“Maybe you should quit smoking, because that was disgusting.”

“ It’s just a cold- if I’d coughed into a tissue you wouldn’t have even noticed.”

“I’m not saying that green, bloody glob you hacked on the sidewalk was disgusting; the sound you just made was disgusting. You sound like your lungs have rabies. Are you seriously lighting up again?”

“Look, without smokes I’d be delirious- psychadelic neon, fluttery hands hallucinating. It grounds me, kay?”

“Why don’t you try a meditation type thing to help you quit? Like a Hindu or Shinto course or something?”

“You don’t know shit about that, and seriously, if all the Hindu and Shinto folks out there had to give up smokes, there’d be some rabid, neon, hallucinogenic hell to pay.”


Clothes by Yoshiki Hishinuma

Yobisha, Tokyo 1986 - 202 pages

120,00  n/a

Born in 1958, Sendai City, Japan. After studying at the Bunka College of Fashion and then working at Miyake Design Studio, he became a freelance designer, specializing mainly in costume design and costumes stage productions.

In the 1980s he produced uniquely shaped clothes using wind and air, which he called “Kite Clothes” and “Air Clothes”. He designed many other costumes with highly original shapes.

In 1992, he initiated a line of clothing for women under the bland name Yoshiki Hishinuma, and he also began showing his collection in Paris.

In 1996, he was awarded teh Mainichi Prize for Fashion for using the very latest technology to breathe new life into traditional Japanese tie-dye designs. An exhibition of his works designed over the last ten years was held in 1999 at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag in the Netherlands.

In 2000, he was in charge of costume design for an original ballet production being held by Nederlands Dans Theater, “Arcimboldo 2000”.

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