This is silly, cliché and incredibly self indulgent, but consider:
The squad while they were still on the run. They need a place to crash for the night so they go to this abandoned house that seems good enough.
While checking if the place is safe one of them finds and old radio/cd player/whatever. They think it’s cool and all, but don’t pay much mind to it.
Except after dinner, they’re chilling in the living room, not quite wanting to get ready to sleep yet, and Shinoa decides to see if that thing still works. Turns out it does! Well, mostly. It’s a bit scratchy, but it starts to play some nice music.
Shinoa then goes all “dance with me, Micchan!” and grabs Mitsu to dance. At first she doesn’t want to and starts complaining and doesn’t move at all, but Shinoa forces her anyway and soon the two of them are moving and giggling around the room.
The boys just watch them for a little, but Yoichi says they should dance too, so he drags Kimizuki (who’s not very amused) to where the girls are.
Yuu laughs and Narumi facepalms cause these kids are so embarrassing omg, tho slowly everyone joins in. It’s awkward, no one really knows how to dance, but they’re having fun.
However! Yuu sees Mika standing by the corner alone, which is unacceptable, of course. He immediately goes to him like “Mikaaa, you have to dance too!”
“No way, Yuu-chan”
“It’s fun, I promise”
Yuu takes his hands and guides him. Mika starts off so stiff and awkward, but he eventually gives in and let’s himself be a little silly with Yuu and Yuu is so happy because he gets to see Mika smile, even if just a little. So for the first time in ages all of them have a chance to just be kids and laugh and have fun together and now I’m crying bye.


The Cold Back

“You are really brave, aren’t you, Yoichi? Calling a vampire as your family….”

Saotome Yoichi averted his sight from the newly added ‘family’ to the person next to him. It was a mess, it was horrible, it was a nightmare. But once again, they could go through all that, and without losing anyone, they could hang out together after bath like this, waiting for dinner to get ready; like nothing happened. If only the blond vampire weren’t there, it would really feel like a bad dream….

“He is our family, Kimizuki-san!” Hiiragi Shinoa responded to Kimizuki Shiho’s prior statement before Yoichi could say anything. “A family’s family is also our family, right? That’s Shinoa squad rule!”

“That too, but…,” the brunette boy said as his eyes went back to the vampire they were talking about. Currently he was talking to Hyakuya Yuuichirou; smiling warmly, unlike the moment he first saw the vampire. “…his back is cold, you know?”

Of course that brought two pairs of confused eyes towards him. Yoichi realized he might had been using strange choice of words.

“…I mean, I have felt it,” he tried to clear his statement. “Mika-kun’s back, when I tried to hold him from taking Yuu-kun away before.”

“…I guess that’s vampire’s back to you,” the bespectacled teen raised an eyebrow. “Not surprising. He is already dead, after all.”

“And that’s why I want to make him my family, outside from he is being Yuu-kun’s family.”

A pause.

“I mean, isn’t it really lonely? To live while being dead, surrounded by the livings…. I could feel it. His cold back, yet smelled like blood and soaked with sweat…. He was appeared to be strong, but he was trembling.”

And I could see traces of tears on his cheeks, but he did not say that out loud.

The two did not comment anything.

“And that’s the main reason I want to make him as my family.”

Being alone is painful and sorrowful. If possible, I want to offer my hand and let him know he isn’t alone.

“After all I can’t get the person who jokes around with the demon inside him each night,” Kimizuki sighed, but smiled. “But whatever you say, Yoichi.”

Yoichi chuckled happily.

Let me tame you like the demon inside me, and make you my precious family as well….

Yoichi: Hey, Gekkoin.
Gekkoin: Hm?
Yoichi: Today’s my birthday.
Gekkoin: So?
Yoichi: You’re supposed to say congrats.
Gekkoin: Eh…
Yoichi: Where’s my congrats?
Gekkoin: Erm….Co..congrats.
Yoichi: Thanks Gekkoin!

Yoichi's dark side

Disclaimer: I haven’t been keeping up with Ons so I might not have all the context of what led to this chapter.

Yoichi’s dark side, now that’s something I never really thought I’d hear, which in retrospect was naive of me. The base was laid out for this, I mean they gave him a tragic backstory and the whole fight he had to go through to join the army.

The reason I never thought of it before is because 1. I started out watching the anime and it seemed like yoichi was a side character. 2. He is literally never in the main promotions, he’s always in the back and rarely shown and treated like a minor character. The only light was that he (along w kimizuki and yuu) is connected to the seraph of the end. The story took a while to hint that yoichi was more than just a “pure cinnamon roll”.

I’ve always loved yoichi because of his gentle nature. I especially loved that despite him being “weak” he still wanted to protect everyone. He is usually seen as the mediator and the most caring. When I thought of yoichi, the only thing that came up was kind.

