie Kid because he was passed out in a pile of sticks. The next day when he came out of his coma, he was asking us about directions on the best way to get passed NYC on a bike. His summer plan was to ride from his home in Vermont to Florida. All that he had with him was a backpack full of drugs. No joke. Drugs. Then we shook hands and he went on his way. On that same tour - two months later - one of our last shows were in New York City, and guess who we fucking see? Zombie Kid. Backpack empty. We asked him what happened and he said he made it down to South Carolina and had to turn around and come back. favorite line-“She says you gotta promise not to break not matter how far you are bent, she says you gotta shift my position and try to get comfortable again”
  • The Beers: It’s about the same deal. Someone having a hold over you, so much so that you’d be willing to put yourself in danger, to change yourself in order to make them like you. But the song is all over the place and that’s just a small part of it. Favorite Line: “And it’s an aerial view from your house to my room”
  • Father: I put myself in someone else’s body and I wrote this song about my life.
  • Swimming Pool: The voicemail in the breakdown is from one of our friend’s dads to our friend about some dumb shit about a girl. He saved it and we added it later on to our song. Months later, the girl’s mom cornered me in the grocery store and asked me if we could take that voicemail out of the song. But we’re punk rock so we left it.
  • Favorite Line- “There’s comfort in the bottom of a swimming pool”
  • The Boredom Is The Reason I Started Swimming: I got stranded in Germany one time and I missed Thanksgiving. Side note: On Thanksgiving, I ate a hot dog with some weird potato shit on it in Amsterdam but it was still mad good. As I was walking around Berlin, I found this circus of freaks - it was more or less a sideshow act but it was free so I went in. I met a dude who was a gangster drug dealer, he let me stay at his house and was actually super nice. He cooked me food and went to Amsterdam with me. But while I was staying in his house he explained to me the rules of the streets in Berlin. Everybody pays, everybody’s head is in the noose, everyone is part of the program.
  • Bathtub: There’s so much in this song. Take it for what it’s worth. Favorite line: Please take me off speaker phone, this is a private conversation.
  • Legit Tattoo Gun: This song was originally called “MJ” because when we put it out we gave it two different names on two different websites. If you know this song as “MJ,” you’re way more punk rock. At one point, I was making out with a woman who was making out with a lot of other people. It was a mutually beneficial relationship. Favorite Line: “I am not a dirty god, I don’t have a dirty body”
  • Hooped Earrings: This is about a friend of mine that asked me to be there with her when she came out to her mother. Favorite Line: Curly hair don’t look good cut short.
Southside Serpent

“So how long are you going to be acting like a complete brat?” He dictated, his body now pushing away from the fence and now standing in front of you. His body leaning into yours that pushes against the fence even more than before.

“Until you decide to leave me alone,” You state, head falling to the side as you do your best to look unfazed by how close he is, and how his cologne just makes you want to wrap your arms around him and push his body against yours so you can press your lips against his.

“Well that’s going to be shit luck for you because I’m never going to be leaving you alone.” He answers, lips tugging into a smirk as you feel yourself just completely cave in. The new found information that Luke won’t give up his tantalizing ways just to get you, has your mind in the gutter and the butterflies in your stomach just to buzz around more intensely then before.

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Words: 5.3k

Rating: R

Request: No

A/N: inspired by the scene with kevin and the southside serpent, joaquin, from Riverdale

The sound of laughter and energetic conversations rattled off of your beige locker and flutters in your ears, along with the sound of sneakers smacking against the dirty hallway floors and the shutting of the exit doors being heard from where you are standing packing school work in your bag.

It was finally Friday and you’re buzzing with joy, you had nothing to do today but just to lay in bed and sleep. Not every day did you get a chance to take a nap after school, you always had something to do; go to your volleyball practices or go to your after school clubs and sometimes help tutor some of the kids on your street. You’re always busy and today you get the chance to finally rest.

So when you finally dropped your purple binder into your backpack and zipped it up a pleased sigh slipped out of your nose and into the energetic atmosphere, you let your hands tug away from your sliver zipper and close your locker before letting your body rest against it, the cool material causing your heated up body to chill for a moment.

“What are you doing?” You hear a voice ask, that causes your eyes to turn away from the white tiles and turn towards the voice. Samantha’s copper hair trailed down her shoulder and rested by her rip cage, her hazel eyes looking at you with question as one of her makeup filled eyebrows rose up on her forehead as her lips covered in a deep red colour was set in a straight line as she looked at you with curiosity.

“It’s finally Friday!” You sing, eyes closing for a moment as you let your head tilt against the locker and letting a smug smile tug on your lips. You watch as Samantha rolls her eyes before she leans against the locker next to yours, lips tugging into a smug smile a like yourself as her eyes glaze over with humor.

“So what?” She says, her cranberry lips moving as her words trail out of her mouth and smacks you in your face as you let your jaw drop and look at her with complete shock.

“So what! So what! Sam! I literally don’t have anything to do today. I don’t have volleyball, I don’t have any clubs to go to and I don’t have to tutor the kids on my street.” You say with excitement as a smug smile escapes your lips and a happy smile sets in place.

“God the kids on your streets are such brats.” Samantha grunts while rolling her eyes before shaking her head at you. “Anyways that’s not even the point, did you hear about what’s happening to The Twilight Drive-In?” She asks, both of her eyebrows rising up on her forehead as she stares at you questionably.

“No?” You state while shrugging your shoulders, head titling off of the locker and body turning to face Samantha as she rolls her eyes once again at your answer.

“How do you not know?” She questions, voice filled with aggravation as a laugh trails out of your mouth.

“You know if you continue to roll your eyes like that, they’re gonna get stuck.” You inquire, only making her roll her eyes again before taking her hand off of her blue denim jeans and rising it up to your cheek, her thumb running against your skin and caressing it.

“Please don’t be a smart ass.” She says, a fake smile on her deep lips as you watch her gold earrings dance around with her shaking head.

“Fine, then all be a dumbass.” You scoff, your body leaning off of your locker as you let your arms interlock with each other and rest along your chest.

Samantha pulled her hand away from your cheek and let her eyes flicker shut, her breath coming out heavy as you watched her lips silently count to ten before her eyes re-opened and look at you like she wanted to snap.

“Did your therapist tell you to do that whenever you’re annoyed?” You question, your right foot shifting away from your left foot which causes your hip to pop out as you look at Sam with amusement.

“Yes she actually did, now when you are done with your… irritating responses I would like to finish what I was about to say.” She says, her lips tugging into a smile as she lets her high heeled boots smack against the tile floor to an unknown beat.

“Continue, continue.” You say while tearing one of your hands away from your chest and flicking at her.  

“As I was going to say, The Twilight Drive-In is shutting down so tonight is the last night to see a movie there and also make out with a hot guy in the backseat of his car like in Grease.” She beams, her pearly white teeth showing as her eyes glow with happiness and excitement which only causes you to groan and smack your head against your locker.

“Sam… I don’t wanna go!” You cry, a painful expression washing over your facial features as you look at her like you’re going to die.

“Why not?” She asked, voice annoyed as she looked at you like she wanted to kill you on the spot.

“Because it’s Friday! My only free day in this whole entire month! And also, you are most definitely going to find some guy to make out with and just neglect me.” You rush, eyes rolling as you look at her with bewilderment.

“That’s so false and you know that!” Samantha exaggerates while her jaw drops and her hands tug away from her sides to slide onto her hips.

You just let your eyes roll as you stare at her and shake your head, Samantha knows for a fact that she would do something like this so you decide not to even encourage the conversation even more, instead you let your head turn away from her gaze and look down the hallway where people continue to flutter out of to leave school.

It was blond hair and piercing blue eyes that had your heart hammering against your chest and eyes looking all over the place, your hands grew sweat between the cracks of your knuckles as you felt your whole entire face heat up just at the sight of him.

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Could we have Spideychelle if they were in University? Love the headcanons you've had so far, they're so good~~~ <3 <3 <3

  • ok because they’re really smart they both get into the same uni
  • with scholarships and all
  • can u believe
  • tony is a proud iron-dad
  • so he buys peter an apartment that is fully furnished as a ‘congrats, son’ gift
  • best dad ever
  • meanwhile, michelle is looking for a place that is cheap and affordable
  • she knows she could just go up to peter and room with him for a bit but her ego is too big for that
  • but it’s 2 weeks before her first sem starts and she’s homeless
  • because she already kinda told her parents that she has a place to live and all
  • she finds herself knocking on his door at 8 pm w her suitcase, in her pjs
  • ofc he answers and is shook
  • bc lets be real, when is he not shook
  • surprise surprise! there are 2 bedrooms
  • michelle crashes on the couch tho,,bc the other bedroom is covered in moving boxes
  • who knew peter had a lot of stuff amirite
  • actually, the whole apartment is a MESS
  • it’s covered in a bunch of boxes
  • but she’s too tired for that rn so she thanks him and she’s out in a few seconds
  • the next morning, she wakes up and she’s not on peter’s couch?? tf??
  • she sits up immediately and is ready to  F I G H T
  • but then she sees the blue lightsaber lying in the corner
  • and she’s like ‘oh, so i’ve not been taken’
  • she takes her time to really take in peter’s room
  • his bedsheets smell like him and everything is so cozy and warm and smol
  • she wants to lay here forever
  • but then it hits her
  • ‘if she was here, where was he?’
  • he’s on the couch, passed out
  • she stands there and stares at him for a bit 
  • then she decides the best way to wake him up is by flicking his forehead aggresively (stydia, is that u?)
  • he’s panicked for a moment but then he sees her and he calms down
  • “i was fine on the couch, you know.”
  • ‘i was out anyway, i didn’t get home till 3 am”
  • ah. spiderman duties.
  • she decides to make him breakfast, it’s the least she could do
  • but he convinces her to stay there permanently
  • they could split the bills
  • and
  • “it’ll be so cool, mj! we’d me roOMATES!”
  • and she agrees and
  • oh god what did she get herself into

