Hills and Groundnuts.

While wandering amidst a hill station, exploring the place looking for a spot to view the valleys these boiled groundnuts help you keep warm and not stop. A very popular snack around hillstations and yes you will introduce a good amount of digestive gases into the air, but the hillstations have way better air making your output negligible.

Location : Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, India

Yercaud- The land of the lavender coloured trees

Yes you read that right, the lavender coloured trees was the theme of the trip. What are these trees? Well Yercaud is full of trees called Jacaranda. These trees produce flowers which are a beautiful colour of blue during the spring and early summer. We were lucky to have caught Yercaud in the midst of the sweltering summer in the rest of the region.

The journey to Yercaud

The long weekend also meant that many of the regular well established tourist places around Bangalore (Coorg, Ooty, etc. ) would be overbooked so we decided that we would go to a lesser known place this time. We had heard a lot about Yecaud from our relatives and friends and this being the middle of a very hot summer in Bangalore, a hill station like Yecaud was the logical choice.

Nestled among the Shevaroy Hills, Yercaud is a small town in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu.The distance between Bangalore and Yercaud was about 230 kms and it takes about 4 hours to complete the journey. This husband-wife combo embarked on this trip in a very well traveled Suzuki Swift.

The highway connecting us to Salem was the NH 7 which was an absolute pleasure to drive on. We had to pay toll fees every few kilometres but if the roads are going to be this good no one is going to complain. Once you reach Salem, you have to drive up the hill with 20 hair pin bends to get to the town of Yercaud. This was something we had known beforehand as we had researched on the internet before we started our journey. These hairpin bends were the first sights of Yecaud- making a lovely canopy as we drove along.

As we neared the end of the hairpin bends we could see the background of the majestic Shevoroy hills. We then proceeded on to town.

Our first stop was the hotel we stayed at -Hotel Shevaroys. This Hotel was a wonderful property in the middle of the town. They had accomodation ranging from independent villas to cottages to standard hotel rooms in the premises. The trees, the greenery and the comfortable temperature was enough to convince us to go around the property for an impromptu walk.

There is a supermarket in the premises where you can buy food,drinks and other things for your stay.There is a spa as well which offers rejuvenating treatments and massages at 20% discount for room guests.

The Hotel is at walking distance from the Yercaud lake and the center of the town.

We had lunch at Silver Oak Restaurant, the in-house restaurant in the resort itself. The food was delicious and we gorged on Karaikuddi chicken (Dry chicken in chettinad style), Malabar parotha and Varuval meen curry(Sea bass-Varuval fish in Andhra curry).

After an afternoon nap, we walked up to the Yercaud lake for boating which proved to be a great idea as we realized that we would have struggled to park our car in the narrow road in front of the entrance to the lake.

There is a Rs. 10 entry fee at the Boating House and another fee for hiring the boats. We paid Rs. 110 for renting a self riding paddle boat (30 mins) and another refundable deposit of Rs. 110.

Since we reached on a Thursday- not many tourists had landed there, we could enjoy the lake and its scenic beauty while boating

Weekends are expectantly crowded. There are a lot of street shops and carts around the lake to gorge on some snacks.

We packed some of the food from these places and went back to the Resort to relax for the rest of the evening.

Day 2

We left from our hotel at 6:30am to check out the Lady’s seat and Gents seat. These really funny names piqued our curiosity as to why it was named so. According to the locals, the Lady’s seat derived it’s name because this formation of rocks was the favourite location from which an English lady saw the beautiful hills every evening. Much after Independence the local population demanded a Gent’s and a children’s seat which was granted by the government.

We were really glad to do this early in the morning, as there was absolutely no one there.

We could enjoy the sights peacefully.Gent’s seat is at a slightly higher area but the views from both Gent’s and Lady’s seat is wonderful. The peace was interrupted only by the activities of the monkeys that inhabit the hills.

While coming down the hill we discovered this patch of Jacaranda trees, the sight of which warmed our hearts and this photo was the highlight of the trip.

There is a telescope at the Lady’s seat which was closed as it was too early in the morning.

We came back to our hotel to have a good breakfast of rasam-vada and masala dosa.  We got back to our rooms checked out and again went sight seeing

Next on the list was Pagoda point. A view point with panaromic views across the hills

We then checked into Hotel Sri Silver Inn. This hotel had just basic amenities and no restaurant. None of the other facilities in this hotel require special mention

After relaxing for some time in the room, we went back to town for lunch.

We had seen a lot of reviews for this place called Sweet Rascals. It is known for its quirky ambience and its good food (they serve only non vegetarian- so says the large notice board in front of the restaurant).

However when we went there, it was full and they were not taking any more new customers. Our advice would be, if you do want to check this place out, make advance reservations (at least a day before).

So we went to another place called Waterfront restaurant. Good but expensive food. The restaurant has an unobstructed view of the Yercaud Lake which explains it’s name.

After food, we left for the Shevaroy temple. There was nothing much up there in that temple. The temple is in a small cave.There is a viewpoint as well nearby, but you can get the same views at the other viewpoints. Nothing special, you can come here only for a drive.

We left for the Kiliyur waterfalls.

Caution: The waterfall is dry for most part of the year except during late monsoon season. Thankfully they have stairs leading down to the waterfall. We wouldn’t recommend this part of the trip to the elderly or people with weak knees.  This picture below is what was left of the waterfall. We discovered this after walking down for nearly half an hour in search of the waterfalls.

We returned back disappointed. It should be renamed Killjoy falls instead of Killiyur falls :-). We made the rather tiring way back to the main road in fading light. We were forced to take breaks and fortunately for us we caught the sunset as we came up the stairs

It was pretty late by the time we returned back to our rooms to relax. We weren’t feeling hungry then so we thought we’ll go out later. Big mistake! The town closes down at around 9pm. So when we went around town, not many restaurants were open. We finally managed some Kothu Paratha from a small eatery. So pro-tip- Eat your dinner early if you want to eat outside the hotel you are staying in.

Day 3

We got up very early the next morning and decided to walk along the roads on the hill surrounding our hotel. it was just a nice walk with pretty little bungalows and home-stays dotted along that road.

The Grange resort with some adventure sports like Quad dirt bike racing, tree-top adventure etc. was just down the road. We weren’t in the mood for it so we skipped this part. We got back to our room. Got ready, packed up to leave.

On the way back we had breakfast at GRT Nature Trails-Sky Rocca restaurant. This resort is a great alternative for a stay.It was a nicely built mountain resort where there was a Sky bridge overlooking the valley. We spent some time there enjoying the breeze and taking photos.

Hope you guys liked the account of our trip to Yecaud. When are you planning yours? Do follow and share our blog in which we shall share many more travel adventures of the past and beyond. Until our next visit. Ciao!

Priyanka & Raghuraj


Jana, Finn und ich haben vor ein paar Tagen eine Tagestour nach Yercaud gemacht.
Yercaud ist eine Hill station etwa eine Stunde von Salem entfernt. Nur eine Stunde - und man fühlt sich wie in einer anderen Welt. Das Klima ist viel kühler als in Salem, es ist grün und es wachsen schon ganz andere Pflanzen. Wir hatten jedenfalls eine Menge Spaß!