If you listen closely you can hear the sound of the Seijou third years laughing at Oikawa

(shoutout to @letsbetrashcans who noticed the wristband in my last kyoken post - I might headcanon the dog as as far out of the closet as they get, yes)

  • McCree:did you sit in a pile of sugar? cause--
  • Hanzo:no, I don't believe I did
  • McCree:well are you sure? cause yo--
  • Hanzo:yes, why? Is there sugar on my pants?
  • McCree:no but--
  • Hanzo:then why are you accusing me of sitting in sugar? Have you seen a pile of sugar to be sat on?? Did someone sit in your pile of sugar? Why do you have a pile of sugar where someone might sit?
The signs and their favorite MM character
  • Aries:707
  • Taurus:Luciel Choi
  • Gemini:the guy with yellow and black glasses
  • Cancer:Seven
  • Leo:Luciel
  • Virgo:the hacker
  • Libra:7
  • Scorpio:probably Zen
  • Sagittarius:the red head
  • Capricorn:Seven
  • Aquarius:The sad one(not the V guy, the other sad one. No, not Yoosung. The other other sad one. Yeah. That guy.)
  • Pisces:Mr.Choi

Hollstein x WayHaught Crossover

This one goes out to @octent and @commanderbabyface

octent replied: 

Omg lol, imagine Waverly and Laura meeting and the ensuing disaster officer dimples and carmilla have to clean up lol