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Kundalini, 1940 Emil Bisttram

… the artist is … a seeker of truth … He is a priest, a magician … . an artist by virtue of the power within him and that power is bestowed through scrupulous morality, the strictest discipline and deep mediation and contemplation …

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”From the Mahakundalini the universe has sprung. In Her Supreme Form She is at rest,coiled round and one (as Chidrupini) with the Siva-bindu. She is then at rest. She next uncoils Herself to manifest. Here the three coils of which the Kundalini Yoga speaks are the three Gunas and the three and a half coil are the Prakriti and its three Gunas, together with the Vikritis. Her 50 coils are the letters of the Alphabet. As she goes on uncoiling, the Tattvas and the Matrikas, the
Mother of the Varnas, issue from Her. She is thus moving, and continues even after creation to move in the Tattvas so created. For, as they are born of movement, they continue to move. The whole world (Jagat), as the Sanskrit term implies, is moving. She thus continues creatively acting until She has evolved Prithvi, the last of the Tattvas. First She creates mind, and then matter. Shakti, and Kundalini Shakti. The difference between the two is
that they are Shaktis in specific differentiated forms in movement; and Kundalini Shakti is undifferentiated, residual Shakti at rest, that is, coiled. She is coiled in the Muladhara, which means ‘fundamental support’, and which is at the same time the seat of the Prithvi or last solid Tattva and of the residual Shakti or Kundalini. The body may, therefore, be compared to a magnet with two poles. Thus, when completely dynamic,that is when Kundalini unites with Siva in the Sahasrara, the polarisation of the body gives way. The
two poles are united in one and there is the state of consciousness called Samadhi. The polarisation,of course, takes place in consciousness. The body actually continues to exist as an object of observation to others. It continues its organic life. But man’s consciousness of his body and all other objects is withdrawn because the mind has ceased so far as his consciousness is concerned, the function having been withdrawn into its ground which is consciousness.”



Kundalini : Awakening the Shakti Within

anonymous asked:

Can I ask you something about manifestation? If for example it is my truest desire to manifest a world with reduced suffering all around the globe, including people in poverty, how will holding this desire change anything "out there"? Does one necessarily need to take physical action to change the world or is just holding the intention enough? Its just that through intention alone nothing seems to happen.

Everything begins with an intention. Next, certain ideas, impulses, and opportunities will arise that will lead to the physical manifestation of your intention. 

So for example, you can hold the intention and desire for the suffering in the world to be reduced. This intention should be based in love and not in fear. 

Next, perhaps a good idea will pop into your head. Maybe it’s something big like to become a doctor to help the sick. Or maybe it’s something even bigger, like to be kinder to yourself to reduce your own suffering. 

Act on whatever ideas come forth. And follow them, participate in them, and whatever you desire will actually manifest.

Things can just happen with the snap of a finger. Nothing is impossible. But that’s not very fun. Participating in bringing about whatever it is that we want to happen is much more fun. So participate in bringing about the changes in the world that you long for. But do it from a place of love. If you hold that kind of intention, the way will be cleared for you, and you will be supported. 

We’re here to actively participate.

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anonymous asked:

Hey dude, so what if you're deeply interested in spirituality but you fall in love with a girl who has no interest in these topics whatsoever. Can you still go with it? Even when you know she'll never care about it?

How do you know she’ll never care about it? You don’t.

The spiritual path is not a side-hobby, a quirky interest, a lifestyle choice, a cultural thing, a phase, a trend, or a movement.  

The spiritual path is all there is for everyone, everywhere.

Everyone is on the spiritual path. Everyone is spiritual, whether they know it or not. How? Because this is a spiritual reality. Whether you know it or not, or believe it or not, it makes no difference. Everything in existence is animated by spirit. 

If you’re on your spiritual path, you’ll come to discover this directly, and then the judgement of some people being more or less spiritual than others will begin to fall away. 

