Yasunori Mitsuda

Clear The Table
  • Clear The Table
  • Yasunori Mitsuda
  • Book of Circus (original album)

Book of Circus OST composed by Yasunori Mitsuda can now be purchased in Japan

List of tracks:

 1. book of circus
2. all-around player
3. clear the table
4. obscure figures
5. see through
6. underground
7. interdependence
8. over the hills and far away -tin whistle-
9. murmur
10. faithful
11. young master
12. slapstick comedy
13. felis
14. indian summer
15. defenseless
16. miss the whole point
17. innocent child
18. poker face
19. sweet tears
20. crossing

Originally posted by sassy-zoroark

Celebrating 5 years of Xenoblade since its first release in Japan.

It was an honour to make my singing debut with the ending theme ‘Beyond the Sky’, composed by my album producer, mentor and friend, Yasunori Mitsuda. Picture of the freshly burnt CD from the recording signed by Mitsuda-san :)

Last year the Japanese World Champion figure skater Ms. Miki Ando and I collaborated at the Fantasy On Ice show with this song. Happy the music and tale have reached an even wider audience.

Looking forward to performing this as well as other game music at Mitsuda-san’s 20th Anniversary Concert this year in Japan and Taiwan!


初めて自分の歌声を録音したのも、光田さんが作曲されたXenobladeのエンディングテーマ「Beyond the Sky」ででした。物語も音楽もとても思い出深いです。


写真は2010年の録音できたてほやほやのCD!光田さんのサインいり^^宝物です。今年は光田さんの20周年でもあります。コンサートでBeyond the Skyをはじめ、彼の色々な作品を日本と台湾で歌って演奏するのが楽しみです♫