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I'm 5'7, 220 pounds, go to school full time, work on campus part time, take yoga and volleyball classes at school, take a karate class OUTSIDE of school, and tutor my ESL friends every now and again. So if THAT'S what lazy is to you, then yeah, I'm the biggest, laziest fat bitch you've ever seen. But seriously, body positivity isn't about me thinking I'm a goddess, it's about others not going out of their way to be a dick to someone just because they're overweight. That's it.

it’s so funny being a senior like yeah towards the year I know /everyone/ is lazy but like in our English class we had an assignment due the other day and literally four kids turned it in. I wasn’t one of them


I wanted another Shikadai and Temari interaction from the latest chapter. Let’s just hope it’ll come.

Family bonding with Yoshino-san for now…

ShikaTemaDai - How to Make Your Son Like You by midorichan12

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【腐】馬鹿みたいなのは  by  止まれ .

Special thanks to the folks at Zero to Eleven for letting me use their Vietnamese translation!

Link to original Vietnamese translation if anyone’s interested.

Holy Arceus, it’s a GreenRed doujinshi! In English!
I came across this for like… two years ago? Yeah, should have done this earlier, but too bad, I’m lazy as heck. Well, it’s here anyway.
Feel free to repost this on your personal dumpster elsewhere… just please credit the artist so they won’t get mad at me and the lovely people at ZtE. Aaand maybe credit the people at ZtE as well because if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t get this.
…Or just forget about removing the credits on the last page and claiming this your own. We’re clear?

Have a nice day.

P/S: There’s only one Vietnamese translation that’s not already translated into English, so if you’re expecting another one like this then… good luck lol


some casual “lazying around home” javert outfit sketches.

 i always imagine javert sort of not giving a fuck about what gender his civil clothes or hairstyles supposedly belong to, he just buys the cheapest, but still nice looking, most comfy option. Also he really loves walking around in loose croptops, and loose clothes in general.

handwriting challenge/meme idk. tagged by l-o-lchan and andro-rin (thank youuu ( ̄3 ̄)♡!!)

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you don’t have do it if you don’t want to (⌒▽⌒)!