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Inspired by something on the Michael Rooker tag, but one of the things Yondu's s.o. has given him was a Kewpie doll they painted blue and made a little Mohawk for. "Yonkew."


Valentine’s day

Me: Yeeeess!!!!! /o/ /o/

people: Oh I didn’t know you had a boyfriend!

Me: Pfff.. haha you fools! 

Me: *opens Tumblr and starts looking for fan art*

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REI YOU BEAUTIFUL LITTLE WALLNUT! Welcome back, we've missed you! I can't stop thinking about Qrow helping Winter in the mornings by brushing her hair for her, maybe even when she's doin her makeup or something. (I've got the cute feels for qrowin)


when qrow doesn’t brush her hair, he gets under it and keeps sleeping and i just ndvckfsvndfbv

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I hate/love imagining Beckendorf being alive and just being a big bro to Leo and working together on projects. And Beckendorf is just so proud of his hyperactive Latino little bro when he tamed and fixed festus and when he found bunker 9 and I just... Ahh!! And then just being UNSTOPPABLE together with their machines. And Leo meeting beckendorfs mom (she's alive right?) and just... Yeeeess!!!


to add to that!!!!

  • charlie taking NONE of leo’s shit. ranging from “you can keep making dumb jokes, but i know you’re not okay” to “you thought that was funny, but it was super rude. go apologize to that person.” 
  • that includes the “you know you don’t NEED to be in a relationship to be part of the gang, right? it’s okay to be on your own” talk. leo needed it from someone who maybe understood the whole ‘maybe i should just stick to machines and not people’ thing
  • charlie/leo teasing each other about random things. “i’m surprised you can lift that drill leo, your arms are basically just. noodles.” etc
  • the nicknames leo would give charlie omfg. please imagine leo calling beckendorf ‘charlzilla’ just picture it
  • nyssa clunks them BOTH over the head with a wrench when they’re annoying her and they both just mumble “sORRY….”
  • leo telling charlie about his mom eventually–after charlie notices the tapping out in morse code leo constantly does. he understands enough of it to get the message, and asks. leo is embarrassed but tells him anyway. after that leo gets a random invite out to the beckendorf household for the next big holiday. it’s a nice few days for him there.
  • and now i’m stuck thinking about how after the gaea battle, charlie would never be able to watch fireworks.
  • how he’d have to tell their siblings that festus is gone, that leo isn’t ever coming home
  • he doesn’t let himself cry about it openly, but he’ll vanish to the bunker on his own on the bad days and come back with suspiciously red rimmed eyes and a roughness in his voice
  • :(
reasons why and what i love about bbh

