I LOVE how Super Junior seems like they’re all mess and chaos but when it comes down to it they work so hard and get so serious, granted they throw a few jokes here and there, but it wouldn’t be them if they didn’t. They know to work for what they want and they all have an idea for what they want to achieve , they share their thoughts and they listen carefully for each others opinions and I just love that they allow us a glimpse of how this comeback came to be and seeing the whole process and how hard they are working.

Watching SJ returns has made me love Super Junior even more (if that’s even possible) I’ve been quietly watching every single episode and reblogging all the Gifs without any personal input, but after the recent episode I must say this:

It is baffling and astonishing to watch these boys switch from silly, happy go lucky clowns to committed professional and seasoned idols within seconds. They are the embodiment of emotional harmony, and unlike many idols half their age, who look like they are carrying the burden of the world on their shoulders, these boys know how to have fun, how to push each other’s buttons and bring those of them who are prone to bouts of sadness and melancholia out of their inner turmoil with some light touches and easy banter.

Then you see a member like Donghae, who has no problem leaning back and letting everybody else take charge, go into his studio and create what truly sounds like a work of art, all on his own. You see them hold each other accountable for their mistakes, you see them contemplate their next move with worry and teripidaion, and you know that these people are real, human, and so very perfectly flawd.

Super Junior have experienced things that not a lot of idols nowadays have, they’ve had their fill of lawsuits, car accidents, family deaths, scandals, financial hurdles and internal conflicts, and through them all, they’ve somehow managed to keep their sanity, their good spirits, and their brotherhood intact.

Bottom line is that they’re coming back, and with 7 members, it may not be the most epic return, but it’s definitely a significant one, and I for one can’t wait to see how they will evolve and grow in the future.

170708 Super Junior at SMTown Seoul Concert [Full]

Leeteuk: A day like this has come where we greet you.

Shindong: Since so many of our members aren’t here, I thought we’d be really deflated but everyone here is really giving us a lot of strength, thank you!

Leeteuk: We debuted with the most number of members and today the day has come that we are greeting you with the least number of members out of SM dance singers. Just like the weather right now (it was raining), our hearts also feeling very complicated and frustrated. But, to the SM family that are cheering us on together, we will greet you all. 

SJ: Hello! We are Super Junior! 

Leeteuk: Now that we’ve started, rain has started to fall, or is that my tears? Okay! From Shindong, let’s all greet everyone!

Shindong: Hello everyone, I’m Shindong!

Heechul: Hello, I’m Kim Heechul! I highly~ praise you! 

Yesung: Hello, I’m Yesung, nice to see you all!

Leeteuk: It feels weird greeting you all like this after so long. Hello! I’m Leeteuk! I was discharged in 2014, my first stage after that was at SMTown. 

Leeteuk: The members have all enlisted into the army in sequence, the ones that have discharged are here, since only 4 members can stand on stage today, our Donghae in using his last vacation to be here with us and our Kyuhyun is here too. In order for us to be complete again, our Kyuhyun and Ryeowook will return and after that, I think we will be able to greet you with an even better image. How do our members feel today?

Shindong: It feels kind of new, I also was discharged not long ago and am doing a concert after a long time. I feel like it’s kind of hard to express with words. 

Leeteuk: How about Heechul?

Heechul: There’s only 4 of us… Truthfully, we thought a lot about whether we should or should not stand on stage today as just 4 members, didn’t we? 

Leeteuk: We thought a lot about it.

Heechul: I did think it might be right to stand on stage only when all the members are back but it turned out like this. 

Leeteuk: How about Yesung?

Yesung: Uh, it feels really new…[can’t continue] 

Fans: Don’t cry!

Leeteuk: From backstage, listening to the fans, I thought, “Ah, we’re all coming back now.” Since we’re doing a concert for the first time in ages, from the back, Yunho was saying, “Right! Shall we show them all today?!” (can’t hear) I’ve actually been in SM for 18 years now. I have said that “my life is Super Junior,” but I think it’s not just for me but our members too, and our fans as well, giving up a lot to be by our side for 13 years. Out CEO as well, truthfully gave up on a lot and made us is what I think. In the future too, even though there is a way in, there’s no exiting. Everyone, for as much as you love our SM family, you can come to this concert with your friend, but don’t go anywhere else, you understand, right? I feel like crying right now but since today is a good day, I will try to play with fun! Everyone are you tired yet? You’re not tired, right?! 

Leeteuk: It was a bright atmosphere before, not our SM singers are going to perform cool stages. Your cheers are very important! Shall we scream once? Okay then everybody, all together, scream! Guys, if you only scream this much, our SM singers can’t help but deflate a little. Can you scream more? Okay everyone, thinking of all the stress you guys have had all this time, make some noise together! Please anticipate our comeback album in October! We will sing our song from our special 10-year album, MAGIC! 

[After MAGIC stage ended]

Leeteuk: Sorry, we only did a little. 

eng trans by emzhaek
source: sj_feat_elf, sunmi4912, teukbar, wwmisa, & Iidonghais