Yoshiki Hayashi

Stab Me In The Back (July 30, 1986)
  • Stab Me In The Back (July 30, 1986)
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Yoshiki is singing most of this song, especially in the beginning, lol.  For those of you who wonder what it’d be like if he was a vocalist.  You can hear Toshi helping throughout the song too.

Era is before hide, Taiji and Pata.

edit:  I just realized this and had to add because it’s so funny LOL but at about 1:47 Yoshiki says: 笑ってんじゃねよ!! (Don’t you laugh!!) haha


“Compared to when you first debuted what do you think has changed in you the most?”

Yoshiki: “The way I value life. That has completely changed. Since hide passed away I really felt ‘I have to live on’. Even though I still have a destructive side, I think maybe that has deviated 1%. In the past I thought 'I don’t care when I die’. I thought that I was the one that was going to die first, so in many ways I was shocked. Now I think 'I lived, so I feel responsible.’” [2005]