part 2

  • ok so they’re one week into uni and things are good
  • turns out, that living with each other was a good thing
  • mj cooks for him bc lets be real, peter can’t cook for shit
  • she also cleans around the place and organizes his stuff because she’s secretly a perfectionist
  • it’s nice to come home to peter trying to hum the imperial march obnoxiously
  • peter isn’t a slob but he can be real annoying with his web fluids and whatnot
  • and mj is making friends??yay!!
  • turns out people at college are so much more cooler than the losers at midtown
  • though she misses them
  • ned is over like almost everyday
  • although her room is furnished now,
  • she falls asleep more on the couch than on her actual bed
  • but she never wakes up on the couch
  • hmm i wonder why
  • and there’s always a mug of tea waiting for her in the morning on the kitchen counter
  • she also always finds little chocolate bars on her pillow
  • esp after a stressful day
  • so life is basically gr8 right now
  • but then mid terms roll around
  • peter is surprisingly calm and chill about it
  • but he’s super smart so she gets that
  • she’s super stressed tho
  • cos she really wants to be responsible and make her parents happy
  • but it’s hard
  • she’s having the worst day
  • her first paper is in two days and she is nowhere near ready
  • her clothes are ruined bc of the pouring rain
  • and all her notes are ruined
  • she really wants to cuddle up in her bed and maybe eat one of the chocolate bars on her pillow
  • but then she hears it
  • she hears peter and a girl
  • she can hear said girl’s giggles coming from his room
  • and michelle is never jealous of another girl ok
  • but it’s hard when she’s having what could possibly be the worst day of her life and the guy she’s most definitely in love with is probably in there with some other girl who’s probably SO MUch more prettier than she is and she’s about to fail her mid terms
  • she wants to cry honestly
  • so she does
  • she does what every girl does
  • she grabs a tub of ice cream and aggresively sticks her spoon into it and sits on her bed
  • and reads
  • she’s reading a bunch of sad poems and she’s cryinf and her mouth is full of rocky road
  • and peter’s stupid chocolate bar is staring at her like he’s judging her from next door
  • once she’s run out of ice-cream, she calls her brother
  • “yes?”
  • and she cries
  • because she misses him and she misses midtown and she misses when peter parker was her nerd and she misses being responsible and actually good at school
  • but her brother has to be in south africa now, being a good doctor and shit
  • so she calls ned
  • and she’s having a panic attack now
  • and ned’s voice is so calming it makes her calm down for a bit
  • ned is at the apartment in a few
  • what a good friend honestly
  • and she starts crying again
  • because he’s such a nice person she doesn’t deserve him
  • ned realises that she’s just sad and stressed
  • ned also suspects that this has something to do with peter
  • once she’s asleep
  • he knocks on peter’s door
  • peter and girl are making out
  • ned is disgusted
  • so he chases the girl out and hits peter with all his strength
  • “dude! what was that for!’
  • “michelle was literally in tears and you’re making out with some girl?”
  • protective!peter
  • “what happened? where is she? is she ok?”
  • “yeah, no thanks to you.”
  • so ned tells him everything
  • and he’s like ‘the chocolate bars are sweet but i think she needs her roommate and her best friend.”
  • and peter’s mind kind of goes into a slideshow of all the times she’s been there for him
  • when ben died and she was the only one who didn’t give him that pity look
  • with his ptsd after the infinity war
  • helping him calm down and study for the sats
  • the one who told him his results mid-battle
  • the one who constantly takes care of him and his wounds after fights
  • the one who cooks him breakfast
  • the one who pushed flash into a bush when he was making fun of peter
  • and then he realises that he’s been such a fratboy dick lately
  • michelle only wakes up at 2 am the next morning
  • her room isn’t a mess anymore
  • there’s a glass of water at her bedside table
  • she tries to go back to sleep because call it a feeling but she just knows that peter is awake and she doesn’t want to look at him rn
  • she’s too hungry for that
  • so she carefully sneaks into the kitchen
  • it’s empty, thank god
  • there’s a container with some spaghetti in it
  • but oh wait! there’s a note
  • figured you’d be hungry. p.s. i didn’t cook this don’t worry’
  • she’s kinda still mad at him but halfway through the meal
  • she realises that peter is gonna meet other girls and his life isn’t going to revolve around her anymore
  • he’s probably going to marry some pretty girl who’s super smart and awesome and nerdy
  • and she’ll be all alone with her stupid college degree and a bunch of cats, still in love with peter parker
  • little did she know lmao
  • so she’s not really mad at him anymore but more mad at herself because of all the people in the universe, she had to go and fall for peter fucking parker
  • she decides to study because what good is being emotionally stable if she’s going to fail her mid-terms amirite?
  • so she pulls out her book and
  • there are little flashcards waiting for her
  • and she already knows this is peter’s doing
  • her heart feels like it’s going to burst because it’s so full
  • so beyonce is blasting through her headphones
  • and she’s studying with this stupid smile on her face
  • because of peter fucking parker
  • thank god tomorrow is a saturday
  • peter stops being an asshole and running away from his crush on mj
  • they become a hella lot closer
  • michelle hugs him when she gets her results for the paper she was so worried about
  • she treats him when he gets his results
  • aunt may is secretly planning their wedding
  • ned really wants to propose to michelle on behalf of peter
  • tony may have a few rings picked out already oops
  • basically spideychelle is #married
Some Jonsa commentary

So I’m pretty new to the Jonsa fold but I’m already a sucker for their relationship. This is my first time writing anything in depth about Game of Thrones and Jonsa so I hope this all makes sense. here goes nothing!

I was talking to a friend privately about Jon and Sansa and their tension so far this season and it really started to make some see some of things about Jon and Sansa and about why they have this tense dynamic with each other. It’s easy to put it all off on them having differing opinions on their situation but honestly that’s just….basic, for lack of a better word. Their is so much nuance to their dynamic so putting it all off on different opinions just doesn’t work for me. There is more to it than that.

I think that a lot of the tension between then from Jon’s end comes from Jon being confused about how he’s supposed to function with her and feel about her. Now I’m not saying he’s secretly in love with her and can’t handle it because their isn’t enough support for that idea yet BUT I think he does feel a connection to her and something that’s beyond brotherly affection towards her and it’s confusing and affects his behavior with her. On the surface it might seem weird for Jon to be confused but when you really think about it, it makes a whole lot of sense.

Jon and Sansa didn’t have a very close relationship growing up. We know he was much closer to Arya. Even Sansa admitted that she was awful to him growing up. I’m sure they both shared a very basic affection as siblings but that affection never materialized into a close sibling bond like it usually does among siblings. Basically there has always been a wall there between them that never allowed them to truly connect with each other in a strong and healthy sibling way.

Then Kings Landing happens.

Jon and Sansa split up as well as the rest of their family. Sansa heads south a happy naive girl who still believes in knights and wants to be a perfect queen loved by all and give her loving king heirs like she’s been taught. She wants to be the princesses in the songs and she believes her knight awaits her. Her perfect fairytale life comes crashing down quickly and she ends up in the clutches of vipers like Joffrey and Ceresi who manipulate and lie to her and take her father’s head right in front of her. Her world changes and there is no going back. From there she’s forced from one abusive and precarious situation to another. Never finding stability or peace. The optimism and hope she once had gradually fades as she realizes that the only thing keeping her alive is her name, the only thing that gives her any value to the people around her is the name that is synonymous with treason, death, and pain now. She believes she has no family left except Jon until she later learns that Bran and Rickon are alive. By the time Sansa makes her way to the wall in season 6 she’s become disillusioned and has hardened but she’s also blossomed into a strong young women with a unique intelligence due to her surroundings. She’s very different from the Sansa Stark that was awful to Jon and wanted to leave winterfel

Jon heads to the wall where he’s isolated from his entire family but he thinks he has found a place to belong, a place among fellow outcasts. Much like Sansa, his ideas about his new home and his future are quickly shown to be nothing more than delusion. Immediately he’s placed In the middle of things far greater and dangerous than he ever imagined. His isolation from his family also starts to gradually hit home as as he learns of the deaths of his father, Bran and Rickon, and Robb and Catelyn one by while he is powerless to do anything about it. His sense of duty to the nights watch grows even greater as he’s forced to put his feelings about his family away. He matures into a warrior, a knight who feels a profound duty to protect his brotherhood and the rest of the realm from the dangers he now knows aren’t just found in stupid songs and tales they tell children. His life becomes about one battle after the another. He’s drawn into fight after fight. He’s thrust into leadership positions that he never wanted and has to carry the burden of the entire nights watch and the realm on his shoulders as the threat of the Walkers gets greater and greater. He gives everything to the Nights Watch, only to end up being killed by his own brothers.

Jon is resurrected and his entire world changes. His already broody personality is amplified. Nothing about his existence makes sense anymore. He’s forced to kill all the men who betrayed him, even Ollie who was just a boy. At this point Jon is completely disillusioned with his life and no longer feels like he has a purpose. He’s tired. He’s exhausted with trying to be a hero. Minutes before Sansa arrives at castle black Jon is packing his bags His friend tries to convince him to stay, tries to remind him of the great threat out here and how they all need Jon to keep leading and fighting but Jon doesn’t want to hear it. He can’t stay with the nights watch anymore after what happened. He feels he has no purpose there anymore and is planning to head south. We doesn’t even know what he’s going to do in the south. He feels lost and the only thing he knows to do it get away from the place that’s taken everything from him. It’s a jarring for the audience to see Jon being content with a purposeless life of drifting because we are used to Jon being our hero. The man who always finds the courage to keep going despite the odds. A man who carries the burden of saving everyone even if he doesn’t want to or feels like he can’t. The hero never stops fighting. The hero never gets tired.

Right as this debate his happening Sansa arrives at Castle Black so we never get to hear the end of it. When she comes it’s the first time Jon has seen her or anyone in his family since season 1. I won’t rehash their reunion but the timing of Sansa’s arrival is not a coincidence.

Sansa was the one who gave Jon purpose and motivation to be our hero again. This was crucial for him because as I mentioned above he has lost it all after all he’s been through.

Sansa’s presence reignites the knight in Jon. It wasn’t a complete transformation right away but it starts to happen for him almost instantly. As soon as she’s back with him he immediately feels a duty to protect her. When she asks where he is headed he corrects her and says “where will we go”. When he wanted to just drift south alone he immediately changes his plans to accommodate her. There is no way he’s leaving her behind. Where he goes she will go and we know that Jon will protect her until his last breath. That’s the hero we all knew and loved starting to rise to the surface again and it’s all because of Sansa.

When Sansa comes we see Jon smile again, laugh again. In their first sit down conversation after the reunion Jon is hesitant and regretful about what ended up happening to them all, but for the first time since he was resurrected he’s not dwelling on what happened to him at the wall. Being around Sansa starts to give him his identity back, the identity he had lost when he died and came back to life.

Despite this welcomed return of some of the shades of his former self, when Sansa suggests they go back to Winterfel his softened and light hearted demeanor changes back to the worn out former hero that he’s become now. I won’t get into that scene too much but Sansa is the first person Jon shows his exasperated feelings about war to. When he takes to his friend he said he couldn’t stay at the wall because of what happened, but when he talks to Sansa he’s much more transparent. I believe he decides to finally tell his truth to her because she’s one of the few people who doesn’t see him as the hero who is supposed to save them all from doom, and because he knows that this is important to her.

Jon was tired of fighting. He was tired of death, The destruction, the politics, the way war corrupts good men, the way war claims the lives of not only men but when children. He tells her that he’s been fighting since he left winterfel and he can’t do it anymore. He fought and he lost. Like I said he’s a broken hero, an exhausted man who can’t bring himself to be the knight that everyone wants him to be anymore.

When he tells her he’s tired of fighting she can see the exasperation and the exhaustion in his eyes, and I believe she felt great empathy for him. She can probably relate since I’m sure she’s also tired of the cycle she’s been on since she left her home, but Sansa still has a cause to champion, her own cause, her families cause. She reminds him that their survival depends on taking the North back. They will never be safe out their drifting in the south. Never. And she tells him that she will do it herself if she has to.

Those words are what shook Jon out of his funk. Sansa is the person who inspired him to be the hero again. She was his motivation to fight again when he wanted to give up for good. When she stormed back into his life he found a purpose again, protecting her, and when she said she would take their home back he found his resolve to fight again because he couldn’t let her go to war with the boltons alone. Sansa was determined, and if she was going to do this he had to do it with her because he loved her and it was his duty to protect her. She needed him to fight for their home and their survival so he did what he said he was tired of doing. He rallied an army for her, found his inner knight and went to battle despite negative odds because Sansa (and Rickon) needed him. By doing so he found his purpose again, he became a leader again, he becomes the hero that the North needed again.

This is a major turning point for Jon and almost all of it is motivated by Sansa. It’s important because that caused this experience together formed an emotional bond between them, a bond that was nothing like what they would have had if they had been close as siblings growing up. Sansa wasn’t his delicate little sister anymore, she was the rightful Lady of Winterfel, a fearless and determined partner, a smart and cunning woman who does things like boldly tell to her abuser to sleep well because he will die come morning and publicly undermines him

The circumstances by which Sansa came back into his life and the timing created this dynamic between them that didn’t feel like siblings to Jon, it felt like something else, something neither of them quite understood or knew how to manage. That’s why once the fighting is over and the war is won they don’t know how to truly handle it. Jon struggles with it the most because he wants to put her back into the little sister box but she clearly doesn’t fit in it. He tries to be her “brother” but she’s not the “sister” he knew and he can tell. She’s not delicate, she’s not the gently naive girl anymore. When she reaches for his drink the first time they talk he’s surprised that she drinks because the Sansa he knew was just a girl who didn’t do such things. When she’s assertive as they plan their attack he’s a little taken back because the girl he knew wasn’t a part of military strategy.

