In Defense of the Misunderstood Hero, Mori Ougai

I’m sure many would raise eyebrows when they read the title because, Mori? A hero?

Many people portrayed Mori as a sadistic devil, but in no canon situation has Mori ever shown any sadistic tendency (like Dazai has). In fact, I’d say he’s the reverse of that. He took care of Elise very well, despite/even though she’s his own ability. He never once has hurt people for the sake of hurting people.

In fact whenever he didn’t have any business to take care of, his true personality shone through and it was not of a cold, heartless man with no conscience. Rather it was one full of dorkiness and gentle patience. Here, he even contacted Ango (who was sweating bullet because holy shit he’s being called by the fucking boss of Port Mafia) just to ask what color of dress will fit Elise more.

(For the love of anything holy I’ve scoured Ango and Oda’s tag in tumblr yet I can’t find it. It’s the extra DVD comic featuring Buraiha trio drinking and talking shit about Mori. In exchange, have these dorky dad and son interacting;

First thing first, I will give you what I think is the most important fact about Mori. Look at his line in this scene

Now this is his true nature; his main motivation for doing everything he did. The good of the organization.

At no point has Mori’s action ever benefit only himself. At every instance he appeared in the story, he’s doing something for the Mafia and for Yokohama. The only self-centered thing he has ever done was asking Elise to wear what he wanted her to wear and that’s moot point anyway since she’s his Ability and presumably modeled after his ‘ideal’ little girl.

In this scene, he saved four members of ADA and even gave Atsushi an important lesson. Why would he do such a thing when he could literally immobilize Anne and Lucy by bloodlust alone? He could have let her take Tanizaki and Atsushi, then pressure her to let him out with his memory intact. Not to mention that his Ability, Elise, was waiting just outside, standing by ready to break him out any time.

If he does this, not only he will go free with the memory of the attack and thus the secret of Anne’s Room, he would also take care of not one but three ADA agents. Rather, he chose to save all of them plus every single person Anne has swallowed in the Dark Room.

Now here;

This is the scene where he took over as boss. The fact that the Old Boss was bedridden and hallucinating while seemingly so thin, also from the way he was narrated by Hirostu in episode 21, implicate that his condition was something he contracted at a long period of time rather than it being something sudden.

Notice the circumstance in which he did it. Mori only killed the boss after he issued the order that would bring destruction not only to the Mafia but also to the city and nation at large, killing many people whether criminal or innocent. He didn’t do it before even though he could have.

By becoming the biggest bad of the bad, he resolved himself to take care of the light from the shadows. And this is important because if he hadn’t stepped in at that time either the Old Boss would have burnt Yokohama down or another heinous criminal would have taken over and brings the nation down with them.

He is protecting Yokohama by not letting people worse than him to take control of its biggest criminal organization. Notice what Kouyou think about him;

She supported him because of this too. She knew what it felt like to under one of those leaders that cared only for money and power like the Old Boss. Kouyou will not support people if all they brought with them was suffering and death the way she was forced to feel when her dearest was taken away from her. Under Mori’s reign, our queen Kouyou pledge her loyalty not to him but the kinder way he brought.

It can also be seen in this scene.

Mori could have taken effort to keep Kouyou there, but his tone and body language are open. He knew that Kouyou can go anytime and he’s not fighting to keep her there; Kouyou decided to stay on her own free will and he is appreciative of knowing he had a single ally he can absolutely trust on who also knew of his true motivation.

In this scene

It was made clear that he respect the Old Boss, so much that the death of a hundred subordinate made him embarrassed.  He’s not upset that he lost some underlings, he’s upset that he lost them without a good reason to justify their death. A miscalculation has taken a hundred of his soldiers.

And you might think his reaction to this is rather cold, but remember that all of them were members of the mafia. All of them are criminals who would be executed if they fall into the hands of the police and they also knew what they’re getting into when they joined the Organization.

