Summary: Pure porn without plot. You wake up and spend a morning with Sam and Dean.

Warnings: Smut, threesome (no Wincest), anal sex

Word Count: 2650ish

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy! XOXO

Too hot. Too bright. Everything feels heavy and suffocating, like you’re trapped or tied down. Leg muscles twitch, but you can’t move them as you force your brain to swim toward the surface, try to break your mind out of its haze.

And then you wake up.

For just a moment, you focus only on your breath. You wake up like this two or three times a week, have ever since you started hunting, and it will only take your body a few seconds to calm down.

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Leaked concept art of Efi Odaele’s Ancharo drone.

This is Overwatch shitpost #2 for anyone who’s counting. I guess this is just a thing I’m gonna do whenever Blizzard introduces a new character…

(This was also a lot funnier in my head)


Ok, so this is very quick and rough, just basics. I’ve noticed that differences between female and male faces in my drawings are much more subtle than they were couple years ago. And it’s difficult for some people to say if I drew a girl of a guy x) I don’t really like huge exaggeration if it doesn’t have its purpose but hope it helps somehow.

Anyway :) it doesn’t mean men can’t have feminine features or women - masculine :)

Perfume regret Sehun X Reader

OMFGGGGGDYGSYUGYGYGYU I am so incredibly sorry for not updating for like months, I was just so fucking upset that my written chanyeol fic got deleted, and yeah, i was just lazy. Anywayyyyyyyys I thought I would just write a Sehun fic because that boi is C LI MB ING up my bias list. ANd he is just rud. ANywyas I hope yall enjoy this <3 <3 <3 

                                                      5940 words 

Summary: Your best friend, your crush, Sehun had left you for other people he called friends. Did he actually though? or was it all just a big misunderstanding? 

You walked towards the boring hallways dragging your body with your black boots. You reached your locker and looked at the paper that was stuck on top of it. ‘Get a life slut!’ You gasped under your breath, it must have been those two girls again. Emily And  Ji Hee, The two girls that bother you without any reason. You took a hold of the paper ripping it off of the locker roughly, you crumpled it up and threw it behind your head, not caring where the paper landed. You entered the code to your padlock. When you opened the locker door you saw another note fall down in front of your face and land on the ground. You bend down taking the note in your hand. You sighed lightly while unfolding the note as you tried to read the sloppy handwriting. ‘Stay away from oppa you bitch’ You scrunched your face in disgust, cringing at the word ‘oppa’ you definitely didn’t know who the oppa was and you certainly didn’t care, once more you scrambled up the paper and threw it into your locker. Taking your books and the things you needed you shut your locker. You were just about to leave before you felt a piece of paper hit your head. You sighed loudly and turned around.

- “Jeezus! Can you stop it already?! It’s getting annoying you know?! If throwing paper at me is all you can do then you might be more of a pussy then i thought you were!”

You glared deadly into the handsome boy’s eyes, the one that the threw the paper ball at you, the one and only Sehun. His beautiful lips turned upwards forming an oh so hot smirk that you wanted to smack right off.

- “Easy there tiger, you were the one who threw the paper at me, I was just giving it back.”

You looked at him glaring, even more. He could have thrown it away quietly, or he could have confronted you, but no, he chose to annoy the hell out of you.

- “Well you know normal people would just hand it to me, in my hand”

You made to emphasize the last parts.

- “ But I guess your majesty Sehun is an exception, why? you too scared to come up to my face and tell me whats wrong? You have no guts sehun, you have no balls, that’s why your actual dick is smaller than your attitude”

You mentally patted your back happy with your lame response. You could see the way sehun’s smirk fell into an annoyed one, and the way his friends were laughing and ‘oohing’ at your comeback.

Now you were the one who had a sly smirk, you lifted your bag and put one of the straps on your right shoulder.

- “Hey! Who do you think you are, how dare you say that to oppa?!”

