Face Value

With the canon reveal of All The Blackrock Loose Ends, you know I had to.

There wouldn’t have been a good way to show her the scars, and in fact he’d sort of planned to never do it, but of all the possible ways, this was definitely the worst.

“Oh,” she said. “Well. You’re naked.”

“I—you—the—Zoey—leave!” he sputtered, his voice cracking on every syllable. His skin was on fire.

“Riiiiiiiight,” said Zoey, still looking at him. Her cheeks were rather red. She sipped her tea. “That’d be the thing to do.”


She pointed at him, then turned and walked out. Rythian put both hands over his face and dropped to his knees.

“Locks on the doors,” he said to himself. “Why didn’t I ever put locks on the doors. Why is it always me? What have I ever done to deserve this?”

As usual, nobody answered. Rythian growled to himself, mostly to get the dignity of his voice back, even if all else was lost.

It could have been anything. He could have been maimed in a creeper explosion. One of the wolves could have tugged it off by accident. He could have just gotten over himself and taken it off in front of her of his own accord, to eat or drink or just for the hell of it. But no. It had to be this. The universe, certainly, was getting back at him for something.

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Yogscast God's AU

I saw a drawing of Kim as a goddess and i thought, what would the rest be?!?!

This is what i thought

Life and Death- Two brothers, complete opposites, but yet they work together to keep the earth in harmony. You would never see Life. A man stuck in his home in heaven, making sure things a born and created. Making sure the right things adapt and the right things don’t. Its Death you see. Its Death that goes around with his golden gun. Its Death that stands above you as you breath your final breath. (Kirin Dave and Ridgedog)

The Journeyman-Your life is a journey, and through the fun bits with friendship and through the dark bits with no one around, the Journeyman is by your side. He is the one that listen to you when you are alone, and he is the one that leads the way through the dark, with his bright torch in hand. (Xephos)

The Dwarf-The breaker of stone and barriers, the dwarf is there to pick you up by singing and break down your worst fears. Originated in the mines by miners scared of digging to deep, the Dwarf would stand by them and make them feel invincible. (Honeydew) 

The Curious-Also known as the crazed scientist, the curious is the one that sparks the interest. He is the one that makes you ask ‘Why?’. He has read every book in every library. He looks down at the lost and makes them wander. (Duncan)

The Mother-Unlike most religions where the mother symbolises fertility and womanhood, The Mother is growth and maturity. Whether it childish stupidity, or adult-like fondness, The Mother watches over you as you grow and change into who you are meant to be. (Kim)   

The Wise-A young woman, like that of Minerva of Rome and Athena of Greece, who is wise and great in battle. Her owl of Wisdom and her raven of Knowledge, she knows all that happens in the world. (Hannah)

The Pool-Master-Not much is known about the young pool-master. He appeared one day with two cats and bucket of water. He spends little time in heaven, enjoying wandering earth and appearing in front of people when the least expect it. He joins in journeys, and though he certainly doesn’t make it easy, he does make it more of an adventure. (Nilesy)

The Mage-He is the one that writes the book the curious reads. He is the one that creates the knowledge and wisdom the birds bring to The Wise. He is known as the Mage, one of the most powerful beings in heaven, and it is debated amongst mortals, the most powerful, more powerful than Life and Death themselves. (Rythian)

Mother Mercy-Mother Mercy, the one that judges you once you die, the one that decides whether you go to heaven or hell. Mercy is her name, as she is kind and sweet and realises why people do things, and not just sends them to where for what. She is the happiest and jumpiest person you will ever me, and accepts you for you, and nothing else. 

