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Name:Ariel Melody Carpenter

Nickname: melon, kittykat, foxy, panda

Gender: Female

Star sign/zodiac sign: acquires 

Birthday: February 1st

Relationship status: taken

Pets: 3 dogs and an outside cat

Height: 4′5″

Favorite color: blue

Average hours of sleep: 2 hours

Lucky number:  21

Last thing I googled: fontcest (dont judge me)

Number of blankets I sleep under: one and sometimes two

Met a celebrity: yes

Favorite fictional characters: sans, funtime foxy, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, firestar, bluestar, umbreon, espeon, blueberry, melon sans, sugar sans, and many many more

Favorite books: worrior cats

Favorite band: fall out boy

Song stuck in my head right now:  lost boy

Last movie I watched: zootopia

Last song I listened to: lost boy

Dream trip: England and Narnia

Dream Job: comedian 

What am I wearing right now:  two chokers i made a sans one and one that is black and purple,black gloves that show my fingers,a fnaf shirt and capries.

Time right now: 5;57 pm

When was this blog born:  last summer

Current amount of followers:  163

What do you post about:reblogs, art, and sometime rps

Do you have any other blogs: an rp (i keep forgetting i have) and three ship blogs

When did your blog reach it’s peak?: never know when

Do you get asks on a daily basis: sometimes

Why did you choose your url: a lot of people at my school before i moved called me kittykat and i loved the name kittykat and i like foxes,

Lemonade or Tea:  tea

Cats or Dogs?: cats

Coke or Pepsi: pepsi

Day or Night: night

Text or call: text

Makeup or Natural: makeup

Light or Dark hair: in the middle

Shorter or taller: short

intelligence or attraction: both

City or County: country

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I was tagged by my utterly lovely fren: @spookyytyyler

Name: Alice 
Nickname(s): Bean
Gender: female
Star Sign: Cancer. (Yes, Im Deadpool)
Birthday: June 23th
Relationship Status: Single AF
Pets: None
Height: I honestly don’t know but very smol bean 
Favorite color: Dark Blood Red
Average Sleep: HAHA,what? 
Last Thing I Googled: 120 dollars to mexican pesos.
Met a Celebrity: Yeah, not so worth mentioning.
Fav Fictional Character: Margo Roth Spiegelman. 
Fav Books: Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska. 
Fav Bands/Artists: Twenty One Pilots, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Blink-182, Forehead and the Replacemenst a.k.a. Panic! at the Disco. Fall Out Boy, All  Time Low, it goes on…
Song Stuck In Your Head: Slowtown and that part of Clear “I sing of a Greater Love”
Last Movie I Watched: Nerve. 
Last TV Show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 
Last Song I Listened to: Kitchen Sink by Twenty One Pilots
Dream Trip: California. 
What I’m Wearing Now: long pjs shirt and grandma style underwear. 
Dream Job: Writer. 
What You Post: Twenty One Pilots, Hot men, Stranger things, Fics, mostly random things, My own writing sometimes.
Other Blogs?: Nope
When Did Your Blog Peak: Back in the Mishapocalypse.
Do You Get Asks?: Rarely, but they make my life 10x better 
Did You Choose Your url: yesss
Lemonade or Iced Tea: Lemonade
cats or dogs: cats, both, but mostly JoshDun.
coke or pepsi: Coke
day or night: night
call or text: Call
makeup or no: AllNaturalBabe
Light or dark hair: dark
shorter or taller: Are we talking aboout me, cause if yes,taller.
intelligence or attractions?:Intelligence
city or country:City. I like living in the fast lane..

I tag: @aerokiinesis @babyboyskeleton @iii-ive-got-a-migraine @kllamas @re2d2 @broby—dick

Only if you guys want to do it! LOVE U ALL.


Questions from @somecallmetracy

Name: James

Nickname: Jamie, Jim, Jimbo, Hamez, J.

Gender: I dress as a man and own a finely tuned penis.

Star Sign: Leo

Birthday: every year

Relationship Status: Married, have you seen my wife? she’s hot.

