Exo Reaction: When The Baby Doesn't Want Daddy To Leave


*His daughter begins to cry and starts making grabby hands while sitting in the high chair*

“But baby,Daddy has work”

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Toddler: “I don’t want daddy to leave”

“i’ll come back as fast as i can,you won’t even notice that i’m gone”

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*Ends up taking his daughter with him*

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You: “Give daddy a kiss before he goes then baby”

*He’s heartbroken*

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*Feels like he’s never there for the baby and has a heavy heart*

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Toddler: “You’re always gone daddy”


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“Don’t cry sweetheart”

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*He also ends up taking the baby with him to work*

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“But mommy is here”

Toddler: “I don’t want mommy, i want you”

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Happy Birthday Min!

All sides of you are irresistible.

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exo reaction to your horrible singing (OT12)

suho: “honey that was amazing!! you could be the next beyonce!”

chanyeol: “what was that… a dying walrus..?”

baekhyun: (you are sehun)

kyungsoo: *gif*

jongin: “i mean,,, i could always teach you how to dance…”

chen: *starts giving you 1 on 1 singing lessons*

lay: plays the guitar as loud as he can while you’re singing so he can mute out your horrendous singing

sehun: kinda shocked on how bad it is**

xiumin: “stop!!”

kris: “bye babe. I’m going to Korea for a bit”

tao: *horrified but still tries to dance along*

luhan: “please, i don’t want to hear you sing”


hes literally a baby

Exo Reaction to Your Songwriting (OT9)

Bleh I feel so cheesy,,, major fluff coming your way ;)


Suho: He becomes a mom that adores his child. He knew how passionate you were with your music, but lately you’ve been having a hard time coming up with new songs, feeling honored that you came up with inspiration from him. Once your mini-perfomance for him is over, he just has that mom-look and gives you a crushing hug. 

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Chanyeol: You were a famous, well-known song writer, and had your performance today. The song was dedicated to Chanyeol, and while you were performing, he was in the front row. As he watched you perform with all your heart, he felt his eyes tearing up. The song was so sweet, and the fact that you composed it for him made him touched.

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun was humming to one of his favorite songs while walking over to fold the laundry; until he passed by your room. You had locked yourself up the whole day, wondering what that beautiful sound was coming from your room, he pressed his ear against it, just to hear your soft voice. Once you finished singing, Baekhyun crashed into your room and peppered you with kisses.

“Guess I found a new song” he says with a cute smile.

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Kyungsoo: Both knowing each other for the longest amount of time ever since Chanyeol introduced both of you, no one had made the move. But, you both knew there was some tension in the air. ;) wink wink. Since Kyungsoo was too shy to make the move, you had decided to compose a song to confess to him. When the song was over, you looked up to see him staring at you with his owl eyes.

He calmly clears his throat and finally speaks, “so… could I take you out for dinner?”

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Kai: Jongin was used to your singing, but he never knew you composed the songs you sang by yourself. One day, when you were casually practicing your singing, he looked over your shoulder to see the sheet music you were reading. When he found out that it was handwritten, and you had composed it, his jaw dropped. He truly knew you were secretly a blessed angel from the heavens. 

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Lay: It had not been long when you both started dating, so you decided to show Yixing your compositions. He admired them and held them as if they were pieces of glass dug up from the grounds of Rome; as he carefully flipped through your notebook of compositions, he realized that both of your music taste was similar. Yixing already knew you both were meant to be.

“Babe!!! We should make a duet!” his eyes sparkled brightly.

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Chen: You had been talking about a piece you were putting your blood, sweat, and tears into (no BTS pun intended I swear) and you had finally decided to let Jongdae listen to it. Once you hit the play button, all the way to the last second, he couldn’t help but stare at you with loving eyes. He was so happy that you were able to do what you were so passionate and happy about. 

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Xiumin: You had late shift today, so, Xiumin being Xiumin, decided to clean the house. When he was cleaning your room, he found the stack of papers on your desk. As he leafed through them, he noticed all of them were written in your own handwriting, and most of them said, “To: Kim Minseok”. He sighed on a happy note, thinking about how lucky he was to get a girl like you.

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Sehun: You were a solo artist, and considering that you had only debuted this year, had millions of fans who loved the songs you composed, and won the “Solo Artist of The Year Award.” As you went up on stage to deliver your speech, you were dead nervous. You looked over at Sehun, to find him giving his dazzling, and proud smile, seeming as if you two were the only two in the world. 

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