Valentine’s day

Me: Yeeeess!!!!! /o/ /o/

people: Oh I didn’t know you had a boyfriend!

Me: Pfff.. haha you fools! 

Me: *opens Tumblr and starts looking for fan art*


Why are you crying? They were just worthless puppets and getting rid of them was part of your plan, shouldn’t you be happy? You’re finally the only one alive.

@umaru-does-stuff here it is! it wont let me tag you for some reason?idk

This one along with the Schneeps with the heart eyes one were my favorites to draw and my favorites in general!

Also while drawing this I legit was like “YEES YEEEESS GLITHCHY BOY CRY CRY FOR MY AMUSEMENT” and i don’t regret it at all

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REI YOU BEAUTIFUL LITTLE WALLNUT! Welcome back, we've missed you! I can't stop thinking about Qrow helping Winter in the mornings by brushing her hair for her, maybe even when she's doin her makeup or something. (I've got the cute feels for qrowin)


when qrow doesn’t brush her hair, he gets under it and keeps sleeping and i just ndvckfsvndfbv

Klance as things me and my gf have said to each other

“I’m a potato”

“A hot potato”

“What?? Unable to be handled??”








“I’m gonna marry your ass so hard”

“Your a pain”


“Your fucking annoying”



“You’re adorable”

“Shut the fuck up, you’re the cute one”

“Have you looked in a mirror?”

“Yeah, I looked like a fucking unmowed lawn, you’re a garden compared to me”

“I love you more than coffee”

“Is that a lot-”

“You really have no idea how much I love coffe”

“Better not be more than you love me, damnit”

“That’s a great movie!”

“It’s… it’s a TV show”

“…. I totally knew that… that shows how often I watch TV XD”

“That’s why you keep me around, right?”



“You’re the love of my life, even when you’re annoying”

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Hi! So hapy to know you're doing something special for the Choi boys! Can I request MC deciding to give a cat to Saeyoung for his birthday?

Countdown to the Cake: 4

The Rainbow Code


You feet hurt. You’ve been strolling in the mall for almost 2 hours now, trying to find the perfect birthday gift for your fiancée, it wouldn’t be that hard if it wasn’t for the two whining messes complaining behind you.

“My back hurt.” Yes, Yoosung, we got it when you said the 9 times before.

“Ugh… I’m bored. Can we stop and get some ice cream?”

“No, not yet. Let’s stroll a little more, Saeran. Please… bare with me, guys.”

“MC, we’ve wandered around these shops before,there’s nothing here you haven’t seen before.”

“I know, but what if we passed for the right gift and I didn’t notice?”

“You know you could give him a pair of socks and he would still squeal like an idiot because it’s coming from you, right?” Saeran says, crossing his arms.

“Ugh… but I can’t give him socks, Saeran. I… he really didn’t give you any hint on what he would like?”

“Nope. And I would have noticed since he is not really subtle at hinting, that fool.” You groan in annoyance. “Just… accept you’re not finding anything here, MC.”

“What about some fancy hair products? I saw this shampoo that revitalizes color and…” Saeran shuts down and stops listening, it’s not like you cared as you keep blabbering and walking inside the cosmetic store.

He sits next to Yoosung in the bench and groans in annoyance.

“What’s wrong with her? Why she doesn’t just give up? Ugh… my brother and her are such a match in that sense.”

“But, Saeran… if you don’t like helping her, why are you here?”

“I can’t help it, she… she called the violet code.”

“The what?”

“Violet stands for ‘MC needs help’. It’s a stupidity Saeyoung created, we have these secret codes between us to make sure MC is happy, it’s… it’s so cheesy and stupid!”

“And whatever this is, you’re still following it.”

“Well, yeah! It’s simple, happy MC means happy Saeyoung, and happy couple means less problems for me to deal with. Seriously, you have no idea the hell these two fools make when they fight.”

“Oh, I do. Last time they fought, Saeyoung called me crying because MC apparently hated him and he wanted to rent a zeppelin to win her back.” Saeran rolls his eyes, yeah… he knew everything about the zeppelin ordeal.

“So you know why I follow Saeyoung stupid’s rainbow code.”