Pets: Too many dogs, a few fish and not enough chickens

Height: I keep telling myself I’m almost 6 feet tall, no one has argued yet, I don’t measure my height in fear of disappointment 

Favorite color: Purple

Average hours of sleep: 5

Lucky number: 9

Last thing I Googled: “why doesn’t my car start?”

Number of blankets however many my wife will let me have…..

Met a celebrity: Yes

Favorite fictional character: God, villains are the best,

Favorite books: To your scattered bodies go.

Favorite bands: Oasis, The Darkness.

Last movie I watched: Chicken People

Last TV show I watched: Are You Being Served?

Last song I listened to: When the King is half undressed - Jellyfish

Dream trip: A long road trip from LA to Vancouver 

What I’m wearing: Black polo, black trousers, black Nike Air Max, stained underwear.

Time right now: 6:50am 

Current amount of followers: 1814

What do you post about? whatever is on my mind, so mainly large pendulous breasts.

Do you have other blogs? Nope

When did your blog reach its peak? when I posted the Bluntosaurus picture, I think its got about 130k likes

Do you get asks on a daily basis? no, no fucker talks to me here.

Why did you choose your URL? because this blog is an outrageous waste of internet resources

Lemonade or Iced Tea? Ice Tea Lemonade !!!

Cats or dogs? Neither, the only pet with fur I want to own is a Tiger and then only so I can set it on my neighbour. 

Coke or Pepsi? I don’t drink either if I can help it.

Day or night? Night !

Text or call? Who the fuck wants to talk on the phone? ew ! Text !

Makeup or au natural? just a little foundation on the scrotum.

Light or dark hair? Dark.

Shorter or taller? big tits.

Intelligence or attraction? Both ! always both

City or country? Country with a near by Starbucks and Target, that Amazon Prime will deliver to that has world class internet.

I tag anyone who reads this.

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Name: Yes I do have one

Nickname: Quill, Queenie

Gender: Male

Star Sign: Capricorn

Birthday: 13th January

Relationship status: Single

Pets: My dog Poppy

Height: 6′3 when I’m not wearing high heels 

Favourite color: Purple

Average hours of sleep: About 8

Lucky number: There’s no such thing as luck

Last thing I Googled: Doctor Strange boycott

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

Met a celebrity: Yes, I got to meet Robert Llewelyn at MCM Comic Con in London earlier this year :D

Favourite fictional character: Deadpool

Favourite books: Frankenstein, Harry Potter and A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Favorite bands: Drill Queen, Queen

Last movie I watched: I think it was Deadpool. I rewatch it frequently :)

Last TV show I watched: The Great British Bake Off

Last song I listened to: Xanadu by Olivia Newton John

Dream trip: Mars

What I’m wearing: Pyjamas (I’ve only just woken up)

Time right now: 10:43am

When did you create the blog: 1st January 2015

Current amount of followers: 567

What do you post about: Anything I feel like. Mostly my opinions on films and TV shows. Occasionally video games and books. I also write occasional Scribbles on random topics.

Do you have other blogs: No

When did your blog reach its peak?: Back in February when the Deadpool movie came out, all of my Deadpool posts suddenly got a ton of notes and my follower count shot up by about 200 overnight. And then I received another surge of popularity when I started doing my Red Dwarf reviews, and all of my anti-Doctor Strange stuff has been receiving a lot of attention recently too. I don’t know how or why that happened. I guess something I said just randomly clicked with a lot of people.

Do you get asks on a daily basis: No

Why did you choose your URL?: Quill was my nickname at school and I often feel desolated.

Lemonade or iced tea: Iced tea

Cats or dogs: Dogs obviously. Cats are evil. They want to kill me.

Coke or Pepsi: I’d prefer milk.

Day or night: Night

Text or call: Texts

Makeup or au natural: Makeup all the way.

Light or dark hair: On me or a romantic interest? I like my dark hair, but I’m not fussed.

Shorter or taller: Shorter (very few are taller than me)

City or country: City

I’m going to tag @gabriel-strange, @zolturates, @cbarriefans, @loremasterloryn, @dicapito and anyone else who wants to do this :)

Hello, I’m Slowturning

The poster of good tunes and beer @give-pete-a-chance tagged me to reveal my secret identity

Name: Scott

Nickname: Slowturning, The Birdman

Gender: M

Star Sign: Pieces 

Birthday: March 6th

Relationship Status:  I’m married to Mrs Turning.

