Trini’s Last Name is not ‘Kwan’

Hey folks, I’m flailing over the Trimberly tag and all, but I remembered someone made a post of this before and wanted to share their message, in paraphrase: 

Trini the Yellow Power Ranger of the new 2017 movie does not have the surname ‘Kwan’.  As stated by Becky G, her actress, here on her Twitter account:

This is the original Yellow Ranger (Trini Kwan) from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (1993), Thuy Trang (may she rest in peace):

I do resent (read: very) the fact we keep getting whitewashed Asian works put into live action (@hollywood wOW), but it’s very clear they’re separate characters.

TL;DR in your fanfics/fanarts/fanposts, please don’t confuse Becky G’s character to be Thuy Trang’s character and don’t give her the last name ‘Kwan’!

Haim Saban: So everyone is shipping the Red Ranger and Pink Ranger right?
Saban Executive: Actually sir, they’re shipping Pink and Yellow, & Red and Blue.
Haim Saban: Why would they be doing that? What happened to the Red/Pink kiss scene??
Power Rangers Director & Editor: *Smiling Mischievously* No Idea…

Kim x Trini Drabble

This one isn’t nearly as long as I’d like it to be but I ran out of steam (two jobs will do that to you) but I hope you guys enjoy this little drabble. I do plan to write more Trini x Kim fics sometime soon. 

All mistakes are my own

Honest to god, Kimberly doesn’t know when she’d started feeling like this. Looking back she thinks it might have been sometime around their coffee stop or maybe one of those long evenings of training. She wants to figure it out just so can have a mental picture of when exactly she fell for Trini.

It must of been during the coffee shop. Kimberly dreams of that day sometimes. And she remembers it often.

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Here’s how ‘Power Rangers’ addresses Trini’s sexuality

  • The Power Rangers movie will do something the original live-action series, and no major superhero film, has done before it: feature the first LGBTQ superhero.
  • The news comes from Power Rangers director Dean Israelite, who spoke with the Hollywood Reporter. The Yellow Ranger, Trini, played by Becky G addresses her sexuality while still “questioning a lot about who she is.”
  • “She hasn’t fully figured it out yet,” Israelite tells the Hollywood Reporter. “I think what’s great about that scene and what that scene propels for the rest of the movie is, ‘That’s OK.’ The movie is saying, 'That’s OK,’ and all of the kids have to own who they are and find their tribe.”
  • The news of Trini’s sexuality was quickly praised on the Twitterers. We have a description of the exact scene in which Trini talks about her sexuality (spoiler warning): Read more (3/20/17 6:51 PM)

Green has arrived! More amazing covers!

  • Tommy: Dragonzord!
  • Zack: Mastodon!
  • Kimberly: Pteradactyl!
  • Billy: Triceratops!
  • Trini: Sabertooth Tiger!
  • Jason: Tyrannosaurus