Yoo Young Jae

So B.A.P was on after school club this morning (it was 3 AM where I live) and the #SelcaASC challenge was to take a selca with all of B.A.P laughing but when I paused the video, Youngjae was falling out of his chair. I tried pausing the video another two times, but kept getting shots of him falling, only half of him showing up in the shot, so I didnt feel like waiting for another shot of them laughing and I just paused the video again and captioned “youngjae get back onto the screen gosh darnit.”

I was texting my friend as this was all happening (she wasnt watching…she was asleep…again it was 3 AM where we are from when this was happening) and I saw that ASC retweeted my tweet and it started getting a bunch of favorites and retweets, so I was freaking out to her just because they retweeted it. (and I started getting followers? Like I just recently made the account just for ASC stuff, but I had never gotten anything favorited or gotten any followers before)

Then on the show, they were on the TV screen and went through the selca asc tweets that the PD-nims retweeted on the ASC account. I saw mine on the very bottom and began frantically texting my friend and telling her what was going on. I could literally hear my heart since it was beating so fast and so hard in my chest as they scrolled down the tweets, my tweet slowly moving  to the top as Eric scrolled down. Before I knew it, Eric said “And next, we have Christine~” and I literally started screaming okay. They opened the tweet and laughed for like 475927582 years, Sam and Eric commenting on my face and how I did not look happy. “AHAHAHAHAHA! CHRISTINE’S FACE!” Eric said, as if we were close friends or something >///< Youngjae and Himchan were like “We choose this one!” (or something..?) in Korean and Daehyun agreed from the back…and then Yongguk started smiling as he looked at the screen again and said “…Christeeen~” in his husky voice (it was so cuuute omg.) And then Eric confirmed that I won, soon pointing out Himchan’s nostrils in the corner of my tweet. He literally pointed it out tho, accidentally glitching the screen. As they tried fixing it, I think it was Youngjae (the screen was focused on the screen, not on them, so I couldn’t see, but it sounded like Youngjae and my friends thought so too so) was like “…ah…Christine, chukahae~!” and Yongguk repeated my name again with his husky voice and said “Christeeen~” (he sounds so cute pronouncing my name oh my gosh) and Eric congratulated me once again.

This means that B.A.P saw my faceee…omg Zelo saw my face o_o NO THATS NOT FAIR I DIDNT LOOK CUTE IN THAT PICTUREE but im so happy I won ^^ They all seemed really tired, but tried hard for us fans to stay energetic(: Zelo like barely made a reaction to my tweet…I think he saw that my profile pic was of him making a heart…? Or maybe he liked my face…? >///< Ahh he was probably just super tired and was staring at the screen I dont knoww…