He doesn’t know how to function as a brother with her because that role clashes with everything he knows and feels about her now. It’s confusing for him because his head says she’s his sister, duty says he she’s his sister and he should treat her as such, but she feels like a partner when they interact, their bond feels more like one you would find with two spouses, bit too siblings and he can’t turn that feeling off because they never had a strong sibling like relationship to begin with. Sansa functions and feels like Queen to him, not like a sibling and he can’t quite wrap his head around it. He had difficulty embracing it because the idea of Sansa as something other than his sister is too jarring for him.

It’s also hard for him because Sansa doesn’t need a brother she needs a King and a partner. She doesn’t need him to protect her in the typical brother like way. She even tells him that he can’t, that no one can protect her. She doesn’t need him to hover over her and make sure the boys don’t mess with her and she doesn’t hurt herself. She doesn’t need him to shield her from the bad things of the world and treat her like she’s made of porcelain glass. She needs him to lead the North and let her be at his side as he does it. She needs him to be a smart, brave and fierce leader that stands at her side to protect their home and their family. She doesn’t need him to replace Ned, she doesn’t need him to replace Robb, she needs him to be the opposite of all the men she’s been with since she left her home. She needs him to function not like a brother, but like the antithesis of who Joffrey, Ramsey, and Littlefinger were in her life. He senses it, and he is reluctant to do it because having a bond with your sister that’s more like the bond of a spouse just isn’t what’s supposed to happen. It’s not how they are supposed to be with each other, it’s not how they should be on some level they both know that it’s not normal but it’s their reality. Sansa needs him to be the Ned to her Catelyn, and to him she already feels like the Catelyn to his Ned, but he can’t embrace that because what does it mean? Your sister Isn’t supposed to feel like your wife. So he is distant from her. He is reluctant to listen to her, he tries to assert his authority over her and his kingdom to get her to back off and to try to force her into a role she doesn’t want and he knows she can’t fit.

So they clash. They clash because Sansa can not be boxed in and Jon is confused about how he’s supposed to function with her. It’s too late for them to go back and make their relationship into something that it’s clearly not, into something that resembles a proper sibling relationship. Jon is forced to embrace it because if he doesn’t he will alienate her and hurt her, and he doesn’t want to do that, he cares too much about her and respects her too much to treat her that way. He’s also aware that he needs her just as much as she needs him and If they are going to make it together he needs to let go.

Episode 2 was Jon finally giving up his futile fight to keep his relationship Sansa in a place that he’s comfortable with, in a place that’s safe and not confusing and dangerous. He finally treats her like a partner, he asks for her advice, considers her opinions. He gives her what she needs, what she craves from him. He decides to be the man she needs, the man she’s been missing from her life all this time. It’s no coincidence that this culminates in him practically embracing her as his Queen publicly. I know her official title isn’t “Queen in the North” But symbolically that’s exactly what she is and most important it’s what she is to Jon. There is no one else in the North he would trust to run Winterfel and the North as he travels south. He leaves their Kingdom to her. He could have left it to anyone of those male Lords but he didn’t because Sansa is his partner, Sansa is the one who rules at his side and Sansa is the one who shall rule in his stead. When he announces that he’s going south his only real priority is Sansa. She was the one he wanted to understand, she was the one he wanted to support his risk to save her and everyone. She was the one whose fears and apprehensions he wanted to tame before he left. Sansa is the most important person in his life and the only opinion that truly mattered. Just like her affirmation was the only affirmation that truly mattered when he needed to break free is the stigma of being Ned Stark’s bastard, just like her affirmation is the affirmation he needed the most when he came to how he was doing as a leader, just like Sansa was the one who motivated him to become the leader that he is once again.

All roads lead back to Sansa for Jon which is why It was never even a question for him when he made his decision to leave. His kingdom belongs to his queen, Sansa Stark.

It’s going to be interesting because after this there is no going back for the two of them. Even if they never get romantic they will never be able to pretend they are just siblings. They will never play that role for each other.

I suspect that Jon knows this, which is why it’s no coincidence that Jon’s brewing confrontation with Littlefinger comes after he has finally embraced her role in his life and why Jon looses control and violently acts out aganist him when he tells him that he loves Sansa. His rage towards Littlefinger can can’t hide behind this tameness of “brother” since he’s officially shed that role. What we see instead is the rage of a King, a king who will not stand for anyone, especially someone like Littlefinger, breathing near his Queen.

Southside Sweetheart

Jughead x Reader

Request: can you do a jug x reader where she’s from the south side and her whole family and friend group is super sketchy and involved with the serpents, and so she’s on betty and and jug’s suspect list? anyways so when he meets her he finds out she’s a literal sweetheart and he falls for her? thanks love

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 2,273

A/N: In case you need something to read before tonight’s episode cause things are about to get FUCKED. I also changed it a little, hope that’s okay!


A freshman kiss, never talked about. Ignored and pushed away.

A gang, a mother’s arrest. My mother’s arrest, for a fight in a bar.

Me, left for a year on my own, trying to figure everything out.

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Settling the Aladdin discourse

Can all the misinformed Americans and Brits pipe down for a second? I’m rolling out the historical carpet from the perspective of someone who’s actually grown up in the Middle East and why none of this matters.

I heard Aladdin or as I knew it, as ‘The Magic Lamp of Alaa el-Din’. It is one of the most popular tales from the region, next to Sindbad, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and but guess what?

It’s a trainwreck of a tale, so is Disney’s adaptation. Why? Because it makes no sense, culturally or historically. Why? It’s not authentic. It’s not actually a real part of the stories Schehrezade/Shahrazad told to King Shahrayar in One Thousand and One Nights.

It was added in by a European translator, Antoine Galland, then later accepted as part of canon.


One Thousand and One Nights is a collection of folktales presented in a story-within-a-story context. King Shahrayar of Persia’s wife cheated on him, he then had her and her lover put to death, but her infidelity drove him mad with paranoia. He decided to marry every virgin in the kingdom them put her to death come morning so she wouldn’t have the chance to cheat on him.

Alas, he ran out of virgins, all except for his grand-vizier’s daughter Shahrazad. She agreed to marry the king, assuring her father she had a plan. After their wedding night, Shahrazad began the distraction plot to end all plots. She asked the king if he wanted to hear a story and spent the whole night entertaining him with it, making sure to end with the start of another tale. Once he’s ask “What happened?” she’d tell him, “Wait for tomorrow,” and restart the same process.

She kept him on the episodic hook for a thousand and one nights, spinning so many tales and retelling many until she finally ran out. But, by the time she did, they had developed a good relationship, had children, and he no longer cared about his kill-come-sunrise rule, and they lived happily ever after.

So, why is Aladdin a trainwreck? For starters, it’s set in CHINA. And China is for some reason ruled by a sultan. Sultans are the titles of Ottoman kings, as in Turks. Aladdin is recruited by a sorcerer/Jafar from the Maghreb, which is typically used to refer to Morocco (literally called El Maghreb in Arabic) or all of NA sans Egypt. The Princess is called Badroulbadour not Jasmine, and while she has an Old Arabic name ‘badr al badour / full moon of full moons’, she is described as being from the FAR EAST. She was never an Arab, neither was Aladdin!

Can you tell this was made up by a confused foreigner?

So, we have a Turkish king in China, Aladdin is Chinese, Jafar is Moroccan and Jasmine is Japanese. It’s the same in the Disney movie. The style of the characters and background in Disney’s Aladdin is unmistakably an Persian-Indian fusion with some Ottoman sprinkled in. The concept of a genie/djinni is literally the only Arab part of the tale.

1. Jasmine’s headpiece/tiara, appearance, and pet tiger point to Indian. But she wears harem pants/şalvar, which are Turkish (Indian version shalwar).

Actually, she’s a toned-down version of a belly-dancer. Belly dancing is practiced from Egypt to Lebanon to Persia and India, it was spread by the Ottomans.

2. The Sultan is styled like a merge between a Sikh maharajah (Indian) and a sultan (Turkish).

3. The magic carpet is also an Indian concept (Prince Husain, son of the Sultan of the Indies in OTaON retrieves a magic carpet from India.)

4. The sultan’s palace is based on the Taj Mahal

5. The Genie/djinni is the lone Arabic concept.

Here’s what lots of Westerners don’t get. All of these cultures have bled on one another. From the Maghreb to Egypt, to the Levant, to Turkey, to the Arabian Peninsula, to Iraq, to Persia and India we all share so many traits because of trade, history or, you guessed it, invasion. Cultural exchange is pretty common, I grew up with a lot of Persian stories, Indian products and Bollywood movies in theatres, leftover Turkish culture and food from Ottomans, Arab culture from prior invasions, interaction and language, and so, so many Lebanese pop stars.

It’s actually pretty smart to amass a cast from different parts of the Near, Middle and South East, so to include everyone who likely grew up with Shahrazad and her many, many tales.

If there’s anyone you should have a problem with, it’s Will Smith as the genie. It’s pretty transparent how you all ignored how this is the second time a black man plays the genie (first on Once Upon A Time) but sling hate at Naomi Scott for being Indian.

Oh, and Disney fucked up by blaring Arabian Nights at the start and end of the movie, because One Thousand and One Nights is NOT called Arabian Nights. It’s called Alf Leyla w Leyla - literally ‘A Thousand Nights and One’.

It’s a collection of Persian, Indian, Egyptian, Arabic, Mesopotamian and Jewish folklore that was compiled in Arabic.

Aladdin is being played by the Egyptian Mena Massoud, Jasmine is by the Indian Naomi Scott and the rest of the cultures involved should be cast.

Oh, and to all people saying Naomi is ‘too light’ and ‘half-whitewashing’. Take your racial purity and stick it up your nose. Middle Eastern, Indian and North African girls come in all shades, even if both sets of grandparents are native to the region.

PS. Avan Jogia is seriously out there saying him playing Aladdin would have ‘been wrong’ because ‘he should be Middle Eastern’ but he had no problem playing King Tut, who is EGYPTIAN? As in Middle Eastern??

Quit your virtue-signaling, Rami Malek is still the only Egyptian to ever play one in Western media.


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Ok, so here’s a thought. What if in Season 8

1. Brienne arrives in Winterfell with Jaime and the Starklings are all: “we don’t want to have an audience with Jaime. Why? What do you mean why? He pushed Bran out of the window that’s why. We want him in the dungeon!” And Brienne goes, “but we’ve all done something that was vile and wrong and we were given second chances!” And the Staklings are still, “Nope, no!” So Jaime gives Brienne a “fuck loyalty, huh?” look before Brienne very gently nudges him inside his cell. She warns him, “I’ll be back, try not to escape.” 

2. Meanwhile Sam and Bran tell Sansa and Arya Jon’s true parentage and Arya is like, ‘No! That’s not true! Jon’s my brother!’ But Sansa tells Sam to send a raven to the Citadel, “I want a written letter confirming the authenticity of this book!” And Sam goes, “You want me to write to the Citadel about the book I stole?” and the Starklings, go, “Uhm, yes? That’s exactly what we want you to do, is there a problem?” and Sam leaves them, on the verge of tears. So Arya asks, “what are we going to do?” And Sansa very regally juts out her chin and says, “what father had been doing all his life, we will protect Jon.” And Arya goes, “Fuck yeah!” And then Sansa very queenly tells her, “There must always be a Stark in Winterfell.” Arya is not sure what this means but Bran merely nods in agreement and Arya is all, “what the fuck is going on here?” 

3. Jaime is granted an audience with the Starklings and he tells them about the Golden Company and then pledges his life to Sansa, and Sansa tells him to arise and all that shit and then she goes, “We will ride for Riverrun. You will pretend to be my prisoner.” And Jaime is all, “are you fucking kidding me?” Sansa raises her eyebrows at him, “does this bring you dishonor? To pretend to be captured by the family whose family you have slaughtered?” And that shuts up Jaime. Sansa declares, “Robb was King in the North and The Trident. I am Catelyn Stark’s eldest daughter, The Trident is mine.” Bran nods and Arya is all, “The Starks are coming for ya!” Sansa tells Arya, “when Jon arrives, don’t make trouble, we need him safe. He must not know yet. No one must know yet. Just make him suffer for bending the knee. But not the ‘I’ll cut your face and wear it’ shit, ok? He’ll cry.”