You turned around facing Ji Hee. She was glaring at you with her beautiful eyes, such a waste, she was beautiful in every way, except she stank form the inside.

- “Hey! Guess what!”

You grinned bigger lifting your middle finger.

- “You and your oppa can take this and stick it up your asses!”

More laughter came from the background, and you couldn’t help but laugh slightly at the priceless face that was painted over Ji Hee and Sehun.

- “Yah! You slu-”

Emily was about to back up for her “friends” but someone interrupted her.

- “Yah! Shut up! Go away leave her alone!”

You looked at the boy whose arms were now draped around you, Jongin, your best friend. You watched as Sehun tensed under the presence of Jongin, and you smile.

- “It’s not a surprise that y/n would need Jongin in her life, I mean without him she would be all alone, since Sehun has already left her.”

Now it was your turn to look annoyed, the cards had flipped, and you ball your fist remembering the time.

-  “I mean, y/n you didn’t actually think Sehun would ever continue being your friend, did you?”

Ji-Hee moved towards Sehun tracing the nape of his neck with her fake long nails while looking into your eyes, your fist got tighter, and tighter and Jongin noticed. He tried to calm you down he gently kissing your temples. Sehun noticed, he tried to not to say anything, so he bit down his jaw as hard as he could.

- “He left you y/n, he left you and Jongin, for us. Who do you think you are? no matter what you do or say, you will always be known as the friend Sehun dumped.”

You moved your hands to the small of Jongin’s back and fisted the light cloth of his shirt.

- “No matter what y/n you will always be a loser.”

Ji-Hee smirked at your silent form, you looked pissed, Jongin noticed, they noticed, Sehun noticed. You looked into her eyes yet again.

- “You think you are a friend Ji Hee?”

You spoke in a cold voice which somehow managed to send a shiver down her back.

- “You actually think that what you and Sehun have is friendship, heck, you and Emily don’t even like each other. Sehun picked shit over gold, and that’s his loss because he never was and never will be mine or Jongin’s friend. I hate him, I hate you, I hate fake people, go sort your lifes out”

Ji-Hee walked towards you ready to punch you right in your face, but Sehun immediately pulled her back.

- “Stop, dont”

- “But sehu-”

- “I said stop! Leave her alone! Just go to your class!”

Sehun looked furious leaving Ji Hee scared, she gulped down the lump of saliva that had built up in her throat.

- “Come on y/n lets go.”

Jongin took your hand in his and lead you the way, your eyes wouldn’t leave Sehun however, the memories flowing back into your head. You felt tears starting to well up in your eyes but you forced yourself to blink them away.

Sehun looked at your back leaving his presence, he missed you, he really did, he missed Jongin, he missed both of you. He had fallen in love with you a long time ago and still was in love with you. Sehun and Jongin used to talk about his little crush on you everyday. Jongin had told Sehun that you were just like his little sister, but why was he getting jealous all of the sudden? He didn’t have the right to be jealous, he left you two for these scum bags. Sehuns gaze was stuck on the floor thinking about how you used to laugh at all his lame jokes and how you used to play with his hair while he laid on your stomach. The way you him and Jongin watched movies while throwing popcorn at each other. The way you used to glance at him, and when he caught you staring your would turn away blushing. He missed everything he missed you guys, you and Jongin, he wanted back what he had lost, but Sehun knew better.

- “Sehun picked shit over gold, and that’s his loss, because he never was and never will be mine or Jongin’s friend. I hate him”

Your words echoed through his head and he almost felt a tear drip down his eyes, those words that he never wanted to hear from you, he wanted to hold you in his arm so bad he wanted to tell you sorry, he wanted to sit on the couch with Jongin playing the stupid old video games. But he couldn’t, he knew if he ever got close to you again, you would be in danger. He didn’t want that, Sehun didn’t want you to suffer because of him, that’s why even though this hurts him too much he must do it for you.

- “Yah Sehun!”

Sehuns train of thoughts was broken when he heard Emily shouting for him.

