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Kahit na iniwan nya na ako, di ko pa rin kayang mag-move on. Kahit na nakalimutan na niya (yata) ako, di ko pa rin kayang kalimutan sya. Bakit ba ganon? Sa kanya, parang ang dali dali ng lahat. Paano ba kalimutan ang isang taong akala mo makakasama mo na habangbuhay? Paano ba kalimutan ang isang tao na dumamay sayo sa lahat ng problema? Paano ba kalimutan ang isang tao na kasama na sa lahat ng future plans ko sa buhay? Paano ba? Kasi napapagod na akong masaktan. Sobrang sakit na.

Nasabi ko na to dati at sasabihin ko ulit ngayon. Wala pong nakakalimot sa isang tao. Nasasanay lang tayo sa sakit na nararamdaman natin kaya tayo nakaka recover islash move-on. Napapagod lang tayong umiyak kaya tayo nakakausad. Walang nakakalimot. 6 years or probably 9 years from now, pag tinanong ka ng friends mo, anong araw at oras mo siya sinagot, ipupusta kong alam na alam mo parin yan. Bakit? Parte yan ng buhay mo eh. Hindi yun basta nawawala.

Kung napapagod ka nang masaktan, edi wag kang masaktan. Ano bang ibig kong sabihin? Nasasaktan ka ngayon kase pinipili mong masaktan ngayon araw. Pinipilit mong magbabad sa kalungkutan na meron ka imbes na umusad ka paunti unti. Kapag nadapa ka sa putikan, tatayo ka or maglulupasay ka? It’s up to you diba? Choice mo kung nasaan ka ngayon.

Hindi mo kasalanan kung nabroken hearted ka or iniwan ka sa ere. Pero kasalanan mo kung hindi ka magiging responsable sa pag handle ng sitwasyon kung saan nahihirapan ka na. 

“Kasi napapagod na akong masaktan. Sobrang sakit na.” Feel ko na yung desperation mo sa pagmomove-on eh. Ramdam na ramdam kong gusto mo nang umalis sa kinauupuan mo pero ANONG PUMIPIGIL SAYO? What’s stopping you? What’s pulling you back? Na babalik siya? Kung babalik siya matagal niya ng ginawa eh.

Wag mo nang kwestyunin kung “Bakit ang dali dali lang para sakanila na kalimutan ang lahat?” No. Gusto mo ng real talk? Kapag hindi ka na mahal ng isang tao, balewala nalang ang pinagdaanan niyo pareho. Ganoon lang kadali yun para sakanila kase wala na silang feelings eh. 

Masasanay ka din sa sakit hanggang sa isang araw mawawala nalang yan basta. Trust me.


【♂Rivals x Yan-kun】Yan-kun’s Harem!?


Pentagon Kinks (Maknae Line)


Ass: Everything about your ass turns Changgu on. He loves grabbing it, spanking it, rubbing it, holding it when you’re watching movies. Even through your jean pockets. If you’re out on a walk, his hand is there. He probably has pictures of you sleeping in just your panties on his phone that he angsty groans at while he’s away from you.

Hair Pulling: Changgu loves the reaction he gets from you when he pulls your hair back while his fucking your or just to get a kiss. He also loves the feeling of your hair between his fingers. He always starts at the base of your neck and moves upward into your hair. Changgu also loves it when you pull on his hair. Be it during oral or if you want to get his attention. If you want him to groan, pull his hair. If you want him to look at you but he’s been sucking his symbol on your shoulder, pull his hair. He’ll groan as he’s pulled away from your skin and meet your eyes.

Switching: OhMyGoD  Changgu is such a fucking switch! He can be Dom! at times but there is a needy little Sub! in there as well. Never (!) miss the opportunity to dominate him when it arrives. I don’t care if the other members are there. As soon as he starts to show you his needy side, pull him into a bedroom and tell him to be quiet. Then do everything you can to make him want to scream so he has to bite the pillows instead. If people aren’t around. play into it harder. Command him into a new position or push him onto your lips. Control every kiss. “Get on the bed.” Say that to him and then try not to shake when he answers: “Yes, Ma’am.”


Bottom: Bottom as in referring to the one receiving pleasures. Yanan would like this because it allows you to do whatever you want with his body and he gets to watch you move around him. He would also love the attention and without the burden of having to initiate the sexy moment, he would really be able to enjoy himself. 

Aftercare: Yanan is really big on Aftercare, both for you and for him. He wants to make sure that you’re okay with what just happened. Now, Yanan is a bit shy so talking in detail about what you two just did might make him a bit uncomfortable, so he’ll ask if you’re okay and you’ll ask him. Then he’ll go get you water and maybe a snack. You guys will cuddle and play with each others hair while you snack or re-hydrate.

Waist: Your waist is where Yanan gets down! He loves watching your waist when you walk, when you dance, or when your just standing away from him talking to someone else. He’ll come up behind you if you’re rocking to music in the kitchen, then he’ll place his hands on your waist before pulling you to his own waist to feel you move. He won’t verbally say that he fantasizes about your waist but it’ll become obvious. Yanan will hold your waist down while you’re having sex or bring it up to rub against his. He’ll suck so many marks on your waist, losing himself in your sides entirely. Tattooing your skin blue and purple. He might apologize for going too hard later but he’ll love the look of all his marks and will wait (impatiently) for them to go away so he can leave more. 