4. Jon arrives in Winterfell but Sansa is not there. He’s half relieved, half-crazy with worry, esp since Littlefinger is not creepily hanging out at the back. “Where is Sansa?” he asks, all broody and dark eyed and Arya very sadly says, “she’s gone.” And Jon goes all pale and wild eyed with grief and he looks like he’s about to stab himself with Longclaw when Bran says, “hey chill out, she’s out gathering armies for you because Cersei isn’t going to help you and will in fact attack the North with a bunch of Unsullied except only they have cocks, so they’re easier to bribe.” Jon and Dany both go: whaaaaat? While Tyrion is all: oh, shit! Dany announces, “I will go back south and take what is rightfully mine!” But Jon and Tyrion stops her, “you can’t! You promised the North! What kind of Queen are you if you will not hold your word?” Dany and Jon goes off to sulk. Separately.

5. Sansa rallies The Trident, presenting them with the Kingslayer and she tells them that all the women and children can leave for the impregnable Vale, where they will be safest. It would be the last to fall if the wars reach them. She will distribute the provisions the Blackfish had secured in Riverrun but she will need their help. Rumors about the wight in Kings Landing had reached them and because Sansa is honest and bad ass and is the daughter of Cat, the sister of Robb and the one who captured the Kingslayer for justice, they rally behind her. Also it’s winter, if anyone can get them through winter, its the Starks. Winter is coming, they always say and you can bet your ass they know exactly what to do in winter.

6. Cersei, upon hearing that Sansa has Jaime tells the The Golden Company to forget about Dragonstone, she ain’t getting shit from Dragonstone anyway. She wants Sansa and Jaime captured alive so she can punish them herself. She sends the Mountain with them whose sole task is to beat the shit out of Jaime and take the Stark Girl. The Golden Company camp a few miles away from Riverrun, ready to attack. But during the night, they are attacked by a bunch of giant feral wolves. Those that escapes blindly ran into Riverrun and are soundly defeated by Sansa’s army. The Mountain almost takes Sansa, but Jaime very neatly cuts off his legs and well, gravity.  

7. Bran doesn’t need ravens and shit so he announces to the Northern Lords, to Team Bend The Knees, that Sansa has defended The Trident and is – gasp – heading towards King’s Landing. Dany doesn’t take it well and while planning her next move, she made the mistake of calling Sansa’s actions treasonous, punishable with death and Jon is not having any of that. He slams his fist on the table, making Dany jump, “YOU. DO. NOT. THREATEN. MY. SISTER. EVER.” Dany, shaken, lifts up her head and coolly says, “Oh, so now it’s my sister, you think I haven’t noticed how you act every time someone says her name?” and Jon is all, “what the fuck you talking about?” And that is the beginning of TargBowl.

8. The Lords of the Trident forgives Jaime because he saved their queen and he fought valiantly. Sansa tells him that he is longer a “prisoner” but is now her sworn sword. Jaime winks at Brienne and Brienne is as always, none too amused. Jaime tells Sansa she should go back to Winterfell, but Sansa shakes her head, “no, I don’t want to”, all pouty and sad eyed and Jaime figures it out, because he’s so been there and done that. He’s not at all sympathetic, “you foolish girl! You’re in love with your brother. Well, half-brother but… oh, seven hells…look at me and Cersei” and Sansa is indignant, “I am not Cersei and Jon is not you.” She almost tells Jaime that Jon is actually her cousin, thank you very much, but she has more sense than that, thank God for character development.

9. Sansa asks for Theon’s help and Theon pledges all the remaining Greyjoy ships to her cause. Sansa arrives in King’s Landing and tells the people that they need not fear Cersei anymore. Those who do not wish to be part of the coming war are free to go and they can seek shelter at The Trident, The Vale or even The North. Those brave enough can join her in taking King’s Landing from Cersei. Cersei sees the futility of killing the people of KL and burning it down to the ground. She’s done that already. And she hates being redundant. Also, all things considered, this is much better than dealing with dragons and so she readies her remaining armies. The people of KL is already sick of Cersei’s shit, so they wisely flock to Sansa.

10. Jon and Dany battles the Night King and the army of the dead and are triumphant but Drogon fought Viserion to death and now she only has Rhaegal. Sansa and Jaime battles Cersei. 

Meanwhile in KL, Jaime kills Cersei, but not before he gets fatally wounded by Euron (sorry, Brienne + Jamie fans) Euron tries to flee, but is killed by The Greyjoylings. Cersei, Euron and Jaime dies. Sansa does not want the Iron Throne, but she makes the reveal of all reveals: she is taking the Iron Throne, in behalf of Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen – no, the other Aegon Targaryen, Rhaegar’s son from Lyanna Stark, the true heir of the Iron Throne and who is fighting in The North so that they will not have to face the horrors of the Night King’s Army. The people cheer for their king because they are sexist shits, but it’s not their fault, that’s how it was during those times. Sansa leaves Edmure and Lord Royce to take care of anything that needs taking care of while she’s gone. Sansa is so done with the South and she immediately rides North.

11. Dany is PISSED. She is FUMING MAD. She did not help the North defeat the White Walkers to be usurped by her NEPHEW. She thinks Jon deliberately did not tell her about his parentage and she was tricked by the WHOLE FUCKING NORTH, the STARKS most especially. Jon on the other hand is terrifically wounded but he’ll survive. He is CONFUSED and MOPEY and he’s all “NO. WAIT. WHAT? YOU’RE MY AUNT? SANSA IS MY COUSIN?!’ And is in no shape or form ready for another war. Dany wants to take Rhaegal and finally take the Iron throne but she is killed by… Tyrion or Varys. Or both of them. I don’t know. No one knows. No one saw it happened. So Jon is all, “but I don’t want the Iron Throne! It does not belong to the Targaryens. When is Sansa coming back home? Will she back soon? I miss her.” And Tyrion is, “well who the fuck does it belong to?” And Bran goes, “to the Baratheons.” And everyone groans out loud because they’ve had enough of these reveals and they make Bran promise that Gendry Baratheon will be the absolute LAST reveal. Sansa returns to Winterfell, triumphant and she’s so happy and she hugs Arya and goes, “the Storm Land is yours.” But Arya is all, “I don’t want to be a LADY!” and Sansa smiling sweetly almost evilly tells her, “yes, of course, you’re no Lady. You’re Queen.” 

The Greyjoys are finally given their right and freedom to rule over their Island provided that they stop being assholes to everyone else. Yara and Theon are only happy to make peace with the rest of the Kingdom. The Vale and The Trident refuses to be parted from their Queen and so The Vale and The Trident are under the protection of the North. The rest of the houses also want the guidance of a King and Queen because they’re all lazy fucks and do not want the headache of ruling separate kingdoms. And so the South is ruled by Queen Arya Stark and the North is ruled by Queen Sansa Stark – because, fuck yeah for Stark women!

12. It takes a year and a half for Jon and Sansa to sort out everything, but they finally do it, to the relief of Tormund, because Brienne had told him she will not be stolen by Tormund unless Jon and Sansa becomes King and Queen in the North and Tormund had begged and begged Jon to just man up and steal Sansa, which Jon finally does. And Tormund could never be happier. He is already planning on how to steal Brienne.


Ok. WAIT. 

I think I want to actually write this as a fanfic, be right back.

Their mate in heat but not telling them

Request: How Bts would react when their mate is in heat but doesn’t tell them

They would all know it, even if you didn’t tell them. Their own bodies reacted every time this happened, it was simply nature. They honestly could smell you from miles away and all they wanted to do was wreck you… gently, no, rough, no, gent… argh they couldn’t even think straight. None of them would get sad or mad, it’s your body. They don’t want to force things, even if you are their mate. You own each other’s heart and soul, but you don’t own each others body.

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He would literally be on his fifteenth time cleaning the whole house… in just one day, protesting adamantly that the house could never be clean enough. He cleaned and cleaned and cleaned until the house almost glinted, still his thoughts ran rampant with sin as he imagined just how he’d love to mess up the couch, refrigerator, dining table, bed, everything. He stood there drooling at the door to his bedroom, only coming back to earth as he fell to the ground, the vacuum cleaner rolling out from under him. Jin would not address it with you, but you’d more than likely figure it out after his thirteenth “bathroom break” in under an hour.

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Even when you weren’t near him he could feel it. He could feel the pressure, the pulse of his heart pounding, he was sweating as his shaky fingers danced across the keys and mouse of his computer. He pressed his head phones harder to his ears as he tried to drown out the filthy, filthy thoughts that filled his mind and swallowed the lyrics down, twisting them and turning them until they all pointed to you doing a number of different things (jumping up and down in a schoolgirl outfit being the tamest of them). He would angrily send you a text message as he beat himself up over his weakness.

“You smell way too fucking good unless you want to get ruined I’d stay away and lock the doors and shower… like constantly. My room reeks of your scent and I’m literally getting lightheaded because all of my blood rushing south.”

“Also, if you get the time send pics ;)”


“(Do)n’t do that”

“Fuck Y/n”

“I’m dying”

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The boy would try his best. He had done everything he could think of. He washed everything you had ever even glanced at in his room, locked himself in, told you he wasn’t feeling well and that you should stay away for a few days, but it just wasn’t working. He was so on edge he could hear a penny feather drop from miles away. Every creak, every sniffle of his neighbor was grating on his nerves and all he wanted to do was run to you and block out the noises with your moans. But seeing as he didn’t want to overstep any boundaries, he converted his pent up energy and emotions into dance. It’d be the most erotic dance he’d ever done (soooooo many hip thrusts and body touches/rolls). All the while thinking about you.

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Rap Monster

Namjoon would bury himself in his work until he really couldn’t stand being alone with his own thoughts anymore. Only when he was on the verge of ripping himself apart at the seems would he finally come to you to talk about the fact he could smell you and it was driving him crazy.

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He’d still be around you, but he’d start touching you more than normal. He’d brush your skin with his hand, sniff your hair when you cuddled, and if you tried to get up he’d instinctively pull you into him a little tighter before laughing it off and letting you up reluctantly.

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TaeTae would have come straight out about it, making you blush in the process. Taehyung wouldn’t even beat around the bush with this. He’d come up behind you and roll his hips into your butt as his kissed your next and growled out

“Mmm, god you smell so good. Good enough to eat out~” *eyebrow wiggle*

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He would either bury himself in something like work or exercise, or he’d be like Tae and come to you about it pretty frankly. I can’t really decide between the two, but I can definitely see him hearing you in the shower and ending up behind you before he could comprehend what he had done. OR I can’t see him staying away from you viciously working out until you brought it up.

Hey guys, this will be my very last post on here. The owner of these blogs is changing things around, I hope you guys enjoyed the posts us admins worked on, and know that we loved reading and working on them. I’m going to leave my personal account (It might get removed, I don’t really know.) And if you guys want to keep in touch that’d be awesome. I loved being a part of this while it lasted, and I’m really glad I got to make some of you guys happy. Thank you for being you, and for having amazing, fun requests! Bye guys <3


~ Admin Ellie ~

Homecoming: Part 1

Rating: E

Summary: Cassian really misses his feisty mate.

(Post-bonding. Post-ACOWAR.)

A/N: Because y’all know this precious overgrown bat baby would straight up sulk (like whine-at-the-door-and-paw-at-it sulk) if Nesta was gone for too long.

Go to: Part 2 , Part 3 

Read it on AO3

He missed her.

That was all. He missed her.