- “What do you want Emily?”

Sehun asked in a cold voice.

- “Ji Hee wants to talk to you, come down to the basement”

Emily looked at him waiting for a reply, but he only rolled his eyes in response.

- “I’m busy tell her I will talk to her some other time.”

- “She said now, you do know what would happen if you don’t listen to Ji Hee right?”

Sehun scoffed, looking down on the floor. He hated all this crap, he didn’t want this anymore. But he forced himself to drag his feet towards the basement where Ji Hee and her gang hung out.


Sehun looked coldly at Ji Hee, the girl he despised the most.

- “What do you want?”

- “Sehun, why did you stop me, why didn’t you let me hit her?”

Sehun scoffed at her.

- “Because you deserved it.”

Ji Hee fisted sehun’s white color bringing him closer to her.

- “You do remember what will happen to your little friends if you don’t do what I tell you to, right? If I ever see you talking to her, I will break that little bitch of yours.”

Sehun Looked up at Ji Hee with a furious gaze.

- “Who do you think you are calling her a bit-”

- “She was talking bullshit Sehun, she should know her place.”

Ji-Hee looked into sehun’s eyes, bringing him closer by his collar.

- “I really did pick shit over gold.”

Ji Hee fisted Sehun’s collars tighter shoving him into a wall, her right knee was between his legs and Sehun slowly hissed at the pain that struck him on his back.

- “Listen up Sehun, I will do anything it takes to make you mine do you understand?”

Ji-Hee reaches up to the crook of Sehun’s neck and starts to kiss his neck softly.

-  “If you really care about your friends then you will just have to do what I tell you, do you understand?”

Sehun tried to push her away and he succeeded, Ji Hee’s eyes widened while she was stumbling on her feet trying to get a hold of her balance.

- “Whatever Ji Hee, I’m not scared of you, I am just doing this because I love y/n and I care for Jongin if you do anything to them especially y/n, You won’t even be able to recognize your own face.”

Sehun tugged on his shirt and collar to fix it, while two of the guys came up behind Ji Hee. One of the boys reached towards sehun trying to attack him.

- “You fucking dick, do you not know any manners, talk to girls properly.”

But that same boy felt a sting on the cheek, Ji Hee slapped him as hard as she could and the poor boy fell on the floor holding onto his now red cheek.

- “Don’t you dare call him a dick do you hear me?!”

Sehuns eyes widened, this girl was crazy, Sehun looked down at Ji Hee in disgust.

- “You are sick”

She looked down on the floor while nodding and chuckling slightly.

- “I know Sehun, I know”


You left your math class heading towards the lunch room until a soft hand touched your shoulders, they reminded you of someone you used to love so dearly.

- “Get off of me se-”

- “I will always care for you y/n”

He walked right past you, he didn’t look at you, he didn’t say anything after that. You stopped moving and took a step back. Were you hearing things, did you miss him that badly? You felt something wet stain your cheeks, tears, you couldn’t stop them, you never could when it came to Sehun.

- “Hey y/n!”

You wiped your tears quickly turning around only to see Jongin running towards you.

- “Hey, Jongin!”

- “No time for greetings, I need to talk to you. NOW”

You looked at him confused, he was panting.

- “Jongin, are you oka-”

Jongin took a hold of your wrist and dragged you towards the roof, you followed him though, you followed his every step.

- “Jongin, why are we going to the terrace?”

Jongin opened the door of the entrance and you felt a cold breeze hit your face. 

- “Jongin, talk to me, you are scaring me. What is happening!”

Both of you were panting especially Jongin.

- “y-y/n you won’t guess what I just found out”

Your gaze moved towards Jongin and you looked up at his sweet eyes, they had tears in them they had sadness, yet a sign of relief.

- “Jong-”

- “y/n Sehun, he, he s-still, Sehun, y/n it’s not what it looks like, he still cares for us, that’s why he is doing all of this.”

