• SM: Okay guys we figured out your hair colors and such.
  • Suho: What are they?
  • SM: Kai you'll have a sea blue type color shit - they won't know if it's dark blue or black. Trick them hoes. Baekhyun you will look like Gerard Way from MCR, so bring out your inner emo, and no more side burns. Sehun, oh Sehun. *smirks* Kid you're gonna look like a fucking cheeto. Suho you're gonna have "boy next door" hair. Lay - where's Lay?
  • Exol: *randomly pops up* THE KING IS IN CHINA RN!11!!!1!!
  • SM: OOoooOkay......... so Lay gets no change then. Moving on, Xiumim you will have black hair (like my soul). CHEN WE ARE BLEACHING YOUR SHIT, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! GO BIG OR GO HOME!! UUmm, Kyungsoo no more egg head. It needs to stahp. And we're bringing back the rainbow. Chanyeol you'll have it, cause I know those bitches will love all those pastel fucking colors and shit. Bitches are gonna be wehet. Any questions?
  • Exo: ........
  • Chanyeol: I'm gonna be a famous jazz musician.
  • Chanyeol: I'll be unappreciated in my own country but my gutsy blues will electrify the French.
  • Chanyeol: I'll avoid drugs... but have several torrid love affairs.
  • Chanyeol: And I may or may not die young. I haven't decided.
  • Yixing: Honey if that's what you want, we'll help.

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