Pets: Other people’s pets are my favorite

Height: 5′10″

Favorite color(s): Cardinal Red, Blues Blue and Packers Green

Average hours of sleep: FitBit tells me 5.

Lucky number: 16

Last thing I Googled: Was Brett Hull in the crease?

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2 to 3.

Met a celebrity: Yes.  Various athletes, pro rasslers, 80′s hair bands, musicians, John Hiatt and Jack Buck.

Favorite fictional character: Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jeb Bartlett, Andrew Shepherd, Jack Bauer 

Favorite books: Full Contact Basket Weaving For Dummies

Favorite bands: John Hiatt, Bruce Springsteen, The Black Crowes, Van Halen, Van Hagar, The Jayhawks, Steve Earle, The Bottle Rockets, Dwight Yoakam, Sturgill Simpson, The Oneders

Last movie I watched: The Commitments

Last TV show I watched: I’m watching Westworld right now

Last song I listened to: “Spare Parts” by Springsteen

Dream trip: Spending a month in New York in the Summer or a month somewhere tropical in the Winter.

What I’m wearing: St Louis FC T-shirt and jeans.

Time right now:  9:33pm Central

Current amount of followers: 254 and 240 of them Astromech Droids and not the ones I’m looking for.

What do you post about? Music and a lot of pics.

Do you have other blogs? Does MySpace count?

When did your blog reach its peak? I guess the highlight would be Tumblr banning a video of @cephalopodcosmonaut‘s Little Bear.

Do you get asks on a daily basis? Yes, but it’s mostly if I want fries with that or aren’t you Batman?

Why did you choose your URL? John Hiatt song 

Lemonade or Iced Tea? No! It’s Lemonade. Read the sign.

Cats or dogs? Ewoks.

Coke or Pepsi? Crystal Pepsi

Text or call? I usually text smoke signals or hieroglyphics. 

Makeup or au natural? I’m a bigger fan of KISS with makeup.

Light or dark hair? Grey or is it Gray?

Shorter or taller? Venti

Intelligence or attraction? I’m attracted to @allisonunsupervised, who is intelligent. 

City or country? City.

I’m tagging all of the bots that follow me and anyone who wants to do this.

Name: Martin
Nickname: One time my mum called me George on accident
Gender: Yes
Star sign: Cancer
Birthday: July 14
Relationship: One time I made eye contact with a cutie
Pets: Torto and Turto and Deg
Height: idk like 5′7
Average amount of sleep: I’ve gotten eight hours like once in my life 
Lucky number: 420 69 66 rawr *glomps* xD
Last thing I googled: You really don’t want to know
Met a celebrity: Kevin James told my uncle to get fucked one time
Favorite Fictional character: Me
Favorite books: THGTTG, The Outsiders, The Fart in our Stalls
Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Geto Boys
Song stuck in head right now: Trailer Park Boys theme
Last movie I watched: Janko Chained: Directed by Quarantine Tortellini
Last TV show I watched: Trailer Park Boys
Last song I listened to: The Sponge Who Could Fly 
Dream trip: Italy cause I like eating spoogatty till I throw up
Dream job: Professional Poor Choice Maker (already in progress!!!)
What am I wearing right now: Not socks cause im not a fuckin square
Time right now: I left my watch at ur mum’s hoose
What do you post about: Funny shit and self-hatred, y’know, the usual.
Do you have any other blogs: Yes
When did your blog reach its peak: LOL good one
Do you get asks on a daily basis: My mum asked me how to use her phoon
Why did you choose your url: My name’s Martin, but not that Martin.
Lemonade or iced tea: Lemonade Tea
Cats or dogs: Turtles and Tortules
Coke or Pepsi: Bepis
Day or night: Noight
Call or text: Cext
Makeup or natural: I have never made up a damn thing, 
Light or dark hair: drak
Shorter or taller: Shut the fuck up I already said
Intelligence or attraction: Intelleleigence 
City or country: Cont


Taggie Fun!