You look at Jongin with wide eyes, you’re confused form felt a little numb, you didn’t know what to think you didn’t know what to say.

- “How does that make any sense?”

Jongin took a hold of your shoulders and looked you deep into the eyes.

- “Trust me, it’s not what it looks like.”


*Jongin’s POV*

After what Sehun had done to me and y/n there is no way I am going to forgive him. I walked y/n to her class, she was crying and her tears started to damp my shoulders, Sehun what have you done?

- “Jongin, I am okay, I will see you after class yeah?”

I nodded, smiling to make her feel better one way or another.

- “Okay, I will meet you by your locker.”

She smiled back, maybe to make me feel better and reassured, or maybe to reassure herself.

After I had left y/n I walked down the hall towards my classroom, but then I saw him there, I saw Sehun there.

 “Why is he not in class?”

I mumbled to myself.

- “Yah Sehun!”

After hearing Emily’s voice I quickly hid behind one of the walls, I don’t know why I was hiding, but something was off, Sehun loved y/n it just doesn’t make sense that he would leave her for Ji Hee.

- “What do you want Emily?”

Sehun seemed cold while talking to her, weren’t they so called friends?

- “Ji Hee wants to talk to you, come down to the basement”

- “I’m busy tell her I will talk to her some other time.”

- “She said now, you do know what would happen if you don’t listen to Ji Hee right?”

I noticed how Sehun had scoffed and rolled his eyes, Emily and Sehun started to walk my way and I tried to camouflage behind the plain dirty white walls. I followed them, was I surprised over what I saw?  yeah, did i regret it?… no.


- “Sehun did this for us, he wanted to make sure that you and I were safe.”

You couldn’t believe what Jongin had just told you, should you feel reviled, should you feel sad, should you smile, should you cry, you didn’t know what to feel.

- “w-what”

You looked down Shocked and speechless, Jongin placed his hands onto your shoulders.

- “y/n we need to talk to him about it.”

- “What will we say? That we followed you and we know that you are forced into being friends with them just so they don’t hurt me and you? Jongin he still had a choice, it was his choice of being a dick to us in the first place.”

Jongin sighed letting his hands drop down.

- “ I don’t know about you, but, I miss Sehun, he has been our best friend for who knows how long, he deserves to give us an explanation, and we deserve to hear it.”

- “ what if I don’t want to? He chose to do this Jongin-”

- “y/n I know you still love him”

- “No I don’t Jongin, I lost feelings for him a long time ago”

- “You don’t have to talk to him but I will”

- “What n-”

Jongin left the roof shutting the door harshly, was he seriously mad at you?! You sat down on the concrete and watched as the wind passed by. You were tired and your energy had drained.

- “Fucking hell Sehun, what are you thinking?”


You walked towards the cafeteria dragging your feet on the dirty floor. You had to put some food into yourself before you collapsed on the floor. You were hoping that Jongin would be sitting at one of the tables waving towards you, but you didn’t see him anywhere, you didn’t expect to.

Your plate was filled with this brown gooey meat with mash potato on the sides, it looked disgusting. You walked towards an empty seat and sat down, you hoped you wouldn’t see sehun and his friends, you weren’t really in the mood to talk to anyone, you just wanted to forget the existence of human beings.

But of course, the world had to go against your simple wish. Your peace was broken when you heard the sound of the chair beside you dragging on the floor. You really didn’t want anything surrounding you, what makes it even worse is that he is Sehun’s friend. You lifted your head and sighed loudly wanting him to know you weren’t very happy with his presence. You were about to move when you felt someone holding onto your arm.

- “Hey, where you going?”

You flinched your arms away from his grip.

- “Its none of your business Chanyeol ”

He looked at you with his eyebrows furrowed.

- “Chill will ya? I just wanted to sit beside you that’s why I sat here in the first place”

You cocked your eyebrows looking at him in disbelief.

- “You, Park Chanyeol, wants to sit beside me?”

He nodded smiling sweetly.