“So write her a godsdamn letter,” said Azriel, dancing along the edge of the sparring ring. He’d been on the receiving end of Cassian’s fists all morning and had yet to be reprieved. “It’s only been a week, Cas. We’re all getting tired of your moping.”

“Who says I’m moping?”  

“Everyone,” his brothers said in unison.

Cassian turned to scowl at Rhys, who had been sharpening his sword on a nearby bench. “Yes, everyone,” he added smugly. “Feyre, Amren, Elain…”


Azriel smirked. “The actual word she used was ‘cranky.’”  

“I am not cranky.”  

“An understatement if there ever was one,” Rhys drawled. “I think what sweet Elain actually meant was: insufferable ass.”

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My Star pt. 2 (final)

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 (final)

Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 5,300

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Taehyung reached across the table and pouted, “C’mon…don’t be like this… It’s my last day in Korea and you’re gonna be all sour?” 

He watched her movements as he gently took her hand in his. She kept her gaze down, her expression was still filled with nothing but irritation. 

Taehyung knew that bringing her to the mall probably wasn’t the best idea. No, he wasn’t worried about being swarmed with people, he was worried she’d see things she liked then go off on an explosive tantrum when he’d break the news that he wouldn’t buy every single thing for her. 

Well…looks like his worries came true once again. 

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BTS Park Jimin Hybrid

You were just getting out of college with a heavy burden on your mind. The exams we’re closing in really fast and the fact that the university was very different in South Korea than America was a scary change for you. Trying to get a passing grade in a competitive classroom of A students was tiring, and nerve wrecking. You were literally pulling out your hair just thinking about it.

You increased in speed as you walked your way towards the metro station which was a block away from the university you went to. You stopped once you hear a weak meow, your heart thumped against your ribcage as your eyes danced along the darkness of Busan'salmost empty streets. You could spot a few drunkards stumbling their way down the sidewalks minding their business, While sober people we’re also making their way to where they need to be.


You looked around and couldn’t see where the kitten could have been hiding. You got on one knee and began to wiggle your fingers around you while making kissy sounds.

“Come here kitty, come here~” before you knew it, a small kitten walked over to you slowly. it was shaking since it was raining earlier and the clouds were still hanging overhead. It was covered in mud, one of his paws seemed as you noticed it was limping slightly.

“Hi there cutie,” You let the kitten sniff your fingers, and it licked them a few seconds after. “are you hungry?” You reached into your purse to pull out your half eaten tuna sandwich. Removing the top bread, you squatted back down and lowered your hand. The kitten without hesitation began to eat the tuna fish. Once done, the back baked up and stretched its limbs while yawning.

You grabbed the trash, wrapped it in the napkin it came in and held it in your hand, you planned on throwing it away in a trash can at the metro station. You looked down at the kitten noticing it hadn’t moved from its spot, As it observes its surroundings. You stood up, making the cat look up at you and meowing.

“I have to go now a kitten.” the cat meows again and slithers it’s body between your legs as it rubs against you. “Kitty, do you have a home?”

It meows once again as it looks up at you.

You gave in. You bent down, picking it up gently, making the cat mewl. You cradle it in your jacket as it began to purr slightly in the warmed of the coat. “Do you want to live with me?” A small meow was heard, and you smiled happily.

The Train ride was way to soothing, as you ended up falling asleep and missing your stop, so you had to ride it in reverse for at least one stop which you were thankful for. As soon as the door’s open, you began to speed walk a good 2 blocks until you got to the entrance of the apartments. You had hidden the kitten deeper within your coat.

The security guard here knew who you were and would probably question why you had a new cat all of a sudden, not to mention he is also very freaking nosey as hell and can’t keep a secret. He spills the beans like always, like how you had once had a crush on the landlords son, Kim Namjoon.

You groaned at the memory as you stood to wait for the elevator. The kitten tries to peak it’s head out of your coat while meowing, you jumped slightly as you looked over at the sleeping guard.

“Shh, kitty!” You opened the coat slightly, maybe it needed oxygen.



“Oh- Good evening, Y/N.” You whipped around quickly to see the guard looking over at you groggily, you smiled anxiously.

“HIDDY HO! HIDDY BYE BYE!” You slid into the elevator, mashing the buttons about 9999x times. The guard looked at the elevator with a confused look on his face.

“Is that child on meth? what is with her?” He chuckles shaking his head, as he leans back in his chair to nap some more.

The door’s had finally shut.

You led against the elevator walls and sigh in relief. You opened up the jacket further and held the kitten in your hand. You face it towards you as it looks at you while sniffing. You smiled at it.


You played with it until the door’s finally opened. You’re feet led you to your apartment’s door, grabbing your key card you slid it and it unlocks itself. You opened the door and immediately turned on the heater and flooring heating.

Having wooden flooring, in winter is not fun. The whole apartment felt like a deep freezer. You set the kitten down on the floor to see it shaking its paws, meowing.

“is it cold?” You lifted it up, “Fine let’s get you washed up first.”

You washed up the kitten and set the kitten on the couch. “stay here.” You ran to your room to grab a pillow, you came back in to see it still sitting on the couch. “Good kitty~” You scratched it behind it’s ear as it purrs slightly.

You laid the pillow on the couch. “Here is your bed sweetie, oh wait.” You ran back into your room to get a sheet to cover up the kitten.

As soon as you came back out, you stopped in your place as your heart leaps out of your chest. You stood there, having a staring contest with a complete stranger in your apartment.

With Cat ears, and a fucking tail.

That swished happily when he see’s you. His face, however, stayed calm looking.

“Uh.” You said as you felt your head going light. “Who-Who are you?”

“I’m The kitten.”

“No, you’re not.”

He tilts his head. “I’m pretty sure, I am.”

“What? I fucking don’t get what is happening!!” You threw the sheets at the strange man. His eyes happy state went into one of disappointment.

“oh..have you ever seen a hybrid before?”


“….we do.” He says as if he states this every day of his life. She backs up only to clumsily fall backward as your head slams against the wall, knocking you out cold.


You woke up in your room, with something cold underneath your head. You sat up, only to feel the back of your head throbbing painfully. You hissed as you touch the back of your head while whimpering as you can feel a headache settling in. You walked out of the room, to make sure the kitten was sleep and well, but as soon as you go down the hallway, you see the man…AGAIN.

The Handsome, Hybrid you thought was just a weird ass fetish dream.


“AH!!!!” You screamed. The sleeping form on the couch fell off, landing on his stomach with a pained yowl. “AHH!!” You turned around to run, but ran into the wall again, slowly falling back but before you fell; you felt a body behind you hold you up. You looked up as the kitten had a pained expression on his face as he lets out a heavy breath against your face.

He lets you down slowly with shaking arms and wobbly legs, he sits down next to you as he held his stomach. You looked at him. He was looking down at the wooden flooring with his eye shut tight.

“Please don’t hurt me..” He whispered. “I’m nice, I swear. I miss being around a human owner..” Your eyes were bulging out of their sockets. “Please…if you want me to leave just say so. I will do it.”

“Wait a darn second.” He looks up at you as he clutches his stomach. You then noticed he was butt naked. “Y-Y-Y-Y-” You pointed to his body. He looks down, and gasps loudly, as he runs to the pillow and covers his private part. You felt your face getting hot the longer you stared at him.

“STOP STARING!” He cried out. You covered your eyes screaming, you stood up, running towards your room only to hit the wall again.

You can guess what happened next. *Facepalm*


You woke up, to the feeling in laying on someone’s lap. You moved your head so you can stare up at who it was. He stares down at you with the tilt of his head, his eyes studying your face.

“You know…by now you might as well be in a coma, by how many times you’ve smacked your head against the wall.” He chuckles as he massages your head slightly. “I won’t harm you human.” His voice was a beautiful melody to your ears. You’ve always found men with higher voice than the most overrated, sounds just like berry white deep voices.

You sat up, now noticing he was fitting one of your over sized shirts. He had a nervous smile.

“If you don’t mind. me borrowing this until tomorrow morning? I will give it back to you once I leave..”

“Wait, leave?” He nods while looking at you confused. “why?”

“Well…isn’t it obvious…your reaction to me is quite negative.” He looks away, at the decorations in the house. “why stay to make you uncomfortable.”

“stay, I brought you here for a reason. To live with me.”


“Hybrid.” You countered, looking at him with a smile. He sighs while chuckling, you pinched his cheek making him smile and laugh.

“Fine..I’ll stay…as long as you don’t freak out again.”

“I’ll get used to this, I’m fine with a new roommate/pet.”

“Me too, I’ll learn to trust again.”


Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Kai (Jongin)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,726

Summary: You cannot appeal to my better nature, for I have none. I am not human, little one.”

You’ve always known you were different. You’re able to see them, after all, able to see the Others. You’ve also always ignored them. Until the day comes where you’re forced to make a choice - one that throws your world into chaos. And sends you down a path you might never return from.

Originally posted by intokai

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He followed me home

Title:  He Followed Me Home

Pairing:  Chris Evans/Reader

Rating:  T for tooth rotting fluff!

Setup: in a rash moment of weakness I bet @theycallmebecca that my beloved Cleveland Indians could best her Boston Red Sox in the latest series.   Whoever won got a drabble.   It was close and an awesome game but unfortunately an L for Cleveland.   So here is her choice:  Chris and Reader adopt a puppy and have to decide on its name:  from the Patriots. Bosox or Disney.   Aannd because I can never write short it’s more of a fic.    Enjoy! 


The whole world gets involved when you and your new boyfriend, Chris Evans, adopt a friend for Dodger but then can’t settle on a name.  

Thanks so much to  @mypatronusismrpricklepants   and  @arizonapoppy for their awesome help. 

 Chapter 1:  Surprise, March 2018

“He followed me home…”

As defenses for impromptu madness go, it’s a little bit predictable.   You’re standing, sheepish and flustered, with an armload of wriggling, wagging tricolor fluff while your boyfriend Chris leans against the front hall closet door.  

His arms are folded across his chest.  His deep ocean eyes are bleary and amused at once.  It is technically his Laurel Canyon home, although your socks and books and curling iron moved in two months ago.  Long enough to feel a bit like they belong, but not long enough to be certain if you’ve erred.  

“Oh really.”  The sound of Boston twangs as one skeptical eyebrow raises.  

It was just the first thing that popped into your head.  Chris pauses to take in the mammoth paws, the blunt short snout and drawls, “So SuperPuppy jogs a cool tens k’s?”    

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Okay so I had this total mind tripping moment today!

So the whole Xena: Warrior Princess show is based on “The Xena Scrolls” right? Which are basically all the scrolls that had been discovered the Gabrielle the Battling Bard had written outlining all of their adventures together…

What if, when Xena told Gabrielle in the beginning of A Friend in Need that she wanted to get away and settle down, Gabrielle decided she would make it happen?

When they were “dead” for that 20 year time jump, the girls became legends, they were just ghosts to the people.

Gabrielle would have put together that all she had to do was write a final adventure and have the heroine die. Gabrielle would have to “survive” to at least get the scroll out. But in the scroll her disappearance would also be explained because she was heading to Egypt. They could later have word sent that she got sick on board and died. Then her and Xena were free to live however they wanted!

It goes a little something like this:

“ ‘A life of journeying has brought you to the farthest lands– to the very edges of the Earth.’
‘And to the place where I’ll always remain– your heart. So, where to, now?’
‘I think we should go south– to the land of the Pharaohs. I hear they need a girl with a chakram.’
‘Where you go– I’m at your side.’
‘I knew you’d say that.’

“Xena, the Warrior Princess chuckled as they looked out into the sunset. She kissed the young bard’s forehead, expressing there, all the love she could to the one who saved her soul. The ship rolled over the waves, a single tear glided down Gabrielle’s face as Xena’s spirit faded into the mist. Gone, but never forgotten by the heart that loved her more than life itself.”

Xena finished reading Gabrielle’s latest scroll from over the blonde’s muscular shoulder.

“Gabrielle, could this be a little more depressing?”