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Name: (have my signature initials) AS

Nickname: Screwy or queeny

Gender: Female!

Star sign/zodiac sign: (A very proud and aware) Taurus

Birthday: May 15th

Relationship status: Single forever whooooooop and as long as I can remember too

Pets: None, but id ADORE a cat ;-;

Height: 4′9

Favourite color: BLUE, Blue all the way. Also some purple, red and black just because

Average hours of sleep: 7~3

Lucky number: 13

Last thing I googled: human poses realistic

Number of blankets I sleep under: 2

Met a celebrity: If you count like the greatest german Youtubers of all time then ye, basicly all

Favorite fictional characters: Undertale: Chara, Flowey, Sans. Mlp: Luna, starlight, Lightning dust.

Favorite books: Eragon (the whole series dont make me pick), ‘You are a badass’ by John sincero

Favorite band: Set it off

Song stuck in my head right now: I ALWAYS HAVE 203489456 SONGS IN MY HEAD BUT RIGHT NOW ITS ‘let it go’ by James Bay

Last movie I watched: Inside Out

Last song I listened to: Simon Curtis ‘How To Start A War’

Dream trip: Canada or India

Dream Job: Anything that involves drawing, designing and/or writing

What am I wearing right now: A Long sleeve, comfy long… Their not leggings their too thick and comfy and open for that but??

Time right now: 23:17

When was this blog born: Middle of summer 2016

Current amount of followers: 84

What do you post about: I reblog stuff and post crappy and sometimes good art and I also remble and stuff

Do you have any other blogs: Yes, I have my artblog (for only good art) and my comic blog that is currently on hiatus.

When did your blog reach it’s peak?: what peak this thing is a few months old

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Nope. Barely get any.

Why did you choose your url: I came up with the name someday when out of ideas and just wanting to choose the cringiest name ever, and it stuck when I started using it in more and more games and accounts, so I used it here, too. Honestly expected it to be taken.

Lemonade or Tea: Tea! ^^

Cats or Dogs?


Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Day or Night: Night!!

Text or call: Text. Definitly.

Makeup or Natural: Natural 100%

Light or Dark hair: Very dark brown

Shorter or taller: Im pretty smol and I like it this way ^^ It feels natural and right to me.

intelligence or attraction: Um Im not sure uhhh I sorta uh, inteligence by what?? Grades?? Tests?!? And attraction, have you seen me? What attraction?!

City or County: Germany

Tag 20 followers you wish to know better.: Oho here comes:

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Name: Ryley
Nickname: Pastel, Midnight
Gender: Male
Starsign: Sagittarius yo
Birthday: Dec 4 yo

Relationship status: I need a man

Pets: 1 chinchilla and 2 cats
Height: 5′ 11″
Favourite colour: Electric blue, winter pink, pastel yellow
Average hours of sleep: 6-8
Lucky number:

Last thing I Googled
: The picture above
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 or 2 
Met a celebrity: Ye like 3
Favorite fictional character: Spikey wikey

Favorite books: Right Behind You, Black Cat (even tho I only read the first book) and a few other mangas that I haven’t finished.

Favorite bands: Fifth Harmony and Little Mix ;u;

Last movie I watched: The EQG movies ;u;
Last TV show I watched: Haters Back Off (yo like I totally recommend that show it’s intense)
Last song I listened to: Miley Cyrus’ cover of Jolene by Dolly parton
Dream trip: Mall of America pls and then the worlds largest mall pls

What I’m wearing: black n white shirt with black track pants
Time right now: 2 turdy (to you intellectuals 2 30)
When did you create the blog: omg almost 4 years ago now

Current amount of followers: 675
What do you post about: My art ;u; my friends on here too
Do you have other blog: Ye a few ;u;
When did your blog reach its peak?: what’s a peak
Do you get asks on a daily basis: What do you think :| 
Why did you choose your URL?: because I was tired of being asked “when do the straights come out” like idgaf :| 
Lemonade or iced tea: lemonade how bout both duh
Cats or dogs: how bout BOTH DUH

Coke or Pepsi: Pls RC Cola is where it’s really at
Day or night: Yes
Text or call: No
Makeup or au natural: I go both
Light or dark hair: Mine or my collection?
Shorter or taller: Mine or my collection?
Intelligence or attraction: Mine or my collection? 
City or country: Mine or my collection?

