Yojiro Noda


Happy Birthday, Yojiro Noda!

Well, I’m probably going to be the only loser who writes you a birthday message here on tumblr, but for however long I’ve been listening to Radwimps (I can’t remember sobsob) you’ve been an inspiration to me. I know that Japanese isn’t my first language, but it’s my second, and I understand enough for your lyrics to register and oftentimes make me cry. Your music is amazing and emotional and incredibly technically sound– there isn’t another group out there that’s even similar to yours.

I joke around a lot and call you my future hasubando and all that kind of thing, but I would be so honored if I could meet you just once in my lifetime. I think you’re handsome and deep-thinking, and I love the way you dress because it’s so off-the-wall. I love the way you sing, and your amazing vocal range. I love your silly side and Misoshiru’s. I love all the Radwimps music videos, even though I wish you didn’t move around quite as much so that it’d be easier to get a decent screenshot, and I wish the MV’s on the Radwimps Youtube channel were in better quality than 240px or whatever. I wish Japan weren’t so far away, and I wish Radwimps albums weren’t so expensive. I wish it were easier to find good pictures of you even on Google Images Japan. But most of all, I wish you a happy birthday!

You’ve been my inspiration and my hero for at least two years. Your music and your lyrics have helped me through some of the roughest emotional times I’ve ever been through, and I’m honored to share the same birthday as you. Thanks for everything. I hope you have a great 27th birthday, and I can’t wait for the シュプレヒコール single to come out in August!

野田さん、あの、、、全部にありがとう。 あなたのリリークスや音楽や歌声、、、いつもいつもいつもありがとう! ♥ 私は、同じ誕生日がある、、、 お誕生日おめでとうごさいます!


Satoh Takeru will have a cameo role in the movie ‘Toilet no Pieta’ which stars his friend Yojiro Noda from the rock band RADWIMPS.

He will appear in one scene as a janitor who worked at the hospital. Takeru said that he only had a little appearance in the movie but he’s happy to participate.He read the script and thought it has a really nice story and with Noda’s sensibility, it will surely be a good movie.
Toilet no Pieta will premiere on June 6, 2015 in Japan.

To learn more about the movie, you can go to the official website: toilet-pieta.com/  
Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/toilet_pieta

*Rough translations by Hana Angel / Salia

Source: cinemacafe
Photo credit: mdpr

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Radwimps | Futarigoto


Ima kara omae ni nani hanasou ka na
Douyatte kono kanji tsutae you ka na
Sukoshi nagaku kakaru kamo na
Demo ne ganbatte miru yo
Kamisama mo kitto bikkuri 
Hito tte omae mitai ni dekite nai
Konseiki saidai no totsuzen heni tte
Kurai ni omae wa utsukushii

Sonna omae no touchan to kaachan no
Kokoro to kokoro kuttsuki sou na hodo
Chikaku ni ita futatsu no omoi to
Omoi ga chippoke na jikan nante mono
No sei ni shite wa
Itsushika me to me mo awasazu
Mou nido to kikoe nai “Tadaima”
Sonna futari omae mitsumeru
Uruttoshita hitomi dekou tsubuyaku

“Watashi no inochi wa futari no ai no akashi
Soko ni wa hitotsu datte
Uso wa nai sou deshou? 
Sou da to itte yo”
“Futari ni ai wa mou nai to iu nara
Watashi no inochi wa subete uso ni kawari…
“Toki” ni uso wo tsukase nai de”

Ano hi futari kawashita yakusoku wo
Ima ni tsunagi tomeru hikari ga ima no kimi na no
“Chichi yo, haha yo” to furuu koe mo
Futari wo mite nagaruru sono namida mo
Hanbun ko zutsu moratta no ni

Kimi ga kono yo ni umareta
Kiseki wo shinjire nai toiu
Kimi to boku to ga deaeta
Kiseki wo shinjire nai toiu

