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I… I don’t know what did I even doing. Also… I was thinking of a crosscover between Hollywood U and Osomatsu-San… and this happens…

Yeah, I have no life haha

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(From left to right)

-The loading screen girl (or imagine it was your MC) as Osomatsu

-Chris Winters as Karamatsu

-Ethan Blake as Choromatsu

-Holly Chang as Ichimatsu

-Crash Yamaguchi as Jyuchimatsu

-Addison Sinclair as Todomatsu

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Ok, so I saw YamaYamaYamaYama and my god I couldn't resist XD Imagine Yamamoto hearing Hinata call Noya and Tanaka "sempai" then thinking "Aww, it'd be nice if someone called me sempai too! I'd be THE BEST sempai" But most people only ever call him "Yamamoto" or "Yamamoto-san". Yamaguchi catches on how Yamamoto looks envious when Tanaka is called "sempai", so he starts calling Yamamoto that. Eventually, the other two join in and Yamamoto is SO HAPPY "You three are my favourites!"

And the Yamas strike again! I love this so much.

More Oiyama HCs pt1
  • Oikawa and Yamaguchi meet at a store. Yamaguchi had to pick a few things up and Oikawa was just bored and wanted to try on clothes.
  • They bumped into each other and Yamaguchi starts picking up anything that dropped without noticing who the other person was.
  • “Oi…Oikawa-san.” Yamaguchi was a little surprised, “Sorry.”
    “Hm?” Oikawa pretends not to notice at first, “Karasuno Nervous Pinch-server-chan?”
    “…Yamaguchi Tadashi.”
    Oikawa nods and then noticed how Yamaguchi was looking at him, “Something wrong, Yama-chan? Still upset about losing?" 
  • He didn’t exactly mean to taunt Yams…oops. But Yamaguchi doesn’t bother getting mad over it. After another prompt from Oikawa he (nervously) asked if Oikawa was really meaning to buy those clothes.
  • Oikawa’s demeanor shifted a bit. "What’s wrong with these? They look great on me,” he kindly (stubbornly) informed Yamaguchi, who remarked they wouldn’t look good on anyone.
  • Normally Yamaguchi would have just went on his way. It felt awkward running into Oikawa outside of volleyball. He didn’t even mean to say anything about the clothes but he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if he didn’t at least try to stop this mistake.
  • Oikawa took it upon himself to prove this ‘bratty first year’ wrong. He dragged Yamaguchi to the changing area and modeled the clothing.
  • Yamaguchi was stiff at first. He was alone with Oikawa. Oikawa who had defeated them, who was very serious (and intimmedating) about volleyball. And he didn’t hate it. He didn’t hate it at all. He started laughing at how horrible the outfits were.
  • Oikawa was pretending to be offended. He hadn’t tried those clothes on yet and he knew that some of them really did look bad on him. But Karasuno’s number 12 was pretty cute like this. He wanted to make the moment last longer.
  • “Well if these clothes are so horrible then show me what you think looks nice,” Oikawa crossed his arms stubbornly.
  • Yamaguchi didn’t know why he was going along with it but went back to the clothing racks with Oikawa. Oikawa was surprised how good he looked and even though he hadn’t actually planned to purchase anything he bought what Yamaguchi picked out.
  • He gave Yamaguchi his number and told him to text him sometime so they can go shopping together again and that it was a fun date. He wanted to be very clear about his intentions.
  • Yamaguchi turned bright red but nodded. He wasn’t exactly sure what happened that day.

And today is the final check in Kussun Baby will have with Yamaguchi Rikako-san! It has been 3 years & 2 months of fun for both of them! I’m glad 💜 Just a little sad good things have to end! However, i’m still always praying Kussun Baby has the best things coming her way! 😍😍😘😘😀😀😳😳😚😚😙😙😗😗😊😊😉😉😁😁😄😄💟💟💝💝💘💘💖💖💗💗💓💓💓💓💞💞💕💕💜💜💙💙💚💚💛💛❤❤☺☺

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