I have seriously no idea what’s wrong with some so called “fans” of B.A.P.
You need to fucking stop criticising them.
I normally don’t write posts like these but I am so pissed that I can’t hold it back anymore. Since the guys are back they, especially Himchan and Daehyun, were criticised for their weight.

You don’t like their new hair colour? Then ignore it.

You don’t like their natural skin colour and want them to white wash their pics? Don’t look at them.

You don’t like that Himchan gained weight? He’s happy. He’s healthy (!!!!!!!). Don’t make him feel bad about his looks. Himchan is an beautiful human being and you know that. As an true fan you should be happy that he’s healthy and eating and not skipping meals.

These 6 talented guys had to go through a hardship in order to be where they are today. They give their fucking best to please us, entertain us, create awesome music. They work their asses off every fucking single day and it’s still not good enough for you?They were gone for over a year and now they came back, stronger and happier than ever before and you have nothing better to do than insulting them and make them feel bad about themselves?
Seriously leave the fucking fandom you’re not worth being in it.

Reasons to love Yoo Youngjae ( a few at least)

-Do we need to be reminded??
-Sass. All the freaking sass man
-He’s so pretty oh my God
-Handsome, very handsome
-His jamming gestures are so cute man
-Loves photography
-His a very cute kitty
-Seriously kind, very sweet
-His voice, seriously his vocals skills are 💯💯👌👌👍👍
-His selcas are a bit rare but a blessing such a blessing
-Literal ray of sunshine
-Very energetic
-Smol but so so cute and fluffy
-He’s a jester, loves to tease
-Be careful he hits people when excited 😂
-Very funny tbh
-Model material, how is he not a model
-Modest and shy
-Looks out for his hyungs and dongsaes
-Good cook!
-When wears a choker is just 👌👌
-Such a good dancer as well
-One of B.A.P spokesman
-Can go high when singing but his voice when he speaks is just 💯💯👌👌
-Bias wrecker tbh
Yoo Youngjae is so lovable and there’s so many reasons to love him, seriously

the love and compassion bap has for their fans is out of this world. each and every one of them is so amazing and it’s so frustrating seeing them compared to other idols because of their hair or laughed at because of the color of their skin. I wish people could see how beautiful and talented they are.

Youngjae the type to never wish any real harm on people who anger him. Instead:

He hopes you get an itch on the bottom of your foot when you’re wearing hard to remove shoes.

He hopes you get a wedgie when you can’t politely pull it out.

He hopes you get a fit of the farts during an important meeting with someone important.

Reacción: B.A.P cuando estás borracha y te les declaras

Ya echaba de menos escribir reacciones de ellos♥


“Estás borracha ______, no sabes ni lo que dices”

Yongguk no aceptaría una confesión borracha, aunque fuera enserio. Se reiría un poco al ver como te tropiezas con las palabras pero enseguida te haría callar.


“¿Espera, qué? Repite eso.”

Daehyun fliparía, le daría igual en que estado te encontraras, habría esperado tanto tiempo para escuchar esas palabras que sería incapaz de aguantarse la risa. Al día siguiente no se olvidaría de preguntarte si lo que le habias dicho era cierto. 


“¿Que acabas de decir?”

Youngjae estaría ayudándote a mantenerte en pie cuando escucharía tus palabras y se quedaría paralizado mirándote fijamente. Estaría en shock, incapaz de decidirse entre si tomarte enserio o pensar que era solo por el alcohol.



A Himchan se le borraría la sonrisa de la cara al escuchar tus palabras. Le dolería un poco que las dijeras estando borracho ya que pensaría que no las decías enserio, pero aun así en el fondo le habría gustado escuchar como sonaban de tu boca. 


“Debo estar soñando…” 

Jongup se olvidaría de todo a su alrededor y repetiría una y otra vez tus palabras en su mente. La verdad, creo que se le habría olvidado que estabas borracha, lo único que importaría para él en ese momento sería que vuestros sentimientos eran mutuos. 


External image

“Yo también te amo _____, que lo sepas.”

Probablemente igual de borracho que tu, tampoco sabría lo que dice.