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New York Av NE DC by Dan Macy

Awakening - Part 1 *eventual Peter x Stark!Reader*

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Stumbling through a forest is not what I consider fun. Having a companion that can teleport, but refuses to take me because it may worsen my headache is also not very fun. “Have you seen a road or anything?” I questioned my small friend. She may be many feet ahead of me, but I knew she heard me crystal clear

“No, but I hear movement up ahead” she answered and stopped moving. Most likely waiting for me I thought and tried to speed up my walk. 

“Like cars?” I hoped as I reached her. I looked down at my new friend. “We should cut you hair so its out of your eyes” I told her, noticing her push her long ebony hair out of her view. 

“When we get out of here, we can” She smiles up at me softly, “I guess technically we’re family” she told me, then continued her shifting forward.

“Because you brought me back from the dead?” I joked while following her, “Or because we’re both in a shitty situation?” I had to jog to keep up with her again.

“Can I say yes to both?” She giggled and this time I only felt slightly unnerved by it. I finally heard the rushing of cars and never felt so happy in my life. 

“We’ll need to flag someone down.” I tell her, catching up again, “Should we call the cops? Could we trust them?” I question as we get to the edge of the road.

“If they try anything, I could kill them” She muttered, looking down the street.

“How about no murder?” I asked of her, trying to wrap my head around her idea. “ Let’s stick with knocking out people.” I noticed a car speeding down the street. “Why….”

“I got it” She spoke and stepped out onto the road.

“What are you doing!?” I yelled and reached for her.

The car swerved around the girl and stopped. The window rolled down and a teenager looked out. “Are you psycho?” He yelled out and the little girl just looked at him

“We need your car or your phone. You pick.” I told him walking over and opening his door. 

“You’re c-crazy” He stuttered and got out of the car. I gestured at my small friend to get into the passenger and she ran over to it. I climbed into the seat and restarted the car.

“Yes, sir, I am.” I answered him and smirked,

“Also, where are we?” I asked him.

“The o-outskirts of Ne-New York”  He answered, definitely freaking out that a child and teen are stealing his car. “How am I supposed get home?” He asked.

“You have a phone, yeah?” I asked and then sped off.

Toward my future and my past. 

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October 21, 2017


by Martin Swift

Since earning his BFA in Painting from Carnegie Mellon five years ago Martin Swift has focused on “contemporary figurative realism and absurdist narrative”—crafting work “punctuated by diverse visual cues and cultural imagery” and trusting the viewer to create their own context and meaning. Swift had never before translated his work to mural scale when given an opportunity to paint this piece for Pow!Wow! DC, and says “I didn’t have a clue what I was doing when I started.” Clearly he figured it out pretty quickly, and I suspect this won’t be his last mural. If you get to Washington DC be sure to look for this work along the Metropolitan Branch Trail, just north of where it runs under New York Ave NE.  @mrtnswft  @powwowdc

My Fault (Bucky Barnes Imagine)

Requested by @bucky-slut : Can you do a Bucky x reader where they live across each other and have a morning ritual where they get coffee every morning together but one day the reader wasn’t outside her door and he has the keys to her apartment and finds her in a depressive episode inside and takes care of her? Not like in a cheesy way but in a real way. Thank you and I love your writings!


Bucky first saw Y/N when she moved in the apartment across the hall from his. He admired her from a far, not wanting to startle her with, well, his metal arm. Y/N started noticing her attractive neighbor, stealing glances at her when they both pick up their mail. She would give him a smile, which he never returned. But that didn’t stop her from trying to get to know him.

“Hey, I’m Y/N.” She told him one morning while they were picking up their mail. All that was ever in her neighbor’s box was the daily newspaper, nothing else. “What’s your name?”

The man blinked, looking up from the papers in his hands. “Are you talking to me?” 

“Yeah,” Y/N smiled, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. “What’s your name?”


“So, Bucky, I’m new to the neighborhood and as you know, not everyone is kind here.” She said. “So I was wondering if you can show me around? If that’s okay.”