1. he’s naturally a nice person that puts everyone before him
2. he cares for his fans and his members
3. his laugh
4. especially that kind of laugh he does when he’s so giddy
5. that small mole near his lips
6. fluffy hair
7. i love black haired baekhyun
8. but every color suits him so
9. he might look ridiculous when dancing freestyle but that’s one of the things why i love him
10. “kkaebbsong”
11. besides chanyeol and jongdae, he’s one of the light (no pun intended) that brightens up everyone’s mood
12. his gummy smile
13. his shy smile
14. and that smile he does when he laughs
15. it melts everyone’s hearts tbh
16. when he smiles so happily that his eyes form an eyesmile
17. fingers
18. his slender fingers that everyone also loves to fantasize about
19. this is why i now have a hand fetish
20. blame baekhyun
21. his cute nose
22. the way his nose scrunch up in disgust when he finds something distasteful
23. do i have to start why i love his voice?
24. his voice
25. call every baekhyun stan a lovesick puppies but one of the main reasons why we love him is because of his voice
26. it’s like listening to an angel sing
27. really pleasant to listen to + the high notes
28. when he does high notes it makes me think that his voice is high as my dreams
29. but nonetheless, his voice is fucking fantastic stan him but don’t forget to stan the rest of exo members or just stan exo because they’re kings
30. when he collabs with other artists
31. why does his voice fit with every artists he does duets with???
32. ^ everyone questions that
33. and whenever he does an interview with an artist it always seems like he has two sides
34. shy baekhyun and his natural state baekhyun
35. remember that one time he did an interview with suzy he accidentally introduced himself as “suzy”
36. he can be a nervous wreck sometimes but that’s okay
37. his broad shoulders period.
38. airport fashion
39. i always find myself looking at his pictures of him being at an airport and i always go “damn” because he’s always slaying like yeeeess
40. he has a good fashion sense
41. but even if he doesn’t we still won’t care
42. he can wear a fucking sack and we’d still hardcore stan him
43. let’s speak about his relationship with the members
44. starting with the youngest sehun; he always loves to bite the maknae
45. sehun says it’s because baekhyun is really sensitive to bad smells and sehun smells really nice (like a baby) that’s why he often latches himself to the maknae
46. then kai aka jongin, i can see baekhyun idolizes kai because kai is afterall, one of the best dancers in exo (yixing and sehun included)
47. i think he once mentioned in an interview that he practices dancing in the their studio so he can get better, thus, also letting kai teach him
48. i don’t know why yall are saying kyungsoo hates him; they’re actually best friends
49. baekhyun even said so
50. you might think that they dont because their personalities don’t match but i gotchu fam
51. their personalities are actually similar to each other
52. i would explain it but it would take a lot so i’ll just shorten my explanation abit
53. you question their friendship with each other? well as you see kyungsoo is naturally quiet person, personally known as one of mysterious members in the group and baekhyun as the the member who never stops running his mouth,, baekhyun actually has a melancholy soft quiet side in him that surprisingly matches kyungsoo’s personality
54. you might question how and even say that he can never be serious but how can he be friends with kyungsoo if he can’t be a soft quiet mochi
55. i feel like im doing a deep theory that no one understands lmao
56. going to chanyeol,, i have a few things to say
57. chanbaek
58. i can see why most people ship the two of them
59. they’re also best friends, they’re also really close even as trainees
60. their personalities also match; both mood makers and laughs to joke around
61. also best friend goals - a tall one and a short one
62. jongdae aka chen, i dont see why only a few people ship this but #chenbaek
63. they have good chemistry, besides being good friends like the last two mentioned before, i think hanging out with him and baekhyun will never make you bored
64. they would probably pull pranks on you
65. basically the whole beagle line would nonstop pranks on you
66. random but,, i also feel like baekhyun would be a good listener
67. his relationship with yixing are one of the things i love about him
68. he loves yixing so much like a younger brother looking up to his older brother aw
69. lmao 69 i wouldn’t let this opportunity to go away but i feel like baekhyun would be really that type of person who will love to leave hickeys all over your skin
70. back to the topic, with junmyeon – he also looks up to him
71. i don’t see why not, after all junmyeon is a good leader so
72. i see baekhyun coming to junmyeon for advice whenever a problem comes up tbh
73. with minseok we can see baekhyun loves to nag him
74. but despite the nagging, we can also see that minseok cares after him like a younger bro
75. bro goals amirite
76. baekhyun really loves his members they’re basically family
77. so back to 69 how about i steam up the talk, you’re probably bored
78. probably mostly everyone said this but he’s probably a submissive
79. he can be dominant too smh
80. my reasons why i love about him is switching lanes
81. i love that he’s so caring of his fans
82. despite the fact that he’s been hurt a lot by the hate some of us spit at him
83. i dont understand how you can hate him for dating back then some of us are fucking heartless af
84. if he wants to date, let him. i know it hurts as a fan, i know that heartbroken feeling but we shouldn’t be selfish and keep him from being happy
85. yeah he has us, but we aren’t for eternal
86. you do know in a few years he has to find someone he wants to get settled with
87. he’s generally a nice person appreciate him
88. his humbleness
89. he never boasted about his fame nor the amount of money he has
90. he’s always thankful
91. besides him being humble, he’s also hardworking
92. he’s probably one of the most loved idols
93. i feel like he loves joking around with his juniors
94. do you think he treats them food too?
95. he’s an epitome of fluffiness
96. the fact he has this bond with fans that no one can break
97. the fact that he’s all mochi then the second later he’s all daddy we’re all dead
98. but that only makes our love for him grow stronger
99. happy birthday baekhyun
100. i love you so much

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"Dress me!" [We've never interacted, but y'know, we really should, hehe!]

Send “dress me” for an outfit for your muse according to my muse’s tastes

My! Hello! Nice to meet you, sir! Let me see, now. First, I would pick out a black shirt for you, a playful shirt, to show off your seemingly playful manner. 

To go with that shirt, I would pick out a blue, vest with an intricate and refined design, again to enhance that playful nature, and to compliment the shirt.

As for the pants, I would go with a pair of plain, black pants, just so that it doesn’t get too much.

As for the shoes, I would pick a pair of black, plain shoes, that are comfortable to walk around in, but still shows off a refined, relaxed style.

To top it all off, I would pick out a coat, that is red and black, seeing as it looks like you like to pair up black, red and blue. So I wanted to incorporate all three colors in your outfit.

Now, bring it all together with a black bowler hat, and you’re good to go!

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NOAH BIRTHDAY IS COMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! Out of curiosity, would you like to read a fic with your AU? I'm thinking about writing one for the Heaven's cinnamon roll of Noah.


oh yes that’d be so nice!! if you have time, please do!!