WOW  i feel like this guy was hard to photograph man. he has like… twenty thousand angles haha. included is a shot with my body for size reference haha

anyways here are these pictures, sooner than i thought because finding the material for that scarf was easier than i thought ^^ 

This is vekke’s beautifully designed character yassir plus scarf (i couldn’t find any striped stuff that wasn’t super weird ;w;) it’s always a pleasure to work from such awesome art :>

YASSIR HAS A SCARF which, while I think this one is maybe a little distracting, I think is a good design choice SINCE I MEAN

he looks a hell of a lot like a Scar or Jafar type, mainly because of the eyes (long eyelashes) and dark area around them, but I think the scarf is so HAPPY that it helps dispell any preconception that he’s a bad guy

just maybe a little pretentious


Sketches of my character Yassir! Trying to figure out his shapes/motion (the bottom one I drew from right to left; it looks like they’re getting progressively more awkward but it’s the other way around really)

I’m no animator but I’m really tempted to try something with yassir ;-;