You can probably say what he did to Odasaku was horrible, sure. But it was expected for the boss of the Mafia to do so. (further reading for this topic)

But you have to admit it was a stroke of utter genius. With the gifted Business Permit and no longer fearing the government, Mori would be freer to take down opposing criminal organization that might bother the peace. Rather, he focused the Mafia to expanding its power and outwardly he did so, like this there will be very little chance for either a rebellion or an enemy organization attacking them in their HQ. This would also mean less threat to Yokohama.

Fukuzawa’s remark in this was absolutely true. Not only between the two organization but also for him and Mori specifically. Mori loved Yokohama, enough to dip into the darkest of dark to protect it. And Fukuzawa knew it too because look at his line here

In this, it can be said that he didn’t want a war to break in Yokohama that might disturb its peace. But then why say ‘balance’?

This is because Fukuzawa knew the extent of his subordinate’s strength also that they will be able to kill Mori if they go all out. This is what he feared the most. While if he died, the Agency can be well-taken care of in Kunikida’s hand, once Mori’s dead there’s no one to reign in the Port Mafia and keep it from wreaking havoc, thus destroying the balance of Yokohama city into what it was before; the Dragon Head Rush. (you might want to read the novel of dark era to really grasp the situation. But basically it was a gang war that led to many victims including the families of Odasaku’s orphans)

More than that, the people who might succeed Mori would not be as kind as him. They might do what the Old Boss did and try to burn Yokohama down.

And this, I think, is also the main reason why Mori sent Dazai away from the Mafia. It is, of course, easy to assume what Dazai remarked about Mori’s intention in chapter 30/episode 21 to be the truth; that he did it to remove a threat to his position.

But is this the whole story?

The fact that he kept Dazai’s spot empty rather than choosing someone else to fill it was a paradox if you were to look at him from the angle of a man hungry for power. He has anticipated Dazai’s return, was so sure of it in fact that he sacrificed monetary and workload gains of having another Executive. If he wanted Dazai back in the first place, then why drive him out of the Mafia and into the ADA?

For now, imagine what would have happened if Dazai took over as the Boss if he’s still the same man he was before Oda’s death. Cruel, ruthless and uncaring for people’s life as he was, he would have gone into the same track as the Old Boss and destroys Yokohama as his mental health eroded. Not even Odasaku would be able to save him from himself at this point.

This is also why he asked Dazai back to the Mafia after taking such extreme methods to drive him out. Of course there are another reason, that is he needed his right hand back to drive out the Guild as he remarked.

But the main reason why he asked back after all this time was because there are people in ADA who have taught him about having something worth loving and worth protecting.

Mori felt that Dazai has learnt enough about the light and why it is something worth protecting. With it, when Dazai inevitably take his seat as the Boss of Port Mafia, Dazai would be able to follow his legacy as the Darth Vader of Bungou Stray Dogs and The Dark Knight of Yokohama. This is Mori’s special way of grooming Dazai to become his successor.

All this was so Dazai can be his successor and not the Old Boss’.

Conclusion for those who are too lazy to read 2000+ words of Mori being awesome: no, Mori is not an evil incarnate born to manipulate everyone to his own amusement.

If anything, he’s the greatest hero of the story. The same way the ADA is protecting the city and Japan from the light, Mori is protecting it from the shadows. With the balance that has been made between him and Fukuzawa, it is imperative that he keep doing what he did, or the balance will fall and Yokohama condemned into a lake of fire.

Asagiri Kafka is truly an exceptional writer. They made Mori into this all-bad boss of the Mafia while slipping in his real face every so often. Here is the author who made every character complex and with their own motivation. What made you think they’ll make the ‘villain’ as simple as a man existing just to be a villain?

Even Fitzgerald and Fyodor got development and reasoning for doing what they did, but the difference is they’re arc-villain and not whole story-villain like Mori. Their reign will be over with their arc, but Mori’s will live as long as BSD continues, so it’s imperative that they got their development and exposition early on so the readers can sympathize with them.