Bucky looked at her, wondering if she was serious. The look of innocence on her face was usually enough for Bucky to shut himself out but he took a chance with Y/N. “Sure, coffee tomorrow at 9?”

The next morning, Bucky waited outside of Y/N’s door at 9 AM. She came out, smiling at him and his whole morning was made. Nobody had given him anything close to affection the past couple years and it was nice to be looked at and not seen as the Winter Soldier. 

Since then, the morning coffee at 9 AM became a ritual. Their day started at 9 AM with each other, and ended at whatever time they last see each other when they’re going inside their apartments. Bucky and Y/N became best friends and for once, he felt like he could trust someone with his secret. 

He told her about his past on a Wednesday morning, a month after their ritual was established. It was a good day, he felt that it would’ve been, but he also knew that he couldn’t keep this a secret any longer. Plus, he was running out of excuses on why he always wore gloves.

“Okay, let me tell you about what happened this one time in cosmetology class.” Y/N started, drinking from the cup in her hands. “So we had to like put make up on for a halloween event and I decided I wante-”

“I’m the winter soldier.” Bucky blurted out.

Y/N’s eyes widened, dropping her drink on the floor. “What?”

Bucky told her everything that night and he was prepared for her to leave. But instead, she stayed in his apartment that night and comforted him. She insisted that she’ll sleep on the couch. Y/N wanted to stay up all night talking about his past life before he was frozen in ice. She wanted to know about Steve, and New York, and the camp bases. She wanted to know about Peggy Carter and the Howling Commandos. She wanted to get to know the Bucky before the metal arm. 

“You really don’t have to stay, Y/N.” Bucky said, watching Y/N make herself a small bed on his couch.

“Nonsense,” She dismissed. “I’m staying with you because we’re best friends. This is what best friends do.”

“Yeah, best friends.” But Bucky knew deep down that he didn’t just think of her as a best friend anymore. 

Two months later, Bucky decided that it was time to let Y/N know how he was feeling. He knocked on her door, like how he did a million times before, and waited for her to open it. He was shocked when a man opened the door instead of Y/N. 

“Uh, can I help you?” The man asked, leaning on the door frame.

“T-this is Y/N’s apartment, right?” Bucky asked, slightly chuckling because he could’ve swore Y/N lived here.

“Yeah, why? What do you need pal?”

Bucky scratched the back of his neck, “Can I just talk to Y/N, please?” 

“Sure thing.” The guy eyed him up and down suspiciously before turning back to call Y/N. “Babe! Some guy is here and he says he needs to talk to you!” 

“Just a second!”

Bucky felt his whole world fall apart when he called Y/N, babe. Who was he anyway? “Yeah, forget it. Just tell her to pick up her mail.”

That was the first morning in three months that they didn’t spend together. That incident happened more frequently until Bucky finally stopped showing up at her door at 9 AM. They’d see each other in the hall, saying nothing but the casual hello’s or goodnight’s. Bucky noticed how tired Y/N looked after a few weeks. She had bags under her eyes and the natural glow she always had, was gone. She always wore pants, even on the hottest days. Bucky knew she loved the sun. She loved going out in shorts and walking all around town. But recently, she’d been staying in her apartment. 

A package was delivered to Y/N’s door. Bucky opened his door to get a quick glance at Y/N. She signed the papers quickly, retrieving the package from the delivery guy. When he left, Y/N stood there in her pajama shorts staring at the package. At first Bucky thought his mind was just pulling tricks on him but he could’ve swore he saw bruises on her legs.

Saying Bucky misses Y/N was an understatement. She was the one good thing in his life and she was gone, slipping right past his fingertips. He needed to make amends, even though he really didn’t know what amends will have to be made. All he knew is that he’ll lose his mind if he goes another day without talking to Y/N.

For the first time in weeks, Bucky was at Y/N’s door at 9 AM. He knocked on the door, waiting patiently for Y/N to open it. He knew her boyfriend wasn’t there. He waited for him to leave before he went to talk to Y/N. After a few minutes, he knocked again, this time louder.


He heard whimpering from the other side of the door. Bucky suddenly became worried, panicked, afraid. He hasn’t been afraid since he remembered who Steve was. 

