Yehudi Mercado


Justice League of American Hustle AKA American Hustle: Superhero Edition!


Pantalones, TX: Ghost Town & Down [ANIMATIC] (by Yehudi Mercado)

Here’s an animatic of a project I did for Yehudi Mercado and Archaia Entertainment. Super fun kid’s comic, and it includes radio stars Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris and Ryan Lee from Super 8. I play (bald) town weirdo PJ and also Super Ghost!


The Free Comic Book Day All-Ages Mega-Event at meltdowncomics! The Pinata Challenge! The Quickdraw! Most fun I’ve ever had at a signing. Absolutely.

Young fans who came to see me and supermercado sign MAX STEEL / PANTALONES, TX became superheroes - - wielding the Turbo sword to battle Ultimate Elementor and the galaxy’s evilest Zombinatas!

Thanks to the Meltdown and VIZ Media staffs for helping this happen, and to animechibisen for sculpting the terrifyingly beautiful Elementor pinata!