Yetta Rosenberg

Yetta's Letters

Anyone remember Grandma Yetta Rosenberg Jones from The Nanny?

Picture it, a Romanian Harbor, 1926. A peasant girl, wearing a table cloth over her brown jacket, and a wide hat over her thick, braided brown hair, was waving goodbye to her parents. She was leaving her country, to be married to a furrier in America. As the ship sailed away from the harbor, she felt, a bit tied, trapped, like a caged bear. 

She sat on a small crate on the deck with an umbrella in her hand. A handsome, dapper man in a Navy suit approached her. She would’ve thought she was approached by the Captain of the ship if he wasn’t carrying a platter with two small glasses of wine on top. The girl blushed, blinking her eyes repeatedly.

It was love at first sight. 

“You are the most exquisite creature I have ever laid my eyes on” The man complimented.
“And you got a hellava tuchas on you too, Boychick.” She replied. 
The man sat on his knees, and gave the girl a light kiss on the hand. 

For days and days, from innocent flirting of romance, to flights of lust, passion, zeal and vigor, to romantic ecstasy and glory. 
One day, at the end of the journey, the two lovers got separated, on Ellis Island. The girl felt sad that she had to part with her beloved one. 

In front of her, a man, with a friendly smile, stood silently. He had the smell of latkes and rugelachs. It was the man that she had been promised to be married to. Sure, he looked like husband material. But she was just too much in love to marry him. 

She said to the man that she was not ready, because she isn’t sure about her feelings yet. The man politely agreed, and left the girl his home address, in case she changes her mind. 
Every day, the girl wrote the waiter a letter, telling him about her experiences in America. She did the same thing every day for five years. Of course, she didn’t know where to send them, so she wrote 1875 letters for nothing. 

With a sad smile on her face, she moved on. She met up with the man she was promised to be married to, and got married right away. 


Then And Now - The Cast Of The Nanny (1993-1999)

Fran Drescher (Fran Fine), Charles Shaughnessy (Maxwell Sheffield), Daniel Davis (Niles), Lauren Lane (C.C. Babcock), Nicholle Tom (Margaret ‘Maggie’ Sheffield), Benjamin Salisbury (Brighton Sheffield), Madeline Zima (Grace ‘Gracie’ Sheffield), Renée Taylor (Sylvia Fine), and Ann Morgan Guilbert (Yetta Rosenberg)