Thus I concluded my exposition of the anti-hero that has been protecting Yokohama all this time not by bathing in sunlight but by submerging himself in blood yet capable of keeping his head out of it depth; Mori Ougai.

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Headcanons of Atsushi, Dazai, Chuuya and Akutagawa seeing their s/o gets fatally injured by the enemy but they are too far away to help them please?

ANGST YES i’m in love

~Admin Kat


  • Time stops. He’s absolutely mortified. This is the only time where he loses control of his ability despite being under Fukuzawa’s influence. It’s like back when he was at the orphanage all over again. He’s flooded with negative thoughts and it triggers his full transformation into the tiger.
  • It doesn’t matter how far away he was from the enemy. He will get to them and he will rip them apart in a frenzy. His rampage will continue even after they are dead. The entire enemy force is decimated and Dazai has to rush in to cancel his ability before he takes the entire city of Yokohama with him.
  • His self-hatred increases by a thousand fold after he’s had time to process what happened. In addition to flashbacks of his time at the orphanage, he’s now also plagued with reliving your death over and over again. Atsushi is pure and able to be happy despite everything that’s happened, but this just might be the trigger that sends him into the darkness.


  • He immediately stops whatever he was doing as his eyes go wide in shock as he sees you fall from the enemy. It’s like everything’s going in slow motion as he’s struggling to fight whoever’s in between you and him.
  • Once he realizes that there’s no saving you, he channels all of his grief into rage as he’s reliving the feelings that he felt during Oda’s death. The enemy will not survive an enraged Dazai, especially not after taking your life. Dazai’s actions terrify everyone from the ADA that witnesses him slowly killing your killer, making sure to exploit them in every way before finally granting them death.
  • Dazai’s mask no longer works. He still has it on. He still puts on that happy facade, but everyone can see through it. They all saw how he reacted to your death. And they can all see how his face falls blank whenever they bring you up. They try to coax him to grief, but he won’t. Although you were able to have him believe otherwise for a while, he now truly believes that “anything worth having is lost the moment he obtains it”.


  • Everyone in front of him is immediately affected by his ability and they all implode on themselves as he’s filled with grief and rage at seeing you fall. He shoots himself towards you and lets out a scream once he sees that he’s too late.
  • He doesn’t care about anyone around him. He doesn’t care that he’ll die. He activates Corruption. He decimates the enemy - he sends them a message that they made a grave mistake. The entire area is destroyed, like a permanent mark of his grief on the earth.
  • If he somehow survives, he’ll be angrier than ever. He had survived the odds - Corruption was supposed to kill him, but he survived. Why had he survived instead of you? What twisted act of fate took your life away and saved his? In the next few months, he will drown himself in his work if only so he can distract himself from that empty void inside of him.


  • This little edgelord is already filled with rage - seeing you get fatally injured by the ending sends him over the edge. He’ll end up unlocking some other aspect of his ability that’s overwhelmingly devastating and he’ll hunt down everyone that the enemy is associated with along with the enemy themselves. No one survives.
  • He becomes more cruel to his subordinates afterwards. He becomes more vicious towards his enemies. He truly believes that his only worth is through his combat ability. He blames himself for not being strong enough to protect you. 
  • He dedicates the rest of his life and training to avenge you. Even if the enemies he’s mowing down has nothing to do with you, he does it in your name. He lost you because he wasn’t able to kill the enemy fast enough and to him, this is the way to make up for that. He continues doing this hoping that one day, he’ll be able to forgive himself.

Osomatsusan × Sanrio Characters × Pompompurin Cafe “十四松まつり Jyuushimatsu Festival” (2017 April 1 - May 7)

to celeblate the birthday of Pompompurin on April 16, the sextuplets will come to the cafe.
the menu of this collabo cafe will be same as the menu of Sanriomatsu cafe Ikebukuro, and also special Pompompurin’s birthday menu will be offered there.

