[Edit: Deadline to submit Support Messages is 6pm Beijing Time on Sep 28]

Quick summary of the diadora fansign (taken from various dc and twitter fan accounts translated on weibo, and including one of a Chinese fan who was at the event). Please skip to the last paragraph for some news:
Considering everything that have transpired in the past 48 hours and how he must’ve felt under the circumstances, he was the smiling and accommodating Woobin that he has always been and the fans are all very proud of him. He took time to sign for ajusshi and children fans. When a fan says she hopes he’ll make the headlines with good news next time (this is her encouragement not to be interpreted as a put down), Woobin held her hands tightly and thanked her. 

Fans have to obtain a number to get in line for signing and Chinese fan got #10. For whatever reason the people in front of her didn’t show up so she ended up first in line for his autograph. She told him that many fans are waiting for him in China and asked him when there will be a fanmeeting (he said he doesn’t know).

He asked for her name and she said “It’s xx chingu”. Woobin: “Which ‘chingu’?” Fan: “Chingu 2’s ‘chingu’.” He laughed, said: “Thank you, xx chingu”, then grabbed her hands to shake them a few times.

He also signed a banner intended for her friend, but fan forgot to take it back and Woobin thought it was a gift so he put it together with her other gift (she gave him a Learn Chinese book). She found out about this because she later retrieved the banner from security. Heehee both absent-minded fan and Bin. :p

At the end of the event, Woobin tells his fans they must watch Heirs and Friends 2.

Ok here’s the news / bad part, according to KimWooBin baidu bar (official? chinese fan base) who got inside information from their counterpart in korea (I can’t confirm this, I’m not part of the group and I’m just quoting their post), in spite of the cheerful front he puts up, Woob currently is very down. So they have initiated a ‘Support Kim Woo Bin’ campaign. (Details here if you can read Chinese.) It’s very simple. I’ve outlined the rules below:

1) Sign your name (they specify English, Chinese, or Korean, I’m guessing whatever language will do) in Black on a White sheet of paper.

2) Take a picture or scan it, then email it to them in .jpg/.jpeg format.

3) Their email is kimwoobin_bar@qq.com.

4) Deadline for submission is tomorrow Sep 28 (yes very soon).

Once they consolidate everyone’s signatures, it will be hand-delivered to Woobin directly (don’t ask me how, but they seem to have a way).

Cr: Woobin_zzang for her fan account, rapoly for pics, 金宇彬资讯台 for chinese translation

Breaking the silence over the "GIRLFRIEND ISSUE"

So, um. The girlfriend, right? When I first saw it I thought: “Is this big? Should I post something?” I decided not to, cause I just went on hiatus, kinda too soon to be back on a yapping post, and what can I say that others didn’t already of the “I’m so envious right now” variety. That was at first.

But then the shithead brigade kicks in. One girl on instagram apparently thinks Woob owes her something and posts her fat hand with middle finger sticking out. Wow, the symbol for fighting governments, parents and teachers is now used over some celebrity having a girlfriend? Then the “I have opinion posts” came. Please, you need to have a brain to have an opinion. And I again decided not to post anything, cause, I’m on hiatus, if I’m gonna piss halfwits off, I should at least be around to receive their angry messages, and I can’t, so, it wouldn’t be cool.

But then the inconceivable happens. Motherfucking god-woobin pops in for the post. God-woobin is too big for me to ignore. I messaged her, and it was very long message, and since I’m not getting the time it took me to write it back, I may as well post it too. And, as it happens, my message to her will inevitably step on some shit heads. There’s no way of editing it out, shithead brigade is sorta the pinnacle of my point, so they can’t be removed. Here goes nothing:

… And as for Woob thing, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I do think you are kinda disregarding few important pieces. Not that I know exactly what happened, but there are few things available to us to consider, it’s not like he said he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and then he said he has had one for two years already, and there was nothing else between the two.
Saying that he was lying w/o considering everything that was going on seems too extreme.

- Sure he may have lied.
- Maybe sidus decided he was more marketable as single guy, and told him “shut up flower boy”, what’s he to do, he’s just a pawn.
- He may have actually had a reason.

And yes, he did start the jongbin thing, but he also admitted right from the start that he was after best couple award, and as soon as that fell trough he distanced himself from Jong Suk 100%. I said this so many times I started to bore my self, but no one else seemed to recognize and/or admit it.