Onaji toko ni aketa PIASU
Omae no dake yake ni hikatte mieru
Ore mo itsuka kagayaku ka na
Omae mitai ni sekai wo aiseru ka na
Ore no kokoro horobi you tomo minikuku kuchi hate
Iki hikitorou tomo
Sono saigo no isshun dake demo
Omae ga miteta sekai mite mitai no

Mou kimeta mon
Ore to omae go-juu ni natte mo
Onaji BEDDO de neru no
Te to te awasetetara chi mo tsunagatte
Isshou hanare naku nattari shite
Konna yume wo itsumademo miyou
Same nakereba ii tte koto ni shitokou
Sameru kara yume to yobun deshou?
tte iu nara hoka ni namae tsuke you

Kimi to kaite “Koi” to yonde
Boku to kaite “Ai” to yomou
Sousurya hanare sou mo nai deshou?
Itsuka sonna uta tsukuru yo
Kimi to boku ga deaeta koto wo hito wa
Kiseki to yonde mitai dake
Kiseki ga unda kono hoshi de okoru subete
Kiseki igai arie nai darou

Rokusei senjutsu darou to daisakkai darou to 
Ore ga mokuseijin de kimi ga kaseijin darou to
Kimi ga ii hatte mo
Ore wa chikyuujin dayo iya, demo
Kari ni mokuseijin demo takaga tonari no hoshi daro?
isshou de ichido no WAAPU wo koko de tsukau yo

Kimi ga kono yo ni umareta
Kiseki yo hontou ni arigatou
Boku wa kimi to boku to ga deaeta
Kiseki wo shinjite mitainda
Kimi to boku to ga deaeta
Kiseki wo shinjite mitainda
Kimi to boku ga deaeta koto ga
Kiseki darou to nan darou to
Tada arigatou

Kimi wa iu kiseki dakara
Utsukushiin da ne suteki nan da ne


How can I begin to tell you? How can I explain this exact feeling?
It might take a while, but I’ll try my best
God must be surprised at how good you turned out
People just aren’t made like you
You’re so beautiful, as if you were the greatest mutation of the century

And your mother and father, 
their emotions were so close together, their hearts may have collided
But now, blaming time, they don’t even look at each other anymore
You’ll never hear them say, “welcome back home,” again
You watch them, with tears in your eyes, and say

“My life is a testimony of their love. There isn’t a single lie there, right? Please say so.
If there is no more love in between them, my whole life becomes a lie…
Please don’t make the time lie.”

Well, you are the light connecting the promise they made to now
Your voice, trembling, saying, “mother, father,”
and your tears, watching them, were both given to you, half and half, from them

You say you can’t believe in the miracle that you were born into this world
You say you can’t believe in the miracle that you and I met

We pierced our ears in the same place, but yours looks much more brilliant
I wonder if I’ll shine one day? And learn to love the world like you did?
Even if my heart gets destroyed, and I die away, rotting
At my last moment, I want to see the world how you saw it

I’ve already decided that we’ll sleep in the same bed, even when we’re 50
Maybe if we hold hands, we’ll become one, and we’ll never be apart for the rest of our lives
Let’s keep dreaming like this, pretending we’ll never wake up
But then again, it’s called a “dream” because we wake up from it, right?
Then let’s name it something else

You can be called “lo” and I can be called “ve”
Then, it won’t seem like we could ever part! I’ll write a song about that one day

People only want to say that our meeting was a miracle -
When in reality, nothing short of miracles could happen in this planet born from a miracle

Even if it’s astrology, or a bad luck year,
Or if I’m from jupiter, and you’re from mars,
No matter what you say,
I’m from earth. And even if I were from jupiter,
you’re only a planet away.
I’ll use my once in a lifetime warp right here.

I want to believe in the miracle that you and I met
Well, whatever it is, thank you

You say that it’s lovely, that it’s beautiful, because it’s a miracle