I won’t tag anywhon but if you wanna do it go right ahead.

tag 20 followers you want to get to know better

genozatagged by the lovely @peachy-tooru , thank you! (♡´౪`♡)

Name: Marta
Nickname: (don’t have) (cries)
Gender: female, she/her
Star sign: scorpio
Birthday: November 7th
Pets: two dogs, three cats … 
Height: 1.62 m
Favorite color: blue ! okay, more lik aqua 
Average hours of sleep: around 6h 
Lucky number: … never really cared for it
Last thing I googled: weatheronline … yes I am a very interesting person
Numbers of blankets I sleep with: right now… 3
Met a celebrity: yes 
Favorite book(s): (please dont make me choose)
Song stuck in my mind right now: Rasputin by Boney M , a true classic 
Last movie I watched: …I honestly can’t remember
Last TV show I watched: Hunter x Hunter (2011) (I’m currently empty inside… I need more)
Last song I listened to: Hate by 4minute
Dream trip: New York…
Dream job: the true mystery
What am I wearing right now: my comfy pjs
Time right now: 10h40 pm
When did you create your blog: this one.. probably two years ago? but i’ve been on tumblr since 2009/2010 (i cry)
Current amount of followers: 
What do you post about: hmm idk … Obviously my haikyuu!! babies 
Do you have any other blogs:  yes ! my art blog [ HERE ]
When did your blog reach it’s “peak” (when did you get more followers, have a popular post, etc..): not yet man,… not yet
Do you get asks on a daily basis: ha ha how funny 
Why did you chose your url: because oikawa tooru is my baby and since it’s a fanon(?) that tooru is obsessed with space… BOOm galaxies
Lemonade or iced tea: none , i hate tea and lemonade is just.. eh
Cats or dogs: DOGS 
Coke or pepsi: dont care 
Day or night: niiiight , bc inspiration only strikes when I should dead asleep
Text or call: please just text me, if i dont reply in 2h then okay try to call me (but like , something that really needs an answer)
Makeup or au naturel: au naturel bc I’m a fucking disaster, I’d stab my eye if I even tried
Smile or eyes: eyes but mostly both
Light or dark hair: eh..???? depends??? both???
Shorter or taller: i mean taller is always nice but i guess it depends ???
Intelligence or attraction: intelligence
City or country: city because otherwise i’d die

tagging: @ourforbiddenlovestory, @daisybelievesinaliens , @yamsama , @akutagawah , @sugawaters , @koushls , @genoza

okay there’s no way I’m tagging 20 people

Nickname: J
Gender: Dude
Star Sign: Leo
Birthday: Sometime in the Leo period.
Relationship status: Got a Girl
Pets: 2 dogs.
Height: 6′2″
Favorite color: gray and red
Average hours of sleep: 6
Lucky number: 10
Last thing I Googled: “Colt Single Action army”
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1, an outdated map of the world blanket (No Eritrea, refers to Russia and former USSR states as “Commonweatlh of Independent States”, etc)
Met a celebrity: Yes, a minor one or two.
Favorite fictional character: Vincent “Vinny” Gambini
Favorite books: Tough call.  I’m going with “The Fuck-Up” by Arthur Nersesian.  It was the first of my favorites that popped into my head.
Favorite bands: Pixies, first that popped into my head.
Last movie I watched: Bridget Jones’ Baby.  Girlfriend’s idea.  And it was super funny.
Last TV show I watched: Nurse Jackie
Last song I listened to: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by the Anniversary
Dream trip: Someplace cold where I could play pond hockey (never have gotten to).
What I’m wearing: Jeans, t-shirt
Time right now: 11:46
When did you create the blog: 2014, originally, this current one in ‘16.
Current amount of followers: 761 (and falling)
What do you post about: Everything it will let me post about.
Do you have other blogs:Yes
When did your blog reach its peak? There is no peak.  
Do you get asks on a daily basis: No, I guess I’m not that interesting.
Why did you choose your URL?  Because I like a certain song.
Lemonade or iced tea: Lemonade
Cats or dogs: Both, dogs by a hair though.
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Day or night: Depends.
Text or call: Call.
Makeup or au natural: Just foundation.  I have no idea.
Light or dark hair: In the middle, leaning towards dark.
Shorter or taller: I’m “taller”?
Intelligence or attraction: An attractive person of good character and intelligence.
City or country: Country.  Hate Traffic.




