Do not be ashamed of your past. You have a story to tell, and a God-ordained obligation to tell it. Your testimony is your proof that God is in the matter of rescuing lives, at all times.

IF YOU DARE, tell people how to practice or worship because it’s “cultural appropriation”, you’re scum and you will have to go through me. Quit telling people /how/, because what works for them doesn’t work for you. 

Practice whatever paradigm you wish, worship whatever God/Goddess you want. You have free will, and you have the choice to do so. Don’t listen to others who would dare limit you. You are a God and Goddess in your own right. 

Telling other people who and how to worship is toxic, and disgusting. Enough of this.

You did not wake up today by casualty; there's a plan, you have a purpose, you belong here, now. God is right here waiting to lead you through it all. Trust Him. He is faithful, always.
No se contenten sólo con escuchar la Palabra, pues así se engañan ustedes mismos. Llévenla a la práctica.
—  Santiago 1:22 NIV