Yoshito Endo


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『takepoint & LittleHand Records presents 「unplugged 32」』

OPEN/START 18:00 / 18:30
ADV \2300 / DOOR \2500 1DRINK \500
出演: Conception Complex / Last Reunion / Ender / 丸の内沿線(koh Nori mas)

yst:vocal & piano
nara:acousitc guitar

※LAST REUNION の出番は20:00頃の予定です


LAST REUNION official site

Last reunion has been live and unplugged on Sunday, 24th!

And Yoshito Endo has been singing and playing the keyboard. He says on his twitter that it took him a lot of serious practising. Hope it was a great gig!


時の息吹-toki no ibuki-

via yst channel on youtube

Composed and played by Yoshito Endo

Today, on twitter: Yoshito and Jun about the foto above

(As usual, brought to you by STUTS, Shitennouland’s Totally Unreliable Translations)

@yst_freedom: I don’t know when that was. Shiroi is checking if you’re okay.

@junjazzmaso: It was you! We were all playing darts and Endo-kun was the guy who pointed a dart at my nose! Shiroi reached out and it naturally landed on the blond curly guy!

@yst_freedom: Don’t remember it at all. When exactly did that happen?

@junjazzmaso: I think probably after the end of Moon!
I think at that time we went to Shinjuku for billard and darts with Endo-kun, Jyoji-kun, Ikuta-san and Shinobu-san.
Did we really play billard?
Did Matsumoto-kun come too?
Kubodera-san wouldn’t come.

I’m just so ridiculously happy whenever PGSM cast members tweet with each other!


News from LAST REUNION, Yoshito Endo’s band!

A complete makeover of their homepage, including new profile pics, more videos, and tons of information, for example about the 2nd CD “Against the sun” of which I hadn’t heard before.

And they’re going to be live on Sept 17!

Looks like the goatie is gone now.

Hehe, and something that you only get away with as someone’s mom or someone’s crazy fangirl: Yoshito, don’t smoke in closed rooms! Eat something instead! You need to look after your health! Crazy fangirls still want to drool over you years from now! ;) ;)



via yst channel on youtube

Composed and played by Yoshito Endo