So perhaps she is coming close to you because she’s ready to begin to travel this path more consciously. Perhaps she’s coming close to you to give you an opportunity to drop judgement and to be more open. Perhaps she’s a master in disguise, pretending to not know anything about this. 

So go ahead with it. See what growth comes about and what exploration happens. 

I thought all of this was totally idiotic at first, really. I laughed at the idea of spirit. But when the time was right, things started to become clearer and clearer. 

Everyone is a moment away from a very profound shift in consciousness. Literally. Just give them a chance.

With that said, maintain high standards for who you would like to be in a relationship with. If you wish for a truly deep, spiritual connection, you can have it. You don’t have to settle. 

That might mean finding someone that is more consciously on your wavelength or it might mean working with someone to bring them up to speed. In either case, become aware of your judgement and intend to move beyond it.

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I’m waiting on some new yoga & Pilates DVDs to arrive but these classics keep me happy in the meantime. The Ashtanga one is really exceptional, great cueing and comments on awareness with beginner modifications shown.

Yoga Shakti is really versatile, with 4 pre-made vinyasa flows and a “build your own” matrix for near endless variety.

Highly recommended if you happen to be looking for yoga DVDs.

Good old Winsor Advanced Body Slimming Pilates has found its way back into my life (Miley Cyrus’ abs are too great to ignore).

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What was the most pleasurable/blissful moment of your life?

The moment of Kundalini Shakti awakening was more powerful and blissful than a thousand orgasms. 

Following that however, I spent over a year in healing, recovery, and reintegration. Bliss is quite taxing on the human body. It’s not an emotion. It’s a visceral, biological phenomenon that can possibly kill someone if the system is not prepared. 

Today, I experience bliss with almost every breath, but it is far more subtle than the bliss I experienced during the moment of Kundalini awakening. But this bliss I experience today is preferred because I can move through the world with it at the same time. 

There are different kinds of bliss. The most powerful kind will leave you unable to move or even remember where you are. And then when it passes, you will have to allow yourself to gently come back down. The less intense kinds are much more subtle but much more sustainable by the body. 

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The Goddess or cosmic feminine force in Tantra is worshipped as Shakti, generally translated as “power,” whereas the God or cosmic masculine force is worshipped as Shiva, meaning “peace.” Yet to render Shakti as power creates many misconceptions. Shakti is the power of Shiva or the power of peace. It is not power born of violence or aggression. It is the power born in passivity, in silence of mind, the energy which comes forth from the Void, like the life that comes forth from the womb. Shakti is not a power which is asserted against something, but a power that enlivens everything from within.
—  Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses

anonymous asked:

Personal q: How many years of practice did it take you to wake up?

My spiritual practice began 9 years ago and hasn’t ceased since. Since the moment that I recognized that I was not the mind and instead that I was awareness of it, abiding as that awareness has been my number one priority, day and night, no matter what. 

So for 9 years, my spiritual practice has been my only true focus. Worldly life has simply provided context for it. 

My initial major spiritual awakening took place after the first 4 years of practice. Following that, over the next 5 years, subsequent awakenings, both profound and subtle, have also taken place. Practice has been ongoing.

That’s how it looks in a linear sense, on paper, at least. In actuality, I have been walking this path unknowingly since I was an infant, and even before that. 

It’s not so much about how many years it takes. Everyone’s unfolding is different. I have known people that have been working at this for decades. I have known others that have transformed incredibly within six months. What matters most is how sincere one is, whether this path is recognized as the only thing worth exploring, and what one brings to the table in terms of past life conditioning. 

With that said, if you are a human being with even the slightest of interest in this path and you are fortunate enough to be able to relate with a teacher, either directly or through books or whatever, you absolutely must practice. Don’t waste this opportunity of lifetimes. It is rare. 

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on my first training it was me and two boys so spending five weeks with nine beautiful, strong, nurturing, and astounding women has inspired me so much. it’s the sisterhood that I was craving and needed even though I never realised it. to all my goddesses you have an infinite place in my heart 🌙💜