Valentine’s day

Me: Yeeeess!!!!! /o/ /o/

people: Oh I didn’t know you had a boyfriend!

Me: Pfff.. haha you fools! 

Me: *opens Tumblr and starts looking for fan art*

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REI YOU BEAUTIFUL LITTLE WALLNUT! Welcome back, we've missed you! I can't stop thinking about Qrow helping Winter in the mornings by brushing her hair for her, maybe even when she's doin her makeup or something. (I've got the cute feels for qrowin)


when qrow doesn’t brush her hair, he gets under it and keeps sleeping and i just ndvckfsvndfbv

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theres a youtube artist name shawn wasabi that makes music using a midi fighter 64 and its really great to watch! it might be smth that other followers would enjoy too :3c

GHHH I LOVE SHAWN WASABI!! Yeeeess 11/10 would recommend all day every day (I was. very heartbroken when his midi fighter got stolen ;w; I’m glad he got a new one though!)

hotto doggu and burnt rice are my favorite songs he’s done, but I think marble soda is the most fun video to watch! (Plus marble soda has an A+ Porter Robinson sample in it lol)

I’m still very confused as to how he’s able to do all that and keep track of the buttons?? Like I said, 1000/10 heck yes love him :3

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May I request the American girlfriend wanting to take him home to meet her parents, but with JJCC please? That was so cute (>∀<)

JJCC: When his american girlfriend wants to take him home to meet her family.

Yeeeess I’ve been missing doing reactions for these boys, thank you so much for requesting! Hope you enjoy ♥

Simba: –So you’d translate for me right? Because I don’t think it would be a good idea to use the words Eddy and Prince taught me…

Originally posted by yuhwan Just the other day you were telling me how scary they were!!!– Were you just trying to mentally prepare me ahead of time for this or something?! 

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Prince Mak: Yes of course I’d love to go, I’ve been wanting to meet and get to know my future in-laws better so this is perfect! Whoo!!!~

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Eddy: Funny that you asked that because i was about to ask you the same thing and even brought cake to try and bribe convince you! But looks like I didn’t have to huh? But since I already got it…. want to eat it with me still?

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Yul: *Worried* They’d like me right? I mean, I know I can be pretty awkward but they wouldn’t see that as a bad thing would they? I mean, if they’re anything like you then I should be fine… right?

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Zica: Are there certain customs or rules at your house that I should be aware of? Or any topics to avoid or go for in conversations? -After an hour of more questions- Sorry if I’m annoying you, I just really want your family to like me…

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SanCheong: The closer the day we’re going comes the more awake and less sleepy I feel, what’s happening to me?! Am I that excited… and/or nervous?

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Wait wait wait, back up. So if Jakob always hides his anger from Corrin then what would happen if he actually snapped at her verbally and/or, Anakos forbid, physically? I know it would probably never happen but what if? ☠☠☠★☠☠☠

Yeeeess. I actually wrote this in one chapter of my fic somewhere, when they were discussing whether or not to hide Dwyer in a deep realm. I like depicting him lashing out because realistically, no one could be so perfect all the time.

In their years together, Jakob had never snapped at her. At any mild irritation, he hid from her specifically to prevent it. He’d had a particularly rough day to begin with and she had caught him at a bad time. For once he found her constant chatter annoying rather than endearing. He hadn’t meant what he’d said, but it was out before he could stop it. And he’d yelled- at her. At someone he’d promised to never hurt. Her eyes had widened as soon as she heard him and realised he was shouting at her. Corrin hadn’t really known how to react. At first she just stood still, staring at him. She was partially certain she was dreaming. He would never shout at her or tell her to shut up and stop rambling, but she’d heard it. She’d heard it fall from his lips just as it did when he said it to anyone else. Her bottom lip started to quiver and her eyes glistened with building tears. As soon as he saw this his heart broke, what had he done? He was angry with himself, he had never felt deserving of her affections and now he was sure he wasn’t. He says her name softly, reaching out for her. She’s too hurt, she turns from him, running from the room and into the hall, she closes the door behind her and begins to sob softly. Jakob leans into the door, listening to her. He can’t think of anything to say to her to make this better.


Let’s name this Salami Sato. This has been on my head even before I did the first comic HERE. Enjoy! C: 

I wanted to do this for a long time but the length scared me and yeeeess it took me almost a week. 50% working, 50% complaining. Hats off to all the comic artist, you guys rock. And… I’m still not over the korrasami fandom, slap me.


*chattering noise*
Korra: I hope you guys haven’t been waiting long.
Everyone: Hello!
Korra: Hi!
Bolin: Only 3 years! kidding! you guys are just in time. We’re about to order lunch.
Asami: I’ll have this one. How about you, Korra?
Korra: I’ll haaavve this sandwich with… hmmm *eating appetizer* 
Asami: So messy (Removing the smudge off of Korra’s face)
Korra: with Asami!

Mako: Wow
Bolin: oooh!
Wu: I like your style, Avatar!
Korra: N-no! I-I mean! T-That’s not! *facedesk*