Phone/Texts: Yuto loves texting you. Even if it’s just about how much he misses you. He always wants to see you and will find no shame in sending and asking for pictures. He’ll text how beautiful you are and how much he wants to touch you. It won’t matter to him where either of you are, ever. He’d love for you to play into his kink by insinuating contact. Call him and tell him how horny you are and he’ll say a code work that means he wants you to touch yourself. He could be siting at the studio with his members or on a train alone. One arm holding himself, his legs crossed and his head leaning into the phone with a little smirk on his face. He’ll play the game of try not to get too noticeably hard right now. “Oh.” He’ll say with such a sexy brazen tone as you tell him how wet you are with the thought of him.

Spontaneous/Rough: This kink would takes a good bit to come out. Its more of a need then a request. If Yuto is say, really horny or you had teased him a lot, that’s when this kink would come out. He would come where ever you were, be it down the street or down the hall and either pull you against him or place you against the wall with a harsh breath or a low groan. Then he’ll whisper something to you before taking you right there and then like, “You know what you’ve you done.” or “I just need you now, baby.”

Handcuffs: Now this kink is for special occasions, but lucky for you; Yuto can be excitable. When he’s cuffed, he’ll prefer it just be one hand. This way he can pet your hair and touch you as he’d like. The restriction will add to the intensity of the moment. Especially if you’re giving him oral. He’ll pull on the chains as he moans and pushes his other hand into your hair before he comes. Now when you’re cuffed, completely different story. It could be one hand, it could be both. He may buy more cuffs to cuff your feet too, there’s no way to know. Just…Expect to be teased. A lot. 


Lap Dance/Strip Tease: Hyunggu loves the show and you’re his favorite actor. He would love watching you slowly undress yourself to his favorite playlist. Make sure you tease him though! Bring up your shirt over your breasts while you softly rock your hips and then let the shirt fall. This is important for the Foreplay. Hyunggu loves you teasing him with the sight of your body. He’ll groan as he watches you move, your clothes slowly coming off and if the songs change to something more risky, go with it. Straddle his lap or bend over in front of him. He loves the show of your body. Hyunggu would also strip for you and would get such a kick out of it if you asked him to dance. He would love the feeling of you wanting him to be at the center of attention. 

Biting: The feeling of his teeth sinking into your skin as you try not to squirm but you’re silently screaming at the intense feeling would be such a highlight to every evening that Hyunggu was allowed to do so. He would also love for you to bite him, as hard as you can. On his chest, sides, shoulders. Where ever you were comfortable. He would generally choose your sides and if you wore something that would show it off a little the next day (!) he’d love that even more. It’s the thought that you’re walking around somewhere, marked by him and he’s where he his, owned by your mark.

Body Worship: The clock is never a problem with Hyunggu. He never feels like he’s timed, even if you’re trying to have a quickie. Hyunggu loves to be romantic and take his time with you. Telling you when ever he can how much he loves you and everything about you. Your hands, your sides, your waist, your sounds, your stomach, all of you. He loves seeing your body and watching it move over his as he tells you how beautiful you look just for him.


Records: Wooseok loves the sounds of your moaning, whining, and begging. So much so, that he’ll want to keep as many as he can and store them away until he needs them. He’ll make little podcasts out of your sex sessions so that when he’s on tour the only thing he’ll need is his headphones. Wooseok will also film little clips of you as he fills you from behind. He fucking loves the view he gets from anal, your back and hair and the sight of himself disappearing inside of you really fucks him up.

Strip Shows: Wooseok likes strip shows because it allows him to play with himself while you do it. He gets to watch his beautiful partner dance or teasingly take their clothes off while he can either, try to see how long he can last before pouncing on them or stroke his own heat in preparation for whats about to happen. He’ll either watch you with his face pushed against his hand or with his hand, tight around his cock. 

Food Play: Fuck Imagine Wooseok pushing his finger in honey and then running it in between your breast or just over the underside of them while he licks and bites his lips and then groaning in anticipation as he sucks the sweetness off of your skin and you suck the rest of the honey off of his finger. Or (!) You’re on your knees, sucking him off and then he grabs whipped cream and sprays it on his dick for you to clean up and he keeps doing this until you’re a mess and hes just loving every fucking second you whine around the cream.  

YS Rival Renamings | Late Night Ramble Post

Its after midnight and I just got lost in my thoughts. 

So I made this post.

Here are some real name suggestions for the horribly named Yandere Sim rivals as for right now, they’re puns for days but are too much for a name.

Decided to find names that would suit them (Which are based in my own personal opinion.)

I just hope I got the correct kanji as i am not Japanese nor fully fluent.

