Yoda of drums

I was walking through a solid gold hallway and it opened up to this massive corridor where Yoda was playing the bongo drums to rave music and Lion king characters were dancing with Katniss everdeen. I walked to the solid gold fridge, high-fiving captain America in the process, and discovered that the only thing in the fridge was strawberry gogurt.

anonymous asked:

Did you know that a Star Wars Burlesque Parody created by an Australian Russall S. Beattie called "The Empire Strips Back" is coming to America. The show features dancers performing dressed as various OT characters. This includes Han and Chewbacca having a dance off, Luke raising money for the Rebel Alliance by hosting a car wash, Yoda on drums and Palpatine straddling a Death Star and singing Wrecking Ball.

What? I…they what?! I tried to picture what that would even look like and I just…

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