Imagine Kris giving himself a bubble beard while lounging in the bathtub. While trying to recall famous quotes from bearded folks, Kris is suddenly slapped with a memory from his childhood: the day at the petting zoo when a rancorous billy goat tried to eat his favorite shirt while he was feeding baby carrots to a pony. Kris’ hands ball into fists, squishing any bubbles left in his palms. “I’ll never forgive you,” he sneers at the memory, still looking like soapy Gandalf.

Robbers {Wu Yifan}

Description: EXO’s china line as robbers…featuring you and Yifan 


Genre: For now it’s fluff? I think?

Pairing: Wu Yifan x Reader

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Imagine Kris turning off all of his electronics one evening to relax a little, removed from the perils of modernity. He can’t see anything because he unplugged all his lamps. He sits in regret until morning.