- “I am lowkey happy that you know my full name, but yeah I Park Chanyeol, wants to sit beside you, one of the most beautiful girl in the school”

You blushed heavily, he said it so bluntly, but he was still looking at you with that famous smile of his.

- “W-what you on about, listen if this is one of your evil schemes-”

Chanyeol started to grin, it annoyed the hell out of you, but somehow it sent butterflies down your stomach.

- “Nah, I just wanted to get to know you.”

He took a hold of your arm again and jerked it slightly.

- “Please?”

You sighed loudly.

- “Whatever I need to finish my food anyway”

You sat down and continued eating your food like you did before Chanyeol decided to disturb you. You looked at the beautiful boy sitting beside you, trying to steal a glance you moved your gaze towards his tall frame. You felt the blood rushing to your cheeks, he was looking at you already.

- “U-um, so Chanyeol, is Sehun even okay with you sitting here?”

He looked at you taking a bite of the mashed potato.

- “I don’t need his permission for things, I can do whatever I want, whether he likes it or not.”

You nodded slowly.

- “oh, okay, but what about Jihee, she hates me.”

Chanyeol sighed while looking at you.

- “Why do you worry about what others think, I want to have a nice lunch with you, so I am going to be doing that, and I don’t need anyone’s consent.”

You went back to eating your food, the next thing that happened made you regret that you even agreed to sit beside Chanyeol in the first place. Jihee and some of her other friends, including Sehun, walked towards the table, and your form stiffened. Somehow Chanyeol managed to notice, he shifted his chair closer towards you to somewhat give you a sign of protection. You looked at him smiling slightly. Ji hee stopped in her tracks looking at you.

- “What the fuck are you doing here?”

You looked at her, not a single word coming out of your throat, thankfully Chanyeol was there to help you out.

- “She was actually sitting here before, and I wanted to join her for lunch. If you don’t want to then you can leave, or you can just quietly sit down and eat your food.”

Ji-hee looked shocked, and you heard Sehun scoffing in the background.

- “What did you just say?”

Chanyeol looked back at her with a blank expression.

- “Did I stutter?”

- “Whatever”

Ji-hee dragged the chair in front of chanyeol, placing her food onto the table, and Sehun moved to sit in front of you.

- “Hey y/n”

Sehun quietly greeted you.

- “Hey, sehun.”

Ji-hee noticed you two staring at each other, and of course, she had to  butt in.

- “So, where is that friend of yours? That guy named Jongin was it?”

You looked at her not answering, turning your gaze towards your food.

- “Hey! I just asked you a question”

You jumped slightly at the tone of her voice, you wish you would have gained your confidence back from this morning. Chanyeol moved his hands towards your thigh and squeezed it slightly. If it was another day you would be swatting his hand away, but at this moment it felt comforting. Sehun noticed how Chanyeol’s  hands were squeezing your thighs and how you seemed to relax under his touch, he felt himself boil in anger, you were his for godsakes.

- “ He had to go somewhere”

Ji-Hee looked at you not convinced by your excuse.

- “That’s sad, he just left you here all alone.”

Ji Hee lifted her arm only to place her hand on the back of Sehun neck, her nails scratching lightly on his porcelain skin, she made sure to look into your eyes.

- “Sehun would never leave me alone like that”

You looked at her with a blank face, you almost didn’t care.

- “Maybe because he doesn’t have a choice?”

The whole table chuckled lightly trying to contain them. Chanyeol turned towards you with a bright smile. You didn’t notice anything you were just busy in finishing your food and leaving as fast as you can, you had had such a rough day that your baby hairs started to block your sight. You felt Chanyeol’s form move in closer and he slowly tucked your hair behind your ear, you looked at him shocked

- “It’ll be easier for you to see what you’re eating and because it’s blocking your pretty face.”

You looked at up from your plate with wide eyes, your cheeks leaving a tint of red.

- “Sorry, was that a bit too much?”