Tagged by @galaxydetective! Thanks for tagging <3 I’m just too lazy to tag others so y’all can do this if you want

name: Zi-Lynn (for some mind boggling reason this is hard to pronounce)

nickname: Zee

gender: female

star sign: Sagittarius

birthday: November 24th (i can’t believe its in a month wtf)

relationship status: Single

pets: One Silky Terrier doge

height: 5′3

favorite color: Any shade between green to blue

average hours of sleep: 4-6 depending. 

lucky number: 24

last thing i googled: ‘dog skeletons’ (its for inktober ok)

met a celebrity: ye

favorite fictional characters:

  • Genji Shimada from Overwatch
  • Steve Rogers from Marvel
  • Levi Ackerman from SnK
  • Hawke and Fenris from Dragon Age 2
  • Dorian Pavus and Cassandra Pentaghast from Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Adrian and Marinette from Miraculous Ladybug
  • Hermione Granger from HP series
  • Percy and Anabeth from PJO
  • i have so many so i’m just gonna stop right here akljdsghf

favorite books: Harry Potter series

song stuck in my head: Thanks for the Memories by FOB

last movie i watched: Ms Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

last tv show i watched: Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

dream trip: JAPAN

what are you wearing right now: a shark t-shirt and pajama bottoms cause im a lazy fecker

time right now: 1:02PM

when did you create your blog: Thu, 12 Aug 2010

followers: 744

what do you post about: whatever fandom mess I’m in at the moment, and memes + clothes + inspiration + my own art from my art blog

any other blogs: my art blog lmao

blog peak: idk. Likely during my SnK days

why did you choose your url: gotta put a more generalized name instead of levisnbuttons lmao

lemonade or iced tea: Both

cats or dogs: BOTH

coke or pepsi: coke

day or night: night, when its not so hot

text or call: text

makeup or natural: natural cause i don’t spend money on makeup (also lazy)

light or dark hair: i don’t really mind i just want to dye bits of em

shorter or taller: i like taller because i’m already short

intelligent or attractive: intelligent

city or country: country (but city is ok too i just like looking at stars)

tagged by @flashrogues :0c

name: Leonie

nickname: Leo

gender: female

star sign: Libra

birthday: 6th october

relationship status: single

pets: saving up for a lizard

height: 1,71m  

favorite color: anything from purple to green

average hours of sleep: maybe 6 hours  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

lucky number: 12 and 7

last thing i googled: diego brando

met a celebrity: yes (went to a supernatural con once rip)

favorite fictional characters: Bobby Fulbright, Star Platinum, Joshua Kiryuu, many more probably

favorite books: Schmitz’ Katze by Ralph Schmitz

song stuck in my head:  HandClap by Fitz & The Tantrums

last movie i watched: I Am Here…. Now by Neil Breen

last tv show i watched: Community

dream trip: Fuerteventura (again and again)

what are you wearing right now: leggins and hoodie

time right now: 19:09

when did you create your blog: 2012

followers: 228

what do you post about: cats, memes, JJBA, reptiles, sometimes robots

any other blogs: lizardscribbles (artblog), and 3 other blogs

blog peak: not sure what that means but i had 1000 notes on my art once???

why did you choose your url: i love robots and i’m a german lizard irl

lemonade or iced tea: iced tea

cats or dogs: cats

coke or pepsi: bepis

day or night: night

text or call: text

makeup or natural: natural

light or dark hair: depends on skin colour, i like contrasts

shorter or taller: shorter

intelligent or attractive: likable lmao

city or country: country

tagging everyone who actually read this lmao