Let’s talk for a few minutes and let’s be real.

The True Awake VLIVE+ will be aired LIVE on the V App and yes, you will have to pay to watch it. But why are you angry about it?

It is a freaking concert that people paid for to watch and you can’t pay it because you’re just watching it digitally? Don’t you think that’s unfair? If people can only watch it through their phones or laptops for free, why bother going to the venue at all?

IT IS A FREAKING CONCERT, so yes you have to pay for it. But to blame and hate Daehyun for lying? Really though? Daehyun did nothing wrong to be hated for what he had said. In fact, he wasn’t even lying about not paying to watch the V App.

The V App’s true purpose is to be able to interact with fans, LIVE, by fans commenting & idols giving answers back. The originality is for idols to do an original surprise LIVE Broadcast….basically like a VLOG. So no, Daehyun did not lie because did you have to pay when Daehyun went LIVE on the recent V App with him & Jongup…..and then by himself? Of course not.

I’ll give you an example of what you shouldn’t pay for and don’t hate me on this.

Like EXO’s “EXOMENTARY, that you shouldn’t really be paying for nor “BTS Von Voyage”. Those two aren’t really nothing but what’s going on with the idols behind stage & what they do in life. I could understand if it’s a concert live video but other than that, the company is just making money.

Like I said, there’s no reason for you to be hating on Daehyun and calling him a lier for it.

B.A.P As Fathers


  • protective af (especially if he had daughters holy)
  • would be unable to resist the wishes of his kids
  • he’d love playing with his children
  • his children would bring out the inner child in him
  • he’d always be smiling when they were around
  • never push his children to pursue a career or profession that they didn’t want
  • would always encourage the dreams of his children
  • he’d correct his children when they did wrong
  • if he was away on tour, he’d facetime his wife and the children whenever he could
  • whenever he had a stressful or tiring day, his kids would be able to effortlessly cheer him up (like just the mere sight of them would bring a smile to his face)

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  • he’d turn his smols into little fashionistas omg
  • he’d buy them clothes from differrent countries he visited while on tour
  • teach his smols the way of the Janggu
  • he’d be very accepting of his children’s flaws and would teach them to see the good in them
  • sing lullabies to them every night
  • he’d love playing dress up for them
  • he’d pretend to be their knight and would join in on any of the games they were playing
  • i feel as if himchan had daughters, he would love to do their hair for them 
  • would love taking them to play dates
  • would always ask for a kiss before they went to school

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  • very understanding of mistakes his children make
  • the type to read bedtime stories to his children
  • he would love playing with them
  • sing to them whenever they had nightmares
  • the type that goes along with the whole “monsters under the bed thing” and turns into their childrens hero
  • would find his children’s antics very amusing
  • would love to play with them (like if his daughter(s) was playing with dolls he’d ask if he could join in)
  • would constantly call his daughter “his princess” and his son “his little warrior”
  • whenever his children got even the littlest bit injured from playing he’d be so worried 
  • he would let his children put makeup on him and play with his hair

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  • very nurturing
  • take a lot of pictures of them
  • the type to literally film anything and everything they do and ask you to do it for him if he had to go away on tour
  • he’s be proud af of his kids
  • he’d love to tickle them omg
  • he would kiss his kids head and tuck them in every night
  • he would hang his kids drawing on the walls and even frame some of his favorite ones
  • he’d feed them a lot so they’d be strong and healthy
  • he’s the type to cry on his kid(s) first day of shcool bc he’d be attached
  • he’d always encourage them to do and tryt heir best in everything they do

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  • he’d be the quiet protective type of dad while at the same time being very laidback
  • he’d express his love for his children a lot through actions rather than words
  • he’d save the “I love you”s and the “I’m proud of you”s for special occasions so that they carried more meaning to them
  • introduce his children to the world of manga
  • i can see him buying his children pokemon costumes for halloween lol
  • teach them how to dance if that’s something they wanted
  • he’d be so supportive of everything they did
  • he’d make sure to show up to every school play/performance his child was in and would continue clapping even after all the other parents had stopped
  • he wouldn’t show much physcial affection but he’d lowkey love it when his children hugged him or clung to him
  • His kids would think he was so cool bc of how he let them do stuff as long as they stayed safe

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  • very playful (he’d be the most playful out of all the members)
  • push for his children to learn other languages
  • he’d tease his children a lot
  • bring his children souvenirs from the different countries he’s visited while on tour
  • make funny faces to get them to laugh
  • take a lot of pictures of them
  • would always dance with his kids and try to teach them to rap and skateboard
  • i can also see him being a very active dad and taking his children on a lot of adventures
  • always lift them on to his shoulders and give them piggy back rides
  • he’d always lift them up and marvel at them in awe, amazed that they were his

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Thank you to the anon who suggested this! THIS NEARLY KILLED US WITH FEELS!! We wilI most likely also make one of these for BIGBANG and BTS some time in the future!!!

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BAP as Pokemon
  • Yongguk:Doesn't fight. Is actually a companion pokemon. Used as a therapy pokemon for the sick patients. Looks like a tough pokemon, but is actually really sweet.
  • Himchan:One of those high-level pokemon that doesn't listen to you. Does what he wants. Falls asleep a lot instead of listening to you.
  • Daehyun:Steals food from the other pokemon and you. Thinks he's tougher than he actually is so he gets knocked out a lot.
  • Youngjae:Has the sassy nature. Likes being paired up with Pokemon who do most of the work and he gets all the experience points. Makes up for it by being super cute.
  • Jongup:High-level but his attacks miss a lot. Ends up confused a lot and always attacks himself
  • Zelo:Lvl. 1. Just hatched from an egg. Still young but very promising. Has a lot of good moves from his father.

overwhelmingly adorable  (≧▽≦)


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