This contrasts what we have learned in this new chapter. Not only does yoichi not think he is kind, he says that he is so bad that he can’t even show it. This was surprising. Kagami suddenly hinted that side character-esque character was more than just a 1-D kind personality. He made yoichi (forgive me) interesting. Not necessarily that he wasn’t interesting before, but kagami really didn’t give us much. That hint, really changes the game. Maybe all this “neglect” to his character (he was developed but not as much as other main characters in my opinion) and constant showing of his “kindness” was to make it an even bigger shock and reveal for when he finally dropped this bomb. It was just a hint, but that’s what makes it so compelling. Yoichi may finally be getting the spotlight he deserves.

Relationship with Gekkoin
Gekkoin’s character design was the most shocking and hilarious reveal of this chapter. I even made a post about how I can’t wait to see his character design because I thought it was gonna be cute: I mean “Moonlight Rhyme?” Cmon. Adorable. It was especially funny because this demon contrasts with Yoichi’s appearance so much because yoichi is actually adorable. The fact that they get along is both hilarious and cute. Gekkoin’s actually a nice demon despite the fact that he tried to take over Yoichi’s body and kill everyone. He thought yoichi was too weak but yoichi proved himself. Enough for Gekkoin (this badass looking demon that feeds on revenge that yoichi supposedly doesn’t have) to like him. Yoichi must have shown him a bit of his dark side for him to say that.

Yoichi’s kindness
Is yoichi kind? Or is it an act? We don’t really see how he is as a kid at all. We just see Tomoe protecting him and assume that yoichi is passive. Did he become dark because of tomoe’s death? Or has he always been secretly dark? He wants to get revenge on lacus for killing his sister, but the vampires life isn’t enough, he wants to make him suffer for it. It seems extreme for yoichi to say he is so dark just for wanting revenge on his sister’s killer. I mean he praises yuu’s kindness and yuu was trying to do the same thing a few chapters ago! Him saying that must mean he is darker than what he has shown us. We’ve only seen him as the sweet accepting mediator. The ray of sunshine and caring friend. It’s hard for us to believe that yoichi is “darker than he can show”. What else could he be hiding?

Yoichi and Yuu
Yoichi wants to torture and kill lacus. This is different from yuu because yuu wanted revenge on those who killed mika but now he is willing to save those same people who killed him. Yuu just wants to protect everyone, and sees the good in people. Yoichi can’t. Yoichi won’t stop his revenge on lacus like yuu did to ferid. Maybe it’s different because yoichi won’t get Tomoe back like yuu got mika. He admires yuu for wanting to protect everybody and being strong enough to do it. But why is yuu much kinder than him? They essentially seem to be doing the same thing. Yoichi accepts everyone who yuu accepts. He stops fights that yuu instigates and even offers support to his friends like yuu does. What makes yoichi darker than yuu? Does it have something to do with his seraph?

Yoichi’s self hate
Yoichi says he is much darker than he can show. He essentially belittles himself while praising yuu. Or so it seems. At this point since we think that yoichi and yuu are about the same in kindness, it seems more like self hate. He praises yuu for doing things that he also does because he thinks he is dark because he can’t forgive lacus like yuu forgave ferid. The self hate could stem from his “weakness” and inability to protect what he cares for (though in recent chapters he has shown he is strong) and his inability to forgive. But it might not be self hate, he may just be stating facts. No hate behind it, just informing Gekkoin about the reasons he isn’t as kind as yuu, because yoichi knows what he thinks and he knows that yuu is straightforward and doesn’t hide his thoughts like yoichi does. Though most likely it is self hate.

Yoichi’s complexity
Up until this point it seemed like yoichi was a straightforward 1-D character with a simple motivation. His description: “weak kind boy who wants to protect his friends and avenge his sister”, nothing more. These recent chapters have shown us not only his growth from weak to strong, but also from kind to dark. The fact that we now know that yoichi isn’t as kind as we thought makes us wonder what was really going on in Yoichi’s head in previous chapters. His underlying motivations. Previously I never thought about yoichi beyond what he did but now kagami has given us a reason to rethink Yoichi’s actions. Even after talking with Gekkoin he goes straight back to his innocent look and lies to yuu saying that he was tense. He brushed off what we know as an important conversation as something less important. There are things he’s not telling the squad. How many other times has he brushed over important things like that.

Essentially kagami has given us a wonderful gift. Yoichi isn’t what he seems and he’s finally seeming like an actual character. I loved him before but now I’m interested to see where he goes with this and what Yoichi’s background story is.

It really is always the quiet ones.

