Yay confidence

The signs as colours:

Aries: I am red, I am fire. I am a warrior and a great friend. Betray me and I shall slay you. Energy runs in my veins.

Taurus: White is my colour. I live to spread love and kindness. Peace is the mission. Just love love xoxo!!

Gemini: Neon Pink is my jam coz it’s bright and cool like me. I talk a lot but am very smart. Don’t challenge me!

Cancer: Blue is simple, natural and nice like me. I am innocent but am also full of curiosity. I am sensitive and generous.

Leo: Yellow for me because that colour is perfect like just me. I am an alpha and am fearless. I win people’s heart by my confidence. Yay!

Virgo: Gray describes me as I am logical, straightforward and critical. I love being alone but am very crazy with my close friends around!

Libra: Purple is what makes me me. I am beauty, grace and justice. I love art and beautiful things so yeah.. 😃

Scorpio: Black is the best. I am mysterious and stubborn. Born to rebel.
Mess with me, dude you are dead.

Sagittarius: Orange as I am free and ecastic. I am an adventurer and love going to new places and meeting new people!!

Capricorn: Green- straight and to the point. Practical and cool like me. I am very logical and love it when d things are perfect.

Aquarius: lavender… I am weird but at the same time I can also be d best thing happened to you.. Look out for me ✌️

Pisces: Rainbow…. What? I love unicorns and rainbows.. I love daydreaming byeeee