Animation Commission [Completed!]

Hi Tumblr! Long time no see. Am I a stranger yet?

Whew! This piece takes me a while! Well cause I now have little to no time to make it through the day. I see now that doing many jobs at the same time can be VERY exhausting especially with art category because I usually have sometime to think and doing work with nothing to interrupt me in between. Now it’s “I have to finish it with this goal today” and I kinda force myself to the schedule (even if I did, I didn’t make it in time).

Hey but I don’t give it up yet! Animation and Drawing is still fun! Just that I can’t make it more like I used to.

Thank you for still be with me. I’m so glad ;w; I can’t thank you enough. Whenever I open my page, I can’t help but feeling that people will get dissapointed by my empty page. *sigh*


Grantaire, earthbound in doubt, loved to watch him soaring in the upper air of faith. He needed Enjolras.”

Okay so... play time?

THERE ARE 941 of you and that is bizarrely awesome, and I feel like I don’t play with you guys enough, so:


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1. Send me would you rathers

2. Send me dirty headcanons

3. Ask me about my kinks

4. Send in asks about my fics (please do this one, this one is cool, I like this one)

5. Tell me interesting/embarrassing stories about your lives (we all have them!)

6. Just want to say something, maybe about cute cats or dogs? Favorite food? Please do!