The fire they were cuddled near was burning low, casting an eerie light around their campsite.
“Well Xena, it is your death, so how cheery did you really want it to be?” Gabrielle rolled her eyes at her companion, “I mean, it’s supposed to be believable.”

Argo the second knickered from across the camp, “See! Even Argo thinks it’s too much of a downer.”

“Listen, you’re the one who said you wanted to settle down right? Well how can we ever do that if all the people around here either want you dead or want you to help them with something? Trust me, the darker and more shocking the details are, the less people will question it,” the bard declared confidently.

“All I’m saying is that it seems a little harsh. You know how your following is Gabrielle, they read your scrolls obsessively, and they are all way too emotionally involved, if you ask me. Me dying and then you sadly sailing around with an urn, the chakram and an imagined ghost of me is going to break their little hearts. Not to mention that it’s a little creepy.”

“Are you saying that if you died, you would leave me to roam the world alone?” Gabrielle asked pointedly.

“Well, no.”

“Exactly!” the bard exclaimed as Xena rolled over and sighed. “Besides, this is the ending you want, trust me. The only other alternative I had in mind is way worse.”

“How could it possibly be worse?” Xena questioned as Argo snickered in the background and shook her head at her two humans.

Gabrielle laid down next to her partner, gazing into those blue eyes that were almost rendered violet by the light of the fire. “If you ever really did die,” the blonde paused as she brushed her fingers across the warrior’s cheek, “I would never survive it. Don’t you know that by now?.”

Xena’s breath caught as she was reminded again of the love that burned between them. “I know that.”

“So unless you want your story to end with us both plunging into the afterlife together, I think this is our best bet,” Gabrielle stated logically as she brushed her lips across Xena’s cheek.

“And if it comes down to it, and we need to come back, then we will. But Xena, you have fought so hard for your redemption, and we both deserve a break to be happy,” the bard’s heart sped up as it felt the warrior’s hand placed right over it.

“Where you go, I go,” they said in unison, as they started to drift off underneath the stars.

“You still can’t throw the chakram.”

“Xena! You promised!” Gabrielle whined into the darkness.

“No, you’re not ready. I refuse.” Xena said, amused at her companion’s pout.


“Okay, okay… how can I resist that face?”

Gabrielle smiled ear to ear and did a little happy dance under their shared furs.

“Hey, stop that! You’re letting all the warm air out!”

“Oh yeah? I’m pretty sure we can think of a way to keep us warm…” Gabrielle slid her hands into her love’s dark hair as their lips met.

Their love lit up the night, always together, two halves of one soul.

So this is my first try at this whole fanfic thing, so take it easy on me

anonymous asked:

Hiyaa!! Can I pls request for a bts reaction to accidentally hurting their gf's feelings? (Angst with a fluffy ending pls) thank you 💛💛💛

BTS To Accidentally Hurting Theirs Girlfriends Feelings

To the anon who had requested this, towards the end I realized you had put accidentally, I think how I wrote it I made it still be an accident but I’m not sure I hope you still like it though and maybe you can comment on this or contact me to let me know how I did, because I was really worried rather this is up to your expectations or not.

A/N: Warning is probably the longest reaction post I have ever done joesonghamnida(I’m sorry) (シ_ _)シ  
(also sorry for errors I didn’t proof read this beast yet)
P.S. Don’t take it personal if one member has a longer text then someone else since I try to think about their personalities and how they would really act someone of them get shorter answers because I believe that’s how it’d be.


What Happened:

The two of you were hanging out in the dorms playing mario kart “haha I win again” Jin cheered doing a victory dance in your face. “Yah! No need to rub it in” you pouted crossing your arms in front of your chest like a little kid. “Hehe I’m just joking jagiya” he laughed standing up “ah it’s been so long since we were able to spend time like this, what else do you want to do?” he asked heading into the kitchen.

“I’m ok with whatever you want to do, say got anything to eat?” you asked hearing your stomach grumbled in the need for something to eat. “I’ll make something you can lay down if you want I’ll call you when it’s ready” taking his word you went into his room and sat on his bed, Looking around you giggled spotting his mario collection “aww that’s soo cute” you squealed getting closer to the shelf.

“Hey what’s that up there?” you stood up on your tippy toes reaching for the shiny object “almost..” you mumble pressing yourself more onto the shelf in hopes to grab it. Little did you know that the shelf and the figures on it were wobbling, about to come down. “I’m done-What are you doing?!” you heard jin yell which had startled you after you had quickly grabbed the shiny toy you fell, your loss of gravity from force of pulling the object off had caused the whole collection to come down.

Jin rushed over to his fallen shelf in shock “What did you do?” you frowned “I’m sorry I didn’t mean-” before you could finish he had cut you off. “GET OUT! YOU’RE SO CLUMSY (Y/N)! I SHOULDN’T HAVE INVITED YOU HERE!” his voice boomed throughout the room. “But Jin I said-”  “just leave!”

How You Made Up:
A whole week had passed since you and Jin had last spoke and the mario collection crumbled had happened. You didn’t bother going back to the dorms anymore to apologize, simply because whenever you did he would shoo you away or another member would say he wasn’t home or he was busy. You walked with both hands in your pockets as you kicked a stone down the sidewalk, passing many shops as you were about to head home, but paused when one shop had caught your attention that shop being the nintendo store.

Smiling you reached for you wallet before heading into said shop “maybe I can buy him everything that broke, this way he’ll have to forgive me” you chirped eyeing around the store. Your happy spirits were soon going south for your search with certain items weren’t available “what am I going to do now” you sighed with your head down. Not paying attention to where you were going you had bumped into someone “oh I’m sorry I should have-”  “(Y/n)?!” the stranger had cut you off. “Jin!” you said with equal amount of surprise “what are you doing here?” you both said in unison. “You first” you told him.

He nodded “I felt really bad with what happened last week, I was hoping to come buy you a princess peach..because you’re my princess peach in my castle..” he mumbled cheeks turning red “but they didn’t have any so..”  you smiled some “I wanted to restore your collection, but they don’t have what you had…and I’m really sorry I didn’t mean for those to break” you looked down “sorry you’re stuck with a clumsy person like me” you sniffled.

He quickly pulled you into his embrace “Ani! Don’t apologize, you don’t have to apologize to me any more. I should be the one apologizing…I’m really sorry for yelling at you like that (y/n) you know I didn’t mean it right?” he asked with some hope “you really scared me” you spoke truthfully. “I won’t ever raise my voice like that to you ever again I promise. I didn’t mean to scare you” you finally returned his hug along with giving him a quick kiss on the lips “all is forgiving..prince Jin” you giggled.


What Happened:
Suga finally had a free day off and the two of you decided to spend it together since it was so rare for him to have a day off especially towards the beginning of their comeback. What you thought would be a peaceful day turned to be the opposite since suga decide to bring you to the studio it was a odd place for a date you thought at first,but it wasn’t a  date at all he was just working on a song the whole time which made you upset.

“Can’t you stop working for just a second and pay attention to me” you pouted in annoyance
“Can’t you stop complaining”
“I would if you’d just spend a little time with me”
This had caused him to snap at you “spend time with you?! I always spend time with you and all you do is complain I thought you’d understand,and maybe if you helped me I’ll be done faster, but all you’re doing is whining and it’s really annoying I can’t want someone to spend time with you how about you spend time with the maknae, because I’m sick of this!”

You were shocked at his response and frankly quite hurt, your eyes began to get cloudy due to your tears. “If that’s how you really feel then, I won’t bother you anymore since I’m such a nuisance I’ll just leave you to your work then!” when he saw tears start to roll down your face he’d instantly feel guilty “wait (y/n) I didn’t mean-” but it was too late, for you had already stormed off.

How You Made Up:
Since he felt bad about blowing up on you, he thought about how you must have felt, just because he was an idol didn’t give him the right to completely blow you off all the time that would mean being in a relationship was pointless. Closing his laptop and turning off his computer he went to the nearest flower shop and picked up some pink/white roses your favorite, along with some caramel chocolate. You were sitting in the dorms living room watching a music video, your knees pulled up to your face, your eyes were puffy from crying “pabo yoongi..” you mumbled seeing the couple in the MV share a kiss. You were so busy feeling sad that you didn’t hear footsteps proceed over to you, covering your eyes you heard someone whisper “guess who” you knew it was yoongi,but decide to not say right away “could it be my best friend in the whole wide world one that actually likes to spend time with me more than my boyfriend does…jungkook?” at that he quickly removed his hands from your eyes “ouch” he mumbled before walking in front of you “I know you must be mad at me, but I wanna make it up to you” he gave you the flowers and chocolates he had bought. “I’m sorry I should have thought more about your feelings, I’ll try to spend more time with you, please don’t be mad/sad anymore” you sighed hugging him “I forgive you, I guess I can learn to not be so clingy, after all it mustn’t be easy having to make your own songs” the two of you hugged it out in the end. (^.^)

Rap Monster:

What Happened:
You sat at your room staring at your laptop you had debated rather or not you should call him since he was away for tour and must be super busy, but even though your mind was telling you too just wait your heart was saying something else and without realizing it you had clicked the green little call button it was already ringing and you knew there was no turning back now.

“Damn it who is calling me now!” you heard a voice say over the mic
“H-hi namjoon..” you stuttered out now feeling guilty for calling him all of a sudden “(y/n)?” his eyes widen for a brief moment “why are you calling me?” he raised a brow and for a brief moment you thought you saw him glaring at you, but shook it off. “I just missed you is all” you blushed a small smile coming you your lips “because you missed me? (Y/n) we made a deal that when I’m on tour you only call me for emergencies not because you miss me” he sighed irritated “i-i’m sorry I just-” but you were cut off by him.

“When I’m on tour I have very important work to do, I have to practice for the concerts and as the leader make sure everyone is doing what their suppose to, I don’t have time to chat with you because you “miss me” do you understand” not giving you the chance to say anything else he had hung up. You stared at the now black screen and seeing your reflection you saw that tears were running down your face ‘huh, when did those get their?’ you sniffled, you were hurt because he had never been this harsh towards you and no matter if he was away or not he always made time for you. You laid in your bed covering yourself in your big fluffy blanket.

How You Made Up:
You had drifted off to sleep from crying so much, a few hours had passed until you had woken up thanks to your laptop ringing signalling that someone was trying to call you, groaning you opened your eyes and checked the time on your phone “mmh it’s 1 in the morning who could be calling?” you questioned yourself before getting out of bed. Opening your laptop you were surprise to see who was calling you “nam-namjoon” you mumbled staring at your screen dumbfounded. After what had happened earlier you thought for sure you wouldn’t be hearing from him anytime soon.

Looking over by his username you saw that he had tried to call you 3 times and had left 10 messages to you, deciding not to keep him waiting anylonger in fear he’ll snap at you once more you quickly clicked the accept button. “Namjoon..” you whispered out seeing his face appear on the screen. He held up his hand “don’t say anything..I mean…if you will just hear me out..” he spoke. You nodded your head “look I know what I said to you was wrong, and I apologize for blowing up on you like that, it’s just this comeback is really having me on edge, but that still shouldn’t be an excuse for my behavior towards you I should have never spoke to you like that” he looked down in shame.

You stared at him for a little bit “I should have known better than to contact you in the middle of your tour I’m such an idiot…” you felt like crying all over again for some reason, but what he said next had made you smile pushing that sad feeling away. “No you’re not an idiot I am, what kind of man snaps at his lady just because she misses him, this idiot right here that’s who and I’m really sorry for doing that…do you think you can forgive this idiot?” you giggled nodding your head “I forgive you, and even if you say you’re an idiot you’re my idiot” he smiled “I got to go now, but I’ll try to call you tomorrow, I love you, sleep well”


What Happened:

You were so happy to finally able to spend a day with your precious hope, since you knew he has been working hard lately and for his hard work PD-nim finally decided to grace the boys with a few days off to chill, spend time with their loved ones or just hang around the dorms and be lazy. You had reached the dorms in record time, not needing to knock because the boys had gave you a spare key to the place, you entered excited to finally have some alone time with your boyfriend.