Female characters’ condition in fictional worlds (mostly where the yaoi ships are strong).

What is this post about? It’s about what I read the other day on Twitter. So, after last Owari No Seraph episode that made the fandom go BERSERK because:

1. The Mikayuu shippers saw heaven waving a hand at them.

2. The Yuunoa and clearly-simply-not Mikayuu shippers wanted to puke everything they had.

3. Some others (from both sides and simply not into ships at all) suggested that all was going way too gay, more than the manga blabla…

…It was like that, all around the internet, and of course, there was reactions of every sizes and on every subjects around and about ships and pairings and then I saw this.

The tweet goes like that (I don’t screenshot it because there’s no point into blaming that person and send anyone after her): “Wtf was that with the Mikayuu? Why did the authors created Shinoa? Duh wake up everyone! Shinoa wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for be with Yuu, obviously and yes I ship Yuunoa.”

I didn’t invented a bit of it. Let me tell you I screamed and agressively slammed my hands on the desk. Just so we’re clear, I don’t give a shit about Yuunoa in this, of course you can ship them (I personnaly think they are cool together even if I think Mikayuu wins etc. not the point anyway)…

No, what disturbs me and AFRAIDS me it’s what comes before! What she meant was:

What is the point of a female character if not being shipped (in a hetero ship on top of that, of course because gays can go to hell, it’s obvious) with someone! And I just felt miserable because this girl (it was a girl, and it’s important here, who tweeted it) just thought that the point of a female character was to be the love interest of the main one. It’s fucking scary, isn’t it? 

You can think it’s homophobic, but I’m not sure it’s the point because she ships Gureshin next to that (I did my research and talk with her after that). But it’s so SEXIST! It’s a total lack of respect toward female kind! I thought “What does this girl think about her own condition? That she was only born to be someone’s girlfriend? Someone’s love interest?” How sad is that! 

It may appears like an overraction (the poor girl was flooded with awful and hopefully more intelligent reactions) but it’s not. Actually, when I told her my opinion, she just froze and it was the revelation. Because she DID saw her like that at some point and realised it wasn’t good. She was sorry, poor thing, really. I’m a bit sad for her because she just didn’t think it through and received a lot of hate when she was all ready to understand and share points of view. Anyway.

The point in that post is that it’s really, really, REALLY important that girls, especially the younger ones who don’t always make the difference between fictionnal romances and reality can see this: You don’t exist to be someone’s love interest.

Thus, don’t - AT ANY COST - expect a fictionnal female character to be one. It’s disrespectul, sexist and immediately takes all its humanity away to the character. Shinoa, here, is only a sexual object whom purpose in life is to be Yuu’s lover at some point. Like an animal/thing he’d own (and love yes) but that’s it? 

It’s even more shocking because it’s Shinoa! She’s the strongest female character in this show. The girls in Guren’s squad are too but they, unfortunately, are too deep in the Guren’s harem dynamic… But Shinoa’s got a real development. Through the whole story so far, she learned to care about others, to lead, to team up, that family wasn’t a rotten concept (thanks Hiragis) and on top of that, she’s smart, witty and caring for Yuu. I don’t care if she’s in love with him or not, she’s just there for him, backing him up, helping him… What do you need more? She’s an awesome character! She defo can’t be labeled as “someone’s love interest”.

And I really hope girls will see that and stop think authors create female characters just to be love interests. Actually, I wished more authors had bad ass female characters never falling in love to make a point.

Girl, you’re as worthy as any other human. No one says Yoichi or Kimizuki was created to be someone’s love interest, right? (No, Kimiyoi shippers, it’s NOT that time of the day hahaha) No but seriously. And yet, the statement is common for Shinoa. Well it’s not.

It never will. Female characters are first of all HUMAN characters with back ground stories, development, flaws and qualities and YES they totally can fall in love but that’s not what defines them.

There. I’m done.

I am… SO, so, so SORRY for the ranting. 

Feel FREE to share your opinion, debate about it (though you won’t ever convince me of the total opposite haha) and bring your own thoughts about this. 

Sorry again ^^’

anonymous asked:

Whenever you have time, but do you think you can give a summary of Owari no seraph chapter 51?

Detailed summary/translation post for chapter 51 (when I say detailed, I mean super long and thus a read more cut lol)

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Title: Weekend Dare Part II

It’s Finish Fic February, so I’m trying to get a lot of my WIPs done so I’ll have enough time to work on my contributions for Yuumika week in April! After this, I’m gonna go back to working on ‘The Melody of Our Dance’, but for now, part 2 (as well as the final part) of ‘Weekend Dare’ is finished! XD

Please be forewarned that it’s NSFW, so please be careful!! 

Part I can be read here.

Part II under the cut! ^^

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