Chanyeol chuckled when he saw your expression, you were so shocked you became speechless. You had seen Chanyeol around many times, he was actually the most decent out of the entire group. You had never talked to Chanyeol, the only time you did was when you were paired together for a group work. You would be lying if you said that you didn’t like the attention. Sehun, on the other hand, was not liking one bit of this, Chanyeol was being too close for comfort. What pissed him off even more was that you didn’t seem to mind it.  

- “So, chanyeol, how’s it going with Mina?”

You lifted  your eyebrows a little staring back at Sehun. Mina was known to be dating Chanyeol, on and off.

- “What about her?”

Chanyeol asked confused.

- “Didn’t you guys just makeup or something?”

Your gaze turned towards Chanyeol, looking at him questioningly.

- “Dude that was a long time ago”

Sehun took a bite out of his food still staring down at Chanyeol.

- “Was it really? Didn’t you ask her out like 3 weeks ago or something?”

Chanyeol immediately looked you with knitted eyebrows.

- “y-y/n”

You smiled softly.

- “It’s okay, you don’t have to explain me anything, I barely know you.”

Chanyeols face softened at what you just said, yeah, you guys didn’t know each other that well but he had always had some sort of feelings for you. And he made sure to mention it to his friends, including Sehun.

- “y/n w-”

You stood up lightly.

- “Anyways, we start class in less than 5 minutes I need to go now. Thank you for keeping me company Chanyeol.”

You smiled sincerely towards him, and he smiled back showing off his beautiful pearly teeth.

- “I’ll see you later y/n?”

You nodded softly.

- “Why not-”

- “You’re seriously going to hang out with this loser”

You rolled your eyes at Ji-hee.

- “Shut up Ji Hee”

Chanyeol said defensively. You chuckled lightly and left the cafeteria.


*Sehuns POV*

I walked out of the lunch room, moving onto the next class, I just wanted the day to be done. I was walking through the corridors peacefully before a boy pulled me into the corner.

- “What the fu- Jongin?”

Jongin quickly took Sehun into an embrace, hugging my tight. Sehun was shocked, his eyes wide.

- “J- Jongin?”

Sehun looked down at the boy who had held onto him tighter than ever.

- “You stupid boy! How could you do that?! You ass!”

Jongin shoved Sehun into the wall clutching his white t shirt.

- “How could you lie to me and y/n! You bastard! You didn’t have to fucking be friends with them just because you wanted to seem like the good guy! We could have protected y/n together, and how stupid could you get?! Ji hee, doesn’t have the gut to do anything to y/n heck not unless you and I are standing beside her! So why did you have to be such an ignorant bitch and hurt her so much?! You said you would always be there for me, you said you would always be there for her! You fucking lied Sehun, you fucking lied!”

Jongin was panting, he was fisting into Sehun’s collar. Sehun could feel tears threatening to fall down.

- “I-am-sorry I thought I was doing the best for you and y/n”

Jongin looked at the male in front of him” 

- “Sehun, you left her, you made her few weeks living hell. She cried everyday for you, she was so confused as to why you would do something like this. y/n loved you Sehun, and now she hates you. I am your friend, I am like your brother. But you just got yourself in a big mess dude, a mess you need to get yourself out off as soon as possible before anything else escalates.”

Sehun took a hold of kai’s shoulder and started to sob quietly.

- “I’m sorry I… didn’t know what to do, Jongin, oh god i am so sorry. Please forgive me I just, I just want y/n back, I want you back. I want the old times back. I miss you, please help me.”

Jongin immediately took the younger one into a tight embrace, patting his back in a soothing manner.

- “ I will help you, but y/n is the problem. She was really hurt when you left us, and she’s not ready to forgive you yet.”

Sehun nodded to his elder and hugged him back tighter.

- “ I’m sorry Jongin, I am so sorry”


You were walking towards your locker, the school had finally ended and you were ready to get back home and just take a long hot shower. But of course, those dreams were shattered when your science teacher walked towards you.