“Hobi~ I’m here” you yelled gleefully, while taking off your shoes, heading deeper inside the place you noticed it was a little too quiet. “Hobi?” you questioned looking all around the place, he wasn’t in the kitchen, his room, living room it was like he had gone up and disappeared. You checked your phone on more time making sure he for sure wanted you to be here. ‘Yeah, as I thought  he told me to meet here at the dorms’ you frowned sitting down on the couch.

You don’t know how long you were waiting for him, but the alarm on your phone had ringed signaling it was time to head home and get to work. You woke up with a yawn escaping your mouth, letting out a sigh you stood up “(y/n)?” you heard a voice call to you, looking in the direction of the voice you frowned even more “what are you doing here?” it was hoseok, and by the looks of it he had been practice due to his sweaty attire. “Well I did come here to spend some alone time with you but..” you bent down slipping on your shoes about to speak up he had beat you too it “well wait don’t go let me take a quick shower and we can spend some time together” he smiled.

You sighed once more standing back up as you had finally put on your shoes, grabbing your purse from the door handle you shook your head “I can’t do that I have work now” this wasn’t the first time he had blown you off to practice when the two of you were suppose to hang out “well how about tomorrow then” you shook your head once more “No you’ll just keep practicing like you always do and I’ll be left here waiting” he frowned “you know I have to-”  “no you don’t!” you cut him off “How much longer do I have to see you push yourself?…until you collapse of exhaustion? No I don’t think so”
Hoseok: “You know it’s not easy for me either”
You: “And what does that mean, huh?” sass clear in your tone
Hoseok: “It’s not easy dating someone who isn’t an Idol, you wouldn’t understand”
Hurt you looked down “so don’t think I understand?” he nodded his head “how could you? This isn’t your world (y/n)” with that said you ran out the place with tears in your eyes.

How You Made Up:
It had been days since you and hoseok, talked after him completing making you feel like you weren’t important in his life. To help cheer yourself up you had walked to a nearby ice cream truck “one mint chocolate chip ice cream cone please” you had said in unison with someone that had arrived at the same time you had to the truck. “Two mint chocolate chips coming up” the guy in the truck spoke letting out a chuckle.

“I’m sorry you should have been first” you apologized bowing towards the stranger “(y/n)?!” you looked up in surprise to see him here. “Ho-hoseok..what are you doing here?” you asked standing up. “I didn’t feel right, with what I had said to you a few days ago and I wanted to make things right, and I Had this big thing I was going to do starting with getting you your favorite ice cream and then a picnic, but I didn’t think you’d be here and then we both ordered the same flavor and now I’ve gone and told you almost everything so I guess I should really shut up now, huh?” he chuckled scratching the back of his head.

You stared at him blankly before laughing while holding your side “ahahah” he stared at you in confusion “ahah oh no I’m sorry it’s just that” you giggled a little “I was mad, but after hearing all of that keke I can’t stay mad at you” you smiled wiping a tear from your eye from laughing so hard. Even though you had found it funny hoseok pulled you into a hug “I really am sorry you know, I didn’t mean to say that, I know you understand, heck you must understand more than anyone, I’m really thankful for you ya know (y/n)” he whispered in the crook of your neck.


What Happened:
You were going to see Jimin since he was finally done with his comeback, and you finally had a day off work the timing couldn’t be more perfect. “Jiminie surprise~!” you chirped walking into the boys dorm. The room was filled with people whose attention was now focused on you. You blushed feeling embarrassed for shouting when it seemed like every BTS member and staff was there everyone expect your boyfriend. “Um.. I’m sorry” you slowly spoke backing up some “I must be interrupting you guys..I-I should come back-” before you could say anymore a voice had cut in stopping you from continuing your sentence “(Y/n)?!”

It was Jimin, he had walked in “what-what are you doing here?” he seemed very shock to see you here in their dorm just out of the blue. “I got off from work and your off from the comeback…so I thought maybe I could surprise you…” you spoke awkwardly still feeling everyone’s eyes on you “..surprise!…” you mumbled out softly. Jimin had asked everyone to leave so he could talk to you in private “I have some good news, so you don’t have to leave” he smiled some “how would you feel about going public?” you frowned your brows looking at him in confusion “public..?” he simply nodded his head “our relationship, announcing it to everyone” you looked down shaking your head. “What’s wrong with how we are now?” you asked looking up at him through your lashes.

Jimin gave a pity chuckle for a second “I thought you would want this, you make it seems like you’re cheating on me” he spoke combing his bangs upwards. You didn’t say anything which made him frown “(y/n)? You’re not cheating on me right?” you looked at him somewhat panicked “ know I wouldn’t” you say softly, but he wasn’t having it “wow I can’t believe you, ya know so many people would die to be in your position and you go and cheat behind my back…I didn’t think you were like that but I guess I was wrong” not letting you get a word in he stormed off to his room.

How You Made Up:
A day after you and Jimin’s little talk, you finally decided to talk to him “why did you invite me here? Nonetheless with all this people around?” he asked adjusting his face mask while taking a seat across from you. “Jiminie, I only rejected going public with you, not because I’m cheating on you, but because I’m scared..” you told him honestly, tears now coming to your eyes “I didn’t think you would react that way..I’m sorry” you bowed your head towards him, which caused others in the cafe to give questioning looks at the two of you.  He chuckled nervously “you don’t have to bow towards me (y/n) raise your head” he whispered, looking around the cafe before back at you “and don’t apologize I shouldn’t have just assumed such things about you, you’re my girl gosh damn it, I've must have been crazy to ever say something like that to you, I’m sorry jagiya” he took hold of your hand and stared into your eyes lovingly.

You smiled a look of relief coming to your face “Well, I didn’t just invite you here to apologize to you..” you spoke standing up out of your chair. Jimin looked at you with curious eyes “what are you doing?” he asked “trust me” you whispered “excuse me everyone can I have your attention please” you raised you voice, now having everyone in the cafe look at you. “This man right here” she pointed at him “this man is the love of my life, I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world and I think it’s about time we went public…I’M DATING PARK JIMIN!” you blushed saying the end part the loudest. Jimin looked at you with shock “(y/n)..” he smiled standing up, he quickly pulled you into a hug “you didn’t have to do that for me” he whispered in the crook of you neck “I wanted to” you whispered to him “I love you so much” he told you planting many kisses on you, which made everyone in the cafe clap and applaud the two of you.


What Happened:
He was never the type to get mad easily at someone let alone blow up on anyone verbally, but here the two of you were in the back room of the fansign event that would be taking place in just a few minutes from now. “I don’t understand why you’re so upset about this (y/n) you’re my girlfriend not them, plus it’s A.R.M.Y you know they won’t try anything” he defend, that’s what irritated you, he seemed to always take the fans sides, when one fan had gotta extremely close and extra touchy, he went on about that’s a close longtime fan of bangtan and how she was going to be sad because she couldn’t see them for awhile, but you knew you could tell after all what fan kisses an idol who is taken?

“That’s the problem Tae, you’re too nice to them, when you do that they’ll just take advantage because they know you won’t do anything about it” you huffed crossing your arms over your chest. Taehyung frowned, a look of disappoint coming to his face also with anger. “You shouldn’t be jealous, what do you even mean take advantage? Are you saying I’m some kind of doormat? Because that’s not even true. Or is it you think I may just run off with one of them” he smirked. “Yah! Don’t say that!” you frowned now feeling more sad than mad. Taehyung continued to smirk and gave a look almost as if he was thinking about it. You huffed, your cheeks turning red and eyes filling with tears you turned away from him right as a staff member had entered signaling it was time to start.

How You Made Up:
‘Maybe I should tease her some more, that’ll teach her to think so low of me’ he chuckled grabbing an album to sign, he smiled deciding to turn on his charm on full blast. You stayed in the back with the staff,but still made sure you were mostly hidden, your eyes focusing on Taehyung. You glared at him seeing him talk so friendly to the fan, but that glare was soon wiped off your face and replaced with a look of hurt as you saw the fan had interlocked her hand with his, they smiled and continued to talk so buddy buddy with each other “Taehyung-oppa~!” she squealed after he had whispered something into her ear sending her a wink, he looked back at you to see your reaction, but it wasn’t the one he was hoping to see.

He frowned seeing you cry silent tears as you stared at him, the two of you made eye contact and for a second it felt like no one else was around. He quickly broke contact turning back around to look at the fan, how was glaring at you before showing a fake smile when Taehyung had looked her. Removing his hand from hers he excused himself, while walking over to you. “Come here..” he said softly taking your wrist in his hand and bringing you further back so no one could see the two of you.

“Did I really hurt you this much” he mumbled cupping your face while his thumb softly wiping away your tears, you just sniffled looking down “I’m sorry (y/n) I was only teasing I didn’t mean for this to happen” he whispered resting his forehead against yours “don’t cry anymore please, I won’t be as intimate with them anymore..please don’t cry anymore” you sniffled one last time “y-you mean it, I didn’t mean to come off so possessive/clingy I’m sor-” but before you could finish his lips met yours “don’t apologize, you’re my number one lady, I should be giving you all my attention” he spoke before diving back into your lips for another kiss.


What Happened:
The two of you were chilling at the dorms just enjoying each others company, he was playing overwatch while you were on your phone, occasionally looking up to watch him play, as you were looking down at your phone you saw that you had gotten a notification on soompi, you clicked it ‘I wonder who they’ll be talking about this time’ you giggled , it was your favorite past time to read celebrity drama, but you would never believe it since you knew they always spun the story to catch more readers such as yourself.

Your eyes had widen when you saw it was about jungkook, pulling the phone closer to your face, the headline read ‘BTS Jungkook In A Relationship With One Of His Fans!’ at first you thought nothing of it, thinking they were talking about you, since you technically were one of his fans, but as you scrolled down what you thought would be cute pictures of the two of you, was pictures of him with someone else, they seemed a little to close than what you would consider appropriate for a idol-fan relationship “jungkook-ah” you spoke out deciding to confront him on this. “Hm” he hummed. “Why am I reading on the blogs that you are in a relationship with a fan?” you asked your tone giving away you were not pleased.

“Babe, you’re my fan, and we’re in a relationship haha” he chuckled “then what’s this?” you acted dumb while showing him your phone. “Jagiya you shouldn’t believe everything you see” you had gotten mad because it didn’t seem like he was trying to deny the pictures “I know you love your fans and all, but doesn’t that seem a bit much..”sneaking out to see her”” you quoted from the article. “Oh my gosh! You gotta be kidding me? Are you seriously going to be that kind of girlfriend? What, next your going to tell me I should stop attending fansigns? You should really stop looking at those dumb blogs and stop feeling so insecure about yourself (y/n)’s not very attractive!” you were hurt, and also mad “well excuse me for being that kind of girl!” with that said you stormed off, before he could see you cry.

How You Made Up:
Once you had stormed out, he continued playing his game, but it only lasted for a few minutes for while he was playing, it had finally hit him what exactly he just did to you. He paused the game no longer feeling in the mode to play anymore knowing he had hurt your feelings. Knocking on the door to his room he called for you, when you didn’t answer he slowly opened it “I’m coming in (y/n)…” he scanned the room for your figure, but was confused when he didn’t see you “that’s odd..” he whispered out, where else could you have gone? He was about to leave when he heard some sobbing coming from his bed and that’s when he saw a small lump under the covers “(y/n)…” he called for you again while approaching the bed.

