Spanish Sahara
Spanish Sahara

Spanish Sahara | Foals

“You experience trauma and it stays with you, it’s a vortex in your head that recurs, and can echo through generations. But you can also make it into a positive thing. [Spanish Sahara] is the idea of taking on things that are against you." - Yannis Philippakis

“Got to look pretty for the camera”

W Yannis Philippakis of Foals // www.instagram.com/ynnsphilippakis

Fuji Superia 400

The greatest power as a musician is all the moments you don’t know about, what it’s been party to. Moments when someone’s listening on a morning commute, or a 15-year old is mowing his grandma’s lawn for a buck. Just someone who’s finding solace in your music. All the intangible moments that you’ll never know about. That’s the deeper connection. Even though I can’t be privy to those moments, I know our music’s connected to the unknowable masses out there. And that’s what’s beautiful about music, the power for it to commune with people in their most intimate moments.