“Y/N?” He asked again, twisting the knob of her door. It creaked open, exposing Y/N’s apartment. He hasn’t been in there in so long yet nothing changed. “Y/N?”

“Don’t come any closer, Buck.” He heard Y/N from the bathroom. He peeked from behind the wall, seeing her standing in front of the mirror with bruises up and down her arms. Some were red, some were purple. 

“Y/N? What the hell happened?” 

She turned around, exposing the cut on her right cheek. “It was nothing, it was my fault.”

Bucky ran to her fridge, grabbing the first frozen thing he could find and a roll of paper towels. “What happened? Who did this to you?”

“Nothing, Bucky.” Y/N replied, taking the frozen peas from his hand. She placed it on a tender bruise on her arm. “I did this.”

“What do you mean it’s your fault?”

And she broke down. Just like that, she fell apart on her bathroom floor. She collapsed, in tears. Her chest was rising in a quick pace and she flinched every time she moved a certain way. Bucky stood there, dumbfounded because he didn’t know what to do. What was he supposed to do? What was even going on?

“It’s my fault.” She breathed out, looking up at Bucky. “I angered him and he just- he needed to get his anger out. It was my fault, I knew I shouldn’t be talking about his drinking when he says he doesn’t want to but I did. I angered him, i-it’s my fault.”

Bucky sat on the floor, facing her. “Y/N, did he hit you?”

She just looked down, holding herself as if it could fix the fact that she was falling apart emotionally. Y/N stayed silent, moving the peas to another sore area. She kept crying and she didn’t know how to stop. She didn’t even know if she could stop. “It’s my fault.”

“Y/N, did he hit you?” He said, but this time with more force, louder. 

Y/N threw the bag of peas at him, angry at his question. Her face was red and her heart was beating a hundred miles an hour. She stood up, pounding her fist on the sink continuously. “Yes, Bucky! Dammit, yes! Yes, he hit me! Okay?” 

Bucky grabbed a hold of her fist, tightening his grip. “Okay? No, Y/N, that’s not okay!”

She struggled to pull herself off him, giving up when his fingers dug into her skin even more. It wasn’t painful but it was enough to keep her in his grasp. “But it was my fault, Bucky. I angered him! It was my fault.”

He finally let go of her, watching as she paced back and forth across the bathroom tiles. She was rubbing her arms, flinching when she touched a new bruise. Y/N was still crying and Bucky was still unsure of what he should do.

“How long?” He finally spoke up after a while.

She looked up, her eye slightly twitching because of all the tears she shed. “What?”

“How long has he been hitting you?” Bucky’s voice cracked, a frown on his face. He walked closer to her, placing the peas on her arm. 

“A few weeks.” She muttered, not being able to look at her best friend in the eye.

His heart broke at her answer. He ripped off a piece of the paper towel, dabbing softly on her bleeding cut. “Why didn’t you tell me, Y/N?”

Y/N stared at him, for what seemed like forever because she didn’t have the answer. She didn’t really know why she didn’t tell Bucky. “I guess I was, I don’t know, ashamed? Embarrassed? Afraid?” 

“Why would you be?”

“I really don’t know, Buck.” She sighed, wiping away the last few tears. “When you’re put in a position like this, you just automatically think you’re alone, you know? Like nobody will be there for you because that one fucking person made you feel like nobody will ever care about you. Ever.”

“I’m here. Always, don’t forget that, all right?” Bucky rubbed her arm comfortingly. “You’re my best friend and if you ever feel alone, then we’ll be alone together.”

“Thank you, Bucky.”

“It’s not a problem Y/N. This is what best friends do.” He smiled, stroking her hair because he knew that always calmed her down. “I learned that from my amazing best friend.”


A/N I don’t ever want to romanticize such a serious topic like an abusive relationship. So if this imagine somehow did that, please let me know so I can change it and possibly delete it.  Also, if you know someone who is suffering from an abusive partner, let them know that they are not in harm and that they are safe with the ones who truly love them.


MY LAST IMAGINE: Bite Me In The Ass… Literally