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If there was a One Piece x Naruto crossover, imagine Strawhats visiting Konoha and Zoro ends up getting lost in Konoha thanks to his horrible sense of direction and fights Sasuke. When the Strawhats leave, they notice something strange and wonder where is Zoro. Meanwhile Zoro still can't find his way out and thinks the crew are lost XD

OMG, Ramez!! The thoughts of the Straw Hats intereacting with Naruto characters will make this post kinda long so let me put this under a cut! XP

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How bout yamato as a parent?

there is a part of Yamato that wants to have a family, to have something that he never got to experience, but he’s aware that it wouldn’t be the best idea. children born to ninjas have it hard enough and shouldn’t have to see those troubles double or triple because he doesn’t have the knowledge necessary to provide the kind of support that they need. he’s quite happy to just stay on leading teams, it provides a good stand -in (if he’s honest)


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Yama, this is awesome.