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1. Tubthumping [Chumbawumba Cover]-They Might Be Giants (I get knocked down, but I get up again) \ 2. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)-My Chemical Romance (We’re on your property) \ 3. Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen (Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad) \ 4. Bolt Cutter-Doomtree (She gave me a bolt cutter, we love to break in / Reclaim all the spaces they forgot they had taken) \ 5. Celebrity Skin [Hole Cover]-Glee Cast (My name is might have been / My name is never was) \ 6. Shake it Off- Taylor Swift (Make the moves up as I go) \ 7. Animal Love-Charlene Kaye (So let your bones show, let your bones show / Don’t have to hide, have to hide anymore) \ 8. Closer-Teagan and Sara (I won’t treat you like you’re typical) \ 9.Favorite Record- Fall Out Boy (And when you ask, you ask me how I’m doing / Like you know, you know, how much better off I am) \ 10. Pompeii-Bastille (And the walls came tumbling down in this city that we love) \ 11. We’re All in This Together-High School Musical Cast (That’s the way we do it, let’s get to it / C’mon everyone) \ 12. Steal Smoked Fish-The Mountain Goats (God bless us, all of us / We who learn to shun the light) \ 13. Somewhere Out There [An American Tail Cast Cover]-Community Cast (Somewhere out there / If love can see us through)

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probably the weirdest playlist I’ve made so far



There is so much I hate about this video. And we’re not talking about it enough. I’m sorry, but being pressured into shaving my legs is hardly police. Also, I don’t hate my leg hair. And I’d wear shorts without shaving. I have no issue with this. And honestly, no woman should have to hate the hair that GROWS NATURALLY ON THEIR BODY.

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Is there a specific picture you took that made you want to turn photography into a profession?

I don’t think there’s a single specific image. When I was first learning how to properly use a camera, children were my only *successful* models. I think this was partly due to my being completely wracked by nerves and unable to direct adults; a fear of doing things wrong and looking foolish in front of people who potentially knew that I was doing things wrong; and children just acting natural (or weird, weird was and is always good) regardless of my camera pointing at them. 

I’m rambling


These are some of the images that I remember made me feel like, “yes, I want to figure out how to make a living from this,” and, tah dah! Somehow, I did. 

Also, these were all taken between 2009 and 2012. It’s now 2015. It’s amazing what a difference a few years (and lots of practice) can make! Take the comparison of these images to my wedding work as proof that you can achieve anything you want with determination and hard work. 

Something tells me that tweet wasn’t Zayn… or I hope it wasn’t

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Oh cards, tell me a thing: will I be happy in my new job?

Howdy-hey, lovely! Went with the Steampunk deck on this one, because you know those Victorian folks, they loved INDUSTRY and JOBS and DOING THINGS. Lessee if they can help you out here. ♥

We’ll ignore that they’re fresh from an accidental rain storm bath too. >_>

(We’ll also ignore that I have to throw together reading images online, yes? Unless you plan to buy me a camera. Please don’t buy me a camera I’m joking.)

The Situation: Eight of Pentacles. Well, guess I shouldn’t have expected any less from this deck. You’re striking out on a new career path, like you said! I get the distinct feeling that it’s one that may require you to learn new information, or honing what you already know into a distinctly more fine tuned skill. You definitely aren’t going into this hoping to coast through on the luck and goodwill of others. You’re prepared to work hard to learn this new craft and become the best you can be.

The Challenge: Two of Wands. This job is going to be a major step outside your comfort zone. You may not be able to see the card art too well, but that poor guy on the balcony there looks really concerned. He’s about to venture off into that great unknown that many young Victorian men long to explore. It’s scary out there, sure, but there’s also plenty of opportunities for adventure. He just isn’t sure if it’s worth it. This is going to be your major stumbling stone in this new job of yours: are you going to be okay exploring this new world you’ve thrown yourself into? Or are you going to decide that it’s better to return to what you’re more familiar with?

The Advice: Queen of Cups. This can mean two things in this kind of situation, but in your case, it’s probably both. One: trust your intuition. Think with your heart instead of your head. Does this feel right to you? Ignore the fears and the doubts if you can, and ask yourself WELL, HOW DID I GET HERE if you’re truly enjoying yourself. Your intuition can be one of the strongest senses you have, especially in a new situation where so many things can toss you off your chair completely. Two: this card can represent a mature woman who has a powerful sense of empathy. This may be somebody in your new workplace who has a soft spot for newbies and can help you learn the ropes. It may be a good idea to seek this woman out, as I (and the cards) believe she’ll be a very useful friend in those tumultuous first few weeks.

Best of luck to you, darling! I think this new job will be absolutely splendid for you! ^_^


Body Love

It always makes my heart sink a little when I’m having a conversation with someone, and I mention something about my large thighs or my small boobs, and their immediate reaction is to tell me that I’m “still cute” or that my thighs “aren’t that big!”.

The first reaction shouldn’t assume that I dislike those parts of my body! Nor should the instinct be to tell me that my thighs “aren’t that big”. Because, while I’m a fairly small person, my thighs are large in proportion to the rest of me. And I love that about them!

I’m not totally flat chested, but my boobs aren’t that big, and I think they’re cute! Knowing your body doesn’t mean disliking your body. Coming to peace with the plain facts about myself, was something that helped me with my body image.

Yes. My thighs are large.
Yes. My nose is crooked.
Yes. My boobs are small.
No. That is not a problem.