P-59 “Bell”

The first jet fighter of the United States. The first aircraft XP-59A with two turbojet engines General Electric Type 1-A thrust 567 kg first took to the air from the dry lake Muroc October 1, 1942. 13 pre-production aircraft YP-59A was equipped with a turbojet engine General electric I-16 and was tested in 1944. This was followed by the release of 20 aircraft P-59A and 30 aircraft P-59B Airacomet that had the engine J31-GE-3 and J31-GE-5, respectively, and the plane P-59B, moreover, had increased fuel capacity. In the ensuing flight tests in the 412 th fighter group were identified unsatisfactory flight characteristics, and mediocre firepower of these fighters, and they are no longer produced.