  • Osana Najimi ➡ Kimiko Noa | ( 君子 ➡ 君: lord; noble + 子: Child) + ( 乃 愛 ➡ 乃: Possessive Article +  愛: love; affection )

  • Amai OdayakaAina Tsubaki | ( 愛菜 ➡ 愛: love; affection +  菜: vegetables; greens) +  ( 椿:  camellia flower )

  • Kizana SunobuKotone Sestuko | ( 琴音 ➡ 琴: A traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument + 音: sound) +  (節 子 ➡  節: section, period, verse, melody + 子: Child)

  • Oka RutoTsukiko Shizuka | ( 月子 ➡ 月: Moon + 子: Child ) + ( 静香: Quiet ) 

  • Asu Rito  ➡ Aki Yoshi | ( 明: bright) + ( 良: good, virtuous, respectable)

  • Muja Kina  ➡   Mayu Sato | ( 真優 ➡ 真: real; genuine + 優: gentleness, lithe, superior ) +  ( 佐藤 ➡ 佐: help; aid + 藤  wisteria)

  • Mida Rana  ➡ Riko Asuka | ( 莉 奈 ➡ 莉: white jasmine + 奈 : A phonetic character) + ( 明日香 ➡ 明日: tomorrow +  香: fragrance)

  • Osoro Shidesu  ➡ Oshiro Kyou | (大城  ➡  大: big; great +  城: castle) + ( 協: unite; cooperate )

  • Hanako Yamada  ➡ Hinata Makoto | ( 日向: sunny place) + ( 誠:  sincerity )

  • Megami Saiko  ➡ Minoru Satomi | ( 実 : to bear fruit ) + ( 聡美 ➡ 聡 : intelligent, clever, bright +  美: beautiful)

So yea, here are my ramblings! Don’t take it as canon but as a suggestion post!

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what would pentagons reactions be when they walk in on you changing?

Jinho: Jinho would probably be walking in looking at his phone, not even paying attention. When he looks up to push the door open, he’d catch you taking your top off and before he could utter a full word, he just clamps his mouth shut and shuts the door quickly, his face red in embarrassment. You’d laugh at his reaction but he still feels super bad and embarrassed.

Hui: Hui would walk in, probably already talking to you about something as he pushes open the slightly closed door, to find you with your jeans half way up your legs when you turn to look at him. His eyes would widen and his cheeks would blush before he steps back out, shutting the door behind him, yelling “sorry” from outside the door.

Hongseok: Hongseok would be calling your name endlessly, letting you know dinner was ready before he finally gave up and just went to your room. “Hey Y/N-ah, dinner is–” he’d burst into the room without even knocking to find you rummaging through your closet looking for a shirt to wear. He’d be ogling at you before you snicker, “Take a picture… it lasts longer” you’d scoff. He’d finish out his phone like “well, if you insist”.

E’Dawn: Hyojong would literally be so nonchalant. He’d just stroll right in without even announcing his arrival and wander around the room looking for something. You’d be standing there trying to shield yourself in your half naked glory and he’d just look at you all weird. When you questioned his expression, he’d just be like “nothing, I haven’t already seen, right?” with a suggestive smirk.

Shinwon: Shinwon would literally saunter in and even though it’s clear you’re changing, he’d sprawl across the bed and just look at you. “What…” you mutter uncomfortably as you throw a sweater over your bare upper half. “Nothing” he’d shrug casually. “Can you like… get out?… I’m changing” you’d look at him in confusion. “Do I have to?” he’d ask. “Uh…………… yeah…. get out” you’d laugh. He’d just sigh as he walks out, “I only wanted to look” “You’re such a perv” you’d joke with a laugh.

Yeo One: Yeo One would probably be the one to find you dancing around in your underwear while he’s been waiting around downstairs for you for the past 30 minutes. He’d sigh as he leans against the door frame, knocking on the slightly opened door, startling you and making you turn back to look at him. “So this is why you’re making me wait?” he’d sigh with a smile and head shake.

Yan An: Oh, precious Yan An. Yan An would wonder why it’s taking you so long to come down for lunch, so he’d walk up thinking about a good way to scare you. He contemplated whether or not to yell ‘boo’ or just ‘ahhh!’ as he creaked the door open and opened his mouth to scare you, he’d catch sight of your bare body, a squeak coming out of his mouth instead. As you turn around to look at him, like a deer caught in headlights, he freezes before walking out and shutting the door.

Yuto: Yuto would come in to let you know that he was gonna leave in 15 minutes if you wanted to get food with him still. As he pushes through the slightly opened door, he’d stop in his tracks as you both look at each other awkwardly. He’d nod his head and raise his hand in apology before silently stepping out, shutting the door behind him.

Kino: Precious Hyunggu would probably be so happy to see you when he came home, he’d barge in and not even acknowledge the fact you were changing and would just pick you up in a big bear hug. “Hyunggu, let me put some clothes on!” you’d squeal in embarrassment. And he’d just grin and continue to hug you and say “It’s fine, this is comfortable enough” with a coy wink.

Wooseok: Our giant maknae would come whistling through the hallway, looking to see what you were doing. As he passes the room and catches a glimpse of you changing through a sliver in the door, he’d let out a surprised yelp before clamping his hand over his mouth. As you turn towards the door and mutter, “Wooseok?” he’d have an internal conflict as whether or not to respond.