Thank you for give us such an amazing and quality music, that are more masterpieces than anything else. Thank you for give us such quality MVs that are cinematography masterpieces. Thank you for shows your amazing personalities…each one of you are so different from each other and that bring such a good balance in a friendship circle. Thank you for teach us to not think only about ourselves but also to think and help the ones who needs the most.  Thank you for show us your passion for the things you do; the love you always put in every single things that you guys do. thank you for be such a STRONG group of persons that even living the hardest moments, being treated unfairly, suffering not only physical but also mentally, NEVER GAVE UP. Thank you for teach me how to be stronger, how to never give up, how to, no matter how hard the things are, we have to make it work. Thank you for be such a big BLESSING in my life and I’m pretty sure in all BABYz life. Let’s be 5, 6, 7…10 years…FOREVER TOGETHER!


2 years. 2 full years today since we started talking. It’s so crazy how within 2 years, you can meet someone, become their world and then become strangers. For the past 2 years I’ve thought of nothing except you. You are my whole world even if im not yours. And always will I love you with my whole heart even if you don’t love me with any of yours.
—  AG

Imagine like in this poem by Shel Silverstein Loki keeps running into this one girl but they don’t formally meet for years. One day, he finally is not busy so he strikes up conversation. As they get to know each other he finds out she can wield seidr… and she’s a frost giant.

look ok I haven’t read the cursed child yet but I DO know it is relevant to my interests

like the thing about the death of my grandmother is that it happened when i was.. 10? & i never really grieved over it or cried, ever, b/c i felt like i didn’t have the right to/deserve to b/c i was told (& felt even in my own besides being told that) that it was mostly my fault that she passed away, b/c she had to raise me, while she was sick, & i felt like i never had the right to be alive b/c she didn’t get to & she was far more deserving of living than i could ever even hope to be, but i’m.. getting to the point where i realized how fucked up that was? is? especially as a child? how long i carried that? like she was my mother, essentially! she loved me! she had stage IV lung cancer & they gave her 6 months & she lived for 2 ½ years. & i’m not selfish or ridiculous enough to think i had anything to do w/ that, but it’s like… she cared enough about me to raise me then! she never made me feel guilty for that. all she did was love me & treat me like her child & it’s taken me over a fucking decade to get here & i don’t even remember what her voice sounds like anymore but i remember what she looks like & gardening w/ her & she even specifically told my grandfather to always watch out for me & care for me & it’s like.. i mean something, i guess? i have to? she was an amazing person & she deemed me worthy of her time, worthy in general, & that.. has to mean something? idk i’ve cried more about her in the last few months than i ever have over the years & i keep remembering things about her? which is.. good? i think? never felt like i had the right to be sad about her or think about her! but! here we are! here i am! i love her & loved her & she loved (loves) me & it’s. okay. it’s okay that i’m here. she’d want me to be here. & none of this makes sense but being at this point is so… weird & reassuring. i’m allowed to miss her? i’m just. allowed to do it. i do. i miss her