- “Y/n! Hey I was just looking for you!”

You forced a smile and looked at her.

- “Hi miss, what can I help you with?”

- “I was wondering if you could do me a favor, see I have to meet up my son at the hospital, he is very sick. And I had promised one of my students that I would help him with his homework, but since you know all this came up…. I was wondering,”

You sighed.

- “You were hoping that I would help the student with the homework?”

You finished off her sentence trying to muster up the fakest smile. Your teacher smiles back at you with a slight nod, she looked guilty. Was the student that bad you though? You were just about to ask her about the student before she cut you off and ran as soon as possible. You shrugged your shoulder, throwing your backpack over your shoulders.

You walked towards the science room.

- “Okay, this student better not be-”

Your eyes widened.

- “Sehun?! W-what are you doing here?”

Sehun looked towards you with a sly smirk.

- “Shouldn’t I be asking you that? y/n what are you doing here?”

You gripped the strap of your backpack tighter.

- “ The teacher asked me to help a student out, but since I can’t see anyone, i’m just gonna go.”

You weren’t dumb, you knew that Sehun was that student, but you just didn’t want to have anything to do with him, you were so tired and so worn out that you couldn’t bother with his shit.

- “You know, just because you hate me doesn’t mean that I don’t go to this school. That student that you are talking about is me.”

You sighed loudly.

- “So if you don’t mind could you help me?”

- “Sehun-”

- “ You wouldn’t want the teacher to know that you didn’t do as she told you to do.”

You sighed in defeat and moved towards him.

- “Whatever, just, don’t do anything stupid, I will help you out but right after you understand the homework I am leaving.”

He nodded amused, Sehun thought that you would just not give a fuck and leave him there stuck with this stupid ass question that he just doesn’t understand. You sit beside sehun taking out your own pencil and notebook.

- “Okay so what do you need help with?”

You leaned in closer to take a look at the complicated equation.

- “Oh shit okay, so how far have you gotten?”

You put your hands on his desk looking at his work book. You were so incredibly close to him.

- “U-um well, I managed to write down the question number…”

You giggled lightly.

- “Well isn’t that an accomplishment”

Sehun giggles back while shaking his head, his gaze diverted towards you, his lower lip stuck between his teeth. You couldn’t help but stare at him he looked so beauti-

No Y/n don’t get stuck into his irresistible beauty.

Your light cough brought Sehun back to reality.

- “So basically you just have to start off by dividing these two numbers”

Sehuns eyes were still piercing into you, and you were here absolutely flustered pretending not to feel his gaze.

- “y/n”

You stopped talking and looked at him questioningly.

- “Sorry, am I going too fast?”

You and Sehun were sharing gazes.

- “y/n”

His body came closer to yours and you froze on your spot.

- “Seh-”

You were taken aback when Sehun’s soft plush lips landed on yours. Your eyes widened, you were shocked to say the least. Sehuns hands snaked at the small of your back pulling you into the kiss. His warmth that you missed so dearly, this moment you were waiting for so long. You gave into him, something you promised yourself you would never do. Your nails started to play with the small brown locks. Your tongues were clashing together, your bodies stuck to each other. You yelped when Sehun picked you up so that you were straddled onto his lap. The sound of tables and chairs falling over blended into the background. You didn’t care, he didn’t care, you both needed this, you both wanted this. You started to grind up on his lap in need, a small whimper came out of Sehun’s lips, and you felt wet, you felt exposed, you felt blessed. You loved every bit of this, form him biting on your lips, leaving love marks on the crook of your neck. Pang! Reality hit you when you felt his hardness on your woman hood. You placed your hands on top of his hard chest and pushed him away harshly. Sehun looked at you with a confused look, his eyes hooded with slight lust visible. You looked back at him confused, frustrated, annoyed, you felt like crying, but most of all you wanted to feel his lips on yours, you wanted to touch him again. Sehun noticed the silence and he started to panic.

- “y/n.. No… please…. don't….leave me I beg you.”

