Yes this scene is beautiful

Rare photo.

Loving my hair u guys have no idea!

The first gospel church of Kool-Aid


I fall in love just a little, oh a little bit every day with someone new.
—  lyrics from Someone New by Hozier

With my main puta :) ❂☽ ☾❂


C2E2 was fun!! I didn’t cosplay because there’s just so much stuff at C2E2 and I really just wanted to be able to see it all and be comfortable while doing that, and I think that mission was a success!

I met amoresophisticatedkrackel like as we were leaving, what a darling! I hope you enjoy chicago!!

There was a SPOT ON spock impersonator there and i just fuckin burst into tears, i cant even explain, i was blubbering so hard, he was so sweet oh my god

Whole Foods is nice and we need one in grand rapids please. Also batmanandsobbin is such an adorable little drunk baby

I geeked out about a lot of art but I’m such a sad nerd that I forget that I, also, am an artist, and I can talk to these other artists as an artist, but no I get all starstruck when I see good artists sitting behind a table with a printed book in front of them ;v; I wonder if that feeling ever naturally goes away? Or is that a thing that we all just have to constantly overcome lol

Why is school so early???? :P