Jesus Christ. Just when I thought nothing could be more beautiful than Yoshida Hiroshi’s prints - I discover his infinitely amazing son.

If I had to describe his work in one word, it would be ‘finesse’.

Like his father, he traveled the world. Until Hiroshi’s death in 1950, they traveled together. Sine Hiroshi wanted to make the best of the daylight, they would always travel by night and spend the entire day drawing. From a young age, his greatest passion was drawing animals.

And guess what - he wrote and illustrated several children’s books about animals. If I get my hands on those books it will be like a dream come true. Nothing could be more perfect.

Yoshida Tōshi (吉田 遠志) (1911-1995)

(text taken from hanga galley web)

“Toshi Yoshida was an artist of great breadth and vision. Though known primarily for his woodblock prints, he was also a remarkable painter and illustrator. His artistic style cannot be easily summarized, because he was constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of the woodblock medium. His work ranges from realistic landscapes to imaginative abstract designs to detailed portraits of animals in their environments.”