The Nature-Spirit- Life and Death smaller counter part. The big two had a lot of work on their hands dealing with humans and animals that the plants started to wither, so they created the Nature-Spirit to deal with the flora of the world. (Martyn)

The Simple-The nephew to Life and Death, and is completely different to them. He prefers a simple lifestyle, one without paperwork and running over earth every hour of everyday. He likes simplicity, which somehow got him close to the Nature-Spirit. (Toby)

The Tricksters-A strange duo who bring a bit of spirit into the world. They not only make you question what you see, they make you laugh. They are the one who makes the houses look like Hitler, and they are the ones that put faces into the trees. They make you laugh with and at each other. (Sips and Sjin)

The Darkened Three-When they’re names are spoken, children hide and grown men shudder. The darkened three are known as the evil in the land. The Firestarter, one who hides in the shadows, the one who causes death. The Builder, the achiever, building higher than everyone else, the one that shoves his success down everyone’s throats. And the Walrus, the one who controls his two friends, stops them from killing and destroying people. No-one knows if he’s really bad at his job or if he just doesn’t care. (Hatfilms) 

The Thief-A friend to all, and is also known as the most annoying man in the universe, mainly with his thievery, but also the fact that he enjoy’s singing and he knows he’s not very good. But still, he may be a theif, and may have been a simple mortal once, but he is still a friend you would never want to disappear. (Turpster)

The Devil and his Apprentice- One from hell and one from earth, a match not made in heaven, causing death, destuction and deals all over the place. Giving problems to your solutions, and solutions to those problems. If they earn a profit, they are on it. (Parv and Strife)

Home - Part 1 of ???

[This is my first fic for this particular fandom, and the first fic I have written since my senior year in high school (2003! Wow!) Since the gang revealed how the series was supposed to end and even some long standing secrets, I wanted to write a little something about what they might have gotten up to after all was said and done. I hope you all enjoy it. I certainly had fun writing it. This will likely be a multi-parter but I apologize ahead of time that I will be slow to update as I work full time, I’m married and have lots of other responsibilities. Not to mention a mini-vacation coming up at the beginning of June. So patience is the key here. But feel free to leave me comments and let me know what you think!]

Part 1 - You are here
Part 2 - Click me!

Title: Home

Summary: They did it. They had taken back their lives and finally found peace again, but Rythian still isn’t quite satisfied. Something is missing. That something, is Home.

Characters: Zoeya, Rythian, Teep, Ravs (mention), Nilesy (mention) so far. Potentially more to come? Idk.

Pairings: Zoethian (if you don’t like it you can scroll on please - I know there has been some hate lately but yo, to each their own okay? c:)

Warnings: Cute shit. Yeah that’s right. Fluff central. May update for future chapters.

You know how all traditional fairy tales end with “Happily Ever After”, but what exactly happens “ever after”? Is the story truly over? After all, the hero or heroine must have saved the day and now everything is perfect, and happy and wonderful.

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Where colours meet

Summary: basically an au where only when you meet your soul mate you can see colour and when they die the world goes grey again.

Pairings: Zoethian and Rythna

Warnings: Character death

A/N : I have no clue what this is and it’s not the best thing I have ever written but what the hell lets post it anyway!

Where colours meet.

Colour. Many new nothing about it. A lucky few got to experience it. Those who saw colour were those who were in love. For the rest of us, the world was filled filled with a spectrum of grays. Not just metaphorically speaking. All I see is gray. When you meet your soul mate, you are able to see colour, and when they die the world returns to grey. Its as simple as that. You can have only one soul mate, so most people choose to make the most of the time they share in colour.

But I was different.

My name is Rythain. A perfectly ordinary teen living in a flat and working in a bookstore. I had a decent amount of friends and I went to a pretty good school. I had never really had an interest in girls and never really understood what the big deal was with colour. I honestly couldn’t have been more normal. Until I met her.

I was on lunch break and decided to go Barry’s, the little cafe across the road. I sat at my normal table and pulled out my notebook, as I normally do. Everything seemed fine. Then a girl came up to me and asked for my order. I asked for a coffee without even looking up. I could tell she was new. She stuttered slightly as she spoke and appeared to take a little longer to write my order than the older waitresses did.
Anyway, it was only when she came back did I look up at her. As she placed my cup clumsily down on the table I turned to thank her. But as I first caught sight of her I was completely lost for words. She was actually quite pretty. She had long hair that was quite a dark shade of grey. She wore the normal cafe uniform but she had a small mushroom pin on her apron. She was quite short, but not extraordinarily so. But what stood out most were her eyes. They were unusually bright and a beautiful shade of blue.

Wait, blue?