“Go away! I don’t wanna see you anymore!” she cried out holding herself tighter under the blankets, jungkook removed the blankets off your body and pulled you into his embrace his face buried in the crock of you neck. “I’m sorry (y/n) I didn’t mean to say any of that” he whispered in your ear. “So you really do think I’m unattractive then..” you mumbled out tears rolling off your cheeks and hitting his white shirt leaving little marks. “Of course not, you’re the most attractive girl in the world, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say any of those things I know your insecure about yourself but..” he pulled away from you for a second to cup your cheeks “you don’t have to be, I’m all yours, I’ll try to not be as close to the fans if that’s what you want” you shook your head “no you don’t have to do that” he smiled some “you’re my number one girl you got that and don’t let anyone or those stupid blogs tell you otherwise” he spoke giving you multiple kisses.

The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 7) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Third Patrol”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Fluff, cursing.

Author’s Note: Ignore the issues with the timeline and just go with it.

Summary: Stiles and Y/N go on your third patrol where you two discuss her being a witch and you both finally run into some vampires.

Chapter Six - Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight

Originally posted by bloggergirl29

“So how do you become a witch? Are you born one or does something happen to make you one?” Stiles asked as you both sat in his infamous battered up, blue Jeep, watching the front door of the building that one of the alleged vampires had walked into the hour before, while the last group was on patrol.

“I was born one, but sometimes you can be made one later in life. It’s all kind of a long story..” You explained.

“I mean, we’ve got three more hours of this until the sun comes up…” Stiles prodded.

You laughed quietly. “Right.. Well, the gift is inherited… I guess would be the best way to describe it. I got it from my Grandfather on my Dad’s side.. and there are rules about how you receive it.”

“What are those?” Stiles inquired.

“My grandpa Jack, he died during open heart surgery, on the operating table on May 12th, 1979, at 7:31PM. I was born May 12th, 1992, at 7:31PM…”

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BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.13

A/N: Helloooo. Writing this chapter was a breeze, plus I wrote the next chapter ages ago so the quicker you get this to 100, the sooner you can get it. Chapter 14 is wild, it’s a whole lot of drama that goes down(what a lot of you have been waiting for). Anyway, as always get to 100 notes and feedback is welcome. I hope you cuties enjoy💕

This is kinda long, but I know y'all don’t mind.

**WARNINGS**: Smut since its highly requested lol

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve,thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

“Mom is throwing you a baby shower.”


“Yeah, she’s really excited.” Calum would laugh, remembering how his mother had been excitedly rambling nonstop about hosting a baby shower in her home.

“Your mom’s so sweet, I love her. ”

“She’s loves you more than me. I don’t know why, you’re pretty awful.”

You’d smack your lips as you said,“Whatever.”

“Do I take this left?”

“Yeah. It’s gonna be the complex on the right.”

With being seven months pregnant, Calum had decided that now would be the best time for you to go apartment hunting. You had been searching for nearly two weeks and although you were satisfied with nearly every complex Calum always had something that he didn’t deem “perfect” enough for you. The view wasn’t pretty enough, the rooms were too small, there wasn’t enough kitchen space, the downstairs gym wasn’t big enough. Out of all seven of the complexes, none of them were just right for the three of you.

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anonymous asked:

Kinda angsty hc. Michelle is in the middle of a terror attack and gets injured svang a child from something. Peter is freaking out. You can sork with this How ever you want

OH MAN OH MAN DO I HAVE IDEAS FOR THIS NONSENSE…and also, YAS for MJ not getting kidnapped or some nonsense (although I kind of love that trope, too)…I love the idea of Michelle getting hurt because she is being badass and taking no shit

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Title: Don’t Run Away
Summary: Just after his father convinced him to stay, Jughead goes back inside to look for his girlfriend. It’s going to be a long night for those broken lovers.
A/N: Okay. This is my theory of what happened in between the party and their meeting at Pop’s. It was so unfair of them not to show it, therefore, I felt the need to write down the vision I have in my mind. This one goes as far as the time they leave Archie’s house, so tell me if you think I should continue! Hope you enjoy, and please, send me some feedback!
The party was already a mess, but shit hit the fan only after his knuckles crashed against Chuck’s cheekbones after those stupid words came out from his lips. The former player- football player- decided to tag along with Cheryl in her stupid revenge plan, and much to their delight, chaos was created in what was supposed to be a small, unwanted birthday party. People ended up hurt, physically and emotionally, and even if his face hurt like hell, his heart had never been any tighter than at that very moment.

Jughead was a train wreck, with blood coming out from his bruised face, and all he wanted to do was to go home, wherever the hell that might be at that very moment. He left the Andrew’s residence as a soldier who returns from war- broken and troubled- and he didn’t want to look back on his decision to leave. He didn’t belong there, he knew. Yet, he could feel a strange force pulling him back inside.

It was pulling him towards her.

But his feelings had already caused too much trouble for one troublesome night.

He had to leave. And that was exactly what he was going to do before his father decided to  interfere.

“ Where the hell are you going?” FP bumped on his shoulder, taking him off the flow of people leaving the house.

“What!?” Jughead screamed, anger filling every letter of his statement. His troubled expression shocked his father, for never before had he seen his concealed son so troubled because of a stupid party. “ You gonna give me some advice on my right hook?”

The South Serpent let out a sigh, feeling somewhat annoyed to see that his son’s sarcasm was still present at such a crucial time. That boy really has no cure, and he would make sure to put some sense into his stubborn head. “ I want you to go back inside and talk to your girl.”

“ I don’t think it’s gonna work out. We have irreconcilable differences.”

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The wrong number || Ch. 5

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||chapter 4||

Genre- Angst

Description- After the argument you stop answering Jungkook’s calls. Unfortunately, he has never been the type to give up easily. 

Word count- 1,423

Jungkook knew he had made a mistake. The minute the phone had gone off, the had realisation of what he’d said, hit him like a truck. It brought him to tears, he never meant to go that far. Since the argument- which had been the day before- he had tried calling you twenty times. Even though you’d ask him not to call you, he couldn’t stop himself. He would never be able to stop himself from talking to you. 

“Look, Jungkook,” Jimin said, “give her a chance to calm down, after what you said, it’s going to take some time,” he reasoned. As much as he hated to admit it, Jungkook knew Jimin was right. What he said was not something that could so easily be forgiven. The fear of losing you was weighing on him, he had really messed up. 

“I know, I know, you’re right-” Jungkook began.

“I’m right! Wow, I never thought I’d hear that come from your mouth, you must be really upset-”

“Aaaand I take it back-”

“No, you can’t take it back now, you’ve already said it.” Jimin grinned, widely. “Seriously though, just leave her alone for a while, she’ll come around, you’ll see.” He gave Jungkook a reassuring pat on the back and got up of the sofa.

Jungkook stretched himself over the couch. He was emotionally exhausted. From the beginning, when he first spoke to you, he knew that you were different, that you would the one girl that was always going to be on his mind.


~Jungkook’s POV~

I couldn’t believe she was standing right in front of me. She was even more beautiful in reality, everything about her was perfect. I couldn’t believe she was really here. 

“I’m finally here, see?” She put her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. My body went stiff.

“I’m so sorry for whatever I said, so sorry, please just don’t leave me.” She smiled up at me.

“I would never leave you…besides could I leave you, when I love you?” I had been dying to hear her say those words since the beginning, to hear her finally tell me she loved me felt so surreal, like I was dreaming. But I knew I would never be able to make her understand just how much I loved her. 


Jungkook woke up with a start, sprawled on the sofa. It was all a dream, his heart sank. 

Of course, it was all a dream, she’s never going to be by my side, it was just wishful thinking. Neither will she ever say those words, I’m so stupid.

His thoughts were interrupted by his phone going off. He lunged for it from the other end of the sofa. His mind went straight to hoping it was your call; answering so quickly that he didn‘t even bother check the number.

“Hello!” he exclaimed, sounding overly excited.

“Hi!” It was Eunji. His hopes had been crushed once again. He felt as if nothing was going his way, and that the whole world was plotting against him. 

“Oh, hey,” he said his tone dropping. He didn’t mean to sound so unenthusiastic, he didn’t want to be rude; however, he couldn’t bring himself to even smile, let alone sound cheerful.

“What, were you expecting someone else’s call?” she asked, suspiciously.

“No, never mind, so what’s up?” he asked trying to sound interested. He heard a squeak from the other side, that caused him to jump slightly.

“Well, yesterday, I got a phone call from my mum and dad- and guess what?”


“They said they’re coming to my wedding, they’ll be arriving to Korea in a week! Can you believe it! I’m so excited and happy!” she exclaimed. Jungkook was happy for her, she finally got what she wanted- though he couldn’t stop thinking about never getting what he wanted- and hearing her talk about her wish coming true made him feel increasingly worse.

“And guess what? she continued, the spark in her voice still there.


“My baby sister’s coming too! Oh, I have to introduce you to her, she’ll love you- well not literally.” Jungkook froze. There was no way he was comfortable enough to meet another girl, especially since the only girl he had been thinking about in the past few months was you. 

“Hm- well I’m glad you’re happy,” he said, trying to pretend he hadn’t heard the mention of her sister. 

“I want you to be happy too, are you okay?” she asked, concerned. 

“I’m fine, seriously. You start preparing for your wedding, and cheer up now, you’ll have your parents,” he said, trying to sound a little bit more energetic.  

“I will, I was thinking about going dress shopping in a week, so my sister and mum can go with me when they get here. But anyway, thanks for everything, I don’t think any of this would have been possible without your advice… you really are a lucky charm Jungkook.” 

“I’m not but It’s nice that you think so. Bye.” 



After spending another hour wallowing in his misery, Jungkook decided to get some fresh air, hoping it would take his mind of everything. He sat down on a bench, in front of small vegetable stall. He watched people walk by. Unluckily for him there seemed to be a large number of couples out today, walking hand in hand, whispering sweet words to each other. He felt a knot in his stomach, he knew that he would never get to experience this. He would never know what holding your hand felt like, what your skin felt like on his. He sighed, from the moment he had first heard your voice he had known that you would change his life.

A phone call awoke from his deep contemplation. When he saw whose number it was, he answered at the speed of light. 

“Hello?” he asked, trying to keep his voice down even though he couldn’t contain his happiness. 

“Hi,” You answered quietly.

“Listen I’m so sorry for everything,” he began frantically, “I don’t know what I was saying, just please, please don’t leave me-”

“You don’t need to say sorry.” You said. The truth was you had really been at fault not him. You made him feel guilty even though you had been the one who had started the argument, who had insulted him and his parents; he shouldn’t have been the one apologising- you should. 

“What, why? Look please, don’t say that, I’m begging you, don’t leave me-”

“Wait, you don’t need to say sorry because it was all my fault. I was riled up after arguing with my parents and then-” you paused for a second, “I argued with you for no good reason, it’s all my fault not yours.” You fell deadly silent.

“No, but I shouldn’t have said what I said after, I am sorry.”

“I’m sorry too,” You replied wanting to end the conversation. You knew the argument had been stupid and escalated too far too quickly. You wanted to forget that it had ever happened, “Anyway, I called you to tell you some good news-”

“What is it-”

“Guess who’s going to be on a plane to South Korea in a week?”


“Yes, Seriously! My parents came around after I had that argument with them, when I came home my mum broke down… and well I guess they had discussed it while I was gone and… yeah! I’m so happy!” You had never been happier then when your parents had told you the news. Finally, you and Jungkook would meet each other and not have to talk over a glass screen.

“Me too!” I don’t even know what to say!” It wasn’t a lie Jungkook was truly speechless, after everything that had happened he was at a loss for words. 

“Say you’ll stop bothering me about it now?” you requested. 

“Ha, fine, I will- I won’t even need to mention it now.” A smile was etched on his face, and it wasn’t going to disappear anytime soon.

“Good, also I have something else to say, that I probably should have said sooner.” Your heart started beating ten times faster. These were words that were long overdue.

“What’s that?” Jungkook asked. 

“I love you.” He’d finally heard it. The one phrase he had been dying to hear for so long. Now it was confirmed that you felt the same. He loved you and you loved him.

“I love you too,” he replied quietly. Truer words had never been spoken.