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What was the girlfriend scandal?

A dark time and place.

Back in September of 2013, news broke Woobin had been dating model Yoo Ji Ahn for at least 2 years previous to that point, and it set off a fandom clusterfuck of epic proportions. 

Not only was it revealed he had a girlfriend, but suddenly he appeared to be straight! and Jongbin was not real. The shock! the horror! To make matters exceptionally worse, Yoo Ji Ahn on her instagram had a photograph of herself in a designer t-shirt.. claimed to have been given to Woobin by a fan. Things went pretty much nuclear from there. 

That he was dating really wasn’t a surprise to some of us who lived and breathed Woobin at the time, because Soohyuk inadvertently alluded to it on the show Style Log just a few weeks prior, and there were photos of Woobin & YJA on vacation in Bali together earlier that year, though no one knew who she was. Nevertheless, the Jongbinners felt “betrayed” and “lied to.” The t-shirt angle was unfortunate and allowed fringe and non-fans to pig pile on the situation. And thus Yoo Ji Ahn, Destroyer of Jongbin and Wearer of Tee, was on the receiving end of endless hate thrown at her from Woobin’s former “fans.” 

Woobin received a lot of hate and nasty vitriol too, and he took it really personally and he was hurt deeply. Some Jongbinners said some rather nasty things at the time, and some said how they only ever liked Woobin because he was friends with Jongsuk. Meanwhile his Korean fans turned their backs on him, literally. At the cesspool of what is Kim Woo Bin DC Gall, (basically the Korean fan hangout for Woobdom until the more serious fans bailed on it), his former “fans” posted photos of their backs turned away from the camera. Then like the next day, Woobin had a fansign and most of those who had paid a pretty penny pre-purchasing tickets did not show up. From a report of a fan who was there, she was first in line even though she had the 50th ticket. In all, Woobin looked devastated about the whole thing. Soon after he vowed “not to disappoint his fans again.” Basically, he apologized for having a girlfriend, for having a personal life.

As a show of support, the international fans in the Woobdom, (largely his Chinese fans but some international fans here on Tumblr too), sent Woobin their signatures. I don’t know how effective it was, but there we were, consoling Woobin for having a girlfriend. >__<

The end.

[Edit: Deadline to submit Support Messages is 6pm Beijing Time on Sep 28]

Quick summary of the diadora fansign (taken from various dc and twitter fan accounts translated on weibo, and including one of a Chinese fan who was at the event). Please skip to the last paragraph for some news:
Considering everything that have transpired in the past 48 hours and how he must’ve felt under the circumstances, he was the smiling and accommodating Woobin that he has always been and the fans are all very proud of him. He took time to sign for ajusshi and children fans. When a fan says she hopes he’ll make the headlines with good news next time (this is her encouragement not to be interpreted as a put down), Woobin held her hands tightly and thanked her. 

Fans have to obtain a number to get in line for signing and Chinese fan got #10. For whatever reason the people in front of her didn’t show up so she ended up first in line for his autograph. She told him that many fans are waiting for him in China and asked him when there will be a fanmeeting (he said he doesn’t know).

He asked for her name and she said “It’s xx chingu”. Woobin: “Which ‘chingu’?” Fan: “Chingu 2’s ‘chingu’.” He laughed, said: “Thank you, xx chingu”, then grabbed her hands to shake them a few times.

He also signed a banner intended for her friend, but fan forgot to take it back and Woobin thought it was a gift so he put it together with her other gift (she gave him a Learn Chinese book). She found out about this because she later retrieved the banner from security. Heehee both absent-minded fan and Bin. :p

At the end of the event, Woobin tells his fans they must watch Heirs and Friends 2.

Ok here’s the news / bad part, according to KimWooBin baidu bar (official? chinese fan base) who got inside information from their counterpart in korea (I can’t confirm this, I’m not part of the group and I’m just quoting their post), in spite of the cheerful front he puts up, Woob currently is very down. So they have initiated a ‘Support Kim Woo Bin’ campaign. (Details here if you can read Chinese.) It’s very simple. I’ve outlined the rules below:

1) Sign your name (they specify English, Chinese, or Korean, I’m guessing whatever language will do) in Black on a White sheet of paper.

2) Take a picture or scan it, then email it to them in .jpg/.jpeg format.

3) Their email is kimwoobin_bar@qq.com.

4) Deadline for submission is tomorrow Sep 28 (yes very soon).

Once they consolidate everyone’s signatures, it will be hand-delivered to Woobin directly (don’t ask me how, but they seem to have a way).

Cr: Woobin_zzang for her fan account, rapoly for pics, 金宇彬资讯台 for chinese translation

1) Kim Woo Bin often plays bullies.

2) Kim Woo Bin is against bullies.

3) Kim Woo Bin is being bullied.

4) I encourage everyone to report for spam / harassment anyone on any social network you have access to, who bullies either Kim Woo Bin, Yoo Ji Ahn, or anyone else for that matter. Do not talk to them, just report them. Most social networks remove offensive posts after enough reports.

I would suggest including trolls to this, but it’s up to you.

(original idea by woobinista)