That’s where it all began. Her name was Zoey. She had fiery red hair and a slightly worrying obsession with mushrooms. After our meeting at the cafe we say and talked for almost 7 hours straight. (I completely forgot to go back to work.) Turned out she had just moved to the area with her parents and was trying to make money to buy her own place. By the end of the evening I knew her pretty much inside out. I was also mesmerized by the many vibrant shades colour. It would take a bit of getting used to, but I liked it.

Over the next few months we spent pretty much every waking moment with each other. Zoey was great fun to be around, and when I asked her if she wanted to come and live with me she was ecstatic. She was by far the best thing that had ever happened to me. Back then things were still pretty normal, minus the whole Zoey situation, which almost seemed too good to be true. Turned out it was.

I will never forget that phone call. Rain was pelting the pavements outside the apartment building and thunder was echoing in the distance. Zoey had gone to see her parents and should have been back home by now. I was pacing back and forth by the door when I heard the phone ring. I practically pounced on it, hoping it would be Zoey telling me she was safe and was going to stay at her parents for the night.

It wasn’t zoey.
She wasn’t safe.
She wasn’t at her parents house.

The next few minutes were a blur. I don’t really recall them very well. I vaguely remember them rushing her from the ambulance to accident and emergency. She was in a bad way. The first thing I really remember was sitting beside a hospital bed that contained a very pale and bandaged Zoey. I had my hand clasped tightly around hers, as if I was willing life into her. She had been unconscious for at least 2 hours by then and my world had been slipping in and out of colour since I had arrived at the hospital.

She had an argument with her mother. She had been upset and angry. She had stormed out and began to drive home. She hasn’t considered the wether. Her vision had been hindered by her tears. She hadn’t seen the taxi.


I glanced down to see zoey’s bright eyes looking up at me. She was awake. She was talking to me. She was ok. I felt my grip on her hand relax as I let out a sigh of relief.

“Rythian, did I crash the car?”

Her voice was delicate and it sounded so strained. I nodded, I didn’t trust my self to reply without bursting into tears.

“Rythain, why are you grey?”

I froze, then hurriedly glanced down at Zoey. I hadn’t noticed the grey creeping up on me but sure enough, as I glanced down at my hands I saw they were lacking colour. The colour was beginning to slowly fade from Zoey’s body now. Her breathing became strained and her eyes flickered open and closed. I was about to call for help when she clasped my hand tighter.

“I-it’s t-t-too late”

All that was left now were her eyes. They were still her eyes, the eyes I fell in love with. A tear fell from her eye onto her cheek as her eye colour began to flicker.

“I l-l-love y-you”

Her eyes faded to black.
She was gone.
I was alone.
The world was grey.

Her funeral was a few weeks later. I had always thought of funerals as being depressing. This was my first time attending one, and I was definitely right. Her parents were distraught. Everyone was crying, but me. I just felt numb. I couldn’t bring myself to cry. The best few months of my life were ruined and my time with colour was over.

It was late by the time I arrived back home. It was raining and I had decided to walk. Bad idea. I was soaked through by the time the building came into view. I stopped suddenly before I reached the door and realized I really didn’t want to go in. My apartment was filled with memories of Zoey, things I would rather now forget. That was when it all came crashing down. Only then did I break.

I sunk down the wall next to the door and buried my head in my hands as tears and rain streamed down my face. She was gone. Zoey was gone. I finally understood. I knew why people loved colour so much. It made thing seem so much happier, brighter. It was beautiful. Much better than the abyss of grey I had been flung back into.

I was sat there for what seemed like an eternity until I felt the rain stop. I looked up to see someone standing over me with an umbrella. He was a boy about my age with relatively long hair. He wore a plain t-shirt and jeans.

But what stood out were his eyes. They were bright, almost like Zoey’s. They were probably the most vibrant shade of gray possible. They were more like blue.

“I’m Lalna”

Wait, blue?

The Strange Case of Dr. Jones and Mr. Hector

I was hanging out in one of @fighteramy‘s streams and she played a song from the Jekyll and Hyde musical, which then caused me to listen to the whole soundtrack from the musical and instantly become obsessed with it, which then led to me re-reading the entirety of the original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (it’s only 96 pages and you can find it online), and long story short, here’s a Lab Buddies fic in the style of Robert Louis Stevenson.