“Rainbow? Oh my God, there are 7 codes for this? You gotta tell me which are the other codes!”

“Yoosung, have you found something for him?” you walk out of the store and stop in front of them.

“I did, MC. I bought these comic books I thought he would like while you were seeing those customized sweaters.” Which, thankfully… you didn’t buy.

“Oh… comic books, yeah… that’s so thoughtful and adorable, Yoosung. Ugh… you should be his fiancé instead of me…”

“I’ll pass, but… don’t feel down, MC. I’m sure you’ll think of something meaningful to both of you that expresses your feelings very well.”

“How about cat lingerie, then?”

“He already has cat lingerie…” you sigh. Saeran feels like saying something, but… nah, better pretend he didn’t hear this.  

“Okay, have you ever considered asking him directly what he wants, like you did to me?”

“I did, but… I want to think of this myself, you know? We’re getting married pretty soon, I have to be able to give him what he wants without him telling me.”

“MC… don’t you think you’re putting too much pressure on yourself? You’ve been engaged for less than a year now…”

“Don’t even try, Yoosung. She’s stubborn just like him. And…” he gets up and starts to walk “I have no patience for any of this!”

“But Saeran, the violet code…”

“Fuck the violet code, MC”

“Wait, isn’t the rainbow code a thing just between the twins?”

“Yeah, and there’s the blue code in this.”

“Which means ‘MC is spending too much time with us and learning how to hack, so she knows the codes.’” Saeran explains in total boredom.

“Yeah…I called the violet code, not Saeyoung. So you still have to help me, Saeran!”

“I’m trying to help you, but there’s nothing I can do if you can’t take my help, you know? Ugh… fuck this, I’m gonna get some ice cream.”

“Ugh… what do I do, Yoosung?”

“Right now? Tell me all the codes, I’m so curious,MC!”

Saeran goes all the way to the ice cream shop muttering. How can you and his brother be so alike? It’s almost disturbing! Too bad you’re actually likeable most of the times and now he really feels this need to help you…

He picks the flavor he wants and pays to the girl in the cashier, who… happens to look vaguely familiar. What the hell?

“Have a nice day, sir!”

“You too… Saeyoung.” The girl widens her eyes before lowering her head and chuckling.

“Guess I can’t fool you, brother.”

“I’m not sure if I really want to know, but… what the fuck, Saeyoung?”

“Well, you know those days when you just want to put on a cute dress and infiltrate into the ice cream shop in the mall where your fiancée is buying your birthday gift? It’s… one of those days.”

“So you’re spying on her.”

“I prefer ‘watching her steps attentively’, please.”

“And why are you s… watching her steps attentively?”

“Yes, Saeyoung, why are you spying on me?” holy shit! You and Yoosung are standing next to the balcony.

“Saeyoung? Who is this handsome man named Saeyoung you all keep talking about?” he does this weird high voice, and you cross your arms, glaring at him and making him sigh. “Hi, honey…”

“What are you doing, Saeyoung? I told you before how creepy it is when you do things like that!”

“I know, and I’m trying to stop, but… I couldn’t stay at home knowing you and my brother were trying to get something for me. I… don’t know, MC, I panicked, okay?”

“Why did you panic?”

“Because… it’s… it’s still hard to believe, MC. My fiancée going to the mall with my brother and my best friend to get me a birthday present, is this real? Is this… happiness real? I… can’t really stay home while something like this is happening, I can’t miss all the happiness that is surrounding my life right now, because… what if it ends?”

Yoosung looks at you and Saeran, he’s honestly shocked, he knew how much Saeyoung still struggled with his depressive thoughts from time to time, but he never really saw one of these moments in person. You and Saeran apparently did, though.

“You’re such a moron, Saeyoung.” Whoa… not the reaction he was expecting from Saeran.

“Ugh… I know. And I’m really sorry, bro. I’m sorry, Yoosung. And I’m sorry… MC.”

“I… told you more than once you don’t have to apologize so much, silly. And… I also told you it won’t end, Saeyoung. I’m here, we’re getting married in less than a month, and your brother is here too. This is just your first birthday we’re spending together, the first of many. I’ll be here for you getting older with you every year of our lives. So… don’t worry about missing moments, there are so many important ones to come.” You just feel your own tears when you see his.

