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I’m waiting on some new yoga & Pilates DVDs to arrive but these classics keep me happy in the meantime. The Ashtanga one is really exceptional, great cueing and comments on awareness with beginner modifications shown.

Yoga Shakti is really versatile, with 4 pre-made vinyasa flows and a “build your own” matrix for near endless variety.

Highly recommended if you happen to be looking for yoga DVDs.

Good old Winsor Advanced Body Slimming Pilates has found its way back into my life (Miley Cyrus’ abs are too great to ignore).

Hi Tumblr! I am continuing my journey becoming a yoga teacher and I am looking for your love and support. To further my training, I will be teaching five FREE classes in the upcoming months and invite you to grow and stretch your beautiful bodies with me! 

The first class will be geared toward Level 1 yogis, however advanced students are always welcome! Lots of shoulder stretching, hip and heart openers. Each class is 90 minutes. My teaching schedule is above - please share. 

I am excited to share my practice with you. Hope to see you very soon! 

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My #beautiful #sisters ~ it is an honor to invite you to our Havona Sisterhood #summer #retreat, this August 7-9 💗Join us for a weekend in the ancient #redwoods of Occidental #California, and experience the #beauty of self-love combined with the power of conscious sisterhood as we cultivate our relationships with ourselves, with our sisters, and with the #Earth. @Mariahgannessa & I are creating a space for #women to feel #inspired, free, loved, held and empowered as the goddesses that we are. If you are feeling the call to reawaken, reactivate, and reconnect with the #goddess within, then we would LOVE to share this journey with you. For more information & registration, visit (link also in my bio.) and be sure to follow @mariahgannessa 💗 whether it’s through joining us for this retreat, or simply being more conscious of it in our daily lives, may we remember that all women everywhere are to be honored & loved as our #sacred sisters. There is zero competition & zero separation. Sending endless love to all goddesses everywhere 🙌🏼🌎✨ #yoga #health #consciousness #awakening #shakti #wisdom #meditation #nature #blessings #havonasisterhood #alexandrasadventures (at upcoming goddess retreat!✨💗🌎)

homage to
absolute emptiness

within which
all of this is manifest

the same spark
that illuminates our hearts

inspired light
incites inside to realize

the rise and fall the flow of life

and resonates
as we breathe we align the mind

with what waits
beyond constraints of space and time

content in change
as the constant consciousness

—  M. Wellings Blackmon

It’s happening!! Registration opens soon for The Divine Feminine retreat November 6-8, 2015 at The Spa at Norwich Inn in Connecticut co-led by the luminous @splattfinger and The MetaAnatomy retreat March 6-12, 2016 in Nicaragua!!!!! Could not be more excited❤️ #yogaretreat #yoga #divinefeminine #metaanatomy #skull #anatomy #anatomical #anatomicalart #anatomyofayogi #meditation #shakti

Blessed by Yogi Bhajan,
Master of Kundalini Yoga,
in 2001 ॐ
Starts 8/7/15 - Hollywood FL: SO EXCITED! CAN’T WAIT! ;) #shakti #yoga #dance #teachertraining #YogiBhajan #Hollywood #ecstaticdance #spirituality #meditation #mantras #mudras #chanting #healing #chakrabalancing #energywork #lightworkers #DharmaDevi #SaraAvtar

“Whatever we do in our lives, we make text of our lives. Whether or not our stories belong to the shared patterns of the great, true stories–the myths–they are the text from which we find out our relation to the divine, to one another, and to the self.” The Ordinarily Sacred, Lynda Sexton

Yesterday I took a solo drive to Cambria and made an impromptu stop at Morro Strand to walk on the beach, taste salt in the wind…. and collect sand dollars. One was the size of a figure skating medal; one washed in a green light. Each somehow similar yet original as a snowflake. I thought of sculptures depicting Quan Yin, how depiction shares a sameness, while each face shows a different smile, an elongated neck, plumped cheeks, a slightly different tone. All compassionate. In any day, we can step outside our schedule, even for ten minutes and have a beautiful, holy moment. 💙

#yoga #proseandposes #poetry #sacred #shakti #morrostrand #sanddollar #beach #liveyourart #namaste (at Morro Bay Strand Beach ~ San Jacinto St)

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I practice yoga because it forces me to vibrate at a higher frequency. I found myself sitting in my house beginning to feel down thinking about my father. I am 3000 miles away from home. I can not just go see my family to distract me, and although I have great friends many of them don’t really think of those of us who don’t have a father on today. So I got my ass up, took my mat onto my deck and focused. I will NEVER pretend to be “better than” none of us are. We all struggle. I damn sure struggle, but I try my damnedest every single day not to stay there. When you are practicing yoga you are MADE to focus on YOU. Your body, your center, your core, because you will fall right on your ass if you don’t. This today right here, made me focus on me. Where I am. Right now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, just right now. It is the best form of practicing embracing the now I have experienced. So to anyone else on today; missing their father who has passed away, left on his own accord, the father who you feel doesn’t love you, want you, wont be there… Take a breath. Go outside. Feel the air. Look at the sky and say thank you. Focus on you. Focus on the now. You can’t change them. You can’t bring them back. But you are here! Breathing! You are loved! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #namste
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Dhyana Slokas (Gajananam) Mantra

Dhyana Slokas (Gajananam) Mantra

Dhyana Slokas (Gajananam) Mantra

Gajananam Mantra is well known around the world in present day Yoga practices. Typically Gajananam chant is sung at the beginning of every Sivananda Yoga Asana class. This mantra can be recited or sung before the any activity & before starting each day. At the closing of each Sivananda vinyasa class…

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Look at this beauty! Repost from @proseandposes Excited to explore #Hanuman myths with a group of yogi climbers in the Red River Gorge. Taking a leap of faith from CA to Kentucky, heart leading! 💜💚 Thanks for the tag to #stopanddropyoga @stacieyogalife Now I tag @thefishermansdaughter @alexanehter @yogasophie @yogapolitik to show me your hanuman variation inspiration!
Leggings by @confusedgirlla pretty harmony crystal design. 🙌 #yoga #proseandposes #practiceyogachangeyourworld #shakti #yogaart #yogalikeagoddess #namaste