Pain was not the whole of what Lalna had retrieved from the memory upload, but it was a large part, and by far the most palatable. At first he had not noticed the rest, or at least not remarked upon it; it came in fits and sputters, like rain upon a window, and at first left as much impression. He had known, of course, about the murders; had kept a tremendously close eye on them, both as a matter of personal interest and out of regard for scientific professionalism; and he had at times been taken by flights of dream or fancy wherein he would picture the scene as it must have fallen out. These brought him no pleasure, or if they did, he quickly quashed it or assigned it a more noble source; curiosity, perhaps, was responsible, or a delight in the impossibly tangled question of how such a monstrous Athena could have sprung, fully formed, from the restrained and laconic forehead of Dr. Jones.

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Home - Part 2 of ???

[Okay. I know you what you’re thinking.”Wow, that was fast. But you said you would be slow???” Yeah, I will be. After this part. Cause I have to think about where to go next. Anyway, enjoy!]

Part 1


Zoey chirped gleefully, her jet boots adding an extra bounce to her step. She had twirled to face him but continued walking with her back to the landscape. Tee trotted along behind them, his new crossbow aimed and at the ready to snipe approaching enemies. It was first thing in the morning, too bright for them to face much opposition, so Rythian felt comfortable leaving his sword sheathed at his side knowing the sharp shooter dinosaur had their backs.

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Not For Your Sake

Rating: G

Pairings: Nanocoffee, Zoethian

Summary: Due to Cornerstone, Rythian and Lalna are working together for the first time since the Nuke destroyed Blackrock. How is Rythian dealing with working with the man who shattered his life?

Notes: Born from a conversation that aeverelle and I were having on Skype the other day and our love for Blackrock and Flux Buddies parallels.

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Getting to sleep in the Cornerstone base was always a hassle.  First, they actually had to get into the base and, with the various teams scattered about all over the world, this was a massive task in and of itself.  

After a lot of angry messages, threats, and general confusion on who exactly was still missing, the entire team was finally assembled in the base and then came the item sorting, the machine checks, the “where the heck is my hang glider?!” and then–at last–they began to get into bed.

Since the beds were all shoved up against each other, most of them them tended to just crawl up from the foot of the bed but then there were people like Smith, who often stole others beds which caused a lot of ruckus, or people like Strippin who jumped on, scaring the people on either side of him.

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Alien Words On Human Skin

Title: Alien Words On Human Skin

Pairings: Parvill


Being a poster child for the existence of Alien’s wasn’t actually that great. But hey, his back was plastered across the History Channel. That was pretty neat.

Notes: Final Christmas gift! Merry Christmas, Lexi!This is based a lil bit off of this post by you fro a while ago. So hopefully, even if someone has already done one of these for you you can still enjoy it :3

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Fic - Frayed Threads

WARNING: This contains body horror; dont’t like, don’t read
Rating: NSFW
Pairing: Rythnable
Word Count: 6070
Note: This fic is set in the Yogscast Complete server before Nanosounds and Lalna nuke their tainted castle.


Two teal eyes tiredly opened up, blinking a few times before adjustingthemselves to the dim light surrounding them.


Rubbing the bridge of his nose in annoyance, Rythian blindly reached his arm out to flick on the redstone lamp beside him. He glanced around the somewhat barren room, looking for the source of the sound that had awoken him.

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I Want To Go Home

Rating: G

Pairings: Nanocoffee

Summary: Inspired by the events that transpired in episode 80 of Flux Buddies 2.0. Nano is extremely upset after the discovery of the cloning vats and Lalna struggles to comfort her.

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“I want to go home, Lalna”

Lalna turned off the water from the spigot and leaned back against the water-warmed stone walls of the bathroom.

Steam wafted around him while the silence that lingered after the shower stopped was replaced by the steady fall of rain against the roof.

Nano had wanted to go back to the “Butcher’s Shop” as soon as they had placed the doll in the raptor pen, but he had stopped her.