* Back in the “Woob ships Jong-Bin” days he said “Oh, JS and I are friends, and friendship is also love” and everyone was “Oh no, he said they are just friends”

When school was over Woob moved on with his activities and never did anything to support jongbin thing (I would notice as that annoyed me beyond words, and I wasn’t annoyed). He didn’t get the award, he moved on to the next thing.

JS, I don’t know if he too fell for Woob’s act, or just liked the attention that came of it, he picked up the act and continued insisting on it. Woob was clearly uncomfortable now, cause this part wasn’t scripted by sidus, and he had no clue how to deal with it. He was left high and dry. He did everything humanly possible to distance himself from JS, short of being rude to fans and press, but nothing worked. Where ever he would go, people were “jongsukjongsukjongsuk”, in interviews, at fan meetings, everywhere.

This kind of thing is in my village referred to as “Devil stole the joke” - you basically do something for one reason and it grows heads of it’s own and continues living on it’s own. To me this was obvious, but everyone else seemed in denial. So as they kept asking, he again said “oh JS and I are friends, and friendship is also love”, cause that seemed to have worked first time, but now, starved of any jongbining material, shippers took it in 180° opposite way, and decided it now meant he actually said he loves JS. I once again pointed out that they are being inconsistent, and no one paid attention to what none shipper says.

None shipper sees what none shipper isn’t shipping. I guess.

So yeah he did start it, and then he ended it, but it went on w/o him. Can’t blame him for that.

Now last night he’s at friend press conference and it’s brought up again. And he tries to deflect it, but asshole who asked kept insisting. Enough is enough.
Magical girl is produced.

Now when you look at it, her presence appears rather obvious. There are tons of pics dated god knows when, of her in his clothes. There are massive signs all around sns. Apparently his me2day updates from over a year ago were brimming with hints. But with these in korean, to me they are useless.

There’s just no pics. And that thing they say, they were flaunting their love around is just bull.

I said this too, to many of tumblr ppl, so many fucking times, I felt like a parrot, if there was actually anything going on between woob and jsuk, woob would never, in a million years say a word about it. He keeps his private parts private. The very fact he was a motor mouth about it was clear sign there was nothing to it. That’s why there was no clear indication of gf. Only those little things that became obvious once we already knew.

Calling that flaunting their relationship is hilarious. There was nothing there to pick up on a fact that he has a gf at the time.

What was there was him actually talking several times about really nasty breakup.

So maybe he said he doesn’t have a gf cause their relationship was shaky. It was not new but it wasn’t stable either. It happens. But there was a relationship, and on good days they sew traces all around, and on bad days it was bad. And now when there was a need for relationship, that’s all they had. Fortunately if you start digging it comes right underneath a rather thin layer of sns. And it will turn jongbiners, who aren’t really fans anyway (yup I said it) away, so it all works out neatly. And…

There may even be a good news in there, since relationship is made public, it may mean it’s near its expiration date (can’t believe this grabbing at straws I just wrote)

For us regular people this kind of relationship would be described as “it’s complicated”. For celebrity, it’s “better not say anything” type of thing. And it could’ve gone on for years like this, w/o ever being revealed, and the only reason it’s brought out are exactly those people who now object it the most, the evil jongbiners.

Calling him traitor for having a girlfriend? Really? Have you even seen him behind your ship? It’s more like “why doesn’t he have 9 girlfriends?”. You are completely oblivious how painful this thing must have been for him, jackasses, he would have never revealed it to public if you hadn’t cornered him like you did. Are you proud of yourselves you disfigured bullies?

Who died and made you the decider of who’s allowed to date whom? Who in a world are you to be disappointed someone has a relationship that is different from the relationship you chose they should have?

I hope you are insulted. You should be insulted. Someone should make a sns where people could anonymously shout abuse at you. Then you would know what you did to him. Assholes.

And one more thing for anonymous so called fan. You gave him a sweater. It means it’s his to do what ever he wants with it. He could’ve used it to mop floor with it and you would never know. You should be pleased it was put to a good use. And do you honestly think that you going trough a sea of trouble to get it will affect his ability to distinguish from the pile of gifts strangers gave him? Don’t lie to your self, I doubt two of them even knew what she put on, aside from a part that it was a sweater and not a skirt.