Tired of eating the same old humdrum foods? You could try being a little adventurous and add some giant isopods to your meals. The Japanese call them ogusokumushi, which means ‘giant armored bug’. They’re a sort of crustacean, which means they’re related to shrimp and crabs, and they live on the sea floor, but these critters look like they’d sooner be seen scuttling about in a sci-fi movie rather than fried up and served on your dinner plate. However that doesn’t mean that people don’t eat them.

As part of the ‘Third Deep Sea Festival’ which recently took place at the Omoshiro Suizokukan Aquarium in Yokohama City, 100 of these creepy-crawly, but still perfectly edible creatures were served up for daring visitors. Apparently they smell like shrimp while being fried, along with some “earthy notes”. And as for the taste, once you manage to break through their considerable shells, the meat is “shrimp-flavored, with some earthy, metallic accents.” Yum?

Click here to learn more about giant isopods and exactly what it’s like to eat them.

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夕方の富士山・横浜ランドマークタワー展望台からの眺め | Mount Fuji at sunset from Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden by Iyhon Chiu


City of Yokohama by Mahalarp Teeradechyothin