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anonymous asked:

Could you possibly write something where Parv got too upitty and was taken down a notch by Kirin and just broke. maybe Strife finding the empty shell of Parv? preferably UMY?

“I do believe,” says Kirin, coolly, not bothering to look up from his paperwork as the door to the shop opens with the quiet tinkle of a bell, “that this belongs to you?”

Will pushes the door shut behind him before answering, stamping the icy slush off his boots on the doormat and shrugging out of his coat to hang it up next to Kirin’s on the coat stand. “Oh?” he says, absently, focused on unwrapping the bright red scarf from around his neck - a solstice gift from Parvis, soft and delightfully warm - and breathing some warmth into his cold fingers. “Did I leave a charging cable here again? Sorry, they just seem to-”

“No,” says Kirin, patiently, but there’s a note of steel in his voice that makes Will pause with his hands on the tails of his scarf. “Not a charger.” He shakes the body he’s holding up by his grip around its arm, limp and on its knees, and it sways with the force of it. “This.”

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scribbles || smornby. pg-13. ~550 words

Anonymous said: Can you do the writing notes on the desk prompt for smornby?

‘FUCK. THIS. CLASS’ was the elegantly written note that Ross Hornby found on the bottom right corner of his desk in his maths class one fine Monday morning. It was written in black dry erase marker, clearly, as a few of the letters were already smudged. Smiling cheekily, Ross erased the c and l from the word class and graciously added the word ‘pls’ beneath it. He chuckled quietly, giving himself a theoretical pat on the back for his own cheap humor as he returned his attention to the teacher and continued his notes.

On Tuesday Ross found another note written from the angry, all caps fellow from before. ‘u’d like that wouldnt u’ it read this time, and Ross cocked an eyebrow and shrugged a shoulder because, well, yeah he would. He smiled as he erased the marker from the desk and got out his own red dry erase marker and began to write his reply. ‘are you sexting me through a desk?’ he wrote and added a cheeky ;-) emoticon to the side.

It was Wednesday before Ross knew it and he was starting to anticipate the responses he would get from this other person who seemed to share in his hatred of maths. ‘i bet ur a kinky one’ the desk read today, and Ross rolled his eyes. This was some kind of fuckboy he must have been talking to. ‘wouldn’t you like to find out.’ was Ross’ simple and teasing response this time. He couldn’t help but wonder what this other person looked like.

As Ross entered his class Thursday morning he saw someone sitting in his desk, writing in a black dry erase marker. Ross stopped in the doorway and took in the situation. The other boy was beautiful, to say the least. He had messy, brunette hair and bright blue eyes and such a lean body. The boy was so trained on writing his response that his tongue stuck out of his mouth in concentration as his eyebrows furrowed. Ross couldn’t help but smile as he watched the boy finish his message. He decided it was time to act as he retrieved his red marker from his backpack and approached the boy.

Without a single word he took the boys hand and began to write his number on the pale skin there. The boy looked shocked momentarily, but smiled once he realized who he was and just exactly what was happening. The brunette stood up and looked down at his hand.

“Ross, huh?” He asked, and oh lord is voice was as smooth as caramel toppings on a sundae. Ross’ breath almost caught in his throat so he decided to just nod in response. The brunette smiled wider. “Alex”

“Alex.” Ross nodded, smiling now with him. “Text me?” He asked as he placed his backpack on his desk and began to get his notebooks out.

“Of course. And I guess my predictions were correct.” Alex responded before turning on his heels and exiting the classroom. At that, Ross looked down at the message Alex had been writing when he entered the room. ‘i bet ur hot af’ it said, and Ross smiled as a faint blush began to paint his cheeks, his phone vibrating across the desk from receiving a text.

Black Coffee and Snowflakes

Fandom: Yogscast
Pairing: Alex Parvis x William Strife
Words: 1855
Warnings: RPS
Summary: Alex likes snow and coffee. He also likes William Strife, especially when a certain American wants to keep him safe from the chilling cold of winter time.
A/N: The first snow of this winter covered the landscape of my town yesterday. I felt inspired, and this is what came out of it.

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