Pompompurin Cafe Yokohama
2-1-5, Minamisaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa

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Can I request a scenario for Chuuya and an ADA member s/o? Where one day they meet in a mission and they have to fight each other. It can be angst if you like. 😊 May you have a good day!

Sure you can! I hope you don’t mind that I tweaked your request a bit and made the s/o into someone that is Chuuya’s love interest instead :’)

Chuuya Nakahara

An unexpected appearance of a man dressed in formal attire revealed himself from the dark shadows of the underground tunnel. It was undoubtedly the same person who possesses the ocean blue eyes you gazed into several weeks ago. Allowed yourself to become lost in his dancing sapphire irises that you came to believe were the most beautiful things you have ever seen. And the man, standing proud and tall, was none other than Chuuya Nakahara himself.

He’s the one that you found yourself becoming infatuated with after your first meeting with him. You can still remember the way his voice sounded like melting honey, making you feel warm and soft inside. How the handsome man with gorgeous tangerine locks gave you a sense of familiarity when you both exchanged sweet, innocent conversations. It almost certainly felt as if you and him had known each other for many years, even though you had only met moments ago. 

There was also his perfectly defined lips, how they would curve into the most charming smile that was so lovely it captivated your heart. The faint smell of the cherry wine lingering on his clothes that held a mild, intoxicating fragrance when mixed with his natural scent. You couldn’t possibly forget about his infectious and contagious laughter either. You nearly fell in love with the sound of it in a matter of seconds of hearing it.

And with the exchange of your phone numbers and promise to meet each other again in the future was exciting and thrilling at the very least. However, you had never envisioned the day where you would encounter him again would be under the circumstances concerning the battle of the organizations. You never thought you would stand before the man that held the perfect spring sky in his eyes would have the intentions of hurting the members of the Agency that you associate with. And you would have never guessed that he belonged to the Mafia – let alone is a current title holder of one of the 5 fearsome executives.

Chuuya looks at you with a fixated stare, muttering something incoherent with a difficulty that he wasn’t used to. He felt his hands balling into a fist at his side and mentally cursed himself over the fact that you were part of an enemy organization that he had orders given by his superiors to deal with. He then sighs to himself, not believing his incredulously bad luck with women. Honestly, out of everyone in the city of Yokohama, he just had to fall for someone that he couldn’t be with.

“I can’t do this. I’m not gonna fight you, (name).”

With that said, Kenji merely blinks at the sight of the gravity manipulator turning his back to his opponents and walking away without saying another word. “Huh? He’s actually really leaving without putting up a fight.” The happy-go-lucky blonde announced with astonishment, one of his hands hovering above his narrowing eyes like he’s shielding away the blinding rays of the golden sun as he watches the man adorned with a fancy hat slowly disappearing from sight.

“Seems like he’s quite smitten with you, (name), to have walked away just like that,” said Yosano as she crosses her arms over her chest and watches the moving figure blend seamlessly into the darkness of the tunnel alongside you and Kenji. You felt a blush working its way up your neck at her comment and sheepishly tried to convince her that it was just her imagination. 

But who were you kidding? Anyone who saw the way Chuuya looked at you didn’t have to think twice about it. Yosano just confirmed something you weren’t sure how to accept. Because you and Chuuya belonged in a divided world that would only clash with each other if your relationship with him had developed into something more.  

a mind-blowing theory on dazai

my friend, @pangalexandra told me about this theory one day and ruined 83% of my life. however, i’ve come up with some rebuttals for this, and feel obliged to share this with all of you so as to comfort your souls in case one of your friends told you about this and ruin 83% of your lives as well.

*spoilers underneath* *don’t read if you haven’t finished the series (anime & manga) until chapter 49 and season 2.

Keep reading

Chuuya didn’t cry. 

When Dazai left, he celebrated with glee as the man who he had spent years with has went and disappeared. That the man that he had always envied, always hated, always tried putting up with, is now gone from his sight. And Chuuya knows, Dazai will come back walking into his life one day, so for the mean time he drowns himself in glee. 