“I can’t believe you two are really crying and making a scene in an ice cream shop. Can you believe it, Yoosung?”

“I can…” of course, because he’s crying too.

The four of you finally leave the shop. Saeran still can’t believe he’s the one to apologize for his friends’ weirdness. He, of all people.

He really needs a break from you two, and Yoosung needs to recompose yourself. So now it’s just the two of you sitting in the bench.

“So, uhm… thank you for what you said, MC.I… am sure you’re tired of always repeating the same stuff to me, but I appreciate it, you know, the way you appreciate me. The way you love me.”

“I do love you, don’t I?”

“Yes, you do… and that makes me realize that’s the best gift I could possibly have, and not only for my birthday.” You blush, and he giggles. You don’t really mind getting flustered if he makes him smile like this. “The idea of us being this old couple, sitting on our rocking chairs in the porch, talking about how young people have no respect and… surrounded by cats, and…”

“Wait, what?”

“What what?”

“Surrounded by cats?”

“Well, yeah… I… love cats, and  despite of what Jumin think, I would be a good owner, if you… helped me.” then it hits you, the perfect birthday gift!



“I’m calling the red code.”





“YEEEESS!” he gets up and takes your hand, hugging you. Then he lifts you up before pulling you closer for a kiss. And you two laugh.

“Whew… they’re okay. I thought we would have to call the zepellin guy again…” Yoosung whispers to Saeran. But you and Saeyoung notice their presence again pretty quickly.

“Hey, Saeran, guess what?” you ask him.


“She called the red code!” you two giggle, still hugging each other.





“SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT DOES THE RED CODE MEAN, FOR GOD’S SAKE!” Yoosung almost shouts in confusion.

“MC WANTS TO ADOPT A CAT!” you and Saeyoung say at the same time.

You can see the other days here!


In the name of all Mexicans, I’m sorry for this atrocity!

Who is going to belive that somebody would do this? I mean what the heck?

Just look at this! This is Gravity Hell!

Anyway, for anybody who can’t talk Spanish, here’s a translation:

  • Dipper: What is your favorite toy?
  • Crowd: YEEEEHHHHH!!!
  • Dipper: Really? It’s mine too! When can you invite me to your houses to play?
  • Crowd: YEEEHH!!
  • Dipper: Tomorrow? Wow! Yes, I’m excited. And, I know that homeworks can wait a little, but of course, when I finally decided to use computer to do my homewok, I get distracted with League of Legends! NO! What horrible things can I deserve for my bad behaviour?
  • Mabel: Yes handsome, don’t worry, see you later. [kiss sounds] Ah…. he’s so handsome and so beautiful! It’s beautiful… When he will love me… [Screams and dances]
  • Dipper: Haha! Don’t you realize that everybody it’s making fun of you?
  • Mabel: Of course not. You are not making of me, right guys? 
  • Crowd: YEEEES!! 
  • Mabel: It’s beautiful… When he will love me? [Screams and sings]
  • Dipper: Haha, hey, the people right here is laughing, but I bet they dance exactly like you.
  • Mabel: Ah, we are super-professional ballet dancers, right guys?
  • Crowd: NOOOO!!
  • Dipper: Hahaha!
  • Mabel: What? That wasn’t ballet?
  • Dipper: Of course not! Dou you guys think that was ballet? Don’t you think she dances horribly?
  • Crowd: NOOOO!
  • Dipper: It was awful.
  • [Dipper, Mabel and Soos dance “Despacito”]
  • Soos: [Falls on the ground] Oh, I’m so tired! 
  • Dipper: I’m sure that everybody likes dance. Don’t you guys like to dance in the shower?
  • Crowd: YEEEESS!!
  • Dipper: Haha! Of course yes! I ask, that anyone who likes to dance, boy, girl, or your parents, get up from your chairs and dance with us from there. The song that I’m gonna dance next it’s very manly, I’m going to show you all my manliness. Said that, i want that my friends get up from their chairs and start to dance, well, bring the music! [dances] Ye! Get up everybody! [stops dancing] Thank y'all!! Thank you beautiful  audience from Tijuana! Thank y'all!! 

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