- “Just like you did to me? Just like you left me?”

You looked at Sehun eyes filled with sadness.

- “y/n please, hear me out”

His hands snaked around you to hold you closer, to make sure you won’t leave him.

- “ I know what happened between you and Ji Hee, don’t worry, I know you wanted to protect me. But Sehun, you really did hurt me, you made me cry, you made me hate you. You made me feel like garbage, you made me feel things that I should never feel about someone I love.”

Sehuns eyes widened. Did he just hear that?

- “W-what?”

You looked at him placing your forehead against his, tears visible in your beautiful eyes.

- “I loved you, heck I still do, but you left me, just like you said you wouldn’t.”

He was staring at you with awe, the girl he was in love with for years loves him back? Sehun knew that he had hurt you, something that he will never forgive himself for.

- “y/n I- I don’t want you to go anywhere, please stay here…. please…. I love you more than anything in this world, Forgive me, I regret everything I have done I never wanted to hurt you, that’s the last thing I wanted to to. I just don’t want anything to happen to you, I was scared, Ji Hee is a dangerous girl, you have seen what she has done to the other girls. I regret listening to her, I regret leaving you guys for them, I regret getting scared, I regret making you cry, I regret making you hate me. I am sorry… I am so fucking sorry”

Sehuns head hung low avoiding your gaze, although his hands were still tightly wrapped around you. You took a hold of his cheeks in your warm hands.

- “You’re so stupid sometimes Sehun.”

You smiled softly at him, Sehun leaned forward and placed his lips back onto yours. You responded to the kiss quickly. Your lips moving the way they did before.

- “Does that mean you forgive me”

Sehun asked into the kiss.

You pressed yourself harder against him.

- “ Surprisingly yes.”

You could feel his smile creeping into the kiss. Both of you leaned away from each other’s lips, giggles, and smiles all over the place. You felt Sehun’s long fingers trace the side of your neck and your gaze followed the spot.

- “Sehun ! Did you just give me a hickey”

Your wide eyes looked back at sehun while your lips left a small scoff. Sehun responded with a small shrug and grinned big.

- “At Least Chanyeol will know that you belong to me”

You flicked his forehead with your two fingers.

- “ I always have”

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The last Reester one since I’m impatient and want to get to my “Fanart of Every Mianite Episode” thing.

God, there are like… 200+ episodes in Sparklez’s playlist, right? This may be more of an ordeal than I was originally envisioning. Well all the same, I don’t envision this taking more than a few months at most so… Bear with me?

(Yeah, I got lazy at the end. Sue me.)

keeperofcrypts  asked:

I love how his excuse is "I was short on time and wanted to put the video out quickly" and goes on to say he just googled the images. His excuse is he was lazy. There's not even an apology it's just "Oh yeah I was lazy oops :/ also here's an in depth definition of what art theft actually is"

Not to mention he believes he did nothing wrong and that it falls under fair use.

Steve Rogers: Missions

[y/n] = your name

Warnings: Kissing, boners, almost sex (sort of)

Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday I was busy and didn’t have time, if anyone was waiting on edge for it.

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You were going on a mission with Steve, Tony and Nat you all had to pretend to be couples as it was an undercover mission.

You were on your way to the mission in one of Tony’s cars, Nat was driving and Tony was in the front with her, you and Steve were stuck in the back. It wasn’t that you didn’t mind him there he just took up so much room. It was a long drive you were going to the other side of the country so you brought your earphones and your phone fully charged. You finally got settled in your tiny space next to the super soldier and you were quickly falling asleep.

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@scarecrane sent me the backless sweater one day and was like ‘the gotham rogues in these’ and i was like ‘hell yeah’ but I was too lazy to draw all of them so i did some (plus boob window sweaters for variety)

idk why but i’m starting to fall in love with killer moth… also, the fact that the backless sweaters are called ‘virgin killer’ is unforgivable. just…why…. i’d wear it though…

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)