Chuuya didn’t cry. 

When Dazai had walked into his life again to use him to save Yokohama. He only did it for Yokohama, his beloved city, not for that poor excuse of a human being. 

Chuuya didn’t cry. 

When their partnership is still proved to be strong–if not the strongest despite it being four years since they had worked together. 

Chuuya didn’t cry. 

When he lowered himself to the cold ocean water that soaked his clothes and ruined his hair to retrieve the body. 

Chuuya didn’t cry 

because his feelings and emotions had already drowned in the ocean along with his tears and Dazai.


Minato Mirai 21 by 写真 太郎
Via Flickr:

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can I get a scenario where Dazai's s/o goes to a party and gets really drunk and Dazai has to pick her up, how would he react to her behavior?

Dazai Osamu

Today was a very special day for the members of the Armed Detective Companies. They were finally able to somewhat impede the Guild’s attack on the city of Yokohama. This called for a great celebration as the members started to pop open the wine and the champagnes. You walked around with Dazai, thanking everyone for their hard work and eating a few delicious food that were laid neatly on the table.

“Hey, (F/N) chan! Come over here for a second!” Dazai called you, sitting on the couch with Yosano right across from him. You peaked in, bowing as you sat down on the seat next to Dazai.

“So, (F/N) chan… I heard from Dazai that you’ve never drank before! Is that true?” Yosano inquired, looking at you with full of curiosity. You were taken back by the sudden question but you nodded your head slightly.


“Well then, be our guest!” Dazai cheered as he patted your back and poured a drink of wine into the glass, handing it over to you. You put your nose against of rim of the glass, smelling the strong alcohol. Your nose scrunched up with your forehead winkled. You coughed by the smell, putting the glass back onto the table.

“Aw, what a pity! Still a child I see?” Yosano teased as she drank a whole cup of wine. Dazai chuckled next to you, amused by your response of the wine. You shot a glare at the male.

“What?” you barked.

“Nothing! I was just thinking the exact same thing as Yosano san did. You still are such a child.” he smirked at you.

“Fine then. Why don’t you drink this wine?” you grabbed the glass off the table and shoved it into his face but Dazai resisted.

“No, no, no. I distaste wine. I like sake better.”

You knew his answer would be sake. He mentioned it before that he hated wine- unlike his old partner. You groaned as you spun the glass in your hand around and around, watching it swirl inside.

“You should really try it! It’s really good once you taste it.” the doctor persuaded you.

“Plus, this is a huge celebration party! Just go all out and have fun!” Dazai winked at you as he nudged your ribs. You rolled your eyes and smiled in defeat.

“Fine, fine. I’ll drink this wine. You better owe me icecream after the party though.” you said as you began chugging the drink deep down into your throat, letting the strong sensation kick you in. After you finished the drink, you placed it gently on the table and sat in your seat for awhile- your head hung low.

“U-Um, (F/N) chan… Are you alright?” Yosano peered at you with worry. You tried to stand up, but your legs felt numb so you collapsed right into Dazai’s slender arms, falling asleep immediately.

“EHHH?!?!?!” Yosano and Dazai both screeched, amazed on how low your tolerance is with wine. Your cheeks were burning up but you were fast asleep. Dazai couldn’t help but to play with your lips, flipping the top and the bottom of it up and down while making raspberry noises.

“Well, I can’t believe she fell right back to sleep after only a one cup of wine!” Yosano laughed.

“Sorry about that, Yosano san but will you mind everyone that we’re leaving the party early? Can’t let her stay like this for long or she’ll throw a hissy fit when she wakes up.” Dazai snickered, thinking back to the days he woke you up and you were not happy about it. Yosano nods as she leaves you two alone. Dazai gives you a piggy back ride with your cheeks smushed up right against his with your alcohol breath leaking from your mouth. Yet, no matter how drunk and smelly you were, he gave you a quick peck on the lips and trotted back home.