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EXO’s China Line gone wild

A collection of my favourite wild lyrics


  • Juice:
  • Can’t lose I got juice 
  • Got the girls dancin’     
  • She shake it, make it jiggle, make it pop     
  • She drop it low, I’m throwin’ money nonstop     
  • Gettin’ nasty cause I got the sauce  

Bonus: *this isn’t wild but I came across it and couldn’t stop laughing*    I’m merely one stalk of Chinese cabbage  -(Bad Girl)  (Does this have a special meaning I’m unaware of? If so I’m sorry)


  • Black White (AB):
  • I don’t give a SHHHHHHIT    
  • Me, you got it fuck   


  • Lu:
  • I’m just tryna get you in the mood   
  • Now blow it like a flute ooh ooooh ohhh ohhh OOOoooOOHH   
  • Bend that body like a gymnast gumnast     
  • Come at me I’ll press u like some juice 
  • Good Good:
  • I got that good good    
  • I’ll tell you about how it’s gonna feel. I’ll get you high   
  • Make you wanna scream     
  • Don’t hold back your deepest fantasies, I know you’re actually wild


  • Peach :
  • Hold up Lil mama;   
  • Just back that thang up;    
  • Gon make that thang jump;    
  • I love the shape of that body;     
  • Baby switchin while she sticking it out;    
  • Baby you got a nice peach babe;      
  • I might I just wanna taste it;      
  • Girl your peach a gift like Santa put it down the chimney;       
  • Your friends got little bitty ones but girl you got that fire one;      
  • If you gimme that peach then I’ll be James and the giant one;     
  • Shake your money maker;     
  • Girl you know I love the way you move the peach  

The funniest thing about all this is that Tao has the most tame lyrics whereas our sweet sheep Yixing has some of the wildest.

*I went through all those reactions above while reading these lyrics*