“President Shin, you must break up with Soon Shin. If this gets exposed, what will happen to her once everyone knows? She’s just starting. She hasn’t realized her dreams yet. Then she has to give up midway. Being a fodder for gossip, hitting rock bottom is just a matter of time. Is that what you want?”

[TRANSLATION] 그녀들처럼 나쁜 다이어트에서 탈출하라 (Let’s kick our bad dieting habits like these girls)


IU’s eating habits - Changed like this
Food lover cutting down on her intake

It was when I was MCing for Inkigayo with Hara-unnie. As the show went on, she got prettier. When I asked her what her secret to beauty was, she answered, “Me? I’m exercising recently~” Hongchul oppa also recommended Myeongyeong teacher to me. So I went to look for him straight away. When I was young, no matter how much I ate, I didn’t gain weight, but once I hit 21, I gained weight easily. In between my busy schedules, when I took short breaks, my body constitution would change. I like to eat a lot, but I would put on weight so that became a big problem.

Also, during my “Good Day” and “You and I” promotions, as I was busy with my schedules, I lost a lot of weight. To the extent that I heard my clothes size was 33.5. As I suddenly lost a lot of weight, it wasn’t good for my body. Then during the filming of “YTBLSS”, the filming team was close and we had many group dinners together, so I suddenly put on a lot of weight again.