Celestial Bodies/Zodiacs Crash Course

Sun: Influence: individuality, pride, success, energy, happiness/Colors: Gold, Yellow/ Tree:Oak

Moon: Influence: Personality, Sensitivity, Intuition, Desires,Cycles, Calm/Color:silver, white/Tree:Willow

Mercury: Influence: communication, skill, thinking, sensory, learning /Color:Yellow, Gray

Venus: Influence: Love, Social, Friendships,Art, Luxury, Emotion/ Color: Pink, Aqua

Mars: Influence:Aggressiveness, Sex drive, Willpower, dynamic energy /Color:Red, Orange

Saturn: Influence: Ambitions, Self-Control, Realism,business /Color:Black, Indigo

Jupiter: Influence:Finances, health, Opportunity, Idealism /Color:Violet, Dark Blue

Neptune: Influence: Psychic energy, Subconscious, Spirit, Creativity/Color:Purple, Lavender

Uranus: Influence: Sudden change, news, tension, knowledge /Color:Green

Pluto: Influence:Rebirth, Underworld, originality, Life cycle free from bondage /Color:Black,brown

The Zodiacs

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Anyway I’m starting my own Pokémon villain team. We’ll be Team Parroteers of course. We specialize in flying types and our logo is a giant zygodactyl footprint.

We aren’t even villains, we just always happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It started out as a bird Pokémon watching group, and a series of small clumsy disasters inadvertently puts us in the middle of some kind of region-altering event.

Every act of accidental villainy is followed by “oh geez sorry” and any attempt to fix it just seems to make it worse. Basically we’re in competition with Team Skull for least intimidating villain team.

Our team colors would be gray, yellow, and orange like Pepper. People always know we’re coming by the squawks they hear in the distance.

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TOP eras as i see them with synesthetia

self-titled era: shaking hands. old keyboards. friends that talk behind your back. the feeling you get after staying up too late. being sleepy all day but suddenly feeling awake at night. recovery. reaching the end of a tunnel. slowly lifting your head. realizing you can make a better life for yourself. drawing on your skin. burning old photos. abandoned theme parks. art shows. swimming pools.

RAB era: baseball fields. skinned knees. falling down after running really fast. collapsing at the end of a sports match. rained out events. resting in the shade on a hot day. shaved heads. summertime. the last few weeks of school. only leaving your house if you feel that that day is going to be important. sudden bursts of inspiration. finding creativity you never knew before. worrying about everything. the lump in your throat after you’re trying not to cry. things building up. unspoken words. dogs. hiking. cleats. 

Vessel: sudden fellowship with others. finally reaching out to your friends. the cold rush of air on your face when a door opens. raising your arms towards the sky. finally getting counseling. screaming, but not knowing why. night terrors. pine trees. a feeling of being lost. lonely in a room of people. soda. carbonated water. pink and yellow and red and gray. smiling over sadness. anxiety. butterflies in your stomach. the smile you get when you begin to realize everything will be alright. 

Blurryface: realizing that your friends have helped you, but now is the part of the battle you must fight on your own. blasting music in the car. summer days. hot pavement. empty rooms. moving houses. shouting just to hear an echo. late nights driving. nightmares. graffiti. sirens. doing bad things, but desperately wishing you could do good. doing good but can’t stop thinking about bad things. fighting against the darkness that no one else can see. cracks in the ceiling. basements. spaces where you don’t feel quite real. falling into bed after a long day. the final great battle before the end of the war.

Vermeer : “Griet, what color are the clouds?”
Griet : “White … No! They are not white. They’re blue, yellow and gray…There are colors in the clouds!”
Tracy Chevalier / Girl with a pearl earring.



Protective Stone

Agate’s noticeable properties overall are balancing energies, provides a calming influence, improves perception, concentration and helps to develop and increase one’s analytical talents, stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negative energies. It is believed to prevent insomnia and insure pleasant dreams, to enhance personal courage and protect one against danger. 

Agate colors -  White; Blue; Red; Green; Yellow; Orange; Brown; Pink; Purple; Gray; Black; Banded; Multicolored.

Planet - Mercury

Zodiac signs - Taurus; Gemini; Capricorn.


harry potter

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