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Any interest in yandere chocobros?

Admittedly, the ones I see being most yandere would be Ignis and Prompto. I mean, Prompto’s already got that cute angelic image going for him to where he could lure someone in and then flip a switch on them where he makes them promise that they will always be his. Bonus points if his latent MT programming is what makes that happen with him.

Ignis… good lord. I see him playing mind games and being very good at making you believe that he is the only one you’ll ever need for anything. I read a damn good fic on Ao3 months ago that Dia linked me to that was loads of deliciously fucked up Ignis becoming obsessed with Noct and training him for years to only rely on him. Because nobody would second-guess the advisor to the King, right?

I kinda feel like if Noct went off the deep end with his inherent fear of losing those close to him, that he’d be a desperate sort of yandere. Not refined, just driven by sincere panic that you would leave him in some way, and that can’t be allowed to happen. If Noct gets tainted by the Starscourge tho and then becomes a King of Darkness. Well. You’ll be his whether you like it or not.

The only one that I can’t place a yandere persona on is Gladio. Hmm. I’ll have to think on it.

so would anyone want to read a BTS fic about professional contemporary/ballet dancer!Jimin X another member (jungkook, yoongi, or taehyung) because I have quite a few ideas for that – It’d be kinda angsty and a little fluffy at times

the only thing is I don’t know which pairing to do, so let me know if you’d read it and which member (out of the three above) you want to be paired with Jimin and I’ll do whoever gets the most votes I guess

ily: i love you

ilysm: i love you so much

ilysmichbilysmifligtaliomymmnbyammcrccahgmbcykmcfl: I like you so much, I can hardly breathe. I like you so much, I feel like I got thunder and lightning inside of me. You make me nervous but you also make me calm. Real calm. Calm almost how god must be calm, you know, Mylene? Calm from loving. 

I hope you guys realize that the Stranger things kids are still very young and haven’t matured all the way yet and they’re probably at some point going to do some things that aren’t so great and say things that aren’t so great and when that happens I hope you guys don’t ridicule them or tear them down because they’re still learning just like we were at that age


I just don’t want him to think I’m not cool.